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Kleman, M.2005 Do lamellar liquid crystals flow like solids?
 2005 Liquid crystal helical ribbons as isometric textures
 2006 Comment on "Structure of Smectic Defect Cores: X-Ray Study of 8CB Liquid Crystal Ultrathin Films"
 2006 Imperfections in focal conic domains: the role of dislocations
 2006 Topological point defects in nematic liquid crystals
 2008 Disclinations, dislocations, and continuous defects: A reappraisal
 2008 Imperfect focal conic domains in A smectics: a textural analysis
 2009 Liquids with conics
 1970 Helical disinclination pairs in cholesterics
 1972 Non-singular disclinations of strength S = + 1 in nematics
 1973 Local chiral axis in a directional medium and wedge component of a disclination
 1974 Linear theory of dislocations in a smectic A
 1975 Defects in liquid crystals
 1975 Dislocations, grain boundaries and focal conics in smectics A
 1976 Recognition of Defects in Water-Lecithin Lα Phases
 1977 Defect structures in lyotropic smectic phases revealed by freeze-fracture electron microscopy
 1977 Energetics of the focal conics of smectic phases
 1978 On the classification of defects in the smectic phases SmA and SmC
 1979 Topology of singular rows of nonchiral smectic C phases
 1981 Defects in an hexagonal discotic mesophase: Disclinations and walls
Kleman, M. (cont...)1981 Liquid crystals: the fourth state of matter
 1981 On static helical instabilities of screw dislocations in a SmA phase and on their consequence on plasticity
 1982 Columnar discotic mesophases: elasticity, dislocations, instabilities
 1982 Lubrication theory of smectic A phases
 1982 Observation of a lattice of confocal parabolas in a smectic A phase under shear
 1982 On the existence of singular lines in the focal domains of the Sm C and Sm C* phases
 1982 The geometrical nature of disorder and its elementary excitations
 1984 Experimental evidence for helical instability of screw dislocation lines in a smectic A phase
 1985 Frustration in polymers
 1985 The coexistence of cholesteric and 2-dimensional orders
 1988 Helicoidal instability in cholesteric capillary tubes
 1992 Focal conic domains with positive Gaussian curvature and saddle-splay rigidity of smectic La phases
 1992 The Helical Smectic States in the Mixture Cholesterylnonanoate-Nonyloxybenzoic Acid
 1993 Shear rheology and shear-induced textures of a thermotropic copoly(ester amide)
 1994 Nucleation of focal conic domains in smectic A liquid crystals
Kleman, Maurice1969 Dislocation lines in cholesteric crystals
 1970 Magnetic singularities in helimagnetic crystals
 1971 New decoration method for the mesomorphic phase of p-methoxybenzylidene-p-butylaniline
 1977 An analogy between the rank of a disclination and an invariant of a vortex line in a Cosserat medium (example, A-phase of superfluid helium-3)
 1978 Defects in mesomorphic phases: theoretical aspects
 1982 Lubrication theory of smectic A phases
 1985 Defects and their relationship to molecular configurations in nematic polymers
 1987 Effect of frustration in liquid crystals and polymers
 1988 Surfactant-water systems with small layer rigidity. Phase stability, defects models and defects mobility in polyoxyethylene surfactant with water
 1989 Defects in liquid crystals
 1991 Defects and textures in liquid crystalline polymers
 1993 Study of the worm texture in a nematic polymer
 1994 Oblique anchoring of lyotropic layers on a sponge phase
 1995 The topological classification of defects
 1996 Evidence of a phenomenon of epitaxy at the interface between a lamellar Lα phase and a L3 sponge
 1997 Dilute polymer in a lyotropic lamellar system without interaction: a possible depletion flocculation effect
 1999 Effects of shear on a lyotropic lamellar phase
 1999 On the shapes of lamellar droplets in sponge phase
 1999 The lamellar and sponge phases of dilute surfactant systems: structures and defects at equilibrium and under shear
 2000 Curvature energy of a focal conic domain with arbitrary eccentricity
Kleman, Maurice (cont...)2000 The curvature walls in lyotropic lamellar phases
 2000 Tiling the plane with noncongruent toric focal conic domains
 2002 Role of the Microscopic Defects in the Plasticity of Smectic Materials
 2002 The Confinement of Smectics : Some Geometrical Features
 2004 Defect dynamics in a smectic Grandjean-Cano wedge
 2005 How Do Defects Transform at the Smectic A-Nematic Phase Transition?
 2007 Kinked Focal Conic Domains in a SmA
 1976 Screw dislocations and surface minima in smectics A
 1978 Spontaneous breaking of Euclidean invariance and classification of topologically stable defects and configurations of crystals and liquid crystals
 1982 Spheric domains in smectic liquid crystals
Klemann, Bruce M.1996 Fracture toughness and mechanical properties of poly(n-pentyl-n-alkylsilanes)
 1996 Structure and Properties of Poly(n-pentyl-n-alkylsilanes). 2
Klemann, M.1993 Spiral textures in lyotropic liquid crystals: first order transition between normal hexagonal and lamellar gel phases
Klement, Dagmar2000 Liquid crystal composition for active matrix liquid crystal display based on ECB (electrically controlled birefringence) effect
 2000 Liquid crystal composition for liquid crystal display
 2001 Liquid crystal medium for ECB (electrically controlled birefringence) mode liquid crystal display
 2001 Liquid crystalline medium for liquid crystal display
 2001 Nematic liquid crystal mixture suitable for liquid crystal display with improved contrast and wide viewing angle
 2002 Four-core and five-core compounds and their use in nematic liquid crystal mixture suitable for liquid crystal display
 2002 Liquid crystalline medium with low birefringence suitable for liquid crystal display
 2002 Liquid crystal compound, nematic liquid crystal mixture, and active matrix liquid crystal display
 2002 Nematic liquid crystal mixture and its application to liquid crystal display
 2002 Nematic liquid crystal mixture suitable for active matrix liquid crystal display
 2003 Preparation of polymerizable difluorohydroquinone derivatives with low melting points
 2004 Nematic liquid crystalline medium showing improved electrooptical properties suitable for active matrix liquid crystal of ECB-, VA-, MVA-, PVA-, DAP- or CSH-type
Klement, W.1974 Determination to 2 kbar of the nematic-isotropic and melting transitions in p-azoxyanisole
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 1991 Structure and properties of liquid-crystalline polymers with complex architecture
 1992 Control of the Electro-Optic Properties by Molecular Constuction: Experiment and Simulations
 1992 Electro-Optical Investigations on Isotropic-Columnar Transitions: Rigid and Associated Mesogens
 1992 Investigations on the Structure of Cycloalkan-Metallomesogens
 1992 Metallomesogens with a Triazacyclononane Ligand
 1992 Supermolecular self organization via molecular aggregation. II. Electrooptical studies on structure formation processes in associated liquid-crystalline diols
 1993 Disordered and Ordered Columnar Phases: Evidence for a Continous Structural Transition?
 1993 Mesogenic Properties of a new Family of Amphiphiles with an unusual Head-Group Topology
 1994 Low Molecular and Polymeric Liquid Crystals of Unsymmetrically Substituted Azacycloalkane Amides
 1997 Shear-Induced Single Crystalline Mesophases in Physical Networks of Gel-Forming Triblock Copolymer Solutions
 2003 Fibers and gels formed by discotic trisamides and trisureas
 2003 Shear-induced morphologies of cubic ordered block copolymer micellar networks
Kleppinger, Ralf1993 Molecular self-organization of amphotropic cyanobiphenyl mesogens
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 1995 Self-assembling discotic mesogens
 1997 Discotic Liquid Crystals through Molecular Self-Assembly
 2000 Supramolecular liquid crystals with columnar mesophases through self-assembly of carboxylic acids around a tribasic core
 2001 An Electron-Deficient Discotic Liquid-Crystalline Material
 2002 Shear-Induced Morphologies of Cubic Ordered Block Copolymer Micellar Networks Studied by in Situ Small-Angle Neutron Scattering and Rheology
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 1999 Thermally conductive carbon foam derived from pitch
 2000 Pitch-based carbon foam heat sink with phase change material
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