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Kitamura, Teruo2006 Liquid Crystal Properties of Tetrathiafulvalenoquinone-1,3-dithiolemethides with Dodecyloxybenzylthio Groups
Kitamura, Tetsu2005 Electroactive Supramolecular Self-Assembled Fibers Comprised of Doped Tetrathiafulvalene-Based Gelators
Kitamura, Tohru1989 Liquid-crystal compounds and their preparation
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystal device
 1990 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Incorporating the Optically Active γ-Lactone Ring
 1990 Liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1990 Liquid crystals having optically active γ-lactone rings for display devices
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid - crystal device
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal display device
 1991 Liquid-crystal compounds and compositions and optoelectronic devices using them
 1991 Synthesis and properties of optically active α-alkyl-γ-aryloxymethyl-γ-lactones as chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Synthesis and properties of optically active α-aryl-γ-alkyl-γ-lactones as chiral dopants of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid - crystal compositions and devices, and optically active lactone derivatives
Kitamura, Toru1990 Liquid crystal compositions
 1990 Optically-active 4-(2-oxo-3-subsituted-dihydro-3H-furan-5-ylmethyl)phenyl esters, liquid compositions ,and electrooptical devices
 1991 Optically-active liquid-crystalline spiro(cyclohexane-γ-butyrolactone) derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions, and electrooptical devices
Kitamura, Toshiyasu2001 Liquid crystal display apparatus
Kitamura, Tsugio1994 Preparation and Coupling Reactions of Alkynyl(phenyl)iodonium Salts Bearing Long Alkoxy Chains. Formation of Liquid-Crystalline Diacetylenes
 1997 A New Route to Chiral Diaryldiacetylenic Liquid Crystals. Preparation of Iodonium Salts Bearing Chiral Alkynyl Ligands and Utility for Chiral Alkynyl Transfer Agents
 1997 Novel synthesis of liquid - crystalline 1,3-butadiynes using coupling reaction of alkynyliodonium salts with organocopper reagents
 1998 Synthesis of liquid-crystalline enynes by palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction
 1999 Preparation of liquid-crystalline diacetylenes using coupling reactions of alkynyliodonium salts with alkynylcopper reagents
Kitamura, Yoshihiro2001 Polymer film containing dispersed particles for liquid crystal display
 2002 Manufacture of epoxy resin-based sheets containing dispersed particles for liquid crystal displays
Kitamura, Yoshiyuki2004 Technology for forming of barrier ribs on a plasma display panel (PDP) by applying a photosensitive glass paste
Kitamura, Yusuke2006 A change of environmental influence of television with a shift to digital
Kitanaka, Masanobu1982 Ligand-exchange gas chromatography of lower aliphatic amines on solid and liquid crystalline stationary phases
Kitani, Y.2003 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers containing five-membered heterocyclic groups IX. Synthesis and optical properties of liquid crystalline semi-rigid polyesters composed of a quinquephenyl analogue containing 1,3,4-thiadiazole and aliphatic chains
Kitani, Yuki2005 Synthesis and Photoinduced Alignment of Photo-Cross-Linkable Copolymer Liquid Crystals Containing Tolane Side Groups
 2005 Synthesis and Photoinduced Reorientation of Polymethacrylates Comprising Photocrosslinkable Phenylbenzoate Mesogenic Side Groups
Kitano, H.1998 Catalytic Properties of Galactose Oxidase to Liposome-Forming Amphiphiles Which Have Many Pendent Galactose Residues
Kitano, Hiromi1984 Catalytic effects of cationic polymeric liposomes on the alkaline hydrolysis of aniomic phenyl esters
 1996 Raman spectroscopic study of water in lipid dispersions: changes in structure of hydrating water caused by gel-liquid crystal phase transition
Kitano, K.1986 12th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 Liquid crystals of some new tolan derivatives containing a 1,2-ethylene linkage
Kitano, Kanji2008 Electro-optical properties of liquid crystal-polyacrylonitrile fibre composites
Kitano, Kei2000 Negative-working radiation-sensitive resin composition
Kitano, Keisuke2000 Cleaning composition, cleaning method and cleaning device for removing soilings of liquid crystal material
Kitano, Kisei1986 1,4-Dipyrimidinylbenzene derivative and liquid crystal composition containing it
 1986 Pyrimidine derivative and its liquid crystal composition
 1987 5-Alkyl-2-(3,4-difluorophenyl)pyrimidine and nematic liquid crystal composition containing it
 1988 Smectic C liquid-crystal compounds for ferroelectric liquid-crystal mixtures
 1989 1-(4-Alkylphenylethynyl)-4-(alkylphenylethynyl)benzenes and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Difluoroalkene derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Difluoroalkenylcyanophenylcyclohexanes and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Phenylpyrimidinecarboxylate derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 Alkenyl ethers and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 Liquid crystals
 1990 Liquid crystals having high optical anisotropy for display devices
 1990 New liquid crystalline compounds incorporating some fluoroalkenyl wing groups
 1990 Trifluorobenzene derivatives for liquid crystal compositions
 1991 Difluorobenzonitrile derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1997 Liquid-crystal composition for liquid-crystal display elements and process for producing the composition
Kitano, Koichi1999 Stable skin cleansing compositions containing smectite and glycol fatty acid esters
Kitano, Makoto2003 Fluorescent polymer, their preparation and polymer light-emitting device
 2003 Polymers comprising dibenzothiophene or dibenzofuran units for use in electroluminescent devices
 2004 Polymer compound and polymer light-emitting device
Kitano, Nobumasa1985 Liquid crystal compositions containing cyclohexylpyrimidine derivatives
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing pyrimidine derivatives having isothiocyanato or nitro group
Kitano, T.1994 Structural and thermal behavior of polypropylene/polyamide blend under high pressure
Kitano, Takahiro2003 Archaeal lipids forming a low energy-surface on air-water interface
Kitano, Takeshi1995 Electroviscous fluids consisting of liquid crystal compounds
 1996 Electrorheological properties of liquid-crystalline materials
 1996 Thermal sampling-TSDC study on the glass transition of a liquid crystalline copolyester
 1996 Thermally stimulated depolarization current on the glass transition of a liquid crystalline copolyester
 1998 Rheological properties of glass fiber and carbon fiber filled liquid crystalline polymer melts
 1998 Thermal properties of fiber-filled liquid crystalline polymers
 2000 Solid viscoelasticity of glass fiber and carbon fiber filled liquid crystalline polymers
 2003 Viscoelasticity of liquid crystal polymers and the fiber-filled systems. (1)
 2003 Viscoelasticity of liquid crystal polymers and the fiber-filled systems. (2).
Kitano, Tetsuo1998 Polarizing plate for liquid crystal display
 1999 Adhesive composition for liquid-crystal display device with warp resistance
 1999 Heat- and/or photocurable adhesive composition for touch panel display device preparation
 1999 Heat- and/or photocurable adhesive composition for touch panel display device preparation
 1999 Heat- and/or photocurable adhesive composition for touch panel display device preparation
 1999 Heat- and/or photocurable adhesive composition for touch panel display device preparation
 2000 Adhesive composition and liquid crystal display device
Kitano, Tomomi2000 Structural Characterization of Microemulsions in a Ternary System of Zn(oct-en)2Cl2 Complex/Benzene/Water
Kitano, Toshiaki1988 Liquid crystal polymers
Kitano, Yoshimasa1985 (Halophenyl)pyrimidine derivatives
 1985 Liquid crystal compositions containing 2,5'-disubstituted-5,2'-bipyrimidinyls
 1985 Liquid crystal compositions containing alkylbipyrimidines
 1985 Liquid crystal compositions containing disubstituted pyrimidines
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing 4-cyano-3-halophenyl 4-(5-alkylpyrimidin-2-yl)benzoates
 1986 Liquid crystal compositions containing phenoxypropanol esters
 1986 Liquid crystalline cyanopyridines
 1986 Liquid-crystal compositions containing 2-pyrimidinecarboxylate derivatives
 1986 Liquid-crystal compositions containing 3-halo-4-cyanophenyl 6-substituted naphthalene-2-carboxylates
 1986 Liquid-crystal compositions containing halogenated aromatic compounds
 1986 Liquid-crystal compositions containing pyrimidinylpyridine derivatives
 1986 Nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1986 Phenoxypropanol esters with positive dielectric anisotropy
 1986 Pyrimidine derivatives for liquid crystal electrooptical displays
 1986 Pyrimidinecarboxylates and liquid crystal compositions containing same
 1987 Liquid-crystal compositions containing pyrimidine derivatives
 1987 Preparation of 2-(5-pyrimidinyl)-1,3-dioxane derivatives as liquid-crystal compositions
 1987 trans-2-[4-(5-Alkylpyrimidyl-2)phenyl]-5-alkyl-1,3-dioxanes and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1988 2-(trans-4-Alkylcyclohexyl)-5-alkoxypyrimidines and nematic liquid-crystalcompositions containing them
 1988 Pyrimidine derivative compounds for liquid crystal compositions
Kitano, Yoshimasa (cont...)1989 (Alkenyloxyfluorophenyl)pyrimidine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions
 1990 4-[2-(trans-4-Alkylcyclohexyl)ethyl]-2-fluorobenzoic acid phenyl esters with large dielectric anisotropy and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
Kitao, Noriyuki2004 Formation of Nanoscopic Foam in Instantaneously Heated Sol-Gel Derived Silica
Kitao, T.1988 Syntheses and some properties of deep colored dichroic polyazo dyes
 1989 Chem. Funct. Dyes, Proc. Int. Symp.
Kitao, Teijiro1984 Novel dichroic naphthoquinonoid dyes for liquid crystal display
 1989 Benzothiopyranylpolymethines for dyes, electrophotographic semiconductors, optical recording materials, and semiconductor lasers
 1989 Syntheses and properties of some deeply colored dichroic anthraquinone dyes
Kitao, Toshio1984 Poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide) films formed from extrusion and coagulation of liquid crystalline sulfuric acid solutions: characterization of orientation and void structure, annealing, and upgrading of film mechanical properties
 1991 Studies on blend of liquid crystalline and flexible polymer. I. Blend of liquid crystalline polyester and polycarbonate
 1991 Studies on blend of liquid crystalline and flexible polymers. II. Blend of liquid crystalline and flexible polyesters
 1992 Studies on blend of liquid crystalline and flexible polymers. III. Role of chain extender in the blends of liquid crystalline /flexible polyesters
 1998 Contribution to rheology through studies on a novel series of polymer blend and as an editor of JSRJ
Kitaoka, Masaki2001 Liquid crystal display with PSCT (polymer stabilized cholesteric texture) and its manufacturing method
Kitaoka, Shozabura1960 Notes- N-Acylation of 2-Amino-2-deoxy-D-glucose with Mixed Carboxylic Acid Anhydrides
Kitaoka, Shozaburo1956 Some Fatty Acid Derivatives of D-Glucosamine
 1960 N-Acylation of Unsubstituted Glycosylamines
Kitaoka, Yasuo2004 A Practical Laser Projector with New Illumination Optics for Reduction of Speckle Noise
Kitaori, Tomoyuki1998 Radiation-sensitive black resin composition, cured black film, black matrix, and display material or device
Kitasawa, Kozo1999 Detergent compositions with good rinse-ability for removal of liquid crystal stains
Kitashima, Katsuhiro1998 Liquid crystal composition containing difluorostilbene and amine, and display device using it
 1999 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display
Kitasho, T.2002 Laser Action in a Dye-Doped Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Photonic Effects in Periodic Nano-Structured Liquid Crystals
 2003 Electro-Tunable Liquid-Crystal Laser
Kitatani, Kazuhiro1984 Electrooptic leaky anisotropic waveguides using nematic liquid crystal overlayers
 1986 Low-voltage driving in nematic liquid crystal overlayered waveguide
Kitatsume, Tomoya1988 Optically active benzene or biphenyl derivative liquid crystals
 1988 Preparation of optically active trifluorodihydroxybutyl derivatives
 1989 Optically active α,α-difluoro-β-hydroxycarbonyl compounds
 1989 Optically active β,β,β-trifluoroethylcarbinols
 1989 Optically active epoxy alcohols as intermediates for liquid crystals and physiologically active substances
 1989 Optically active F-containing epoxides as intermediates for pharmaceuticals, polymers, and liquid crystals
 1989 Optically active fluoroalcohols
 1989 Optically active fluoromethylmalonate esters and liquid crystal compositions
 1989 Preparation of propargyl alcohol derivatives as physiologically active compounds and liquid crystal compounds
 1990 High dielectric, liquid crystal polyacrylate esters with optically active moieties
 1990 Preparation of fluorine-containing ferroelectric (meth)acrylic polymer liquid crystals
 1990 Preparation of liquid crystals, their intermediates, and their polymers
 1990 Preparation of optically active trifluoromethylhydroxycyclopropanes
 1991 Optically active 4-[1-(alkanoyloxy)fluoroalkyl]benzoic acid aryl esters as chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1991 Optically active fluorine-containing aromatic compound
 1992 Preparation of optically active γ-lactone derivatives as liquid crystal compositions
 1995 Preparation of trifluoromethylacetylene derivatives as intermediates for liquid crystals, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemicals
Kitaura, Hayato2006 Dimeric liquid crystals with 5-(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)tropone or 4-(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)phenyl cores: evaluation of the tilt angles of the cores, spacers, and side chains
Kitawada, Kiyofumi1998 Liquid crystal display, its production and electronic device containing the same
 1998 Semiconductor device for liquid crystal displays and its manufacture
 1999 Active matrix substrate and liquid crystal display device
 1999 Manufacture of active matrix substrate and liquid crystal display utilizing the same
 2000 Active matrix panel in liquid crystal display and manufacture of the panel
 2000 Thin-film transistor, liquid crystal display and their manufacture
Kitawada, Kyobumi1996 Active matrix liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
 1996 Liquid crystal display with improved aperture efficiency
 1996 Nonlinear resistor device for active matrix liquid crystal display and its manufacture
Kitaya, Akio1999 Plasma addressed liquid crystal display
Kitayama, Akira2009 Diffusion behavior in a liquid-liquid interfacial crystallization by molecular dynamics simulations
Kitayama, Hirohi1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display
Kitayama, Hiroyuki1987 Aromatic carboxylic acid esters and aromatic ether derivatives for liquid-crystal mixtures and display devices
 1989 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1989 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1989 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1989 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and electrooptical display devices using them
 1989 Mesomorphic compounds and ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions and devices containing them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal device using same
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1991 Chiral smectic liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal device, display apparatus and display method
 1993 Liquid crystall display device
 1995 Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal device and display method using the composition
 1995 Liquid crystal composition, liquid-crystal device using same
 1996 Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal device using the composition, liquid crystal apparatus and display method
 1996 Liquid crystal device for gradational display
Kitayama, Hiroyuki (cont...)1997 Chiral smectic liquid crystal electrooptical switch
 1997 Liquid crystal display and information transmitting device
 1997 Liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal element
 1998 Liquid crystal display device having good gray scale capability
 2000 Liquid crystal display device containing super-molecule structure substance
 2000 Manufacture method of liquid crystal display device
Kitayama, Kenichi1989 Space-variant operations using an optical parallel processor based on polarization encoding
Kitayama, Masaru1996 Liquid crystal panel window integrated with solar cell panel
Kitayama, Masaya2005 Joining liquid - crystalline polyester resin composition parts, polyester preparation, and jointed article made of liquid - crystalline polyester resin composition
Kitayama, T.1994 Determination of Stereoregularity of γ-Irradiation Canal Polymerized Polyacrylonitrile by 1H 2D J-Resolved NMR Spectroscopy
Kitayama, Tatsuki1996 Crystallization behavior of poly(ether ether ketone)/poly(ether sulfone) block copolymer
 1997 Synthesis and properties of stereoregular polymethacrylates with azobenzene moiety as a photoreactive side-chain mesogenic group
 2004 Well-defined Ion-pair Clusters of Alkyl- and Dialkylammonium Salts of a Sterically-hindered Carboxylic Acid. Implication for Hydrogen-bonded Lys Salt Bridges
Kitayama, Toshie1998 Manufacture of metal oxides intercalated with clay minerals
Kitazawa, Hiroshi1997 Monolithic refractories showing high corrosion- and oxidation resistance
Kitazawa, K.2005 Magnetically Controlled Convection in a Diamagnetic Fluid
Kitazawa, Kazuki2006 Surface potential and orientational ordering of evaporated liquid crystal ultra-thin films
Kitazawa, Kozo1967 Fluid double refraction of nonionic surfactants
 1968 Flow birefringence and viscosity of highly concentrated aqueous solutions of nonionic surface-active agents
 1992 Aqueous detergent compositions for removing liquid crystal -containing soils
 1992 Detergent compositions for removing liquid crystals
 1994 Non-polluting compounds for cleaning precision parts or tools used in assembling them
 1994 Nonpolluting detergent compositions for precision parts or tools used in assembling them
 2000 Photoresist removal composition for manufacturing semiconductor device and liquid crystal display
Kitazawa, Manabu1989 Preparation of 2-phenylpyrimidine derivatives as smectic C liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of chiral compounds for liquid crystal compositions
 1990 Preparation of optically active pyrazine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions
 1990 Preparation of pyrazine derivatives as liquid crystals
Kitazawa, Michiko1997 Active matrix substrate using amorphous silicon thin film transistors for liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1997 Active matrix type liquid - crystal display device
Kitazawa, Shigeru1998 Cerebellar complex spikes encode both destinations and errors in arm movements
Kitazoe, Hideaki1999 Active-matrix liquid crystal display device
Kitazuma, Tomoya1992 New ferroelectric liquid crystals containing optically active 2-trifluoromethyl alkanoyloxy groups
Kitazume, T.1989 New fluorine-containing ferroelectric liquid crystal compounds showing tristable switching
 1991 17th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sapporo
 1993 On the appearance of antiferroelectricity: the effect of polarization and conjugation in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Synthesis and properties of trifluoromethylated chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2006 Back to the future: 30 years in challenging smectic liquid crystal displays and in clarifying scientific wonders
Kitazume, Takeshi1990 Synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystal polymers possessing the trifluoromethyl group
Kitazume, Tomoya1987 Fluorinated ferroelectric liquid crystal and its dielectric property
 1987 Novel Ferroelectricity in Fluorinated Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1988 A microbially based approach for the preparation of fluorinated ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 Asymmetric hydrolysis of carbinol derivatives
 1989 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers. Molecular design
 1990 Design and synthesis of new fluorinated ferroelectric liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 Fluorocarbon antiferroelectric liquid crystal materials
 1990 Temporal and spatial behavior of the field-induced transition between antiferroelectric and ferroelectric phases in chiral smectics
 1991 Effect of molecular structure of chiral fluorinated compounds on spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Optically active 3-(2-trifluoro-1-hydroxyethyl)propenyl benzyl ether, derivatives thereof, method for preparing the same and use thereof for liquid crystal compound
 1993 A convenient synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals bearing the trifluoromethyl group
 1993 Trifluoromethylated pyranose derivatives as the chiral dopant for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures containing chiral pyranose compounds for response-voltage minimum mode
 1994 Synthesis and properties of pyranose derivatives with trifluoromethyl group used as chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1994 Synthesis of optically active γ-lactones and dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals possessing a trifluoromethyl group
 1995 Novel ferroelectric liquid crystals derived from trifluoromethylated pyranoses showing very large spontaneous polarization
 1996 Obliquely projecting chiral alkyl chains and their precision around the long core axes in the smectic-A phase of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1997 Biofine chemicals. Related materials and their application. Liquid crystals
 1997 Novel antiferroelectric liquid crystals derived from trifluoromethylated pyranoses
 2000 Effect of molecular polarity and conjugated system on antiferroelectricity in AFLC's
Kitazume, Tomoya (cont...)2000 Optically active fluorinated compounds
Kitching, J.2008 Method for characterizing self-assembled monolayers as antirelaxation wall coatings for alkali vapor cells
Kitely, I.1996 Atomic force microscopy studies of rubbed polyimide surfaces used for liquid crystal alignment
Kitely, I.D.1997 Control of liquid crystal alignment by polyimide surface modification using atomic force microscopy
Kithinji, J.P.1990 Analysis of coal tar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon LC-fractions by capillary SFC on a liquid crystalline stationary phase
 1990 Dual capillary column supercritical fluid chromatography
Kitiyanan, Boonyarach2003 Preparation of a W/scCO2 Microemulsion Using Fluorinated Surfactants
Kitney, R.2008 Electroluminescent segmented liquid crystalline trimers
Kitney, S.P.2008 Electroluminescent segmented liquid crystalline trimers
Kitney, Stuart P.2005 Heterocyclic reactive mesogens: synthesis, characterisation and mesomorphic behaviour
 2005 Synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of novel light-emitting liquid crystals
 2006 Organic electroluminescence using polymer networks from smectic liquid crystals
 2007 Distributed Bilayer Photovoltaics Based on Nematic Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks
 2007 Terminal end-group efficiency for the nematic phase using model bicyclo[2.2.2]octanes
 2008 Calamatic liquid crystal blends for organic photovoltaics
 2008 Photopolymerization studies of a light-emitting liquid crystal with methacrylate reactive groups for electroluminescence
 2008 White-Light OLEDs Using Liquid Crystal Polymer Networks
 2009 A new approach to photoalignment: photo-addition to a self-assembled monolayer
 2009 Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction of a Photoaligned Nematic Semiconductor
Kito, H.1999 A novel mechanism of electrorheological effect in polymer blends
Kito, Toshihiko2007 Generation of sub-3-fs optical pulses using induced phase modulation in an Ar-gas-filled hollow fiber
Kitovich, Vsevolod V.1996 Molecular electron memory module
Kitson, C.2004 Skin treatment composition and methods of use
Kitson, S.2001 Bistable nematic display device
Kitson, S.C.2004 Bistable Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals Around Microscopic Posts
 2004 Diffraction From the Two Stable States in a Nematic Liquid Crystal cell containing a mono-grating with homeotropic director alignment
 2008 Designing liquid crystal alignment surfaces
Kitson, Stephen2001 Bistable nematic liquid crystal device
 2001 Liquid crystal display device
 2002 Controllable alignment of nematic liquid crystals around microscopic posts: Stabilization of multiple states
Kitson, Stephen Christopher2003 Liquid crystal device having liquid crystal material containing non-polymerizable low-molecular weight surfactants
Kitson, Steve2002 Bistable Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals Around Microscopic Posts
Kitsu, Hiroko1997 Polymer dispersed liquid-crystal display element and its manufacture
Kitsukawa, Haruhiko2003 Polyamide alignment film for liquid crystal display
Kitsunai, Takashi1998 Photochemical Phase Transition Behavior of Polymer Azobenzene Liquid Crystals with Electron-Donating and -Accepting Substituents at the 4,4'-Positions
Kittaka, S.2007 Structure and dynamic properties of liquids confined in MCM-41 mesopores
Kittel, I.1991 Preparation and properties of oligomers of defined chain length and structure as models for technical copolymers
 1992 Studies on main-chain liquid - crystalline model oligomers of defined length and structure
 1995 Two-carrier liquid-phase synthesis of main-chain liquid crystalline oligomers and characterization of the products
Kittrell, Carter2004 Dissolution of Pristine Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Superacids by Direct Protonation
 2004 Phase Behavior and Rheology of SWNTs in Superacids
Kityk, A.1997 High Resolution Birefringence Measurements in a Chiral Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1997 High Resolution Birefringence Measurements in a Chiral Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1997 Polarization Noise in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1997 Polarization noise in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
Kityk, A.V.1997 Birefringence and optical rotation in chiral ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1998 Birefringence and tilt angle in the antiferroelectric, ferroelectric, and intermediate phases of chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1999 Electric field induced birefringence in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
Kityk, Andriy V.2008 Continuous Paranematic-to-Nematic Ordering Transitions of Liquid Crystals in Tubular Silica Nanochannels
Kityk, I.V.2002 Enhancement of third-order optical susceptibility of C60-TTF compounds using nematic liquid crystal
 2007 Intrinsic hyperpolarizability of 3-dicyanomethylene-5,5-dimethyl-1-[2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethenyl]-cyclohexene nanocrystallites incorporated into the photopolymer matrices
 2008 Synthesis and Polymerisation of Novel Methacrylates with Carbazolyl and Benzofuranyl Pendant Groups for Photovoltaic Applications
Kityk, Ivan V.2008 Theoretical and Experimental Studies of NLO Properties of New Carbazole Derivatives
Kitzerow, Heinz-Siegfried1985 Electric field induced variation of the refractive index in cholesteric blue phases
 1985 Electrooptical behavior of cholesteric blue phases with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1985 Feldeffekte an blauen Phasen
 1987 Angular dependence of blue phase selective reflection in the electric field
 1988 Electrooptic effect in a nonpolar nematic discotic liquid crystal
 1989 Electrostriction of BPI and BPII for blue phase systems with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1989 Electrostriction of the cholesteric blue phases BPI and BPII in mixtures with positive dielectric anisotropy
 1989 Observation of a hexagonal blue phase in systems with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1990 A blue phase with negative dielectric anisotropy in an electric field. Statics and dynamics
 1990 Blue phase mixtures exhibiting low fractions of a chiral compound: experimental observation of some unusual properties
 1990 Diskontierliche Änderung der Ausrichtung der Mematischen Phase an einer Glimmer-Oberfläche durch Deformation des Kristalls (Strain Induced Achoring Transition at a Nematic/Crystal Interface)
 1990 Dynamics of blue-phase selective reflections in an electric field
 1990 First optical observation of Kossel diagrams in chiral smectic phases
 1990 Neue experimentelle Ergebnisse und ein einfaches Modell zur Beschreibung der Helixinversion in induziert cholesterischen Phasen
 1990 Untersuchungen zur Selektivreflexion an chiralen smektischen Phasen
 1990 Verhalten von Blue Phase III im elektrischen Feld für Systeme mit negativer dielektrischer Anisotropie: Hinweise zur Struktur des "Blauen Nebels"?
 1990 Workshop: Demonstrationsexperimente und Praktikumsversuche mit Flüssigkristallen
 1991 Line shapes of field-induced blue-phase-III selective reflections
 1991 Polymer Dispersed Cholesteric Liquid Crystals: Some Properties of the New PDCLC Color Display
 1991 Polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals. Challenge for research and application
Kitzerow, Heinz-Siegfried (cont...)1991 The effect of electric fields on blue phases
 1992 Antiferroelectric switching in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1992 Behavior of polymer dispersed cholesteric droplets with negative dielectric anisotropy in electric fields
 1992 Blue phases
 1992 Chromaticity of polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals
 1992 Dynamic response of a blue phase to an applied field
 1992 Dynamics of polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals
 1992 Electric-field effects on nematic droplets with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1992 Electrostriction dynamics of blue phase II crystallites
 1992 Helical unwinding in polymer-dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Linear Electro-Optic Effects in Polymer-Dispersed Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1992 Linear electrooptic effects in polymer-dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Linear Electrooptic Effects in Polymer-Dispersed Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1992 Microscopic observations of axial and radial nematic droplets for a dual-frequency addressable liquid crystal
 1992 Observation of Blue Phases in Chiral Networks
 1992 Textures and Defects in Nematic and Chiral Nematic Droplets
 1993 Anomalies of the temperature dependence of electrostriction in blue phases
 1993 Beschreibung von polarisiertem Licht und Berechnung der Transmission einer zwischen gekreuzten Polarisatoren befindlichen Flüssigkristallprobe
 1993 Electric field effects on the droplet structure in polymer dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals
 1993 Electroclinic effect in a polymer-dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal
Kitzerow, Heinz-Siegfried (cont...)1993 First observation of selective reflection and blue phases in chiral discotic liquid crystals
 1993 Metal-containing mesogens with a cholesteric mesophase
 1993 Observation of blue phases in chiral networks
 1993 UV-cured cholesteric polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display
 1994 A new method to align smectic liquid crystals by photo-polymerization
 1994 Bistability in polymer-dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1994 Bulk-induced alignment of nematic liquid crystals by photopolymerization
 1994 Director configurations of nematic-liquid-crystal droplets: negative dielectric anisotropy and parallel surface anchoring
 1994 Electro-optic effect in polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals with medium chirality
 1994 Polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals
 1994 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals. From the nematic curvilinear aligned phase to ferroelectric films
 1994 Utility of a liquid crystalline diacrylate for bistable switching cholesteric gel displays
 1995 Azimuthal anchoring energy in photoinduced anisotropic films
 1996 A technique to align liquid crystals based on bulk-induced photo-polymerization
 1996 Effect of chirality on liquid crystals in capillary tubes with parallel and perpendicular anchoring
 1996 Electric field-induced transition from the twist grain boundary TGBA phase to the tilted smectic SmC* phase
 1996 Gray-scale in polymer-stabilized antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 1996 Platinum Orthometalated Liquid Crystals Compared with Their Palladium Analogs. First Optical Storage Effect in an Organometallic Liquid Crystal
 1996 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals. Holographic formation of switchable gratings.
 1996 Storage of laser-induced holographic gratings in discotic liquid crystals
Kitzerow, Heinz-Siegfried (cont...)1997 Azimuthal anchoring of liquid crystals at the surface of photoinduced anisotropic films
 1997 Azimuthal surface gliding of a nematic liquid crystal
 1997 Bistable diffractive electro-optical effect in cholesteric gels
 1997 Influence of the azimuthal anchoring energy on the smectic layer formation in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Polymer-dispersed chiral discotic liquid crystals
 1997 Preliminary communication optical storage effect in a discotic columnar liquid crystal
 1997 Transient light scattering of a ferroelectric and an antiferroelectric liquid crystal with short pitch
 1998 Antiferroelectric gels
 1998 Dual-frequency addressable gratings based on polymer-dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC)
 1998 Optical storage effect in a platinum ortho-metalated liquid crystal
 1998 Scanning near-field optical microscopy of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1998 Trends in physical chemistry in 1997
 1999 Metallomesogens presenting blue phases in a glassy state and in metallomesogen/nematic mixtures
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