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Kidalov, V.N.1998 Alignment of erythrocytes in nematic liquid crystal media with different dielectric anisotropy
Kidane, A.1997 Undulating Charged Fluid Membranes and their Bending Constants
Kidchob, Tongjit2006 Highly Ordered Self-Assembled Mesostructured Hafnia Thin Films: An Example of Rewritable Mesostructure
 2008 Aggregation States of Rhodamine 6G in Mesostructured Silica Films
 2008 Patterning Techniques for Mesostructured Films
 2008 Self-Assembled Mesoporous Silica-Germania Films
 2009 Hierarchical Porous Silica Films with Ultralow Refractive Index
 2009 Order-Disorder in Self-Assembled Mesostructured Silica Films: A Concepts Review
Kidd, T.J.2004 Functional, nanostructured materials via the polymerization of liquid crystal assemblies
 2005 Supported Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal Polymer Membranes: Promising Materials for Molecular-Size-Selective Aqueous Nanofiltration
Kiddle, Richard J.2002 The Synthesis and Transition Temperatures of 2,5-Disubstituted-1-benzofurans with Non-polar Terminal Groups
Kidera, Akinori2000 Physically crosslinked elastomers prepared from oligomeric polyolefins with mesogenic units
 2003 Determination of multicanonical weight based on a stochastic model of sampling dynamics
 2004 Stochastic formulation of sampling dynamics in generalized ensemble methods
Kidera, Hirochika1993 Molecular motion of ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
Kidney, K.J.2005 Energy Considerations for Parabolic Cyclides in SmA Liquid Crystals
 2006 Anisotropy of the Elastic Constants in SmC* Liquid Crystal Films
Kido, G.2004 Molecular Chain Orientation of DNA Films Induced by Both the Magnetic Field and the Interfacial Effect
Kido, Junji2001 Photo- and electro-luminescent properties of thermotropic liquid crystalline quaterphenyl analogues comprising a 2,2'-bi-1,3,4-thiadiazole unit
 2002 Preparation, Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline and Fluorescent Properties of Semi-Rigid Homo- and Copoly(ester-imide)s Composed of 3,3'',4,4''-p-Terphenyltetracarboxdiimide and 3,3',4,4'-Biphenyltetracarboxdiimide
 2004 Structures and properties of liquid crystalline materials oriented under magnetic field
 2007 Hexaphenylbenzene Derivatives for Blue Organic Light-emitting Devices
 2007 Luminescence characteristics of Iridium complex with liquid crystalline ligands in LCD-OLED device
 2009 Current Enhancement in the Vertical-Type Metal-Base Organic Transistors
Kido, Masami1992 Effect of surface pretilt angle on optical properties of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Ferroelectric liquid crystal device using the τ-VMIN mode
 1995 A liquid crystal display device.
 1996 A ferroelectric liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Smectic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal device
 1997 Liquid crystal display apparatus
 1998 Manufacture of electrode-bearing substrate and liquid crystal display
 1998 Production of electrochromic intercalation compound and optical imaging devices
 1999 Optically addressed liquid crystal display
 2000 Liquid crystal display device and its manufacture method
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having color filters and its manufacture
 2001 Liquid crystal display apparatus and optical addressing device
 2001 Liquid crystal display element and method of manufacturing same
Kido, Takashi1998 Detection of foreign objects on the surface of liquid crystal display or semiconductor wafer
Kidoaki, Satoru2004 Competition between compaction of single chains and bundling of multiple chains in giant DNA molecules
Kidoguchi, Akira1993 Reversible color-changing tiles
Kidoh, Yasuaki1994 Video rate operation in high-speed smectic liquid crystal light modulator
Kidokoro, Naoto1996 Active energy ray-curable resin compositions, liquid crystal devices, and their manufacture
Kidowaki, M.1997 23rd Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 2000 Photocontrolled Orientation of Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2001 Surface-Assisted Orientational Control of Discotic Liquid Crystals by Light
Kidowaki, Masatoshi1996 Command surfaces. Part 20. Fixation of surface-assisted homogeneous alignment of nematic liquid crystals by cationic photopolymerization
 1997 Photocontrolled liquid crystal aligning films
 1999 Extraordinarily thermostable photodichroism of poly(4-cyano-4'-methacryloyloxyazobenzene) films
 1999 In-situ observation of thermal amplification of photogenerated optical anisotropy of films of azobenzene polymers
 1999 Surface-assisted photomanipulation of orientation of a polymer liquid crystal
 1999 Thermal stability of photoalignment of nematic liquid crystals by azobenzene polymer thin films
 2000 Thermal amplification of photoinduced optical anisotropy of p-cyanoazobenzene polymer films monitored by temperature scanning ellipsometry
 2001 Polarized Photoluminescence from Photopatterned Discotic Liquid Crystal Films
 2002 Photochemical control of helical pitch of glass-forming dimeric cholesteric liquid crystals by isomerization of embedded di-mesogenic compounds with both cholesterol and azobenzene groups
 2003 Photochemical Phase Transition and Molecular Realignment of Glass-Forming Liquid Crystals Containing Cholesterol/Azobenzene Dimesogenic Compounds
 2005 Surface-Mediated Photoalignment of Discotic Liquid Crystals on Azobenzene Polymer Films
 2007 Dielectric measurements of liquid crystalline polyrotaxanes
 2007 Novel Liquid Crystalline Polyrotaxane with Movable Mesogenic Side Chains
Kidric, J.1991 Hydration of phosphatidylcholine reverse micelles and multilayers - an infrared spectroscopic study
Kidzu, Yuko2002 Large Area Microencapsulated Reflective Guest-Host Liquid Crystal Displays and Their Applications
Kieboom, A.P.G.1987 Preparation of Long-Chain Alkyl D-Glucosides by Alcoholysis of 1,2:5,6-Di-O-Isopropylidene-α-D-Glucofuranose
 1988 Efficient Preparation of Octyl α-D-Glucopyranoside Monohydrate: A Recirculation Procedure Involving Water Removal by Product Crystallisation
 1988 Solid-state and solution properties of octyl D-glucopyranosides
 1990 Two-step chemo-enzymic synthesis of octyl 6-O-acyl-α-D-glucopyranoside surfactants from glucose
Kiebs, Bernhelm1981 Studies of thermally excited orientation fluctuations in nematic liquid crystals using light beating spectroscopy
Kiechle, U.1982 Investigations on Nematic Liquid Crystalline Side Chain Polymers in the Electric Field
 1983 Behavior of liquid crystalline side chain polymers in an electric field
 1984 Dielectric Properties of Liquid Crystalline Side Chain Polymers
Kiechle, Ulrich1986 Dielectric properties of a liquid-crystalline siloxane copolymer
Kiefer, B.2001 Control of quantum dynamics by adaptive femtosecond pulse shaping
Kiefer, Clemens1981 Measurements of optical transparency on the dynamic orientation behavior of nematic liquid crystals in the magnetic field
Kiefer, Hans2006 High-Resolution NMR Spectroscopy of a GPCR in Aligned Bicelles
Kiefer, R.1983 Order Parameters in Nematic Guest-Host Mixtures
 1983 Phase behavior of dye-containing liquid crystalline copolymers and their mixtures with low molecular weight liquid crystals
 1984 Anthraquinone Dye Containing Liquid Crystalline Copolymers
 1984 Dye containing liquid crystalline copolymers
 1984 Lokale Biaxialität in verschiedenen nematischen Flüssigkristall-Substanzen
 1984 Ordering matrix of various nematic liquid crystal classes as determined by infrared dichroism
 1986 Orientational ordering of dyes in the glassy state of liquid-crystalline side group polymers
 1987 Dilatometric Studies of some Smectic Liquid Crystals
 1989 Fast switching films of nematic side chain copolymers
 1989 Molecular biaxiality in nematic liquid crystals as studied by infrared dichroism
 1990 Density studies on various smectic liquid crystals
 1990 The dependence of volumetric properties on the molecular composition of nematic liquid crystals
 1994 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Oligomesogens: Synthesis and Properties
 1994 In-Plane-Switching: A Novel Electrooptic Effect
 1995 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Oligosiloxanes
 1995 In-Plane Switching: A Novel Electro-optic Effect
Kiefer, Rudolf1995 Applications of ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
Kieffer, J.C.2003 Steady copropagation mode of laser pulse and plasma wave
Kieffer, John2007 Layer-by-Layer Assembled Films of Cellulose Nanowires with Antireflective Properties
Kieffer, M.1997 Toward Synthesis of Polysubstituted Carbazol Mesogens as Potential Discotic Liquid Crystals
Kieffer, R.2002 Molecular Design of Non-Conventional Mesophase Forming Materials
 2004 Novel bolaamphiphilic blockmolecules - The influence of head group and Side chain structure
 2005 Novel terphenyl-based bolaamphiphiles - lateral substitution and microsegregation
 2005 Tilings and topological duality in liquid crystals
 2006 Mesophase behaviour of novel bola-amphiphilic tri- and tetrablockmolecules
 2006 Self assembly in amphiphilic dioles
Kieffer, Robert2006 Self-assembled diols: synthesis, structure and dielectric studies
 2008 X-Shaped polyphilics: liquid crystal honeycombs with single-molecule walls
 2009 Siloxanes and carbosilanes as new building blocks for T-shaped bolaamphiphilic LC molecules
Kieft, E.R.2003 Time-resolved pinhole camera imaging and extreme ultraviolet spectrometry on a hollow cathode discharge in xenon
 2004 Collective Thomson scattering experiments on a tin vapor discharge in the prepinch phase
 2004 Stark broadening experiments on a vacuum arc discharge in tin vapor
Kielich, S.1976 Fast picosecond reorientation in the isotropic phase of nematogens
 1977 Direct observation of picosecond reorientation of molecules in the isotropic phases of nematogens
 1991 The measurement of relaxation rates by degenerate four-wave mixing with ultrashort light pulses
 1993 Fast molecular reorientation in liquid crystals probed by nonlinear optics
Kielland-Brandt, Morten C.2008 Hyper- and hyporesponsive mutant forms of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ssy1 amino acid sensor
Kielman, H.S.1979 Rheological investigation of mesomorphic layers formed at the liquid/liquid interface
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 1990 Zur Defektstruktur der flüssigkristallinen Blauen Phase I
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Kienle, Alwin2007 Anisotropic Light Diffusion: An Oxymoron?
Kienskaya, K.2001 Electronic spectra of aqueous solutions and films made of liquid crystal ink for thin film polarizers
Kienya, V.A.1993 Faraday effect in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1994 Faraday effect in cholesteric liquid crystals with oblique light incidence
Kierfeld, Jan2005 Discontinuous Unbinding Transitions of Filament Bundles
 2006 Enhanced Ordering of Interacting Filaments by Molecular Motors
Kierlik, E.2003 Local mean-field study of capillary condensation in silica aerogels
Kiesel, M.J.1990 Mesophase transition and phase separation in thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer and polyether imide blends
Kiesel, Robert J.1958 Notes - Preparation of Higher Di-n-alkyl Sulfates
Kiesewalter, I.1997 Structure/Response-Relationship in Chiral Induction Intermolecular Chirality Transfer with 1,1'-Binaphthyls
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 A non-traceless molecular pseudotensor for a description of the HTP
Kiesewetter, L.1993 View Angular Transmissive Characteristics of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays
 1994 Wavelength Dependent Transmissive Characteristics of LC-Director Configurations in Liquid Crystal Displays
 1995 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions Under the Condition of Directed Heat Transfer - a Method for Improving Surface Alignment and Bulk Orientation -
 1996 Optical Filters with LC-Elements
Kiessig, H.1941 Soap solutions
Kiessling, A.1998 Intensity controlled shaping of the beam profile using three-wave mixing in photorefractive Bi12TiO20
Kiessling, Armin2004 Chemical and optical investigations of film polarizers with azodyes
Kiezun, A.1997 An Application of the Exact Solution to the Anchoring Energy Determination
 1997 Investigation of Light Transmissions Losses in Liquid Crystal Waveguides
 1998 New approach for a direct measurement of refractive index profile in liquid-crystalline layer
 2001 Tunable Liquid Crystal Fiber-Optic Polarizer and Related Elements
Kiezun, Aleksander1998 Application of exact solution to anchoring energy determination
 1998 Director field in a liquid crystal: direct measurement method
 1998 Light transmission loss in liquid crystal waveguides
 1999 Direct measurement of refractive index profile in liquid crystal planar waveguides
Kiflie, Zebene2007 Viscoelastic Recovery Behavior Following Atomic Force Microscope Nanoindentation of Semicrystalline Poly(ethylene)
Kigami, Koichi1992 Binder resin and eletrophotographic photoreceptor using same
Kigoshi, M.1989 Threshold voltage instability of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) TFTs in liquid crystal displays
Kiguchi, Hiroshi1997 Method of making color filter
 1998 Color filter and its manufacturing method
 1999 Ink-jet printing ink for manufacture of optical filter for liquid crystal displays
 2002 Material discharging apparatus and method for producing color filters, liquid crystal and electroluminescent devices
 2002 Method and apparatus for producing color filter, method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid crystal device, method and apparatus for manufacturing EL device, method of discharging material, apparatus for controlling head and electronic apparatus
Kiguchi, Hiroshu1997 Liquid crystal display device with novel cell structure
Kiguchi, Manabu2006 Anisotropic Polymerization of a Long-Chain Diacetylene Derivative Langmuir-Blodgett Film on a Step-Bunched SiO2/Si Surface
 2006 Thickness Dependent Characteristics of a Copper Phthalocyanine Thin-Film Transistor Investigated by in situ FET Measurement System
Kiguchi, Masashi1989 Dynamics of exciplex formation in cholesteric liquid crystals containing carbazolyl and terephthaloyl group
Kihara, H.1992 Hydrogen Bonded Liquid Crystals, Molecular Self-Assembly of Mesogenic Structure through Selective Recognition between H-Bonding Donor and Acceptor Moieties
 1996 Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Jpn.
 2001 Thermomechanical analysis of a polymer dispersed liquid crystal containing a thermoplastic elastomer
 2003 Morphological studies of a hydrogen-bonded LC polymer obtained by photopolymerization in LC solvents
Kihara, Hidemoto2000 Liquid-crystalline polymer gels having response anisotropic properties
Kihara, Hideyuki1992 Molecular self-assembly of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers through intermolecular hydrogen bonding. Polymeric complexes built from a polyacrylate and stilbazoles
 1993 Hydrogen-bonded ferroelectric liquid-crystalline complexes based on a chiral benzoic acid and stilbazoles, induction of chiral smectic C phases by molecular self-assembly
 1993 Molecular self-assembly of crosslinked liquid crystalline polymeric complexes through intermolecular hydrogen bonding
 1994 Synthesis of a liquid-crystal polymer network by self-organization via intermolecular hydrogen bridging bonds
 1996 Preliminary communications on the mesomorphism of hydrogen bonded complexes formed between decycloxystilbazole and phthalic acid
 1996 Structures and Properties of Supramolecular Liquid-Crystalline Side-Chain Polymers Built through Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonds
 1996 Supramolecular ferroelectric liquid crystals. Hydrogen-bonded complexes between benzoic acids and chiral stilbazoles
 1996 Supramolecular Liquid-Crystalline Networks Built by Self-Assembly of Multifunctional Hydrogen-Bonding Molecules
 1997 Cooperation of hydrogen bonds for mesophase stabilization in supramolecular assemblies
 1997 New metallomesogenic polymers built by self-assembly of non-mesomorphic stilbazole dimers and CF3SO3Ag through coordination bonds
 1997 Supramolecular liquid-crystalline materials
 1998 Induction of a cholesteric phase via self-assembly in supramolecular networks built of non- mesomorphic molecular components
 1998 Supramolecular liquid - crystalline networks built through hydrogen bonds
 1999 Liquid-crystalline complexes of a lithium salt with twin oligomers containing oxyethylene spacers. An approach to anisotropic ion conduction
 2006 Preparation of polymers in liquid crystal solvent
 2007 In situ photochemical conversion from cinnamoyl-functionalized liquid-crystalline monomers to liquid-crystalline dimers
 2007 Photochemical Synthesis of a Main-Chain LC Oligomer from an agr,ohgr-Dicinnamoyl-Functionalized LC Monomer: Photoirradiation in the Crystalline State
 2007 Synthesis of LC dimers based on photochemical reaction of a cinnamic acid and investigation of the LC phase structures of the dimers
 2007 Synthesis of LC monomers having an anthracene on their each end and conversion of the monomers to main-chain LC polymers by photopolymerization
 2008 An H-Bonded Main-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Obtained by In Situ Photochemical Conversion from an H-Bonded LC Dimer
Kihara, Hiroki2003 Fabrication of orientation-controlled merocyanine J-aggregates from vapor phase
Kihara, Hisanori1998 Dielectric relaxation study of a liquid crystal with a Sm C* to N* transition sequence
Kihara, K.1992 Phase behavior and dynamic properties in mixed systems of anionic and cationic surfactants: lithium perfluorooctanesulfonate/diethanolheptadecafluoro-2-undecanolmethylammonium chloride (DEFUMAC) and lithium dodecyl sulfate/DEFUMAC aqueous mixtures
 1995 Phase behavior of sucrose monoalkanoate in a water-long-chain alcohol system
Kihara, Kaoru1996 Phase behavior in water-sucrose monoalkanoate systems
 1997 Phase Transition between Microemulsion and Lamellar Liquid Crystal
Kihara, Katsuya1996 Liquid crystal display driver circuit
 1998 Timing adjustment circuit for liquid crystal display
 1999 Semiconductor device having laser-annealed semiconductor elements and display device using the semiconductor device
Kihara, Kenichi1996 Liquid crystal display with corona-treated plastic substrate
 1997 Color liquid crystal display with improved adhesion of color filter layer
 1998 Color filter substrate for color liquid - crystal display panel
 1999 Process for manufacture of color filter substrate having smoothing layer for liquid crystal display
Kihara, Koji1977 Nitroxide-radical-induced nuclear magnetic relaxation studies of cetyltrimethylammonium bromide micelles
Kihara, Kunio1992 Dicarbonyl compounds and their polymers
Kihara, Naoko1997 Functional organic materials, compositions thereof, light transmittance control of them, and manufacture of colored thin film patterns
Kihara, Nobuhiro1997 Liquid-crystal display device and method for manufacturing it
 1999 Alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLCs) with surfaces patterned by laser lithography
Kihara, T.1989 Simplified Onsager Theory of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
 1990 Generalized Onsager Theory of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
Kihara, Taro1990 Statistical thermodynamics of lyotropic liquid crystals
Kihara, Tsutomu1992 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon fibers for compression-resistant carbon fiber-reinforced composites
Kihlborg, L.H.E.1994 Definitions of terms relating to phase transitions of the solid state
Kihm, Hagyong2005 Point-diffraction fiber interferometer for vibration desensitization
Kii, Keisuke2005 Ionic Diffusion and Salt Dissociation Conditions of Lithium Liquid Crystal Electrolytes
Kiick, K.L.2006 Conformation and Assembly of Polypeptide Scaffolds in Templating the Synthesis of Silica: An Example of a Polylysine Macromolecular "Switch"
Kiick, Kristi L.2007 Biosynthetic Methods for the Production of Advanced Protein-Based Materials
Kiirend, E.1979 Identification of the different phases of the water-cetyltrimethylammonium bromide-hexanol system by carbon-13 NMR. Catalysis by α-chymotrypsin in micellar and liquid crystalline phases
 1983 A kinetic study of α-chymotrypsin inhibition in micellar and liquid-crystalline phases of the water-CTABr-hexanol system
 1983 Micellar-catalyzed hydrolysis of organophosphorus compounds. O-n-Alkyl p-nitrophenyl methylphosphonates in the hexadecyltrimethylammonium bromide-hexanol-water system
 1986 Orientation of nematic amphiphilic systems based on cetyltrimethylammonium bromide in a magnetic field
Kiirend, E.O.1993 Discotic cyllindrical lyonematics in multicomponent systems based on detergents of alkyltrimethylammonium bromides
 2002 Lamellar Polymorphism in Multicomponent Lyotropic Amphiphilic Systems Based on Alkyltrimethylammonium Bromide Detergents
 2007 Identification of nematic lyomesophases with discotic and cylindrical micelles in lyotropic amphiphilic systems
Kijima, M.1997 Synthesis and characterization of poly(3-substituted thiophene)s having liquid crystalline moiety
 1997 Synthesis and properties of polypyrrole derivatives with liquid crystalline substituents
 1999 Liquid crystalline poly(N-substituted pyrrole)s synthesized by dehalogenative polycondensation of 2,5-dibromopyrroles
 2000 Anomalous Optical Anisotropy Induced by Liquid Crystallinity of Poly(2,5-dialkoxy-p-phenylenebutadiynylene) Using a Conventional Rubbing Process
Kijima, Masaru2003 Heat-resistant labels
Kijima, Masashi1998 Syntheses and properties of liquid crystalline N-substituted pyrroles and their polymers
 1998 Synthesis of a novel liquid crystalline polymer, poly(2,5-didecyloxy-1,4-phenylenebutadiynylene)
 1999 Poly(2,5-dialkoxy-p-phenylenebutadiynylene)s novel rigid conjugated polymers with liquid crystalline property
 2000 Friction-induced uniaxial orientation of a liquid crystalline N-substituted polypyrrole
 2001 Liquid crystalline behavior of poly(m-phenylenebutadiynylene)s having a mesogenic substituent
 2001 Orientation of liquid crystalline N-substituted polypyrroles
 2001 Synthesis of novel ionic liquid crystalline pyrrole derivatives having a viologen moiety
 2006 Synthesis and properties of luminescent liquid crystalline naphthalenes
 2007 Blue Luminescent Naphthalene-based Liquid Crystals
 2007 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Luminescent Naphthalene-based Liquid Crystals
 2008 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Luminescent Naphthalene-based Liquid Crystals
Kijima, Naoto2008 New Green and Red Phosphors for White LEDs
Kijima, Ryuichi2001 Liquid crystal display device
Kijima, Shigeru1992 Organic-electrolyte batteries with lithium-intercalated carbonaceous anodes
 1992 Secondary nonaqueous batteries and their lithium-intercalation anodes
Kijima, Tsugunobu1996 Display pattern generation circuit of liquid crystal display
Kijima, Tsuyoshi1996 Synthesis and deorganization of an aluminum-based dodecyl sulfate mesophase with a hexagonal structure
 1997 Biomimetic Surface Patterns of a Layered Aluminum Oxide Mesophase Templated by Mixed Surfactant Assemblies
 1997 Synthesis of Aluminum-Based Surfactant Mesophases Morphologically Controlled through a Layer to Hexagonal Transition
 1997 Synthesis of porous alumina templated by surfactant assemblies
 1998 Aluminum-based surfactant mesophases structurally and morphologically controlled by anions
 1998 Mesostructured gallium oxides templated by dodecyl sulfate assemblies
 1998 Synthesis of porous yttrium aluminum oxide templated by dodecyl sulfate assemblies
 1998 Yttrium-Based Porous Materials Templated by Anionic Surfactant Assemblies
 1999 Mesoporous magnetic materials based on rare earth oxides
 2000 Porous Yttrium Aluminum Oxide Templated by Alkyl Sulfate Assemblies
 2002 Synthesis of AgBr and SnO2 Microwires Induced by Mixed Surfactant Nematic Liquid Crystalline Phases
 2004 Noble-metal nanotubes (Pt, Pd, Ag) from lyotropic mixed-surfactant liquid-crystal templates
 2005 Single-Crystalline Platinum Nanosheets from Nonionic Surfactant 2-D Self-Assemblies at Solid/Aqueous Solution Interfaces
 2005 Synthesis of High Surface Area Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles by Mixed Surfactant-Mediated Approach
 2007 Formation mechanism of Pt nanowire-networked nanoparticles on carbon from mixed surfactant liquid crystal templates
 2007 Templated synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of Platinum Nanosheets with a Nanohole Structure
 2008 Effect of electron irradiation on nanogroove-networked single-crystalline and dendritic polycrystalline platinum nanosheets prepared from lyotropic surfactant liquid-crystal templates
 2009 Synthesis of Nanohole-Structured Single-Crystalline Platinum Nanosheets Using Surfactant-Liquid-Crystals and their Electrochemical Characterization
Kijima, Yasunori1997 Optical instrument showing excellent rectifying characteristics
Kijino, Futoshi1992 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display element
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display element
 1992 Super-twisted nematic liquid crystal display
Kijiyama, Chisato1992 Liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
Kikai, Akihiro1996 Synthesis and photoreaction of poly[6-(4'-cinnamoylbiphenyloxy)-hexylmethacrylate-co-methylmethacrylate]
 1997 Synthesis, characterization, and photoreaction of photoreactive liquid crystalline block copolyetheresters
Kikawa, E.2000 A long in situ section of the lower ocean crust: results of ODP Leg 176 drilling at the Southwest Indian Ridge
Kikawa, Takashi2006 An evaluation of sharpness in different image displays used for medical imaging
Kikawada, Takahiro2008 Vitrification is essential for anhydrobiosis in an African chironomid, Polypedilum vanderplanki
Kikegawa, M.2002 Anisotropy of a Polyimide Film with Azobenzene Units in the Main Chain Irradiated by Linearly Polarized UV Light
 2004 In-plane Molecular Order of a Photo-oriented Polyamic Acid Film: Enhancement upon Thermal Imidization
Kikegawa, Manabu2003 Alignment of polyamic acid molecules containing azobenzene in the backbone structure: Effects of polarized ultraviolet light irradiation and subsequent thermal imidization
 2003 Photoinduced inclination of polyimide molecules containing azobenzene in the backbone structure
Kikkawa, H.1993 An optical neural computing using FLC
 1996 An optoelectronic system for computing weight modification of perceptron learning using FLC cells
Kikkawa, Hironori2001 Wide view angle lcd operable in ips mode which uses a pixel electrode as a shield to prevent disturbances in the electric field of a display pixel portion of the lcd
 2002 Reflection plate, reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus, and method of manufacturing the same
Kikkawa, J.M.2004 Direct Measurement of the Polarized Optical Absorption Cross Section of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
 2007 Modulation of Dark Conductivity over a 1 x 10-12 to 1 x 10-5 S/cm Range Through Ancillary Group Modification in Amorphous Solids of Ethyne-Bridged (Porphinato)zinc(II) Oligomers
Kikkawa, Masayoshi1987 Studies on biomimetic membranes. XII. Carrier-mediated transport of picrate anion through supported liquid crystal membranes
 1988 Studies on biomimetic membranes. XV. Carrier-mediated transport of picrate anion through cellulose triacetate membranes containing a liquid crystalline material
Kikkawa, S.1956 Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi
Kikkawa, Shinzo1997 Measurement of heat transfer coefficients using thermosensitive liquid crystal
 2001 Heat Transfer Characteristics of an Endwall with Single Row of Oblique Pin Fins
Kikkawa, Yoshihiro2009 Reversible Transformation between Rings and Coils in a Dynamic Hydrogen-Bonded Self-Assembly
Kiknadze, L.1996 Study of chromatographic properties of some liquid crystals
Kiknadze, L.O.1991 Separation of cresol isomers by gas chromatography on a liquid -crystalline stationary phase
Kikot', I.P.2006 Effect of dipole forces on the structure of the liquid phases of DNA
Kikuchi, A.2004 Preparation of Microfluidic Devices Using Micropatterning of a Photosensitive Material by a Maskless, Liquid-Crystal-Display Projection Method
Kikuchi, Akira1976 Light deflection by nematic liquid-crystal cells
Kikuchi, Azusa2005 Molecular alignment and thermal stability of liquid-crystalline phases in binary mixtures of electron donor and acceptor
Kikuchi, Chikao1979 p'-(Cyanophenyl) p-[(β-alkoxy)ethylthio]benzoates
Kikuchi, Eiichi2009 Rapid crystallization of mesoporous silica with highly stable 2D-hexagonal structure
Kikuchi, Giichi1996 Manufacture of quartz glass substrates
 1996 Manufacture of transparent quartz glass sheets
Kikuchi, H.1987 Photo-driven active transport of metal cations through polymer/(liquid crystal)/(azobenzene crown ether) ternary composite thin films
 1988 Ferroelectric properties of binary mixtures of chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1990 Aggregation structure and electrooptical properties of (liquid-crystalline polymer)/(low-molecular-weight liquid crystal) composite system
 1991 Dielectric property-electrooptical effect relationships of polymer/liquid-crystal composite films
 1991 Light switching effects of polymer/(liquid crystal) composite systems
 1992 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal light valve for projection display application
 1993 Electrooptical properties of poly(diisopropyl fumarate-co-styrene)/cyanobiphenyl-type liquid crystal composite films
 1995 Mechanisms of liquid crystal alignment on buffed polyimide surfaces
 1996 Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Jpn.
 1996 Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Jpn.
 1996 Trans. Mater. Res. Soc. Jpn.
 2002 (Homeotropically Oriented Polymer Network/Side Chain Type Liquid Crystalline Polymer/Liquid Crystals/Chiral Dopant) Composite with Thermally Addressed and Electrically Erasable Properties
 2002 Transient Light scattering of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Enhanced by Adding Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2003 Improvement of light switching contrast of liquid crystalline composite gel by adding polar organic solvent
 2003 Morphology control of liquid crystalline composite gels based on molecular self-assembling kinetics
 2004 Thermal phase transition behaviour of Liq. Cryst. in submicron pores formed with stretched polymer fibrils
 2005 Large Electro-optic Kerr Effect in Nanostructured Chiral Liquid-Crystal Composites over a Wide Temperature Range
 2005 Large Electro-optic Kerr Effect in Polymer-Stabilized Liquid-Crystalline Blue Phases
 2006 Laser Emission from a Polymer-Stabilized Liquid-Crystalline Blue Phase
Kikuchi, Hiroashi2004 Morphological Investigation of Liquid Crystal/Polymer Mixtures Induced by Patterned Ultraviolet Light
Kikuchi, Hiroshi1988 Bistable spatial light modulator using liquid crystal and bismuth silicate (Bi12SiO20) crystal layers
 1989 Control of aggregation states of the self-supported liquid crystal composite thin film prepared and its electric field responsibility
 1990 Transmission mode spatial light modulator using a bismuth silicon oxide (Bi12SiO20) crystal and polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal layers
 1993 Bistable spatial light modulator using guest-host liquid crystal and bismuth germanium oxide (Bi12GeO20) photoconductive crystal
 1993 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal light valves for projection display
 1994 reflection-mode polymer-dispersed liquid crystal light valve
 1994 Spatial light modulator using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal: dependence of resolution on reading light intensity
 1995 Infrared- and Visible-Light-Sensitive Spatial Light Modulator Using Pigment-Dispersed Organic Photoconductor
 1995 Spatial light modulators using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal and Bi12SiO20 photoconductive layers for projection display
 1996 Complex dielectric constant gradient-type spacial light modulating element
 1996 Gray-scale-memory spatial light modulator with polymer-dispersed phase-transition liquid crystal
 1997 Light-writable projection display apparatus
 1997 Polymer-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal devices with grayscale memory
 1997 Process for stripping resist while producing liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Recycle-type photoresist-coating process for manufacturing semiconductor device
 1997 Spatial light modulators for projection displays
 1998 Liquid crystal display substrate and its manufacture
 1998 Small liquid crystal droplet formation of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal under ultraviolet light irradiation without short wavelength component
 1999 HDTV projection display based on high-efficiency optically addressed PDLC light valves
 1999 New photoresist stripper and a system for recycling it
Kikuchi, Hiroshi (cont...)1999 Rigid formation of aligned polymer fiber network in ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1999 Spatial light modulators for high-brightness projection displays
 2000 Color filter substrate, its manufacture, and its use in liquid crystal display
 2000 Design and fabrication of a projection display using optically addressed polymer-dispersed liquid crystal light valves
 2000 Display device containing homogeneously oriented liquid crystal mixture
 2001 Fluorinated Polymer Alignment Layers Formed at Low Temperature for Plastic-Substrate-Based Liquid Crystal Devices
 2001 Free-standing polymer-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal film: chemical study of phase separation
 2001 Liquid crystal light valve technologies for display applications
 2001 Polymer-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal for flexible displays using plastic substrates
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