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Khan, Ali1987 Phase equilibria of catanionic surfactant-water systems
 1989 Liquid crystallinity of lecithin systems. Ternary phase diagrams of lecithin-water with Triton X-100 and decanol
 1989 NMR of liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 1989 Some observations in phase diagrams and structure in binary and ternary systems of sodium and calcium dodecyl(monooxyethylene) sulfate
 1991 Ionic surfactants with divalent counterions
 1991 Microemulsions in three- and four-component systems with a catanionic surfactant: octylammonium octanoate
 1991 NMR of liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 1993 NMR of liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 1993 Self-assembly in mixtures of a cationic and an anionic surfactant: the sodium dodecyl sulfate-didodecyldimethylammonium bromide-water system
 1993 Self-assembly in systems of didodecyldimethylammonium surfactants: binary and ternary phase equilibria and phase structures with sulphate, hydroxide, acetate, and chloride counterions
 1994 Solubilization of nonionic polymers in a lyotropic lamellar mesophase: lecithin-water-polyethylene oxide system
 1994 Surfactant-polymer interactions: Didodecyldimethylammonium bromide-poly(ethylene oxide)-water system.
 1995 NMR of liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 1995 Phase Behavior of Poly(ethylene oxide)-Poly(propylene oxide)-Poly(ethylene oxide) Triblock Copolymers in Water
 1996 Alkyl chain symmetry effects in mixed cationic-anionic surfactant systems
 1996 Lyotropic Liquid Crystallinity in Amphiphilic Block Copolymers: Temperature Effects on Phase Behavior and Structure for Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(propylene oxide)-b-poly(ethylene oxide) Copolymers of Different Composition
 1996 Phase Behavior of Catanionic Surfactant Mixtures: Sodium Bis(2-ethylhexyl)sulfosuccinate-Didodecyldimethylammonium bromide-Water System
 1996 Phase science of surfactants
 1996 Self-assembly in a mixture of two poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(propylene oxide)-b-poly(ethylene oxide) copolymers in water
 1997 NMR of liquid crystals and micellar solutions
Khan, Ali (cont...)1997 Phase Behavior and Phase Structure for Catanionic Surfactant Mixtures: Dodecyltrimethylammonium Chloride-Sodium Nonanoate-Water System
 1997 Ternary phase equilibria of the 1-dodecylpyridinium bromide-dodecanol-water system
 1998 Formation of a Liquid Crystalline Phase in the Water-Sodium Taurodeoxycholate System
 1998 Phase equilibria and structure of the 1-dodecylpyridinium bromide-dodecane-water system
 1999 NMR of liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 2000 Liquid Crystals and Phase Equilibria Binary Bile Salt-Water Systems
 2000 Micelles, Dispersions, and Liquid Crystals in the Catanionic Mixture Bile Salt-Double-Chained Surfactant. The Bile Salt-Rich Area
 2000 Ternary Phase Diagram of the Triton X-100/Poly(acrylic acid)/Water System
 2001 Phase Behavior and Aggregate Formation for the Aqueous Monoolein System Mixed with Sodium Oleate and Oleic Acid
 2002 A calorimetric study of the gel-to-liquid crystal transition in catanionic surfactant vesicles
 2002 Effect of Lipase on Different Lipid Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed by Oleic Acid Based Acylglycerols in Aqueous Systems
 2002 Self-Assembly of Mixed Ionic and Zwitterionic Amphiphiles: Associative and Dissociative Interactions between Lamellar Phases
 2003 Phase behavior and structure of amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide) triblock copolymers ((EO)4(PO)59(EO)4 and (EO)17(PO)59(EO)17) in ternary mixtures with water and xylene
Khan, Altaf H.1987 Optical logic gates employing liquid crystal optical switches
Khan, Asad2002 A New High Twisting Power Material For Use as a Single Asymmetric Dopant in Cholesteric Displays With a Temperature Independence of the Helical Twisting Power
 2005 Recent advances and product enhancements in reflective cholesteric displays
 2005 Recent advances in low power and flexible cholesteric LCDs (Invited Paper)
 2005 Rugged and drapable cholesteric liquid crystal displays
 2006 Recent advances in flexible low power cholesteric LCDs
 2007 New developments in flexible cholesteric liquid crystal displays
 2009 Novel flexible Reflex displays
Khan, Asad A.1993 Bend and splay elastic constants of diheptylazoxybenzene
 1998 Liquid - crystal display device reflecting visible and infrared radiations
 1998 Novel bistable reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display device for use with night vision goggles
 1999 Full-color reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display
 2002 Reflective cholesteric displays: development and applications
 2004 Low-power cholesteric LCDs and electronic books
Khan, Asad Aziz1998 Low-viscosity liquid crystal material
 2002 Cholesteric Liquid crystal display that prevents image-sticking
Khan, Babar Ali1996 Anodically bonded plasma-addressed liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Plasma-addressed liquid crystal display with reduced column voltages
 1996 Plasma-addressed liquid-crystal display device with etched electrodes
 1997 Plasma-addressed liquid crystal display assembled from bonded elements
 1997 Plasma-addressed liquid crystal display with organic-walled plasma channels
Khan, Ghulam Rabbani1992 Phase characterization studies in liquid crystals
Khan, I.1984 Light scattering study of twist elasticity above the nematic-smectic A transition of a very wide nematic range material
 1985 Light-scattering study of director dynamics above the nematic-smectic-A phase transition
 1985 Light-scattering study of the nematic twist constant near the smectic-A transition
 1988 Light scattering near the nematic-smectic-A liquid-crystal phase transition
Khan, Iqbal A.1992 Tilt Angle Measurements on Liquid Crystals
 1999 Tilt angle measurement on a homogeneously aligned liquid crystal
Khan, Ir Gvon1997 Liquid crystal display and method
Khan, Ishaat M.2009 Spectrophotometric and Thermodynamic Studies of Charge Transfer Complexes of 8-Hydroxyquinoline with p Acceptor p-Nitrophenol in Different Solvents
Khan, Khurram A.1997 Studies on a terephthalic acid and dihydroxydiphenyl sulfone liquid crystalline copolymer and its composites with different thermoplastics
Khan, M. Zahiru I.1992 A study of the phase transition behaviors of cholesterol and saturated egg lecithin, and their interaction by differential scanning calorimetry.
Khan, M.A.1993 Separation of chiral phases in monolayer crystals of racemic amphiphiles
 2003 Kinematic simulation of turbulent dispersion of triangles
Khan, Maasod A.1999 Nematic ordering and crystal structure of liquid crystals containing a 4-chlorophenyldifluoroethylene unit
Khan, Majibur Rahman2006 Influence of an iodine treatment on the structure and physical properties of Bombyx mori silk fibroin fiber
Khan, Masood A.1989 X-ray diffraction studies of mesomorphic ferrocene diesters
 1997 Orientational ordering of some biforked nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Formation of binary liquid crystal mixtures from a thermal cyclization process
 2005 Glyme-Lithium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide and Glyme-Lithium Bis(perfluoroethanesulfonyl)imide Phase Behavior and Solvate Structures
Khan, N.1993 Infrared dichroism of liquid - crystalline terephthalate and biphenyldicarboxylate polyesters
 1994 Synthesis and mesophase characterization of liquid crystalline polyesters with bulky, rigid, lateral substituents
 1996 Correlation of observations made by DSC and hot-stage optical microscopy of the thermal properties of a monotropic liquid-crystal polyester
Khan, N.R.1966 Stereoselective thermal isomerization of steroidal isocyanides to cyanides
Khan, Naeema2005 Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation of Side Chain Length and/or Substituents Effect on the Liquid Crystal Properties of New Mesogens
Khan, Nazir1995 Liquid crystalline aromatic polyesters formed with terephthalic acid, phenyl hydroquinone, and naphthalene or anthracene diols
 1995 Phase transitions in two polyesters containing a smectic diol
 1996 A monotropic liquid crystal polyester with a biphasic nematic-smectic phase
 1996 Unusual perpendicular chain orientation in a smectic liquid crystal polyester subjected to shear or elongational flow
 1998 Transition-temperature differences on cooling for a monotropic liquid-crystal polyester observed in DSCs of different design
Khan, Raquib U.1997 Miniature disk drive spindle motor having hydro bearing with high shear-strength viscosity index improved lubricant
Khan, S.A.1997 Salting-in behavior of isotropic and anisotropic aqueous hydroxypropyl cellulose solutions
Khan, S.M.2000 Polarized Electroluminescence from an Anisotropic Nematic Network on a Non-contact Photoalignment Layer
 2001 Synthesis and luminous properties of electroluminescent liquid crystals
 2003 Photoluminescence study of crosslinked reactive mesogens for organic light emitting devices
Khan, Saad A.1994 Rheological study of polycrystalline lyotropic mesophases in the cesium n-tetradecanoate-water system
 1996 Rheology and gelation of cellulose/ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solutions
 1996 Salting-in of the aqueous hydroxypropyl cellulose mesophase through the addition of guanidine thiocyanate
 1997 Morphological and rheological analyses of the gel phase in the cellulose/NH3/NH4SCN system
Khan, Saeed I.2006 Crystalline Molecular Gyroscopes: The Effects of Subtle Molecular Differences on the Crystal Packing of Triphenylmethyl and Triphenylsilyl Stators
Khan, Saif A.2009 Exploring Optical Properties of Liquid Crystals for Developing Label-Free and High-Throughput Microfluidic Immunoassays
Khan, Sajjad A.2004 Demonstration of 3-dimensional wide-angle no-moving-parts laser beam steering
 2004 High-speed polarization multiplexed optical scanner for three-dimensional scanning applications
 2005 Wavelength tunable and broadband variable fiber-optic attenuators using liquid crystals
 2007 Noncontact no-moving parts surface height measurement sensor using liquid crystal-based axial scanning confocal optical microscopy
Khan, Sultan2001 Electroluminescent nematic polymer networks with polarized emission
Khan, Waliullah2009 Self-Assembly of Coil/Liquid-Crystalline Diblock Copolymers in a Liquid Crystal Solvent
 2010 pH-responsive aqueous/LC interfaces using SGLCP-b-polyacrylic acid block copolymers
Khanagov, A.A.1977 X-ray diffraction study of muscles and liquid crystals of contractile proteins
Khaname, G. Nasir2008 Dynamics of Semiflexible Polymer Solutions in the Highly Entangled Regime
Khanamiryan, L.A.1979 X-ray diffraction study of the effect of sodium chloride concentration on the structure of a mixed lyotropic liquid crystal consisting of molecules of amphiphile and water-soluble polymer
Khanarian, G.1989 Effect of mixing on second harmonic generation and chromophore orientation in Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1989 Nonlinear optical polymers for active optical devices
 1989 Organic and polymeric materials for nonlinear devices
 1990 Electrooptic and nonlinear optical polymers and devices
Khanarian, Garo1987 Development of polymeric nonlinear optical materials
 1988 Microdisperse polymer/liquid crystal composites which can act as Kerr materials
 1990 Large Kerr effects in transparent encapsulated liquid crystals
 1994 Large Kerr effects in transparent encapsulated liquid crystals. II. Frequency response
 1999 Backlighting lightpipes for display applications
Khanchech, O.A.1993 Manufacture of films displaying liquid-crystalline structure
 1993 Manufacture of films displaying liquid-crystalline structure
Khanchich, O.A.1975 Formation of domains in anisotropic solutions of poly-p-benzamide induced by a mechanical field
 1975 Small-angle scattering of polarized light by poly-p-benzamide liquid crystals
 1975 Structure formation in the precipitation of poly-p-benzamide from isotropic and anisotropic solutions
 1977 Formation of oriented structures during precipitation of polymers from concentrated solutions
 1978 Optical effects during flow of a poly(p-benzamide) anisotropic solution
 1979 Viscosity anisotropy and orientation in liquid crystals of poly(p-benzamide) under shear strain
 1980 Study of optical properties of sulfuric acid solutions of poly-p-benzamide
 1982 Phase transition during heating of liquid crystal solutions of cellulose acetates in trifluoroacetic acid
 1983 Liquid crystal phase formation during the transition of isotropic solutions of cellulose acetates into a solid state
 1983 Structural transformations during transition to the solid state of anisotropic solutions of cellulose acetates in trifluoroacetic acid
 1985 Concentration and temperature dependences of the viscosity of liquid-crystalline solutions of cellulose ethers
 1985 Structure and mechanical characteristics of mesomorphic acetate films
 1992 Technological basis for the production of film materials with liquid-crystalline structure
 1994 Formation of liquid-crystalline structure in the process of film extrusion from cellulose diacetate
 1995 Anisotropy and supermolecular structure of plasticized cellulose diacetate films
 1998 Structural transitions in liquid crystalline solutions of some cellulose derivatives
 1999 Determination of fractal dimensionality in viscose precipitation
 2001 Control of the anisotropic structure of cellulose hydrate films by variations of coagulation variables
 2002 Analysis Structural Anisotropy Concentrated Cellulose Systems by Fractal Formalism
 2002 Lyotropic and Thermotropic Transiting in Polymeric Liquid Crystalline Systems
Khanchich, Oleg Alekseyevich2001 Liquid crystal systems of cellulose and its derivatives
 2001 Study of Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals Systems of Polysaccharides and their Derivatives
Khanchin, O.A.1996 Liquid -crystalline state of cellulose derivatives
Khandaker, Murshed2008 A full-color SXGA TN AMLCD for military head-mounted displays and viewer applications
 2009 Manufacturable full-color AMLCDs for military head-mounted displays and viewer applications
Khandar-Shahabad, A.1986 Dynamics of the director of a nematic liquid crystal during rotation in a magnetic field. Orientational behavior near the magic angle
 1986 NMR study of inertial effects in mixtures of nematic liquid crystals of opposite diamagnetic anisotropies
 1986 Orientational behavior of the nematic director upon macroscopic rotation at the magic angle
Khandar, A.A.1998 Preparation and thermal properties of the bis[5-((4-heptyloxyphenyl)azo)-N-(4-alkoxyphenyl)-salicylaldiminato]copper(II) complex homologues
Khandare, P.M.1996 The measurement of the glass transition temperature of mesophase pitches using a thermomechanical device
Khandare, Pravin M.2000 Rheological investigations of pitch material. Part II: viscosity measurement of A240 and ARA-24 pitches using a high-temperature high-pressure rheometer
Khandekar, Rahul M.2006 Mitigation of dynamic wavefront distortions using a modified simplex optimization approach
 2006 Mitigation of dynamic wavefront distortions using a nematic liquid crystal spatial light modulator and simplex optimization
 2007 Mitigation of optical turbulence effects using a modified simplex optimization approach: experimental study
 2008 Estimation-based mitigation of dynamic optical turbulence: an experimental study
Khandelwal, A.1992 Birefringence in blue phase of mixture of liquid crystals
 2000 Defect Transformation in Nematic Liquid Crystal Research Note
 2001 Dynamics of the two-dimensional melting transition of a liquid crystal confined in Anopore membranes
Khandelwal, Anjuli2008 Twist Grain Boundary Phases Giving Developable Domain Textures as Those Exhibited by Columnar Phases
 2009 Optical Investigations of Twist Grain Boundary Phases Exhibiting Cylindrical and Cone-Like Domain Textures
Khandpur, Ashish K.1994 Complex layered phases in asymmetric diblock copolymers
Khandrimaihova, T.V.1992 Observation of helicoidal smectic A (SmA) in polymorphic liquid -crystal systems with increased spiral structures
Khandrimailova, T.V.1985 Zhidk. Kristally (Ivanovo)
 1986 Conformation of ortho-substituted cholesteryl benzoates
 1990 Induced cholesteric mesophases containing chiral α,β-nonsaturated ketones as dopants. I. Structure of the chiral dopants and their efficiency for inducing spiral ordering in the mesophase
 1990 On the possibility of application of dissymmetry functions for the quantitative characterization of the twisting capacity of chiral compounds in a nematic mesophase
 1991 Chiral bicyclic enamino ketones in induced cholesteric systems
 2001 New chiral imines based on S-α-Phenylethylamine and S-α-Benzylethylamine in induced cholesteric and smectic mesophases. II. Behavior of chiral dopants in ester liquid-crystal systems
Khandrimalova, T.V.1992 Quantitative aspects of chirality. III. Description of the influence of the structure of chiral compounds on their twisting power in the nematic mesophase by means of the dissymmetry function
Khanin, Z.A.1988 Nonlinear viscoelasticity of liquid-crystalline solutions and pastes of aromatic polyamides of para-structure
Khanin, Z.S.1981 Study of crystal solvates of poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide)
Khanina, L.A.1986 Optical properties of liquid-crystal microphase of DNA in water-organic solutions
Khankari, Rajendra K.2000 Microemulsions as solid dosage forms for oral administration
Khanmamedov, S.A.1996 Effect of anisotropic liquids on the operation of friction points
Khanna, R.K.1994 Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
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 1995 Synthesis and characterization of LC polymers with mesogenic terphenyl side-chains
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Khanna, Vikram2005 Polysaccharide-Induced Order-to-Order Transitions in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
Khanna, Y.P.1984 High-temperature aging of Halar film. II. Analysis of melting behavior
Khanukaev, B.B.1977 Calorimetry of several cholesteric liquid crystals
 1978 Differential thermal analysis of some cholesteric liquid crystals
 1980 Radical formation rate in the autoxidation of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1983 Change in the transmission of nematic liquid crystals by the orienting action of an electric field
 1983 IR-absorption spectra of some nematic liquid crystals in a dynamic light scattering regime
 1985 Electric-field effect on electronic absorption spectra of two-frequency nematic liquid crystals
Khanukaev, N.S.1985 Electric-field effect on electronic absorption spectra of two-frequency nematic liquid crystals
Khanukaeva, N.S.1977 Calorimetry of several cholesteric liquid crystals
 1978 Determination of inhibitor activation in oxidizable cholesterol liquid crystals by the chemiluminescence method. I. Cholesteryl pelargonate
 1978 Differential thermal analysis of some cholesteric liquid crystals
 1980 Radical formation rate in the autoxidation of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1983 Change in the transmission of nematic liquid crystals by the orienting action of an electric field
 1986 Electrooptical properties of nematic-cholesteric mixtures with double-frequency control
Khapli, Sachin2009 Frozen Cyclohexane-in-Water Emulsion as a Sacrificial Template for the Synthesis of Multilayered Polyelectrolyte Microcapsules
Kharakoz, D.P.1993 Ultrasonic study of phospholipid multibilayer systems. Thermotropic transitions and melittin-induced transitions
 2004 Structure and fluctuations of phosphatidylcholines in the vicinity of the main phase transition
Kharakoz, Dmitri P.2000 Thermodynamics and Kinetics of the Early Steps of Solid-State Nucleation in the Fluid Lipid Bilayer
Kharakoz, Dmitry P.2007 Critical temperatures and a critical chain length in saturated diacylphosphatidylcholines: calorimetric, ultrasonic and Monte Carlo simulation study of chain-melting/ordering in aqueous lipid dispersions
Kharas, G.1984 Electro-hydrodynamic instabilities in main chain thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters
Kharas, G.B.1984 Electric field effects and miscibility in cybotactic micellar nematic and ordinary nematic polyesters
Kharas, Gregory B.2000 Mesomorphic complexes of branched poly(ethyleneimine) and sodium lauryl sulfate
 2006 Solid-state Polyelectrolyte Complexes of Branched Poly(ethylenimine) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Kharchenko, N.P.1979 Effect of a liquid-crystal phase transition on the infrared absorption spectrum of methylene iodide
 1996 Vibration spectra of liquid crystal-aerosil system
Kharchenko, S.A.2002 Reorientation of director of nematic liquid crystals, doped with azo dyes, under light and low-frequency fields
Kharchenko, Semen B.2004 Flow-induced properties of nanotube-filled polymer materials
Kharchenko, V.G.1982 Gas-chromatographic analysis of mixtures of liquid-crystal cyanobiphenyls
Khare, Anjali A.1996 The isotropic-nematic phase transition in uniaxial hard ellipsoid fluids: coexistence data and the approach to the Onsager limit
 1997 Tracer diffusion in perfectly aligned liquid crystalline phases. Kinetic theory and molecular dynamics simulations
Khare, Avinash2002 Quantum modes on chaotic motion: Analytically exact results
 2003 Breather lattice and its stabilization for the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation
 2004 Solitary wave interactions in dispersive equations using Manton's approach
Khare, N.1984 Liquid crystal assisted photoelectrochemical solar cell with chlorophyll photoelectrode
Khare, Neeraj1986 Liquid crystal assisted photoelectrochemical solar cell with chlorophyll photoelectrode
Khare, R.P.1983 Ultrasonic behavior of cholesteric liquid crystals
 2003 Low frequency dielectric spectroscopy of two room temperature chiral liquid crystal mixtures
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Khare, S.V.2003 Breaking of general rotational symmetries by multidimensional classical ratchets
Kharitonov, A.V.1975 Liquid-crystal state in monomer and polymer Nα-acyl derivatives of Nε-methacryloyl-L-lysine
 1979 Synthesis and study of the structure of polymers and copolymers of cholesteryl methacryloyl-ω-oxypentadecanoate
 1981 Conditions of formation of liquid-crystalline state in cholesterol-containing polymers
 1981 Liquid-crystalline copolymers of cholesterol type
 1982 Intramolecular mobility of polymers with mesogenic groups in side chains
 1982 Liquid crystalline state of cholesterol-containing monomers
 1985 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers - 19. Peculiarities of the liquid crystalline structure of cholesterol-containing polymers
Kharitonova, O.1996 Synthesis and Magnetic Investigations on Rare-Earth-Containing Liquid Crystals with Large Magnetic Anisotropy
Kharitonova, O.A.1994 Liquid-crystalline complexes of some lanthanides with nonmesogenic á-aminovinyl ketone
 1996 Synthesis and magnetooptical properties of liquid crystal lanthanide complexes with β-aminovinylketones
Kharitonova, Olga1996 Magnetic properties of rare-earth β-enaminoketone metallomesogens
Khasanov, B.1992 Static and Dynamic Critical Properties of the Isotropic-Nematic Phase Transition
Khasanov, B.M.1984 Feasibility of the observation of acoustic paramagnetic resonance in liquid crystals
 1985 Acoustic resonance in paramagnetic liquid crystals
 1995 Critical properties in the phase transition of an isotropic liquid-nematic with dislocations and point defects
 2005 Isotropic Phase of Nematics in Porous Media
Khasanov, O.K.2006 Photorefractivity of cadmium telluride crystals
Khasanov, R.2008 Commensurate Spin Density Wave in LaFeAsO: A Local Probe Study
Khasanov, Salavat S.2007 Formation and Properties of (C60-)2 Dimers of Fullerenes Bonded by One and Two σ-Bonds in Ionic Complexes
Khasanov, V.M.1994 Effect of impurities on nematic liquid crystal-liquid phase transition
Khasanova, T.V.1995 Infrared spectroscopic study of nematic 4-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl films condensed from gas phase at low temperatures
 1995 Study of kinetics of 4,4'-pentylcyanobiphenyl dimerization by low-temperature calorimetry
 1996 Dimerization of some liquid crystalline 4'4'-alkyl-cyanophenyl derivatives in solid phase and inert matrixes
 1996 IR-spectra of mesogenic 4,4'-alkylcyanobiphenyls in films and in inert matrixes at low temperatures
 1996 Low temperature reactions in mesogenic alkylcyanobiphenyls and their derivatives
 1996 Spectroscopic investigation of molecular association in thin films of mesogenic cyanophenyl derivatives
 1997 IR spectroscopic study of molecular aggregation in condensate films of polar liquid crystals
Khasanova, Tatyana V.1999 Spectroscopic study of some mesogenic cyanophenyls in condensate films and inert matrices
Khasimullin, M.V.1995 Orientational transitions in nematic liquid crystals on substrates with microrelief
Khasin, M.2003 Multiphase control of a nonlinear lattice
Khastgir, D.1991 DSC study of EVA-PE blend system
Khataevich, V.I.1977 Secondary light scattering in nematic liquid crystals
 1978 Dissipative structures in the turbulent motion of liquid crystals
 1978 Nonlinear effects in nematics above the threshold of electrohydrodynamic instability
 1979 Thermoelectrooptical effect in a smectic A-phase of liquid crystals
 1980 Instability of nematic liquid crystals in an electrical field at lowered temperatures
 1987 Stochastic autowave processes in nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Thermoelectrooptic memory effects in smectic A phase of liquid crystals
 1988 Electrooptical properties of nematic liquid crystals in the dielectric mode of the electrodynamic instability
 1989 Above-threshold behavior of nematic liquid crystals with low conductivity in d.c. electric field
 1989 Characteristics of a fast optical modulator based on orientational oscillations in nematic crystals
 1989 Electrothermooptical effects in liquid crystals
 1989 Some characteristics of light scattering effects in nematic liquid crystals in the IR region
Khatiashvili, A.2001 Electro-optical effects in blue phases of cholesteric liquid crystals
Khatiashvili, A.A.1997 Induced chiral smectic C liquid crystal with the short helical pitch
Khating, D.T.1999 The effects of swift heavy ion irradiation on the radiochemistry and melting characteristics of PET
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Khatsernova, B.Ya.1991 The nucleic acid synthesis and spatial organization of DNA molecules in the presence of heparin and the quaternary ammonium salt of conidin oligomer-25
Khattak, N.A.2003 Longitudinal oscillations and linear Landau damping in quark-gluon plasma
Khatua, B.B.2004 Effect of Organoclay Platelets on Morphology of Nylon-6 and Poly(ethylene-ran-propylene) Rubber Blends
Khatua, Dibyendu2005 Spontaneous Formation of Gel Emulsions in Organic Solvents and Commercial Fuels Induced by a Novel Class of Amino Acid Derivatized Surfactants
 2007 Fluorescence, Circular Dichroism, Light Scattering, and Microscopic Characterization of Vesicles of Sodium Salts of Three N-Acyl Peptides
 2008 Physicochemical Properties and Microstructure Formation of the Surfactant Mixtures of Sodium N-(2-(n-Dodecylamino)ethanoyl)-l-alaninate and SDS in Aqueous Solutions
Khatua, Saumyakanti2008 Chain-Length Dependent Nematic Ordering of Conjugated Polymers in a Liquid Crystal Solvent
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Khavrounyak, Igor V.2006 Method of manufacturing thin crystal films
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 2008 4-(4-Propoxybenzoyloxy)benzoic acid
 2009 4-(4-Octyloxybenzoyloxy)benzoic acid
Khayat, Roger E.2004 Pattern formation in weakly forced Taylor-Couette flow
 2004 Spatially modulated thermal convection of viscoelastic fluids
Khazimullin, M.2002 Accurate Determination of Photo-Induced Nematic LC Pretilt Angle by Improved Crystal Rotation Method
 2002 Birefringence Measurements of Photo-Aligning AZO-Dye Film
 2002 Mechanism of LCD photoalignment
Khazimullin, M.V.1997 Flexoelectric response of a layer of liquid crystal with a temperature-induced orientational transition
 1997 Temperature Dependence of Anchoring Energy in Nematic Cell with Orientational Transition
 1999 Optical response of hybrid nematic liquid-crystal layer under oscillatory shift
 1999 Orientational transition in nematic liquid crystal with hybrid alignment under oscillatory shear
 2000 Dynamics of nematic liquid crystal under oscillatory flow: influence of surface viscosity
 2000 Temperature dependence of anchoring energy of MBBA on SiO-evaporated substrate
 2001 Flexoelectric Instability in Nematic Liquid Crystal between Coaxial Cylinders
 2002 Dynamics of Fluctuations in Confinded Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2007 Orientational behavior of nematic liquid crystals with zenithal bistable anchoring
Khazimullin, Maxim2004 Diffusion model of photoaligning in azo-dye layers
Khazova, Marina2003 Method of making a passive patterned retarder
 2005 Lcd device having at least one viewing window
 2005 Transflective display
Khazova, Marina Vladimirovna2001 Optical device and projection display
Kheawpum, Orithai2004 Multipole compensation of long-range beam-beam interactions with minimization of nonlinearities in Poincaré maps of a storage-ring collider
Khechinashvili, David2003 Quasilinear theory of Cherenkov-drift instability
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Kheddache, Susanne2002 Evaluation of displays for medical x-ray applications using observer performance
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 1994 Using a two-dimensional detector for x-ray powder diffractometry
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Khelif, A.2003 Out-of-plane propagation of elastic waves in two-dimensional phononic band-gap materials
 2004 Guided elastic waves along a rod defect of a two-dimensional phononic crystal
 2004 Tunable filtering and demultiplexing in phononic crystals with hollow cylinders
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 1999 Conformational influence on the C:O stretching mode in cholesteryl alkanoates studied by Raman spectroscopy
 1999 Photoalignment of pentyl-cyanobiphenyl on the fluorinated polyvinyl-cinnamates induced by UV and visible light
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 2005 Raman spectroscopy investigation of various saturated monoacid triglycerides
Khened, S.M.1990 Spontaneous polarization and rotational viscosity measurements on ferroelectric liquid crystals derived from trans-p-n-alkoxycinnamic acids
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 1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystals derived from trans-p-n-alkoxycinnamic acids
 1991 High pressure studies on ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Measurement of rotational viscosity in the smectic C* phase
 1992 Comparative Study of a Ferroelectric Monomer and its Copolymer
 1992 Dielectric Study of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal at High Pressure
 1993 Dielectric studies in the vicinity of the A-C transition
 1993 High-pressure studies on ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 Comparative study of the collective mode dynamics in ferroelectric liquid crystalline monomers and their corresponding copolymers
Khennache, O.1989 Characterization of thermal behavior and kinetics of crystallization of a thermotropic rigid-chain copolymer
 1991 Experimental study of the injection molding behavior of a liquid -crystalline copolymer
Kheowan, On-Uma2004 Spiral wave dynamics under feedback control derived from a variety of sensory domains
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