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 1997 Guest-host liquid crystal composition containing nonazo dichroic dyes and liquid crystal display element for active matrix display
 1997 Liquid crystal composition and STN liquid crystal display
 1997 Nematic liquid crystal composition containing 3,4,5-trifluorophenylcyclohexane or 3,4,5-trifluorobiphenyl derivatives and active-matrix liquid crystal display device
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Kayanuma, Yasuaki2006 Zoom lens with liquid crystal or liquid lens and actuator
Kayashima, Hiroe1997 Naphthalene compound, liquid - crystal composition containing it, and liquid - crystal display device
 1997 Naphthalene compound, liquid - crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display
 1997 Naphthalene compound, liquid crystal composition containing it, and display using it
 1997 Preparation of 6-aroyloxynaphthalene-2-carboxylates as liquid crystal components
 1997 Pyrimidine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions
 1998 2,6-Naphthylene ester as liquid crystal , liquid crystal composition, and diplay device using the composition
 1998 Acetylenic compound, liquid crystal composition containing the compound, and liquid crystal display device
 1998 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal device
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 1998 Naphthalene compound and liquid - crystal composition and liquid - crystal display device using it
 1998 Naphthalene compound for liquid crystal composition of display element
 1998 Naphthalene compound, liquid - crystal composition, and liquid - crystal display device
 1998 Naphthalene compound, liquid-crystal composition, and liquid-crystal device
 1998 Naphthalene compounds, liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal element
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 1999 Naphthalene compound, ferroelectric liquid crystal composition containing it, and liquid crystal device using the composition
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 1999 Optically active esters, liquid crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal elements
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 2006 Multi-color cholesteric liquid crystal display suitable as electronic paper
 2006 Multicolor electronic paper
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 1989 Continuous preparation of mesophase pitch
 1989 Continuous preparation of mesophase pitch
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 1992 Manufacture of mesophase pitch carbon and graphite fibers with high tensile strength
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Kean, Diana2005 Multiple view display
Kean, Diana Ulrich2005 Display
 2005 Multiple view display
 2006 A display
 2006 A display switchable between public and private modes
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Kearns, Kristen1998 Carbon nanofibers from polyacrylonitrile and mesophase pitch
 1999 Carbon nanofibers from polyacrylonitrile and mesophase pitch
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 1999 Manufacture of pitch foams having microcellular structure and uniform pore size
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Keast, S. Sabol1992 High-precision heat-capacity study of phase transitions in a lyotropic liquid crystal
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 1997 Synthesis and Properties of Some new Structural Modifications of Asymmetrically Disubstituted Diphenyldiacetylenes
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 1999 Complex formation in mixtures of 4,4'-disubstituted diphenyldiacetylenes with cyanobiphenyls
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 2000 Electric field-induced acoustic-optic mode coupling in an anticlinic liquid crystal
 2000 Fréedericksz Transition in an Anticlinic Liquid Crystal
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 1994 Large scale textures in nematic polyethers: 2. New aspects of orientational order and structure hierarchy
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 1998 Producing pigment particles of defined shape and size
 1999 Multilayer cholesteric pigments
 1999 Multilayered cholesteric pigments
 1999 Pigments for coatings with a cholesteric effect
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 1976 Critical Angular Fluctuations of Molecules Above a Second-Order Smectic-A to Smectic-C Transition.
 1976 Shear flow induced polarization in ferroelectric smectics C
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 1988 Liquid crystal polymers: studies of labeled parts by neutron scattering
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 1992 Relationship between Optical Properties of LLC Side-Chain Polymers Oriented by an Electric Field and the Conformational Change of the Backbone
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 1998 Rheology of a Comblike Liquid Crystalline Polymer as a Function of Its Molecular Weight
 2000 Influence of the nematic order on the rheology and conformation of stretched comb-like liquid crystalline polymers
 2000 Vogel-Fulcher dependence of relaxation rates in a nematic monomer and elastomer
 2002 Synthesis and Pyroelectric Properties of Novel Ferroelectric Organosiloxane Liquid Crystalline Materials
 2003 Light-Driven Side-On Nematic Elastomer Actuators
 2003 Nonideal Elasticity in Liquid Crystal Elastomers
 2004 An Artificial Muscle with Lamellar Structure Based on a Nematic Triblock Copolymer
 2004 Colloidal Structures from Bulk Demixing in Liquid Crystals
 2008 Optically reconfigurable patterning for control of the propagation characteristics of a planar waveguide
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