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Kardas, Dorota1999 New series of 4-(4'-octyloxybiphenyl-4-yloxymethyl)benzoic acid derivatives with mesogenic properties
 2001 Synthesis and properties of a new series of mesogenic compounds with pyridine, oxidopyridinium, thienyl and furyl moieties
 2002 Modulated Lamellar Phases Induced by Hydrogen Bonding
 2002 New mesogenic compounds having fork-like or cyclic amide terminal groups
 2003 Modulated and intercalated smectic phases formed by dimeric molecules
 2005 End functionalized liquid crystalline bent-core molecules and first DAB derived dendrimers with banana shaped mesogenic units
Kardassi, D.1997 Thermotropic liquid crystals from alkali metal dihexadecylphosphates
 1998 Cubic and columnar thermotropic mesophases of potassium dialkylphosphate salts
Kardassi, Dimitra1999 Dilatometric studies of liquid crystalline sodium and rubidium dihexadecylphosphate
 2000 Thermotropic liquid crystal behaviour of alkaline-earth-metal dihexadecyl phosphate salts
Kardokus, J.2001 Low temperature polysilicon chemical vapor deposition system for thin film transistor liquid crystal diode
Kareev, V.Yu.1985 5-aya Vses. Konf. po Zhidk. Kristallam i ikh Prakt. Primeneniyu
 1985 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of N-(p-alkoxybenzylidene)-p'-aminobenzaldoximes
 1986 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 4-alkoxy-4'-formylazobenzenes
 1986 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 4-formyloximes of 4'-alkoxyazobenzenes
 1987 Synthesis and properties of mesogenic aldoximes
 1988 Mesogenic N-[4-[(4-alkoxyphenyl)azo]benzylidene]-4-cyanoanilines
 1990 Mesogenic 4-formyloximes of N-[4-(4-alkoxyphenylazo)benzylidene]anilines
 1990 Polymorphism and structural selectivity of reentrant N-[4-(4-octyloxyphenylazo)benzylidene]-4-cyanoaniline
Karelson, M.1997 Prediction of Melting Points for the Substituted Benzenes: A QSPR Approach
 2002 Correlation of the Melting Points of Potential Ionic Liquids (Imidazolium Bromides and Benzimidazolium Bromides) Using the CODESSA Program
 2002 QSPR Correlation of the Melting Point for Pyridinium Bromides, Potential Ionic Liquids
Karenik, T.N.1995 Use of negative photoresist of aqueous casein-potassium hydroxide-ammonium bichromate in manufacture of multicolored optical filter for liquid-crystal device
Karetm'kov, A.A.1993 Liquid-crystal focusing viewfinder screen of a mirror camera
Karetnikov, A.A.1985 Indicatrixes of electrically controlled light scattering in smectic A liquid crystals
 1989 Polarization prism based on an oriented layer of a nematic liquid crystal
 1989 Using the interface between glass and a nematic liquid crystal for optical-radiation polarization over a wide spectral range
 1991 Effect of optical and dielectric properties of nematic liquid crystals on the efficiency of dynamic light scattering
 1992 Optical materials for linear liquid-crystal polarizers with increased transmittance in blue and UV regions
 1992 Optical materials for liquid - crystal linear polarizers with increased transmission in the visible and UV regions
 1992 The effect of nematic liquid crystal optical and dielectric properties on the efficiency of dynamic light scattering
 1995 High-speed prism modulator based on Lagerwall-Clark effect
 1995 Linear prism liquid-crystal polarizer
 1997 Angular dependences of prism liquid crystal polarizer
 2004 Extraordinary Ray Refraction in a Large Pitch Helical Medium
Karetta, Frank2003 Process for manufacturing glass products by low-pressure refining without addition of arsenic oxide (As2O3) or antimony oxide (Sb2O3)
Karev, N.P.1977 Experimental unit for studying the effect of pressure on magnetoacoustic properties of nematic liquid crystals
 1977 Experimental unit to study the effect of pressure on the magnetoacoustic properties of nematic liquid crystals
Karfen, Alfred1979 Ab initio studies on polymers: all-trans polymethineimine
Karg, K.1934 Ph. D. Thesis Halle
Karger-Kocsis, J.1995 Deformation and Thermoelastic Behavior of Poly(aryl ether ketones)
Karger-Kocsis, Jozsef1997 Frictional surface temperature determination of high-temperature-resistant semicrystalline polymers by using their double melting features
Kärger, J.2004 Molecular traffic control in single-file networks with fast catalysts
Kärger, Jörg2000 Anisotropic Diffusion in a Nematic Liquid Crystal - An Electric Field PFG NMR Approach
 2001 Self-Diffusion in a Lamellar and Gyroid (Ordered) Diblock Copolymer Investigated Using Pulsed Field Gradient NMR
 2002 Different time regimes of tracer exchange in single-file systems
 2003 Lateral diffusion of a transmembrane peptide in lipid bilayers studied by pulsed field gradient NMR in combination with magic angle sample spinning
Kargin, Yu.F.1986 Parameters of MOS-liquid crystal structures based on bismuth silicate in the dynamic regime
Kargin, Yu.M.1987 Phase heterogeneity of acetone solutions of cellulose nitrate
Kargol, M.2005 Copper- and Silver-Containing Monolithic Silica-Supported Preparations for Selective Propene-Propane Adsorption from the Gas Phase
Kargov, S.1997 Nucleic acid organizations visualized by scanning force microscopy
Kargov, Sergei Igoryevich1990 Liquid crystalline high molecular weight DNA
Karhinen, H.1991 Modified Liquid Crystalline Polyesters
 1993 Liquid crystalline aromatic esters containing a 1,3,5-triazine moiety
Karhinen, Heli1998 LC-polyimides XXXIV. Noncrystalline thermotropic copoly(ester-imide)s based on PET
 1998 Substituted liquid crystalline polymers and their use as compatibilizers in blends of LCP's and isotropic polymers and formed articles therefrom
Karia, Denish2007 Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a novel substituted 1,4-dihydropyridine
Kariel, N.1986 Gel to liquid-crystalline transitions of aqueous dispersions of positional isomers of a heteroacid unsaturated phosphatidylcholine mixed with epicholesterol and cholesterol
 1987 Differential scanning calorimetric studies of aqueous dispersions of phosphatidylcholines containing two polyenoic chains
 1991 Cholesterol does not remove the gel-liquid crystalline phase transition of phosphatidylcholines containing two polyenoic acyl chains
Karigaya, Koichi1998 Liquid crystalline polymer-reinforced thermoplastic foams with improved rigidity and heat distortion resistance, and their manufacture
 1999 Production method of liquid crystal polymer blend hollow extrudate
 1999 Thermoplastic resin foams having good dimensional stability and mechanical strength
 1999 Thermoplastic resin-based foams with good dimensional stability and mechanical strength and their manufacture
Kariis, Hans2006 Countering laser pointer threats to road safety
Karikaya, Koichi1997 Manufacture of grotesque long thermoplastic molding products
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal polymer blended moldings with good strength, stiffness and heat elasticity
 1997 Manufacture of tubulous products with good circular direction strength
 1997 Method for production of fiber-reinforced plastic pipes and tubes with good strengths in the peripheral direction
 1998 Extrusion molding of fiber-reinforced plastic pipes and its apparatus
 1998 Production method of foamed sheet and press-formed product
 1998 Resin sheets including liquid - crystalline polymer fibrils, their manufacture, and molding process using the same
 1998 Vacuum or pressure forming process of composite resin sheets with good mechanical strength
 1999 Liquid crystal polymer-reinforced thermoplastic foam and manufacture of the same
 1999 Manufacture of thermoplastic foams with designed shape
 1999 Organic fiber-reinforced thermoplastic foams
 1999 Synthetic resin blow moldings, their manufacture, and dies for manufacture of tubular moldings
 1999 Thermoplastic resin-based hollow moldings including dispersed liquid crystalline polymers
Karikomi, Michinori2005 Liquid crystallinity of 2-fluorenyl 4-alkylbenzoates
Karim, A.2001 Suppression of Lateral Phase Separation in Thin Polyolefin Blend Films
Karim, Alamgir2002 Organization of Hybrid Dendrimer-Inorganic Nanoparticles on Amphiphilic Surfaces
 2002 Phase Diagram of a Nearly Isorefractive Polyolefin Blend
 2006 Spontaneous Formation of Vesicles of Diblock Copolymer EO6BO11 in Water: A SANS Study
 2007 Effect of Temperature on the Morphology and Kinetics of Surface Pattern Formation in Thin Block Copolymer Films
Karim, D.1989 Nonlinear optical polymers for active optical devices
 1990 Synthesis and properties of multifunctional polymers
Karim, Naimul1998 Method for assembling layers with transfer process using crosslinkable adhesive layer
Karimi Pour Haddadan, F.2000 Pseudo-Casimir effect in nematic liquid crystals in frustrating geometries
 2001 Pseudo-Casimir effect in untwisted chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Liquid-crystalline Casimir effect in the presence of a patterned substrate
 2004 Publisher's Note: Liquid-crystalline Casimir effect in the presence of a patterned substrate [Phys. Rev. E 70, 041701 (2004)]
Karimi, Ayatollah2001 Growth of decorated carbon nano-tubes
Karimipour, V.2002 General reaction-diffusion processes with separable equations for correlation functions
 2003 Generating correlated networks from uncorrelated ones
Karimova, L.G.1980 Kinetics of carbon formation in the thermal transformation of petroleum crude oil in the liquid phase
Karino, Isamu1989 Structure and properties of epoxy resin reinforced with thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1993 Molecular orientation in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals using time-resolved FT-IR
 1996 Method and apparatus for analyzing minute foreign substances, and methods for manufacturing semiconductor and liquid-crystal display devices using them
Karins, James P.1997 Miniature ruggedized optical correlator (MROC) modules for space applications
 1997 Second-generation miniature ruggedized optical correlator (MROC) module
Kario, Kazuyoshi1992 Preparation of 4-ethyl-p-terphenyl derivatives
Karioja, P.1993 Properties of scattering liquid crystal films
 1994 Optical attenuator using liquid crystal film
Karis, T.1988 The nature of the thermal transitions in poly(p-oxybenzoate)
Karis, T.E.1992 Rheology of thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester Vectra E
 1994 Applications of rheology in the computer industry
 1996 Annealing effects of a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester based on 6-hydroxy 2-naphthoic acid, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, terephthalic acid and 4,4'-biphenol
Karita, Tetsuya1999 Composition of resist-remover for semiconductor device and liquid crystal display fabrications
 2002 Composition for removal of photoresist in a wiring process for semiconductor devices
Karitans, Varis2008 Ferroelectric liquid crystal glasses for Amblyopia research
Kariuki, B.M.1998 New Methologies for Solving Cryst Structures from Powder Diffraction Data
 2000 Intermolecular organization of triphenylene-based discotic mesogens by interdigitation of alkyl chains
 2001 The X-Ray Crystal Structures and Computational Analysis of NH..π Hydrogen Bonded Banana-Shaped Carbazole Derivatives and Thermal Analysis of Higher Mesogenic Homologues
 2005 Design of Potentially Photorefractive Liquid Crystalline Materials: Derivatives of 3,6-Disubstituted Carbazole
Kariuki, Benson M.2001 Intermolecular organization of triphenylene-based discotic mesogens by interdigitation of alkyl chains
Kariya, Koichi1999 Anisotropically conducting film and connection of electrodes in liquid-crystal display using it
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 1979 A new liquid-crystalline material. Transition metal-poly(yne) polymers
Kariyama, Reiko1985 The effect of head group structure on phase transition of phospholipid membranes as determined by differential scanning calorimetry
Kariyo, S.2008 From Simple Liquid to Polymer Melt. Glassy and Polymer Dynamics Studied by Fast Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry: Low and High Molecular Weight Limit
Karjalainen, Jaana1999 Preparation of TADDOL Derivatives for New Applications
Karki, S.2007 Powder X-ray Diffraction as an Emerging Method to Structurally Characterize Organic Solids
Kärkkäinen, M.K.2003 Numerical study of wave propagation in uniaxially anisotropic Lorentzian backward-wave slabs
Karl, N.2000 NEXAFS and ARUP Spectroscopy of an Organic Single Crystal: α-Perylene
Karlash, A.2001 Electronic properties of DNA/CNT chip on Si
Karle, I.L.1962 The crystal structures of deoxyanisoin and p,p'-dimethoxybenzophenone
Karlen, Steven D.2006 Crystalline Molecular Gyroscopes: The Effects of Subtle Molecular Differences on the Crystal Packing of Triphenylmethyl and Triphenylsilyl Stators
 2006 Dipolar rotor-rotor interactions in a difluorobenzene molecular rotor crystal
Karlin, I.V.1999 Generating moment equations in the Doi model of liquid-crystalline polymers
Karlin, Iliya V.2002 Boundary layer variational principles: A case study
 2002 Kinetic boundary conditions in the lattice Boltzmann method
 2003 Additive generalization of the Boltzmann entropy
 2003 Dynamic mean-field models from a nonequilibrium thermodynamics perspective
 2003 Family of additive entropy functions out of thermodynamic limit
 2003 Galilean-invariant lattice-Boltzmann models with H theorem
Karlovska, Janka2004 Effects of non-ionic surfactants N-alkyl-N,N-dimethylamine-N-oxides on the structure of a phospholipid bilayer: small-angle X-ray diffraction study
Karlsen, Eva M.2009 FTIR investigation of the reaction between pyridine and iodine in a polyethylene host. Formation of N-iodopyridinium polyiodide
Karlsson, Anders2003 Formation and Transport of Nanotube-Integrated Vesicles in a Lipid Bilayer Network
Karlsson, Göran2001 Aggregate Structures in a Dilute Aqueous Dispersion of a Fluorinated/Hydrogenated Surfactant System. A Cryo-Transmission Electron Microscopy Study
 2006 Unilamellar vesicles obtained by simply mixing dioctadecyldimethylammonium chloride and bromide with water
 2009 Interaction of Na2B12H11SH with dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine liposomes
 2009 Self-Assembly and Mixing Behaviour of Symmetric Single-Chain Bolalipids: The Formation of Temperature and pH-responsive Hydrogels
 2010 Interaction of N,N,N-trialkylammonioundecahydro-closo-dodecaborates with dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine liposomes
Karlsson, K.-A.1974 Resolution and chromatographic configuration analysis of 2-hydroxy fatty acids
Karlsson, Karl-Anders1970 On the chemistry and occurrence of sphingolipid long-chain bases
 1972 Molecular arrangements in glycosphingolipids
 1980 Structural analysis by mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy of the glycolipid sulfate from Halobacterium salinarium and a note on its possible function
Karlsson, L.2007 Controlling structure in associating polymer-surfactant mixtures
Karlsson, L.S.2005 A New Understanding of Au-Assisted Growth of III-V Semiconductor Nanowires
Karlsson, M.F.2003 Signal detection via residence-time asymmetry in noisy bistable devices
Karlsson, Mona1999 Linear electro-optic response in a stretched polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal sponge system
 1999 The electroclinic response in a network-stabilized cholesteric phase
Karlsson, Roger2003 Formation and Transport of Nanotube-Integrated Vesicles in a Lipid Bilayer Network
Karlsson, S.1997 Influence of processing parameters on the mass crystallinity of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)
 1997 Phase equilibria in alkanoic acid-alkylamine-water(-alkane) systems
 2002 Phase behaviour of the system triethanolamine-decanoic acid-water
 2003 Phase behavior in aqueous solutions of ionic surfactants with organic counterions
 2004 A comparative study of phase behavior in aqueous systems of catanionic surfactants and ionic surfactants with organic counterions
Karlsson, Sigbritt1999 Chemical and morphological changes of environmentally degradable polyethylene films exposed to thermo-oxidation
Karlsson, Stefan1994 Phase equilibria in aqueous low molecular catanionic surfactant systems
 2000 Solubilization of oil in silicate-surfactant mesostructures
 2002 Controlled Solubilization of Toluene by Silicate-Catanionic Surfactant Mesophases as Studied by in Situ and ex Situ XRD
Karlström, Gunnar1987 Aqueous solutions of nonionic surfactants and polymers. Intermolecular interactions and the mechanism of clouding
 2009 Electric multipole moment fluctuations in polar liquids
Karma, A.2002 Pattern stability and trijunction motion in eutectic solidification
 2004 Phase-field modeling of binary alloy solidification with coupled heat and solute diffusion
Karma, Alain1990 Stability of an array of deep cells in directional solidification
 1993 Fluctuations in solidification
 2001 Method for Computing the Anisotropy of the Solid-Liquid Interfacial Free Energy
 2002 Eutectic colony formation: A phase-field study
 2003 Phase-field approach for faceted solidification
 2004 Quantitative phase-field model of alloy solidification
Karmakar, R.2004 Directed fixed energy sandpile model
Karmakar, Smarajit2005 Equilibrium Glassy Phase in a Polydisperse Hard-Sphere System
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 2008 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of meso-alkyloxy-substituted tetraphenylporphine metallocomplexes
Karmanova, Tatyana1995 The influence of the structure of tetra(4-sulfophenyl)porphine derivatives on their lyotropic mesomorphism
Karmazina, T.V.1988 2H-NMR spectroscopic study of the state of Triton X-100 layer sorbed from a highly concentrated solution on silica gel
Karmee, Sanjib Kumar2005 Rapid and Simple Method of Monoacylation of Polyols by ß-Ketoesters Using Microwave Irradiation
Karmenyan, Artashes V.1996 Control system of space and time distribution of laser radiation on the basis of liquid crystal modulator for diagnostics and treatment of malignancies with the aid of photodynamic therapy method
Karmonik, C.1997 Mobility of Ga confined in nanostructured alumina
Karn, A.1986 Internal optical bistability at light-induced structural phase transition in a nematic liquid crystal
Karn, A.J.1986 Observation of magnetic-field-induced first-order optical Freedericksz transition in a nematic film
 1990 Bistability and switching in a nematic cell induced by rotation of an applied magnetic field
 1990 Light-induced molecular reorientation in a free-standing smectic-C liquid-crystal film
 1990 Progress in linear optics, nonlinear optics and surface alignment of liquid crystals
Karna, S.P.1992 Second-order nonlinear optical effects in novel side-chain liquid crystalline polymers and monomers under bias of an applied dc electric field
Karnatsevich, L.V.1970 Phase diagram of the eH2-eD2 vapor-liquid-crystal system at temperatures between 14 and 20.deg.K
 1972 Vapor-liquid-crystal equilibrium of the system eH2-eD2
Karneev, A.Yu.2004 Reflection Spectrum of a Cholesteric Liquid Crystal with Structural Defects
Karnei, I.2000 Effect of orientation inhomogeneity of a profiled-surface liquid crystal on the characteristics of diffraction optical elements
Karnei, I.B.1996 Thermooptic gate and its effect on the generation regime of the pulsed solid-state laser
Karnes, H. Thomas2008 Development of a Liquid Chromatography-Negative ESI-Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Ibuprofen with Minimization of Matrix Effects Associated with Phospholipids
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 1979 Experimental study of the temperature dependence of magnetic susceptibility of some nematic liquid crystals and their mixtures
 1983 The use of liquid crystals for studying the temperature fields of hybrid integrated circuits
 1984 Thermophysical, magnetic, and dielectric properties of nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Experimental study of liquid-crystal heat indicators
Karouta, F.2007 Deep Hole InP Photonic Crystals Infiltrated With Solid Polymers And Liquid Crystals
Karouta, Fouad2006 InP-based planar photonic crystals infiltrated with solid polymers and liquid crystals
 2009 Tuning of narrow-bandwidth photonic crystal devices etched in InGaAsP planar waveguides by liquid crystal infiltration
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 2004 Discrete kink dynamics in hydrogen-bonded chains: The two-component model
Karpicz, R.2008 Raman Vibrational Properties of Carbon Nanotubes with the Radiation Defect Formation
Karpierz, M.1997 Multiplexed fiber optic liquid crystalline system for pressure monitoring
 1997 Structural Optical Nonlinearity in Chiral Nematics
 2004 Discrete Optical Solitons in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2007 Influence of different peripheral substituents on the nonlinear optical properties of cobalt phthalocyanine core
 2007 Temperature tuning of polarization mode dispersion in single-core and two-core photonic liquid crystal fibers
Karpierz, M.A.1994 Light-induced Frederiks transition in a nonlinear liquid crystal waveguide
 1997 Nonlinear Liquid Crystalline Directional Coupler
 1999 Nonlinear optical measurements of elastic constants in nematic liquid crystal
 1999 Optical nonlinearity in liquid crystalline optical waveguides
 2001 Liquid crystal fiber-optic systems in information processing
 2001 Nonlinear properties of waveguides with twisted nematic liquid crystal
 2001 Reorientational nonlinear phenomena in thin nematic liquid crystal layer
 2002 Spatial solitons interaction in liquid crystalline waveguides
 2003 Influence of external electric field on time of nonlinear optical reorientational effect in nematics
 2003 Influence of light polarization on reorientation nonlinearity in nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Modeling of spatial solitons in twisted nematics waveguides
 2005 Nematic liquid crystal waveguide arrays
 2006 Linear and nonlinear properties of photonic crystal fibers filled with nematic
 2007 Light induced angular steering via Floquet-Bloch band-tunneling in one-dimensional liquid crystalline photonic lattices
Karpierz, Mirek A.2005 All-optical switching and beam steering in tunable waveguide arrays
Karpierz, Miroslaw1996 Nonlinear optical experiments on liquid crystal chiral structures
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 2008 Dependence of the Third Order Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility on Concentration and Peripheral Substituent of Metallophthalocyanines
Karpierz, Miroslaw A.1989 Nonlinear properties of thin-film waveguides with liquid crystalline nonlinear prism coupler
 1989 Optical bistability in titanium-diffused lithium niobate optical waveguides with liquid crystalline nonlinear prism coupler
 1993 Liquid crystalline nonlinear directional coupler
 1994 Application of optical nonlinearity in liquid crystals to optical logic
 1995 Analysis of a non-linear directional coupler with a nematic liquid crystal
 1995 Liquid crystalline directional coupler with asymmetrical nonlinearity
 1995 Nonlinear directional coupler with an asymmetrical nematic liquid crystal film
 1997 Application of nonlinear optical effects in measurements of liquid crystalline parameters
 1997 Liquid crystal optical fibers in hydrostatic pressure monitoring
 1998 Fiber optic liquid crystal devices for pressure sensing
 1998 Nonlinear liquid crystalline directional coupler
 1998 Propagation effects in liquid crystal-core optical fiber waveguides
 1998 Self focusing in liquid crystalline waveguides
 1998 Structural optical nonlinearity in chiral nematics
 1999 Application of nonlinear optical effects in the measurement of the elastic constants of nematic liquid crystal
 1999 Light propagation in liquid crystal fibers
 1999 Orientational nonlinearity in liquid crystalline optical waveguides
 2001 Liquid crystalline fiber optic colorimeter for hydrostatic pressure measurement
 2002 Light beam propagation in twisted nematics nonlinear waveguides
 2002 Solitary waves in liquid crystalline waveguides
Karpierz, Miroslaw A. (cont...)2002 Time dependence of optical nonlinear reorientational phenomena in nematics
 2003 Propagation properties of elliptical liquid-crystal core fibers
 2003 Time control of optical nonlinear reorientational phenomena in nematics
 2005 Bloch oscillations in nematic liquid crystalline waveguide arrays
 2005 Self-focusing of light beam in twisted nematic waveguide
 2006 Discrete Light Propagation and Self-Localization in Voltage-Controlled Arrays of Channel Waveguides in Undoped Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2006 Spatial Solitons in Twisted Nematic Layer
 2007 Linear properties of photonic crystal fibers filled with nematic liquid crystals
 2007 Nonlinear light propagation in photonic crystal fibers filled with nematic liquid crystals
 2008 Observation of light-induced reorientational effects in periodic structures with planar nematic-liquid-crystal defects
 2008 Self-focusing and nematicons in chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2008 Spatial Solitons in Chiral Nematics
 2009 Nematicons in chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2009 Nematicons: self-localised beams in nematic liquid crystals
Karpierz, Moroslaw A.1996 All-optical switching in a liquid crystalline directional coupler
Karpinski, Edward2001 Recent molecular advances in studies of the concentrative Na+-dependent nucleoside transporter (CNT) family: identification and characterization of novel human and mouse proteins (hCNT3 and mCNT3) broadly selective for purine and pyrimidine nucleosides (system cib)
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 1991 Model for the structure of the lipid bilayer
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 1979 Liquid crystal material with matrix addressing for display
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Karroua, Mohamed1999 Adsorption of a Cationic Surfactant on Na-Montmorillonite: Inspection of Adsorption Layer by X-Ray and Fluorescence Spectroscopies
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 2003 Stability analysis of (1+1)-dimensional cnoidal waves in media with cubic nonlinearity
 2003 Stability analysis of spatiotemporal cnoidal waves in cubic nonlinear media
 2003 Stabilization of one-dimensional periodic waves by saturation of the nonlinear response
 2003 Two-dimensional cnoidal waves in Kerr-type saturable nonlinear media
 2004 Resonant phenomena in nonlinearly managed lattice solitons
 2004 Spatiotemporal discrete multicolor solitons
 2004 Stabilization of vector solitons in optical lattices
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 1992 Columnar ordering of liquid - crystalline discotics in Langmuir-Blodgett films
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 1993 Eindimensionale Energiewanderung in diskotischen Flüssigkristallen: Transiente Elektronenspinresonanz nach Laserpulsanregung
 1993 Infrared absorption study of hexapentyloxytriphenylene: a discotic liquid crystal
 1993 Packing of columns in Langmuir-Blodgett films of discotic mixtures with charge-transfer interactions
 1994 Conductivity and photoconductivity in nanosize conductors
 1994 Molecular dynamics of discotic charge-transfer complexes, dielectric spectroscopy and 2H NMR studies
 1995 Study of the order parameter of thin films of a main-chain discotic liquid crystalline polymer using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
 1997 Structure and order of the discotic compound 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexakispentyloxytriphenylene as revealed by diffraction and molecular simulation studies
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