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Kang, Wen-Xiu2006 Rubbing angle effect on in-plane switching liquid crystal displays
 2007 Response speed of in-plane switching mode liquid crystal displays
Kang, Won-Seok2002 Contrast ratio and switching of zigzag defect-free surface stabilized FLCD by photoinduced alignment
 2004 Reflective liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
 2006 Double Cellgap Design of a Horizontal-Switching Transflective Liquid Crystal Cell
Kang, Y.2003 Photochromic and fluorescence studies of spiropyran indoline derivatives in the presence of acids
Kang, Y.S.2003 A comparative study on the synthesis of the CdS nanoparticle by thermal decomposition using autoclave and N-radiation
 2003 Synthesis and characterization on the luminescence properties of manganese doped ZnS nanocrystals
 2003 Synthesis of magnetite and cobalt ferrite nanoparticles
 2004 The size-dependent optical properties of pyrazoline nanoparticles
Kang, Yan-Mei2003 Observing stochastic resonance in an underdamped bistable Duffing oscillator by the method of moments
Kang, Yilan2005 Novel profilometry with dual-frequency grating
Kang, Yong Cheol2007 Preparation and Characterization of Cu-SiO2 Nanocomposite
Kang, Yong Soo2001 Preparation and Characterization of Dendrimer Layers on Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Films
 2001 Spectroscopic Characterization of Cellulose Acetate Polymer Membranes Containing Cu(1,3-butadiene)OTf as a Facilitated Olefin Transport Carrier
Kang, Yoon-Sok1998 Liquid crystalline properties of dimesogenic compounds consisting of two different azobenzene types of mesogens interlinked through central polymethylene spacers
 1999 Hydrogen-Bonding-Mediated Formation of Supramolecular Rod-Coil Copolymers Exhibiting Hexagonal Columnar and Bicontinuous Cubic Liquid Crystalline Assemblies
 1999 Novel columnar mesogen with octupolar optical nonlinearities: synthesis, mesogenic behavior and multiphoton-fluorescence-free hyperpolarizabilities of subphthalocyanines with long aliphatic chains
 1999 Self-assembly of rod-coil molecules in a polymerizable solution
 1999 Self-organization of main-chain rod-coil copolymers into columnar and bicontinuous cubic assemblies
 1999 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of T-shaped dimesogenic compounds
 1999 Synthesis and properties of combined type liquid crystalline polymers. Aromatic polyesters bearing biphenylazophenyl mesogenic pendants connected to the backbone through polymethylene spacers
 2000 Self-assembly of a coil-rod-coil block molecule complexed with LiCF3SO3
 2001 Phase behaviour of hydrogen-bonded liquid crystalline complexes of alkoxycinnamic acids with 4,4'-bipyridine
 2002 Liquid crystalline behaviour of hydrogen-bonded complexes of alkoxycinnamic acids with octyloxystilbazole
Kang, Young Ah1998 Melt spinning of PET/PHB liquid crystalline polymer
Kang, Young Soo2000 Photoisomerization of azobenzene derivatives at the air/water interface
 2002 A Study on the Styrylpyridunium Derivative Monolayer at the Air/Water Interface
 2002 Characterization of photochromic azobenzene derivatives in the liquid crystalline matrix
 2006 Preparation of Heat Insulating Nanocomposite Film with MPS (Mercaptopropyl Trimethoxysilane) Coated-Nanoparticles
 2006 Preparation of Organic Thin Films of Stearic Acid/Pyrazoline Nanoparticles by Langmuir-Blodgett Technique
 2006 Preparation of Water Dispersed Indium Tin Oxide Sol Solution
 2006 Synthesis of Cu Nanoparticles Prepared by Using Thermal Decomposition of Cu-oleate Complex
 2007 A Study on the Exchange-Coupling Effect of Nd2Fe14B/CoFe Forming Core/Shell Shape
 2007 Exchange-Coupling Effect of Nd2Fe14B/FeCo Nanocomposite by Colloidal Method
 2007 Grafting of Trifluoroacetic Acid Allyl Ester onto Linear Low Density Polyethylene by γ-Ray Irradiation
 2007 Heating Temperature Effect on the Magnetic Property of α-Fe Nanoparticle
 2007 Optical Properties of 1-Phenyl-3-Naphthyl-5-((Ethoxy)phenyl)-2-Pyrazoline Organic Nanoparticlesby Reprecipitation Method
 2007 Preparation and Antibiotic Property of Ag-SiO2 Nanoparticle
 2007 Preparation and Characterization of Cu-SiO2 Nanocomposite
 2007 Preparation and Characterization of Nd2Fe14B/α-Fe Nanocomposite Magnetic Material by Reduction Diffusion Process
 2007 Synthesis and Characterization of Electronic Ink Particles for Electronic Paper by Polymerization Method
 2007 The Synthesis and Characterization of SmCo Magnetic Nanoparticle by Thermal Decomposition
 2008 Copper Metallization on the Surface-Modified Polyimide Films by Electroless Plating Method
 2008 Synthesis and Photo-Polymerization of Poly(Alkyl Urethane) Acrylate Oligomers Using 2-Isocyanatoethyl Methacrylate for UV Curable Coating
Kang, Youngjin2006 Green Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) Based on Diarylethene
Kang, Yun Chan2005 Red phosphor and method of preparing the same, and red light emitting diode, white light emitting diode, and active dynamic liquid crystal device using the red phosphor
Kangas, E.1996 Solitary waves in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
Kangas, Erik1995 Reversible propagating fingers in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Dynamics of helix deformation in a chiral smectic-C* liquid crystal: Optical experiments and modeling
Kangas, S.L.1989 Convenient synthesis of two monomers for main chain liquid-crystalline polymers
 1991 Liquid crystalline polymers as binders for coatings
Kangas, Steven Lee1990 Resins containing mesogenie groups for coatings
 1990 Water-dispersible liquid-crystalline polymers for coatings having hardness and impact resistance
Kange, Rikard2002 Anchoring of liquid crystals on surface-initiated polymeric brushes.
Kani, Harunobu1991 Friction materials for brakes and clutches
Kani, R.1993 Synthesis of novel polysilylenes bearing phenol groups directly bonded to Si-Si main chains for preparing Langmuir-blodgett thin films
Kani, Rikako1993 Highly oriented polysilane films prepared by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique
 1996 Manufacture of color filter by use of polysilane composition for liquid-crystal display element
 1997 Liquid crystal display device and manufacture of same
 1997 Manufacture of color filter from siloxane composition
 1997 Manufacture of tin oxide-type functional film and electroconductive film from polystannane and polystannane composition thereof
Kaniadakis, G.1992 Alignment change by moisture adsorption in nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Experimental Evidence that the Alignment in Nematic Liquid Crystals can be Due to the Surface-Polarization
 1993 Surface-polarization effect in the alignment of nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Statistical mechanics in the context of special relativity
Kanicki, J.1996 Ultraviolet light induced changes in polyimide liquid-crystal alignment films
 1999 Hydrogenated amorphous-silicon thin-film transistor structure with the buried field plate
 2000 A high-voltage hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film transistor for reflective active-matrix cholesteric LCD
Kanicki, Jerzy1996 High-performance a-Si:H TFT for large-area AMLCDs
 1996 Patterning of transparent conducting oxide thin films by wet etching for a-Si:H TFT-LCDs
 1997 Aluminum gate metalization for AMLCDs
 1997 Atomic hydrogen effects on the optical and electrical properties of transparent conducting oxides for a-Si:H TFT-LCDs
 1997 Electrical and optical properties of low dielectric constant planarization polymer for high-aperture-ratio a-Si:H TFT-LCDs
 1997 Gated four-probe TFT structure: a new technique to measure the intrinsic performance of a-Si:H TFT
 1998 Effects of ultraviolet-light on polyimide films for liquid crystal alignment
 1998 Electrical instability of hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin-film transistors for active-matrix liquid - crystal displays
 1998 Planarization technology of a-Si:H TFTs for AM-LCDs
 1998 Viewing-angle improvement with compensation films for LCDs
 1999 A Novel Structure to Improve the Viewing Angle Characteristics of Twisted-Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays
 1999 Ultraviolet-light induced liquid-crystal alignment on polyimide films
 2001 Characterization of crosstalk in high-resolution active matrix liquid crystal displays for medical imaging
 2003 Optoelectrical properties of four amorphous silicon thin-film transistors 200 dpi active-matrix organic polymer light-emitting display
 2003 Structural ordering in F8T2 polyfluorene thin film transistors
Kanie, K.1999 unpublished
 2001 Hydrogen-Bonded Lyotropic Liquid Crystals of Folic Acids: Responses to Environment by Exhibiting Different Complex Patterns
 2002 Layered Ionic Liquids: Anisotropic Ion Conduction in New Self-Organized Liquid-Crystalline Materials
Kanie, Kiyoshi1995 Synthesis and properties of new liquid crystals containing trifluoromethylamino group
 1995 Synthesis of trifluoromethylamino-substituted pyridines and pyrimidines by oxidative desulfurization-fluorination
 1996 Synthesis and photochemical switching of the antiferroelectric liquid crystals containing a diazenediyl group
 1997 Oxidative desulfurization–fluorination of alkanol xanthates. Control of the reaction pathway to fluorination or trifluoromethoxylation
 1997 Synthesis and electrooptical properties of novel liquid crystals having a cyclohexyl trifluoromethyl ether moiety
 1998 A facile synthesis and electrooptical properties of new liquid crystals having a vic-difluoro olefinic moiety
 1999 Method for preparation of liquid crystal compound possessing vicinal difluoroalkenyl group
 1999 Supramolecular liquid-crystalline materials formed by hydrogen-bonded assembly processes
 1999 Syntheses and Properties of Novel Liquid Crystals Containing a Trifluoromethylamino Group
 1999 Synthesis and electro-optical properties of 3-substituted phenyl trifluoromethyl ethers
 2000 A Facile Synthesis of Novel Liquid Crystalline Materials Having a Trifluoromethoxy Group and Their Electro-Optical Properties
 2000 A facile transformation of terminal olefins to vic-difluoro olefins. Electro-optical properties of liquid crystalline materials having a vic-difluoro olefinic moiety
 2000 Induction of mesophases through the complexation between benzoic acids with lateral groups and polyamides containing a 2,6-diaminopyridine moiety
 2000 Optical switching and alignment of antiferroelectric liquid crystals containing an azo group
 2000 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline folic acid derivatives: supramolecular discotic and smectic aggregation
 2001 Oxidative Desulfurization-Fluorination: A Facile Entry to a Wide Variety of Organofluorine Compounds Leading to Novel Liquid-Crystalline Materials
 2001 Self-assembly of thermotropic liquid-crystalline folic acid derivatives: hydrogen-bonded complexes forming layers and columns
 2001 Self-organized ion-conductive liquid crystals: lithium salt complexes of mesogenic dimer molecules exhibiting smectic A phases
 2002 Cubic and Columnar Liquid-Crystalline Phases Formed Through Self-Assembly of Folic Acid Derivatives
 2002 Ion-conductive liquid crystals: Formation of stable smectic semi-bilayers by the introduction of perfluoroalkyl moieties
Kanie, Kiyoshi (cont...)2002 Liquid-Crystalline Assemblies Containing Ionic Liquids: An Approach to Anisotropic Ionic Materials
 2002 Stacking of conical molecules with a fullerene apex into polar columns in crystals and liquid crystals
 2002 Synthesis and Liquid Crystalline Behavior of Stereoregular Polyketones with Mesogenic Side Chains
 2003 Liquid-crystalline stereoregular polyketone prepared from a mesogenic vinylarene and carbon monoxide
 2003 Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Liquid Crystals: Hybridization of Calamitic Liquid-Crystalline Amines with Monodispersed Anisotropic TiO2 Nanoparticles
 2004 Supramolecular chirality of thermotropic liquid-crystalline folic acid derivatives
 2005 Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Liquid Crystals: Thermotropic Mesophases Formed by Hybridization of Liquid-Crystalline Phosphates and Monodispersed α-Fe2O3 Particles
 2007 Organic-inorganic hybrid crystals: development of functional materials by the induction of liquid crystallinity into inorganic nanoparticles
 2007 Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Liquid Crystals: Hybridization of Monodispersed Spherical Gold Nanoparticles with organic Dendrons
 2007 Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Liquid Crystals: Induction of Liquid Crystallinity into Disc-shaped Magnetic Iron Oxides Nanoparticles
Kanig, G.1991 Further electron microscope observations on polyethylene. III. Smectic intermediate state during melting and crystallization
Kanios, David P.1996 Compositions and methods for topical administration of pharmaceutically active agents
Kanizay, K.2003 Two-dimensional effects in laser-created plasmas measured with soft-x-ray laser interferometry
Kanki, Kazuhiko1998 Spacer
Kankia, R.2004 High-precision low-cost colorimeters and spectrophotometers based on liquid crystalline optics
Kanna, T.2003 Exact soliton solutions of coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations: Shape-changing collisions, logic gates, and partially coherent solitons
Kannabiran, R.1990 Rheological behavior of liquid-crystalline polymers
Kannan, Nagarathnam1984 The effects of substituents on the rate of saponification of biphenyl-4-carboxylates
Kannan, P.1999 Studies on odd-even effect of methylene spacers in poly(pyromellitimide-urethane)s
 2002 Synthesis and characterization of liquid-crystalline polyphosphonates containing disubstituted ferrocene esters as mesogens
 2002 Thermotropic main chain liquid crystalline polyesters containing ferrocene and phosphate units: synthesis and characterization
 2003 S. Kumaresan and P. Kannan, "Substituent effect on azobenzene-based liquid-crystalline organophosphorus polymers" Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2003) 41(20) 3188-3196
 2003 Substituent effect on azobenzene-based liquid-crystalline organophosphorus polymers
 2004 Novel thermotropic liquid crystalline-cum-photocrosslinkable polyvanillylidene alkyl/arylphosphate esters
 2004 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyphosphates containing photoreactive moieties
 2005 Studies on thermotropic liquid crystalline polyphosphates containing photoreactive dual mesogens
 2006 Synthesis and characterization of 4,4'-dihydroxy-alpha-methylstilbene crystal
 2006 Thermotropic liquid crystalline-cum-photocrosslinkable poly(benzylidene arylphosphate ester)s containing the cyclopentanone moiety
 2008 Novel photo-crosslinkable liquid crystalline polymers containing vanillylidene cycloalkanones and azobenzene units
 2009 Synthesis and characterization of symmetrical banana shaped liquid crystalline polyethers
Kannan, Palaninathan2008 Donor/acceptor interaction-assisted mesophase formation in liquid crystals containing azobenzenes and their polymers
 2008 Photoreactive main chain liquid crystalline polyesters containing oxadiazole and bis(benzylidene) cycloalkanone units
Kannan, R.2008 Drop Impact on a Solid Surface Comprising Micro Groove Structure
Kannan, R.M.1994 Flow-induced alignment of nematic and smectic side-group liquid-crystalline polymers
 1994 Linear viscoelasticity of side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers: effect of molecular weight and nematic and smectic phase transitions
Kannan, Ramaswamy2003 Dynamics and Ordering in the Columnar Mesophases of Octa-alkyloxy Orthocylophane: A Carbon-13 NMR Investigation
Kannan, Rangaramanujam M.1993 Rheology of side-group liquid - crystalline polymers: effect of isotropic-nematic transition and evidence of flow alignment
 1994 Dynamics of flow-induced alignment of side-group liquid-crystalline polymers
 1994 Method for aligning side-group liquid-crystal polymers
 1994 Shear-induced orientation of side-group liquid-crystalline polymers
 1994 Stress-optical manifestations of molecular and microstructural dynamics in complex polymer melts
 1995 Effect of Mesophase Order and Molecular Weight on the Dynamics of Nematic and Smectic Side-Group Liquid-Crystalline Polymers
 2002 Rheooptical Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy of the deformation behavior in quenched and slow-cooled isotactic polypropylene films
 2005 FTIR spectroscopic investigation of thermal effects in semi-syndiotactic polypropylene
Kannappan, V.1996 Structural effects on the mesophase formation of certain thermotropic liquid crystalline random copolyesters
 1998 Studies on biphase behavior of certain thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyesters
Kannappan, Venu1986 Preparation and characterization of aromatic copolyesters containing the o,o'-biphenylene ring system
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of certain thermotropic liquid crystalline random copolyesters containing anthraquinone mesogen
Kannari, E.1998 Cryst Structures of 4-(4-Halobenzylideneamino)-TEMPO Radicals Showing Magnetic Interactions
Kannari, Fumihiko1996 Accurate Pulse Shaping of Femtosecond Lasers Using Programmable Phase-Only Modulator
Kannenberg, E.1984 Properties of ω-cyclohexane fatty acids in membranes
Kannewurf, Carl R.1999 Flux synthesis of new multinary bismuth chalcogenides and their thermoelectric properties
Kanno, K.1991 Fluorescence polarization method for studying molecular orientation of mono- and multilayered polyimide films prepared by the Langmuir-Blodgett technique
 1993 High performance, moderate cost mesophase pitch based carbon fibers
 1997 Modifications to carbonization of mesophase pitch by addition of carbon blacks
Kanno, Koichi1993 Evaluation of naphthalene-derived mesophase pitches as a binder for carbon-carbon composites
 1994 Effects of carbon black addition on the carbonization on mesophase pitch
 1994 Self-adhesive carbon grains oxidatively prepared from naphthalene-derived mesophase pitch for mold of high density
 1995 Carbon fibers from aromatic hydrocarbons
 1998 Densification of carbons prepared from mesophase pitch and phenolic resin blend
 1999 Mesophase pitch and phenolic resin blends as binders for magnesia-graphite bricks
 2000 Boron-containing graphite powder for anodes of lithium ion batteries
 2000 Carbon materials for anodes in secondary nonaqueous-electrolyte batteries and their manufacture by graphitization
Kanno, Masayuki1998 Technological trends of cleansing agents and some liquid crystal forming agents for cosmetics
Kanno, Megumi2004 Quiescent string dominance parameter F and classification of one-dimensional cellular automata
Kanno, Toshiyuki1992 Optical devices
Kanno, Yuji1998 Semiconductor device and fabrication thereof
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having silicon oxide layer disposed between silicon nitride layers used as gate insulated film
 2000 Thin-film transistor and fabrication thereof
Kanno, Yusuke2006 Influence of polyimide alignment layers on flow and orientation behaviors of liquid crystals in ODF process.
Kanno, Yuta2006 Nano-fablication of a tubular super structure using molecular selfassembly in a liquid crystal phase
Kano, Eiji1998 Detection of foreign objects on the surface of liquid crystal display or semiconductor wafer
Kano, Fumiaki1994 Theory for phase transition of phospholipid multilayer systems at low water content
Kano, Hirokazu1996 Color liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
Kano, Hiroshi1990 Refractory nozzles for continuous casting machine
 1995 Fabrication of reflection electrode plates for liquid crystal displays
 1996 Guest-host type reflection liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1996 Reflection-type liquid crystal display with improved brightness
 1996 Reflective liquid crystal display
 1997 Reflection type liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1998 Liquid crystal display containing electrically conductive particles and its manufacture
 2000 Reflection-type active matrix TFT liquid crystal display and its manufacture
Kano, Kayoko1992 Liquid-crystal orientation film
Kano, Koji1979 Dynamic fluorescence investigations of the effect of osmotic shocks on the microenvironments of charged and uncharged dipalmitoyl-D,L-a-phosphatidylcholine liposomes
 1980 Fluorescence quenching of pyrene and pyrenedecanoic acid by various kinds of N,N-dialkylanilines in dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine liposomes
 1983 Photoinduced ion permeation through a ternary composite membrane composed of polymer/liquid crystal/azobenzene-bridged crown ether
 1999 Secondary polymer-electrolyte batteries using porous current collectors
 2000 Battery separators and polymer batteries
 2000 Battery separators and polymer batteries
 2000 Polymer-containing non-aqueous electrolyte lithium secondary battery
Kano, M.1983 9th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sapporo
 1984 10th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 1984 New type of dye stuffs for guest-host liquid crystal display
 1985 11th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Kanazawa
Kano, Masaaki1998 Liquid crystal display with Al or Cu electrodes
Kano, Masashi1999 Manufacture of liquid crystal cells sealed with sealers containing transparent particles
 1999 Process for manufacture of liquid crystal device involving inspection of sealing layer
 1999 UV curable epoxy resin sealing materials and sealers for liquid crystal cells having excellent adhesion, moisture resistance, and flexibility
Kano, Masato1993 Graphite-alumina crucibles for melting of aluminum
 1993 Manufacture of high density carbonaceous materials
 1997 Oxidizing surface reforming of carbonaceous materials for uses as semiconductor-manufacturing members
Kano, Mitsuro2002 Reflector and reflection type liquid crystal display device using the same
Kano, Mitsuru1985 New type of dye stuff for guest-host liquid crystal displays
 1987 Aromatic esters as chiral liquid crystals for inducing twist-effect
 1987 Circular dichroism of new twisted smectic c liquid crystals composed of chiral molecules
 1987 Liquid-crystal compounds
 1987 Liquid-crystalline chiral biphenyl compounds inducing twisted alignment in liquid crystals
 1987 Optical-active phenyl benzoate derivatives as twisted alignment-inducing agents
 1987 Optically active alkoxybiphenyls for inducing twisted alignment in liquid-crystal display devices
 1987 Optically active liquid crystal compounds
 1988 Alkoxyethoxymethylbenzoates for lowering the temperature range of liquid crystal compositions
 1988 Optically active esters as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 Optically active esters as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 Alkoxy(alkoxyphenyl)pyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 Alkyl(alkoxyphenyl)pyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Orientation control film for liquid crystal display
 1993 Control of liquid crystal alignment using stamped-morphology method
 1996 Alignment layer for liquid crystal element and method of producing it
 1996 Liquid crystal display element, its manufacture, and manufacturing apparatus
 1996 Liquid-crystal element and its production, pattern of an alignment layer for a liquid-crystal element, stamping device for pattern of an alignment layer and its production and apparatus for stamping irregular pattern on an alignment layer
 1996 UV-crosslinkable vinyl polymer, orientation film therefrom for liquid-crystal display device, and the device
 1997 Anisotropic polymer film and its manufacture for liquid crystal display
Kano, Mitsuru (cont...)1999 Photomask, manufacture of material with uneven surface using the photomask, reflective material, and reflection-type liquid crystal display device
 1999 Process for manufacture of reflective plate for reflective-type liquid crystal display
 1999 Reflector and reflective liquid crystal displays
 2002 Liquid crystal display device with improved viewing angle
 2002 Transflective liquid crystal display with backlight and reflection film
 2003 Liquid crystal display having reflector outside liquid crystal cell
 2003 Reflector and reflective liquid crystal display
 2003 Semitransparent reflective liquid - crystal display device
 2004 Illuminating device, light guide plate and liquid crystal display device
 2004 Light guiding plate, illumination device, and liquid crystal display device
 2004 Transflective liquid - crystal display device and electronic device including the same
 2004 Transflexive film and liquid crystal display device
 2005 Field-sequential-OCB(optical compensated birefringence)-mode transflective liquid crystal display device
 2006 Liquid crystal display apparatus
Kano, Nitsuru1999 Reflector and reflection type liquid crystal display
Kano, S.S.2003 Optical control of excited states of a-perylene crystal using optimized pulse shaping method
Kano, Takeshi1994 prepn. of (silylalkylcyclohexyl)benzonitrile derivs.
 1995 Manufacture of silacyclohexane compound
 1995 Preparation of 4-arylsilacyclohexanes from 3-arylpentane-1,5-bis metal compounds and silanes
 1996 Manufacture of silacyclohexanone compound as silacyclohexane intermediate for liquid-crystal display
 1996 Preparation of silacyclohexane compounds as liquid crystal compositions
 1996 Purification of liquid crystals
 1996 Purification of liquid-crystal compound
 1996 Silaspiro compound, its manufacture and liquid crystal composition containing the same
 1996 Silaspiro compound, liquid crystal composition containing it, and display device
 1996 Silaspiro compound, liquid crystal composition containing it, and display device
Kano, Tetsushi1996 Two-dimensional NMR study of a liquid-crystal solution under magic-angle spinning. Conformation of carboxylic ionophore lasalocid A dissolved in a lyotropic liquid crystal
Kano, Yasuyuki1997 Digital Video Disc/Compact Disc Compatible Pick-up With Liquid Crystal Shutter
Kano, Yukiyasu1999 Hydrogen absorbing alloy anode materials for nickel/hydrogen batteries, manufacture of the anode materials, and hydrogen absorbing alloy anodes
Kano, Yusuke2008 Solvent-Dependent Redox Behavior of Dihydrophenanthrene Derivatives attached with Long-Chain Alkoxyphenyl Groups
Kanoe, Toshio1986 Electroconductive resin composite
Kanoh, Akira1978 Liquid crystalline phases in the concentrated solution of poly(β-benzyl-L-aspartate)
Kanoh, H.2003 Surfactant-Mediated Synthesis of a Novel Nanoporous Carbon-Silica Composite
Kanoh, Hirofumi2005 Comparative Study on Pore Structures of Mesoporous ZSM-5 from Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Aerogel and Carbon Aerogel Templating
Kanoh, Koji1995 Preparation and characterization of polyoxetanes anchoring the pendant spacer-separated phenolic residues and their derivatives
Kanoh, Shigeyoshi1993 Side chain liquid crystalline polyoxetanes with a spacer-separated azobenzene moiety. I. Preparation and characterization
 1995 Preparation and characterization of polyoxetanes anchoring the pendant spacer-separated phenolic residues and their derivatives
 1997 Side-chain liquid - crystalline polyoxetanes with a spacer-separated azobenzene moiety. III. Preparation and characterization of polyoxetanes anchoring the mesogen cores of a p-spacer-substituted phenyl 4-(4-alkoxyphenylazo)benzoate in the side chain
 1997 Side-chain liquid-crystalline polyoxetanes with a spacer-separated azobenzene moiety. II. Preparation and characterization of polyoxetanes derived from 4-(4-alkoxyphenylazo)phenyl 4-[7-(3-methyl-3-oxetanyl)-1,6-dioxaheptyl]benzoates
 1998 Preparation and Characterization of Side-Chain Liquid -Crystalline Polyoxetanes Anchoring a Pendant Spacer-Separated Mesogen at the Tertiary-Like C-3 Carbon of the Oxetane Unit
 1998 Preparation of polyoxetane-crosslinked polystyrenes useful as polymeric supports with pendant functional groups
 2007 Preparation of side-chain liquid-crystalline polyoxetanes anchoring azobenzene-containing aromatic esters
 2007 The preparation and liquid-crystalline property of polyoxetanes anchoring an azobenzene ring as a mesogen core in the side chain
Kanojiya, J.B.2009 New Liquid Crystalline Compounds Involving Ester-Chalcone Linkages Having 1,3,5-Trisubstituted Pyrazole as a Terminal Group
 2009 Substitution Effects on the Liquid Crystalline Properties of Thermotropic Liquid Crystals Containing Schiff Base Chalcone Linkages
Kanomata, Akinori2000 Flame retardant thermoplastic polyester compositions, their manufacture, and molded products therefrom
Kansal, Anuraag R.2002 Diversity of order and densities in jammed hard-particle packings
Kansanen, A.1997 A new method to determine the lipid bilayer/water partition coefficient by means of a cubic phase
Kanschik-Conradsen, Andreas2004 Procedure for the production of fluorinated 2-fluoro-4-hydroxybenzonitriles
Kansui, Hisao1992 Strong regiochemical control of bimolecular thermochemical reactions in cholesteric liquid crystalline solvents
 1995 Liquid crystal control: highly diastereoselective [3+2] nitrone-olefin cycloaddition in smectic solvent
 1996 Liquid Crystal Control of Bimolecular Thermal Reactions. Highly Regioselective Pericycloaddition of Fumarates to 2,6-Dialkoxyanthracenes in Liquid-Crystalline Media
 1997 Liquid crystal control of regio- and diastereoselectivity in the acid-catalyzed elimination of alkyl phosphates to alkenes
Kant, R.1997 Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Artificial Muscles Based on Nematic Gels
Kant, Rajni1998 Dielectric investigations of the dynamics of the hexatic-hexatic transition in a chiral liquid crystal
Kant, Rama1997 Artificial muscles based on nematic gels
Kant, Wolfgang1992 Swelling and sorption of pyrolyzed halogenated mesophase pitches
Kantam, Mannepalli Lakshmi2003 Highly Efficient "Tight Fit" Immobilization of α-Chymotrypsin in Mesoporous MCM-41: A Novel Approach Using Precursor Immobilization and Activation
Kantardzhyan, L.T.1973 Liquid crystals as dielectric media in electroluminescent cells
 1973 Properties of liquid crystals and their practical use
 1974 Contrast of a cell with electroluminescent liquid-crystal suspension
 1974 Spectrophotometric investigation of the dependence of light scattering from a liquid crystal on the voltage applied
Kantarli, Kayhan2001 On the electrical conductivity and schlieren texture of some lyotropic nematic mesophases
Kantchev, Assen B.2003 Fluorescence evidence for a loose self-assembly of the fusion peptide of influenza virus HA2 in the lipid bilayer
Kanter, I.2002 Secure key-exchange protocol with an absence of injective functions
Kanter, Ido2002 Generalization and capacity of extensively large two-layered perceptrons
 2002 Mutual learning in a tree parity machine and its application to cryptography
 2004 Cooperating attackers in neural cryptography
 2004 Neural cryptography with feedback
Kanter, Steven S.1982 On the solvolysis of 2-cyclohexenyl 3,5-dinitrobenzoate and p-nitrobenzoate in aqueous acetone. Introduction of acyl-oxygen cleavage by basic buffer systems
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Kanthimathi, M.2000 Liquid crystalline properties of Schiff-base ligands: role of flexible methylene spacer within the Schiff-base ligand
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Kantlehner, Willi2008 Guanidinium Chlorides with Triphenylene Moieties Displaying Columnar Mesophases
 2009 p-Alkoxybiphenyls with guanidinium head groups displaying smectic mesophases
Kanto, A.2003 Dynamics of market correlations: Taxonomy and portfolio analysis
Kantojärvi, Uula2007 Imaging spectral signature satellite instrument for the real-time identification of ground scenes with a dedicated spectral signature
Kantola, A.M.2003 Deuterium NMR spectroscopy and field-induced director dynamics in liquid crystals
Kantola, Anu M.2007 Experimental and quantum-chemical determination of the 2H quadrupole coupling tensor in deuterated benzenes
 2007 NMR measurements and density functional calculations of the 199Hg-13C spin-spin coupling tensor in methylmercury halides
 2010 Carbon and proton shielding tensors in methyl halides
Kantor, E.A.1999 Quantum chemical studies of Schiff bases-pyran derivatives
 2006 Structure-mesomorphic activity relationship in the series of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds
Kantor, G.Ya.1991 Viscoelasticity and effects of interphase interaction in blends of normal and liquid crystalline thermoplasts
 1992 Mechanical energy scattering at the interface of composites obtained from melts of blends of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene with mesophase polyphosphazene
 1992 Processes of mechanical and dielectric relaxation in carbon black-filled liquid - crystalline copolyester
Kantor, S.J.1989 Spectroscopic characterization of crystalline phase conformations in a semiflexible thermotropic polyurethane
Kantor, S.W.1989 All-hydrocarbon liquid-crystalline polymers
 1989 Thermal and rheological properties of a liquid-crystalline polyurethane
 1989 Thermotropic hydrocarbon side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers. 1. Synthesis and characterization of monomers and model compounds
 1989 Thermotropic hydrocarbon side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers. 2. Polymer synthesis and tacticity
 1990 A novel synthesis of mesogenic N-methyl polyurethanes, and demonstration of the effect of hydrogen bonding on liquid-crystalline properties
 1990 All-hydrocarbon liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 Thermotropic hydrocarbon side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers. 3. Characterization of liquid-crystalline phases
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