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Kalmykova, V.D.1975 Structure formation in the precipitation of poly-p-benzamide from isotropic and anisotropic solutions
 1976 Spectroscopic method for determining the liquid crystal phase fraction in anisotropic solutions of polymers
 1976 Study of the molecular-mass characteristics of poly-p-benzamide by ultracentrifuging
 1976 Temperature-concentration limits of the liquid-crystalline state of poly-p-benzamide
 1978 Structure formation in the system poly-p-benzamide-sulfuric acid
 1983 Study of mixed polymer liquid-crystal systems
 1986 Liquid-crystalline solutions of aromatic copolyamides and copolymer mixtures
 1986 Viscosity of sulfuric acid solutions of some aromatic copolyamides
 1988 Liquid-crystalline solutions of rigid polymer mixtures
Kalnin, I.1990 Electrooptic and nonlinear optical polymers and devices
Kalnin, I.L.1990 Synthesis and properties of multifunctional polymers
Kalnins, M.1998 Features of thermomechanical properties of radiation-modified blends of high-density polyethylene with liquid -crystalline copolyester
Kalnins, Martins1999 Thermomechanical properties of radiation-modified polyethylene/ethylene-propylene-diene copolymer/liquid-crystalline copolyester blends
Kaloc, M.1996 Some properties of coal tar binders
Kaloc, Miroslav1980 Formation of pitch coke during carbonization of coal-tar pitch
 1980 Some theoretical problems in the production of electrode coke
 1982 Carbonization of coal tar
Kaloni, P.N.2004 Convective instability of magnetic fluids
Kalos, M.H.2003 Bilinear diffusion quantum Monte Carlo methods
Kalos, Malvin H.2002 Importance sampling of rare transition events in Markov processes
Kalosakas, G.2002 Improved numerical algorithm for exploring block copolymer mesophases
 2004 Multipeaked polarons in soft potentials
Kalosha, I.I.1985 Derivatives of oxazine 17 as laser dyes for liquid-crystal matrices
Kalosha, V.P.2000 Self-phase modulation and compression of few-optical-cycle pulses
Kaloshkin, E.P.1975 High-temperature thermographic mixtures containing alkoxybenzoic acid liquid crystal
Kalousek, Vit2009 "Brick and Mortar" Strategy for the Formation of Highly Crystalline Mesoporous Titania Films from Nanocrystalline Building Blocks
Kalra, G.L.2002 Propagation of linear waves in relativistic anisotropic magnetohydrodynamics
Kalra, M.L.2007 Synthesis and Characterization of Charge-Transfer Complexes of π-Acceptor TCNQ with Various Phenols
Kalra, Rita2004 Generalized Synchronization of Spatiotemporal Chaos in a Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator
Kaltbeitzel, A.1992 Surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals (SSFLC) - a promising technology for high resolution displays
Kaltbeitzel, Anke1992 Chiral azetidinone derivatives and their use as dopants in liquid crystalline mixtures
 1993 3-fluoropyridines, their preparation, and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
 1993 Chiral oxirane derivatives and their use as dopants in liquid crystal mixtures
 1993 Chiral oxiranylmethylethers and their use as dopants in liquid crystal mixtures
 1993 Ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 1993 Preparation of 3-alkyl-2-fluoro-6-phenylpyrazines and analogs as liquid crystal components
Kaltzakorta, I.2005 Influence of the Epoxy Structure on the Physical Properties of Epoxy Resin Nanocomposites
Kalugin, A.G.2001 On Short Surface Waves in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2002 On Short Surface Waves in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2007 On the stability of a nematic film flowing down an inclined plane
 2007 On the stability of surface wave in a nematic
Kalugin, F.I.1987 Defect analysis of mechanically treated optical element surfaces by using liquid crystals
Kalugin, S.M.1993 Electronic properties of semiconductor-dielectric interfaces in a thin-film transistor based on a silica-amorphous hydrogenated silicon-Langmuir-Blodgett film structure
Kalugina, E.V.1996 New superstructural plastics based on heat-resistant liquid - crystalline polyesters
Kaluri, Sita R.1997 Polysilicon TFTs for AMLCD applications with gate oxides grown in a low temperature N2O plasma
Kalus, J.1988 Small angle neutron scattering study of comb-like liquid crystal polysiloxane macromolecule conformation in smectic phase
Kalus, Jürgen1985 Small angle neutron scattering on nematic lyotropic liquid crystals
 1987 Small angle neutron scattering measurement on a micellar solution of dodecylammonium trifluoroacetate
 1990 Time-dependent small-angle neutron measurements of aligned micelles
 1991 Small angle neutron scattering measurements on iridescent surfactant solutions
 1995 Structure of the Isotropic, Nematic, and Lamellar Phase of a Solution of Tetramethylammonium Perfluorononanoate in D2O
 1996 Structure of the nematic phase of a solution of tetramethylammonium perfluorononanoate in D2O
Kaluzynski, Krzysztof1996 Statistical and Block Copolymers of 7-Oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane with Tetrahydrofuran. Conditions of Copolymerization and Distribution of the Promesogenic Units
Kal'vin, V.O.1997 Selection of informative frequencies in the determination of the parameters for dielectric relaxation
Kalvoda, L.1993 Electrooptical properties of liquid-crystalline rigid rod-like polymers with NLO-active sidegroups
 1998 Electrical Conductivity of Highly Organized Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Phthalocyaninato-Polysiloxane
Kalwarczyk, Tomasz2007 Kinetics and Dynamics of Dissolution/Mixing of a High-Viscosity Liquid Phase in a Low-Viscosity Solvent Phase
 2008 Late Stage of the Phase-Separation Process: Coalescence-Induced Coalescence, Gravitational Sedimentation, and Collective Evaporation Mechanisms
Kalyan, Mohit2005 Crystal structure of a liquid crystal non-symmetric dimer: cholesteryl 4-[4-(4-n-butylphenylethynyl)phenoxy]butanoate
Kalyanaraman, P.1987 Molecular factors affecting solubility in rigid-rod polyamides
Kalyanasundaram, K.1977 Room temperature phosphorescence of aromatic hydrocarbons in aqueous micellar solutions
Kalyanasundaram, P.2002 Effect of polymer-surfactant association on colloidal force
Kalyuga, Yu.I.1982 Thermographic study of cholesteryl esters of o-, m-, and p-toluic acids
Kalyuskiii, A.R.1995 Study of the stereochemistry of 2,5-substituted 1,3,2-dioxaborinanes by 1H NMR spectroscopy
Kalyusski, A.R.1992 Diastereomeric 2-(O-Aroyl)Oxymethylene-p-Menthane-3-ones. Structure Investigation by NMR and Helical Twisting Power in the Mesophases
Kalyuzhnaya, L.M.1996 Dispersions of cholesteryl propionate or benzoate esters in poly(dimethylsiloxane) rubber coated on 4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether-pyromellitic dianhydride copolymer film as high-temperature liquid-crystal heat indicators
Kalyuzhnyi, Yu.V.2004 Structure of a sheared soft-disk fluid from a nonequilibrium potential
Kalyvas, V.1982 Thermotropic liquid crystal behavior in some aromatic esteramides
 1993 Thermotropic polyesters: synthesis and properties of tert-butyl-substituted poly(4-oxybenzoates)
Kam, Chan Hin1996 Automated visual inspection of LCD modules
Kam, Ming Chan Lawrence1985 Compounds containing a fluorobiphenylyl group and their use in liquid crystal materials and device
Kamachi, Mikiharu1994 Enormously long triplet lifetime of zinc(II) tetraphenylporphyrin incorporated as a pendant of a liquid crystalline polymethacrylate based on cholesterol mesogens
 1994 Synthesis and copolymerization of a mesogenic acrylate having 4-(2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidyl-4-oxy)phenyl benzoate as a precursor for nitroxide-containing liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers
 1997 Magnetic interactions of organic nitroxyl radical and biradical
Kamada, D.2005 Field-Induced Director Alignment for 4-nonyl-4'-cyano-biphenyl Near the Smectic A - Nematic Transition
Kamada, K.2005 Control of Uniaxial Orientation and Fabrication of a Submicrometer-Sized, Oriented Structure in a Photocrosslinkable-Polymer Liquid-Crystalline Film
Kamada, Kenji1996 langmuir-Blodgett films of nile red: a steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence study
 2004 Two-photon absorption activities of symmetric/asymmetric linear molecular systems containing azo and diacetylene moieties as central p-bridge
 2008 Two-Photon Excitation of Dye-Doped Liquid Crystal by a CW-Laser Irradiation
Kamada, Koh1995 Liquid-crystal display device and optical compensation foil and method for its production
 1995 Optical compensation film and liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Optical compensatory sheet and process for preparation of the same and liquid crystal display.
Kamada, Tsuyoshi1993 Domain divided liquid crystal display device
 1997 Liquid crystal display panel and process for producing the same
 1998 Liquid-crystal display panel with alignment division and smaller twist angle
 1998 Vertically aligned liquid-crystal display device
 2001 Vertically-aligned (va) liquid crystal display device
Kamaev, F.C.1994 Liquid crystal polymers. Study of poly(ethylene terephthalate) transesterification by p-acetoxybenzoic acid
Kamaev, F.G.1992 Polymorphous transformations in model membranes caused by amphiphilic fungicides
Kamaev, G.N.2007 Control of transmission spectra of planar photonic crytal with LC defect
 2007 Optical transmission of one-dimensional photonic crystal under oblique incidence of light
 2007 Temperature dependencies of polarized transmission spectra of the multilayer photonic crystal with a nematic defect
Kamaga, C.2007 Optical fuse effect in a tunable liquid crystal waveguide with a Cr grating coupler
Kamaga, Carina2004 Dependence of domain wall dynamics on background wave number
 2004 Dislocation dynamics in an anisotropic stripe pattern
Kamagami, S.1988 Multiplexed ferroelectric liquid crystal display
Kamagami, Shinichi1992 Afterimage improvement for thin-film diode liquid - crystal display (TFD - LCD) utilizing tantalum anodic oxidation in ammonium borate solution
 1996 High contrast color liquid crystal display apparatus with no color filter
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1996 Reflection liquid crystal display
 1999 Thin-film transistor and fabrication thereof
Kamagata, Tadashi1999 Production method of aqueous ink tracking material for ball pen
Kamai, H.1984 Deformations of a planar nematic-isotropic interface in uniform and nonuniform electric fields
Kamakura, Hiroshi1996 Head-worn liquid crystal display
 1997 Compact and wide-field-of-view head-mounted display
Kamal-Al-Hassan, Md.2003 Excitation of ion-wave wakefield by the resonant absorption of a short pulsed microwave with plasma
Kamal, Firdous2006 Tunable porous photonic bandgap structures for chemical and biological sensing
Kamal, M.R.1988 A computerized system for measurement of transient and equilibrium extrudate swell
 1989 Characterization of thermal behavior and kinetics of crystallization of a thermotropic rigid-chain copolymer
 1991 Experimental study of the injection molding behavior of a liquid -crystalline copolymer
 2003 Phase diagram for liquid crystalline polymer/polycarbonate blends
Kamal, Musa R.2003 Influence of temperature on surface tension of three liquid crystal polymers and polyethylene terephtalate
Kamalraj, V.R.2008 Synthesis and characterization of ferroelectric liquid crystal dimers containing thioester and carboxylate linking groups in the inner side of the molecule
Kamamori, Hitoshi1986 Development of color filter for LCD [liquid crystal display] by polymer electrodeposition method
 1996 Manufacture of liquid crystal display color filter
 1996 Manufacturing method for color liquid-crystal display
 2000 Liquid crystal display and its manufacture using COG (chip on glass) packaging method
Kamanin, A.2008 Self-Organization of Liquid Crystals Induced by Aligning of Human Erythrocytes
Kamanina, N.1992 Vector Self-Diffraction and Phase Conjugation in Dyed Induced Cholesterical Liquid Crystals
 2008 Self-Organization of Liquid Crystals Induced by Aligning of Human Erythrocytes
Kamanina, N.V.1989 Optical homogeneity of light modulators of the type amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor-liquid crystal
 1990 Correction of phase aberrations by the holographic method using liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
 1992 Dynamic holographic recording in cholesteric additives
 1992 Operation characteristics of spatial light modulators with polymeric photoconductor layers for pulse recording and pulse voltage feeding
 1994 Effect of the initial tilt angle of the director of liquid-crystal molecules on the temporal characteristics of an electrooptical response of nematic liquid crystal cells
 1996 Study of the effect of levels of erythrocytes in a nematic liquid-crystal medium
 1996 Temporal characteristics of nematic mesomorphic cells with different orienting films
 1997 Alignment of Erythrocytes in Nematic Liquid Crystal Media with Different Dielectric Anisotropy
 1997 Complex studies of the process for reverse holographic recording in the organic photoconductor- liquid crystal structure
 1997 Correlation between speed, Resolution and Sensitivity of the Organic Photoconductor - Liquid Crystal System
 1997 Effect of optical limiting in the chiral liquid crystal -keto-cyanine system
 1997 Erythrocytes orientation in liquid crystal medium with variable values for optical and dielectric anisotropy
 1997 Influence of operating conditions and interface properties on dynamic characteristics of liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
 1997 Investigation of reversible writing of holographic grating in organic photoconductor - liquid crystal structure
 1997 Mechanism of acceleration of reversible processes of recording of holographic gratings in a polyimide liquid crystal system
 1997 Study of the dynamic characteristics of the polyimide- liquid crystal structure for optical data processing systems
 1998 Alignment of erythrocytes in nematic liquid crystal media with different dielectric anisotropy
 1998 Borrmann cells as optical switches
 1998 Characteristics of liquid-crystal spatial light modulators with different photosensitive layers
 1998 Correlation between speed, resolution and sensitivity of the organic photoconductor- liquid crystal system
Kamanina, N.V. (cont...)1998 Influence of solid - liquid crystal interface on characteristics of liquid crystal cells
 1998 Optical limitation effect in a cholesteric liquid crystal-fullerene system
 1998 Polyimides: New properties of xerographic, thermoplastic, and liquid-crystal structures
 1998 Study of special features of relaxation processes in the liquid - crystal Borman systems
 1999 Light-sensitive liquid-crystal spatial-time light modulator with polymer photoconductor for optical information processing
 1999 Optical limiting of laser radiation in dispersed liquid-crystal structures with fullerenes
 1999 Self-diffraction and relaxation in a resonant liquid crystal medium
 2004 Photoinduced phenomena in fullerene-doped PDLC: potentials for optoelectronic applications
 2005 Possible Transition of Fullerene-containing Nematic Liquid Crystal to Smectic Phase
 2006 Fullerene-doped dispersed liquid crystals as new effective structures to switch and modulate laser beam
 2007 Study of Dynamic and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Polyaniline-Fullerene-Liquid Crystal Structures
 2007 Study of the Photoconductive and Optical Limiting Processes in Organic Nanostructures
 2008 Laser-Induced Change in the Refractive Index in the Systems Based on Nanostructured Polyimide: Comparative Study with Other Photosensitive Structures
 2008 Photophysics of Organic Structures Doped with Nanoobjects: Optical Limiting, Switching and Laser Strength
Kamanina, Natalia V.1999 Comparative investigations on dynamic characteristics of optically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulators with photosensitive layers based on polyimide doped with dyes and fullerenes
 2000 Liquid crystal spatial light modulator with fullerene-dye-polyimide photosensitive layer
 2001 Fullerene-doped polymer-dispersed liquid crystals as effective materials for laser modulation and hologram recording
Kamanina, Natalie2004 Effective materials for display applications: fullerene-doped PDLC
Kamanina, Natalie V.1996 Effect of various alignment films on dynamic characteristics of LC spatial light modulators
 1997 Dynamic holography application for polyimide-liquid crystal structures investigation
 2004 Charge transfer complex influence on spectral, photoconductive, and nonlinear optical properties of pi-conjugated systems doped with fullerenes
 2004 Dynamic characteristics study of fullerene-doped LC SLM based on phthalocyanine nanocrystals
 2004 Photo-induced phenomena in fullerene-doped PDLC
 2005 New optical effects in liquid crystals: self-organization and dynamic characteristics of fullerene-doped nematic mesophase
Kamanina, Nataliya V.2005 Fullerene-dispersed nematic liquid crystal structures: dynamic characteristics and self-organization processes
Kamaras, Peter1996 Novel x-ray method for in situ determination of gelator strand structure: polymorphism of cholesteryl anthraquinone-2-carboxylate
Kamasa-Quashie, A.K.1993 Spin-rotation relaxation in C60
Kamase, Taketoshi1994 Pitch-based carbon or graphite fiber-reinforced thermosetting resin unidirectional prepregs with low basis weight and good surface uniformity
Kamashev, Dimitri E.2002 Comparative bending dynamics in DNA with and without regularly repeated adenine tracts
Kamat, Prashant V.2007 Porphyrin-Based Molecular Architectures for Light Energy Conversion
 2009 Nanotechnology for Next Generation Solar Cells
Kamat, V.B.1968 Physical studies of myelin I. Thermal analysis
 1969 Physical studies of myelin: II. Proton magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy
 1970 The interaction of cholesterol with the sterol free lipids of plasma membranes
 1972 Physical studies of egg yolk low density lipoprotein
Kamata, Akira1996 Optical compensation sheet, manufacture thereof, and liquid crystal display device using same
Kamata, Hiroshi1988 Heat-resistant wholly aromatic polyester and process for its production
 1989 Manufacture of heat- and impact-resistant polyesters
 1989 Preparation of aromatic polyesters
 1992 Heat-resistant liquid-crystalline aromatic polyesters and their manufacture
 1995 Liquid-crystalline polyesters exhibiting anisotropic melt and their manufacture
 1995 Polyamide-polyester liquid crystals and their preparation
 1996 Manufacture of liquid-crystalline polymers with high elasticity and less gas emission on molding
Kamata, K.2005 Enhancement of Surface-Relief Gratings Recorded on Amphiphilic Liquid-Crystalline Diblock Copolymer by Nanoscale Phase Separation
 2006 Optical Alignment and Patterning of Nanoscale Microdomains in a Block Copolymer Thin Film
Kamata, Kaori2005 Direct TEM observation of perpendicularly oriented nanocylinder structure in amphiphilic liquid crystalline block copolymer thin film
 2006 Alignment of self-organized nanocylinder array structure in amphiphilic liquid crystalline block copolymer film
 2006 Liquid crystal-assisted photo-triggered mass migration in liquid crystalline diblock copolymer
 2006 Nanopattern transcription on the surface of microphase-separated structure of block copolymer through domain-selective staining with RuO4 vapor
 2006 Synthesis, liquid-crystalline properties, and supramolecular nanostructures of dendronized poly(isocyanide)s and their precursors
 2007 Anisotropic Ion Conductivity in Liquid Crystalline Diblock Copolymer Membranes with Perpendicularly Oriented PEO Cylindrical Domains
 2007 In situ observation of sphere-cylinder transition of microphase separated films by temperature controlled AFM
 2007 Stable macroscopic nanocylinder arrays in an amphiphilic diblock liquid-crystalline copolymer with successive hydrogen bonds
 2008 Smart block copolymer masks with molecule-transport channels for total wet nanopatterning
Kamata, Mitsuji1990 Plasma-etching electrode
Kamata, Naoto2006 Pigment dispersants and their use in color filters
Kamata, T.2007 Highly Sensitive Organic Photo-FET Using Photosensitive Polymer Insulator
Kamata, Takeshi1992 Liquid-crystal display panel having transfer electrode
 1992 Liquid-crystal display panel having transfer electrode
 1995 Liquid crystal display panel and manufacture thereof
 1995 Manufacture of active matrix type liquid crystal display panel with improved wide-viewing-angles
 1996 Liquid crystal display panel with improved viewing angle characteristic and its manufacture
 1996 Method for sealing liquid-tight container and liquid-crystal display panel
Kamata, Toshihide2000 Preparation of thin film of layer structured bismuth iodide with a long chain alkylammonium and its nonlinear optical property
 2000 Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of thin film of gold iodide with stearylammonium
 2005 Printable organic TFT technologies for FPD applications
 2006 Importance of Semiconductor/Insulator Interface for Improving Transistor Properties of OFET
Kamata, Yoshitaka1997 Active matrix substrate for liquid crystal device
Kamatani, Hirokazu1995 Solid-State Polymerization of Diacetylene Microcrystals
Kamatani, Jun2001 Liquid crystal device functioning as organic electroluminescence device
 2002 Luminescence device
Kamath, Hundi1998 Method of making liquid - crystal light valve
Kamath, Hundi P.1993 Active-matrix liquid-crystal display and encapsulated liquid-crystal structure therefor
Kamath, Sudesh Y.2003 Evidence for dynamic heterogeneities in computer simulations of miscible polymer blends
Kamath, Utpala1989 Characterization of thermotropic state changes in myosin subfragment-1 and heavy meromyosin by UV difference spectroscopy
Kamath, V.M.1989 The determination of polymer relaxation moduli and memory functions using integral transforms
Kamatsu, Makoto1999 Pitch-based carbon fiber of high compressive strength prepared from synthetic isotropic pitch containing mesophase spheres
Kamaya, Hiroshi1979 Hydrophilic region of lecithin membranes studied by bromothymol blue and effects of an inhalation anesthetic, enflurane
 1986 Miscibility of phosphatidylcholine binary mixtures in unilamellar vesicles: phase equilibria
 1989 Differential affinity of charged local anesthetics to solid-gel and liquid-crystalline states of dimyristoylphosphatidic acid vesicle membranes
 1992 Alcohol interaction with high entropy states of macromolecules: critical temperature hypothesis for anesthesia cutoff
Kamaye, M.1989 Solidified in blue phases in a polysiloxane mesophase
 1990 Biphases, blue phases, and shapes of nucleation
 1990 Biphases, blue phases, and shapes of nucleation
 1991 Quenched blue phase, below the glass transition of a side chain polysiloxane: electron microscope studies
 1992 Enhanced smectic polymorphism of a cholesteric side chain co-oligosiloxane by blending with small molecule liquid crystals
 1992 First observations of a spiral instability at the smectic A-cholesteric transition under an electric field
 1992 First Observations of a Spiral Instability at the Smectic A-Cholesteric Transition under Electric Field
 1992 Smectic A-cholesteric transition in a side chain cooligomer-CE1 blend: a particular confined geometry for the TGB phase?
 1992 Smectic A-Cholesteric Transition in a Side Chain Cooligomer-CE1 blend: A Particular Confined Geometry for the TGB Phase
Kambara, Hajime1999 Method of producing synthetic fibers and synthetic fibers with high strength and high elastic modulus
Kambara, Takaki2007 Synthesis of Random Copolymers of Pyrrole and Aniline by Chemical Oxidative Polymerization
Kambara, Takeshi1984 Effect of the gel-liquid crystal transition on the lipid-preference of protein in lipid bilayer membranes
 1993 A model for self-sustained potential oscillation of lipid bilayer membranes induced by the gel- liquid crystal phase transitions
 1994 Chaos in the model of repetitive phase transitions with hysteresis: application to the self-sustained potential oscillations of lipid-bilayer membranes induced by gel-liquid-crystal phase transitions
Kambayashi, Takuya2005 Organic Field-effect Transistor Based on Biphenyl Substituted TTF
 2006 Syntheses and Properties of Oligothiophenes with Cyano and Hexyl Groups
Kambe, Hirotaro1974 Melting behavior of some oligomers of heterocyclic polymers by differential scanning calorimetry
Kambe, Nobuaki2009 Synthesis of Organic-Soluble Conjugated Polyrotaxanes by Polymerization of Linked Rotaxanes
Kambe, Sadao1975 Biphenyls
 1975 p-Alkylphenyl p-cyanobenzoates for use as liquid crystals
 1975 p-Cyanophenyl p-alkylbenzoates for use as liquid crystals
Kamberaj, H.2002 Numerical Prediction of Helical Twisting Power for Chiral Dopants Using the Scaled Chiral Index
 2005 Molecular Structure and Helical Twisting Power
Kamberaj, Hiqmet2004 Helical twisting power and chirality indices
 2005 Some Calculations of Molecular Chirality
Kambili, A.2003 Temperature and field dependence of the mobility of highly ordered conjugated polymer films
Kamburova, R.S.2004 Resonant scattering of nonlinear Schrödinger solitons from potential wells
Kamchatnov, A.M.2002 Asymptotic soliton train solutions of the defocusing nonlinear Schrödinger equation
 2003 Soliton propagation in a medium with Kerr nonlinearity and resonant impurities: A variational approach
Kameda, Masaaki1996 Polycrystalline semiconductive films and solar cells and TFTs for liquid-crystal display devices using them
 1996 Semiconductor devices and liquid-crystal panels using same
Kameda, Takashi1985 Hydroreforming of heavy ends from ethylene manufacture
 1986 Carbon composites for electrodes
 1986 Graphite-base plates
 1986 Graphite-base plates
 1986 Manufacture of graphite formed bodies
 1986 Manufacture of graphite formed bodies
 1987 Gas-impermeable graphite molded articles
 1987 Manufacture of carbon composite raw material
 1987 Manufacture of gas-impermeable carbon plates
 1989 Granulation of carbonaceous, pulverulent materials by spray drying, and the manufacture of self-sintering pulverulent carbonaceous materials
 1991 Manufacture of pitch-containing compositions
 1993 Crack formation prevention in the carbonization of molded articles
 1995 Manufacture of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters for moldings with improved heat resistance
 1995 Manufacture of thermotropic liquid-crystal polyesters
 1995 Manufacture of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters
Kameda, Takumi2002 Control of liquid-crystalline properties by base pairing of adenine and thymine
Kameda, Tomohito2009 Recovery of indium from In2O3 and liquid crystal display powder via a chloride volatilization process using polyvinyl chloride
Kamee, Hiroyuki2000 Spontaneous formation of a chiral structure in an achiral banana-shaped molecular system
 2001 First Observation of Thermotropic Cholesteric Liquid Crystal in Helical Polysilane
 2002 Well-Defined Phase Sequence Including Cholesteric, Smectic A, and Columnar Phases Observed in a Thermotropic LC System of Simple Rigid-Rod Helical Polysilane
Kamegaya, Takeo1992 Fluorescent lamp for liquid-crystal panel backlight
Kamei, E.1988 Dynamic measurements on polymer liquid crystals. Solutions of poly(1,4-phenylene-2,6-benzobisthiazole)
Kamei, Eiichi1985 Dynamic measurements on polymer liquid crystals. Aqueous solutions of hydroxypropyl cellulose
 1988 Dynamic measurements on polymer liquid crystals. II. Thermotropic mesophase of hydroxypropyl cellulose
 1990 Dynamic viscoelasticity of thermotropic liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives
 1991 Dynamic viscoelasticity of thermotropic liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives (abstract)
 1991 Injection molding of liquid-crystalline polymer
 1992 Injection molding of liquid-crystalline polymer (abstract)
Kamei, H.1983 9th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sapporo
 1983 Boundary dependence of the formation of new phase at the isotropic-nematic transition
 1984 Measurement of director orientation at the nematic-isotropic interface using a substrate-nucleated nematic film
 1984 Role of surface adsorption in the surface-induced alignment of nematic liquid crystals on evaporated silicon monoxide films
 1985 Deformations of a planar nematic-isotropic interface in uniform and nonuniform electric fields
 1987 Temperature dependence of the anchoring strength at a nematic liquid crystal-evaporated silicon monoxide interface
Kamei, Hirokazu1992 Liquid crystal display using silicon nitride spacer
Kamei, Hiroshi1992 Increasing the birefringence of a nematic liquid - crystal composition, such a composition, and an electrooptical system containing the composition
Kamei, Hirotake1972 Photovoltaic effect in the nematic liquid crystal
 1975 Nuclear spin relaxation in liquid crystals
 1977 Some properties of lyotropic liquid crystals. Biological aspects
 1979 Molecular dynamics in lyotropic mesophases studied by sodium-23 NMR and ESR
 1982 Effect of substrate surfaces on the formation of nematic phase at the isotropic -> nematic transition
 1982 The influence of composition and counterion concentration on the formation of liquid crystalline phases in amphiphilic systems
 1983 Temperature-controlled microscope with millidegree stability
 1987 Substituent and solvent effects on electronic absorption spectra and thermal isomerization of push-pull-substituted cis-azobenzenes
Kamei, Hiroyuki2005 Natural 3D display with 128 directional images used for human-engineering evaluation
 2006 Development of 128-directional 3D display system
Kamei, Kazuhito1998 Graphite powders for secondary battery anodes
 1999 Graphite powders, their manufacture, their use in anode materials for secondary lithium ion batteries, and the batteries
Kamei, M.1990 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals with a fluorinated asymmetric frame. 1
 1998 Uniformity improvement in dc magnetron sputtering deposition on a large area substrate
Kamei, Masanao1987 Fluoroalkane derivatives useful in liquid-crystal compositions
 1987 Optically active fluoroalkanols for liquid crystal compositions
 1987 Optically active phenyl or biphenyl compounds having fluoro group on their asymmetric carbon and liquid-crystal composition containing them
 1988 Fluoroalkane derivative compounds and liquid crystal compositions therefrom
 1988 Fluoroalkyl p-benzoxybenzoate derivatives as liquid crystal components and their compositions containing them
 1988 Liquid crystal compounds and their compositions and devices
 1988 Mesomorphic compounds and liquid-crystal compositions and devices containing them
 1988 Optically active compounds and liquid-crystal compositions therefrom
 1988 Optically-active 2-fluoroalkanoic acids and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Optically active compounds and liquid-crystal compsitions and devices containing them
 1989 Optically active compounds their preparation, and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
Kamei, Masano1988 Fluoroalkane derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal devices using the compositions
Kamei, Mitsuhiro1997 Magnetron sputtering apparatus for liquid crystal display fabrication
 1998 Active matrix-type liquid crystal display having decreased specific resistance and film stress of drain and gate circuits
 1999 Sputtering apparatus using mobile magnetic field and plasma in form of racetrack
Kamei, S.1992 Solidification from supercooled melt under microgravity
Kamei, Sachiyo1993 Kinetic feature of nematic phase polymerization of diacetylenes
Kamei, Seiji1999 Manufacture of semiconductor devices for liquid crystal displays
 1999 Process for manufacture of SOG insulating film between layers for liquid crystal display
 2000 Manufacture of liquid crystal display devices
Kamei, T.2004 Dielectric permittivity measurements of liquid crystal in the microwave and millimeter wave ranges
Kamei, Tatsuo1995 Liquid crystal display apparatus
 1995 Liquid crystal display free of driving voltage decay caused by capacity change
 1999 Active matrix-type liquid crystal display generating little flickering
Kamei, Toshihisa2002 Dielectric permittivity measurements of liquid crystal using inductive coupled ring resonator in microwave range
 2002 Fundamental properties of liquid crystal in microwave and millimeter wave range
 2005 Birefringence of Nematic Liquid Crystal in Microwave and Light Wave Region
 2005 Measurement Methods of Nematic Liquid Crystal Response Time
 2005 Microwave Phase Shifter with Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Having Large Tilt Angle
 2006 Analysis of microwave variable delay line of coplanar wave guide using ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2006 High speed microwave variable phase shifter using ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2006 Microwave High-Speed Liquid Crystal Devices using CPW with Floating Electrode
 2007 Fast-Switching Microwave Phase Shifter of Coplanar Waveguide Using Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2007 Microwave variable phase shifter of coplanar waveguide with float electrode using ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2008 Microwave Variable Phase Shifter of Coplanar Waveguide Using Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2009 Comparison of Microwave Measurements and Theoretical Calculations of Dielectric Birefringence for a Liquid Crystal Loaded CPW-FE Phase Shifter
 2010 Microwave and light-wave measurements for nematic-liquid-crystal-loaded phase shifter using coplanar waveguide with floating electrode
Kamei, Yoichiro1997 Color filter for liquid-crystal display element
 1997 Color resist containing polyaniline and color filter
 1997 Liquid crystal display color filter
 1998 Photo-curing colored composition useful in production of color filters and color separation filters
 1999 Colored photocurable composition for manufacture of color filter of liquid-crystal display
Kamejima, Taibun1994 Molecular orientation of polyimide films for liquid crystal alignment studied by infrared dichroism
Kamenchuck, L.M.1981 The x-ray studies of a crystalline structure of bis(4-p-hexyloxybenzal)-1,4-phenylenediamine and its polymorphic smectic mesophases
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 1993 New liquid crystal compound: (+)-4-alkoxycarbonylphenyl 4-[5-(2-methylbutyl)-1,3-oxathian-2-yl]benzoate
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 1990 New optically active liquid crystal compounds: (+)-4-alkoxyphenyl 4-[5-(2-methylbutyl)-1,3-oxathian-2-yl]benzoates
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 1991 Synthesis of mesomorphic aryl esters bearing a pyridine ring
 1992 1,3-Dioxane liquid crystal compounds having a terminal chiral group
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 1998 Polymer film liquid crystal display
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 1997 Novel Thermotropic Liquid Crystals without a Rigid Core Formed by Amphiphiles Having Phosphonium Ions
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