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Badalyan, N.N.1983 Determination of higher moments of the distribution function and molecular parameters of nematic liquid crystals by active Raman spectroscopy
 1985 Temperature dependence of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility of the nematic liquid crystal MBBA
 1987 Nonlinear thermal reflection of light in a nematic liquid crystal
Badano, Aldo2001 Characterization of crosstalk in high-resolution active matrix liquid crystal displays for medical imaging
 2002 Luminance effects on display resolution and noise
 2003 Effect of viewing angle on visual detection in liquid crystal displays
 2006 Human efficiency for detecting Gaussian signals in non-Gaussian distributed lumpy backgrounds using different display characteristics and scaling methods
 2006 Precision of gray level response time measurements of medical liquid crystal display
 2006 Temporal response measurements of medical liquid crystal displays
 2007 Accurate color measurement methods for medical displays
 2007 Characterization of mobile display systems for use in medical imaging
 2007 Effect of slow display on stack-mode reading of volumetric image datasets using an anthropomorphic observer
 2008 Assessment of temporal display using observers
 2008 Display methods for adjustable grayscale and luminance depth
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Badelin, V.G.2008 Influence of side groups structure of amino acids on their thermochemical characteristics of dissolution in aqueous-alcohol solutions
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 2008 Regression analysis of sublimation enthalpies of amino carboxylic acids
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 2006 Liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display system comprising a plurality of such liquid crystal displays
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 2007 Electrochemical Surface Plasmon Resonance Investigation of Dodecyl Sulfate Adsorption to Electroactive Self-Assembled Monolayers via Ion-Pairing Interactions
 2008 Spatial variation in the molecular tilt orientational order within the solid domains of phase-separated, mixed dialkylphosphatidylcholine monolayers
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Badyal, Yaspal S.2003 Cage diffusion in liquid mercury
Bae, Ah-Hyun2005 Rational Design and Creation of Novel Polymeric Superstructures by Oxidative Polymerization Utilizing Anionic Templates
 2005 Schizophyllan Acts as a One-dimensional Host to Accommodate 5,10,15,20-Tetrakis(4-carboxyphenyl)porphyrinatozinc Acetate to Produce Its Fibrous Superstructure
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Bae, Byong-song1995 TFT and manufacturing method thereof for liquid crystal displays
Bae, Byung-seong1998 Liquid-crystal display device having common electrode with portions removed at thin film transistors
 1999 Thin-film transistor display device having coplanar gate and drain lines
Bae, Hong-gi1998 Pressure-Induced Crystal Polymorph of Thermotropic Polyesters Composed of p,p'-Bibenzoic Acid and Penta- and Hexamethylene Diols
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Bae, J.W.2000 Application of photoluminescence phosphors to a phosphor-liquid crystal display
Bae, Jang K.1996 New angular multiplexing method for image storage in BaTiO3
Bae, Ji-Hong2007 Dependence of Cell Gap on Anisotropic Phase Separation of Liquid Crystal and Polymer Composites
 2007 Stability Enhanced Flexible Liquid Crystal Display Based on a Micro-Structure
Bae, Jin-Hyuk2007 Fabrication of Organic Thin-Film Transistors Based on High Dielectric Nanocomposite Insulators
 2007 The Photo Cross-Linking Effect of a Polymeric Insulator on an Organic Thin-Film Transistor
Bae, Jin-Young1997 Formation of organized structures through variation in molecular architecture and chemical composition
 1998 Induction of Smectic Layering in Nematic Liquid Crystals Using Immiscible Components. 2. Laterally Attached Side-Chain Liquid - Crystalline Poly(norbornene)s and Their Low-Molar-Mass Analogs with Hydrocarbon/Oligodimethylsilox ane Substituents
 2000 Synthesis and characterization of oxyethylene copolymers with phenyl and/or 4,4'-biphenyl structural units in the backbone
 2005 Negatively Charged Ultrafine Black Particles of P(MMA-co-EGDMA) by Dispersion Polymerization for Electrophoretic Displays
 2005 Structural inversion in 3-D hexagonal organization of coil-rod-coil molecule
 2006 Ordered nanostructures from the self-assembly of reactive coil-rod-coil molecules
Bae, Jong Hoon2006 Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
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Bae, Jongsuck1997 Refractive index of nematic liquid crystals in the submillimeter wave region
Bae, Joonwon2002 Cure Behavior of the Liquid-Crystalline Epoxy/Carbon Nanotube System and the Effect of Surface Treatment of Carbon Fillers on Cure Reaction
 2003 A study on the effect of surface treatment of carbon nanotubes for liquid crystalline epoxide-carbon nano tube composites
 2004 Fabrication of polymer nanofibers and carbon nanofibers by using a salt-assisted microemulsion polymerization
Bae, Jung Jun2008 Electrokinetic elongation and subsequent dispersion of carbon nanotubes in liquid crystal medium
 2008 The study of physical properties and their effect on electro-optical characteristics of nematic liquid crystal doped with carbon nano tubes
 2009 Carbon Nanotube Effects on Electro-Optic Characteristics of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cells
Bae, K.Y.2006 Hybrid Double Wall Nanotube of Conducting Polymer and Magnetic Nickel
Bae, Kwang-Soo2008 Photonics and flexible display applications of phase-separated liquid crystals
 2009 Electro-optical characteristics of omnidirectional liquid crystal domain mode using doughnut-shaped slit electrodes
 2009 Fabrication of Single Substrate Flexible Twisted Nematic LC Cell Using a Photo-Polymer Cover Film
 2009 Novel bonding technologies for flexible LCDs with mechanical stability under the pressing and bending deformation
Bae, Kyung-Hoon2005 A new configuration of LCD projectors for polarized stereoscopic projection with improved light efficiency
Bae, S.C.2000 The effect of back channel hydrogen plasma treatment on the electrical characteristics of amorphous thin film transistors
Bae, Seong-Chan2006 Field Emission Characteristics of an Oxidized Porous Polysilicon Using Thermal Oxidation and Electrochemical Oxidation
Bae, Seong-Youl2000 Preparation of Indium-Tin Oxide Particles in Shear-Induced Multilamellar Vesicles (Spherulites) as Chemical Reactors
Bae, Seung-Sung1999 LCD (liquid crystal display) and manufacture of LCD in process characterized by formation of electric capacitor region in thin film transistor (TFT) in picture element
Bae, Song-Ja1989 The effects of calcium channel blocking drugs on the thermotropic behavior of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine
 1993 The effects of the p-nitrophenyl esters of the even-numbered fatty acids from caproic (C6) to stearic (C18) on the main phase transition of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine
Bae, Sung Chul2005 Chemical Imaging in a Surface Forces Apparatus: Confocal Raman Spectroscopy of Confined Poly(dimethylsiloxane)
 2008 PDMS Melts on Mica Studied by Confocal Raman Scattering
 2009 Biomolecular Science of Liposome-Nanoparticle Constructs
Bae, Sung Joon2001 Position sensing Liquid crystal display and method for fabricating the same
Bae, Sung Sik2002 Method for manufacturing a Liquid crystal display using a selective etching method
 2002 Method for manufacturing a TFT-LCD using carbon fluoride and hydrogen etching gas for etching organic insulator
Bae, Sung-sik1998 Liquid-crystal display device and method for fabrication in which the gate electrode is formed from two layers having differing widths
 2002 Liquid crystal display device substrate and method for manufacturing thereof
Bae, Woo-Sung2001 Comparison of liquid crystalline properties of dimeric compounds of different skeletal shapes
Bae, Y.C.2001 Phase behaviour of nematic liquid crystal/hyperbranched polymer systems
Bae, Y.H.2006 Fabrication of Cu/Co bilayer gate electrodes using selective chemical vapor deposition and soft lithographic patterning
Bae, You-Seok1999 Optical CDMA System Using Bacteriorhodopsin for Optical Data Storage
Bae, Young Chan1999 Phase behaviour of nematic liquid crystal/linear polymer systems. Applicability of the extended Flory-Huggins theory
 2000 Phase behaviors of nematic liquid crystal/linear polymer systems: Effect of specific interactions
 2001 Phase behaviors of smectic-A liquid crystal/linear polymer systems
 2002 Phase Behavior of Nematic Liquid Crystal/Star-Polymer Systems
 2006 Nematic-isotropic phase behaviors of polydisperse polymer/liquid-crystal systems: Chain-length-dependent interaction parameter
Bae, Young-dawn2003 Glare shielding device of welding helmet and method of controlling the same
Bae, Yu-Han2005 Fast Response Characteristics in Liquid Crystal Display in Operating Mode of the Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2005 Residual DC Characteristic on Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display on the Polyimide Surface by the Thermal Stress
Bae, Yun-Ju2009 Color tuning of perylene based lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal
 2009 Synthesis of new chiral chromonic lyotropic liquid crystal based on perylenebis(dicarboximide)
Baeger, H.1980 Spezifische Probleme bei der Einführung von Flüssigkristallanzeigen zur Automobil- Instrumentierung
 1981 Vergleich von TN-Zellen in Positiv- und Negativdarstellung für die Kfz-Instrumentierung
 1982 Elektro-Optische Eigenschaften von TN-Zellen mit dichroitischen Farbstoffen
Baehr-Jones, Thomas2004 Liquid-crystal electric tuning of a photonic crystal laser
 2004 Mode matching interface for efficient coupling of light into planar photonic crystals
Baehr-Jones, Tom2004 Liquid crystal electric tuning of a photonic crystal laser
Baehr, C.1990 Fractal Analysis of a Discotic Texture
 1990 New Discotic Phases Displayed by Doped Main Chain Polymers
 1990 New Monomeric and Polymeric Electron Acceptors for Liquid Crystalline Charge Transfer Complexes
 1991 Induction of a nematic columnar phase in a discotic hexagonal ordered phase forming system
 1991 Structure and properties of liquid-crystalline polymers with complex architecture
 1992 Structure formation in doped discotic polymers and low molar mass model systems
Baehr, Christoph1991 Discotic charge transfer complexes: influence of acceptor main-chain polymers on structure and mesophase behavior of 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexapentyloxytriphenylene
Baek, Bong Jin2002 Reflective LCD Using a Chiral Homeotropic Mode for High Contrast Ratio and Low Voltage Driving
Baek, Bum-Ki2003 Thin film transistor array panels for a Liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
Baek, Chang Suk2006 Synthesis and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Novel Y-type Polyimides with Highly Enhanced Thermal Stability of Second Harmonic Generation
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 2007 A study of the dynamic properties of liquid crystals near the alignment layer by using the total internal reflection method
Baek, Heum-Il1998 Design of reflectors for reflective LCDs
 1999 Design and fabrication of a reflective bistable TN LCD
 1999 Fabrication of holographic reflector for reflective LCD
 2004 Transflective Liquid crystal display having reflective and transmissive mode parity
Baek, Heume-Il2004 Reflective Liquid crystal display device
 2005 Minimization of color shift generated in RGBW quad structure.
 2006 Device for heading for a liquid crystal display as well as control procedure using the same
Baek, Il Woong2007 Electrospinning of Polycarbonate/Tetrapyrazinoindoloporphyrazine Composite Fibers
Baek, In-Cheol2006 Phase Transition and Critical Dynamics in Site-Diluted Josephson-Junction Arrays
Baek, J.J.2004 Synthesis of dopant with phenothiazine moiety and polymer electroluminescence device properties
Baek, Jehoon2008 Multi-Color Electrochromic Device Based on Organic Electrochromic Materials
Baek, Ji-Woong2008 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal devices using highly conducting polymers as electrodes
Baek, Jong-Beom2004 Synthesis and photoluminescence of linear and hyperbranched polyethers containing phenylquinoxaline units and flexible aliphatic spacers
 2007 Nanocomposites Derived from a Low-Color Aromatic Polyimide (CP2) and Amine-Functionalized Vapor-Grown Carbon Nanofibers: In Situ Polymerization and Characterization
Baek, Jong-In2006 Pixel-isolation walls of liquid crystal display formed by fluorinated UV-curable polymers
 2007 Dual-mode switching of a liquid crystal panel for viewing angle control
 2007 Initially pi-twisted nematic liquid crystal cell stabilized by a fluorinated polymer wall
 2008 Viewing Angle Control of a Fringe-Field Switching Cell by Electrical Tilting of Liquid Crystal
 2009 Optical Design of a Normally-Black Twisted-Nematic Liquid Crystal Mode with Achromatic Dark State
 2009 Viewing Angle Control of a Hybrid-Aligned Liquid Crystal Display
 2010 Omni-directional viewing-angle switching through control of the beam divergence angle in a liquid crystal panel
 2010 Polymer-networked liquid crystal cell for omni-directional viewing-angle switching
Baek, Kangkyun2005 Anion-directed self-organization of thermotropic liquid crystalline materials containing a guanidinium moiety
Baek, Kyung Youl2009 Effect of Molecular Weight on the Mechanical and Optical Properties of Triacetyl Cellulose Films for LCD Applications
Baek, M.-G.2000 Design and Synthesis of Novel Glycopolythiophene Assemblies for Colorimetric Detection of Influenza Virus and E. coli
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 1993 Rheological differences among liquid-crystalline polymers. I. The first and second normal stress differences of PBG solutions
 1994 Rheological differences among liquid-crystalline polymers. II. Disappearance of negative N1 in densely packed lyotropes and thermotropes
 1994 Shear-Induced Textures in the Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) (PBLG)
Baek, Se Joon2006 Liquid crystal display device with bubble trap
Baek, Seong Gi1993 Normal stress differences in liquid-crystalline hydroxypropyl cellulose solutions
Baek, Seung-Jong2004 Onset of synchronization in systems of globally coupled chaotic maps
Baek, Seungin2002 Independently Tunable Long Period Fiber Gratings Cladded with a Liquid Crystal
 2006 Liquid-Crystal-Cladding Fiber Bragg Gratings with Electrically Controllable Polarization-Dependent Characteristics
Baek, Sung-il2009 Large-Scale Soft Colloidal Template Synthesis of 1.4 nm Thick CdSe Nanosheets
Baek, Young-Ki2007 Spatial optical modulator (SOM): high-density diffractive laser projection display
Baek, Young Sang2001 Fabricating bump electrodes in packaging semiconductor devices
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 1996 Classification of homogeneous ethylene-octene copolymers based on comonomer content
 1998 Classification of ethylene-styrene interpolymers based on comonomer content
 1998 Classification of ethylene-styrene interpolymers based on comonomer content
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 1999 Relationship of hierarchical structure to mechanical properties
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