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Kai, Shoichi1990 Local transition to turbulence in electrohydrodynamic convection
 1992 Phase-slip dynamics in one-dimensional distributed systems
 1992 Secondary instabilities in electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Transient bimodality in turbulence-1-turbulence-2 transition in electrohydrodynamic convection in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Structural transition and motion of domain walls in liquid crystal under a rotating magnetic field
 1996 Molecular alignments in liquid crystal mixtures of 8CB with 10CB determined by scanning tunneling microscopy
 1996 Pattern Forming Instability in Homeotropically Aligned Liquid Crystals
 1997 Dynamical aspects of spatiotemporal chaos at the onset of electroconvection in homeotropic nematics
 1997 Dynamics of Eckhaus modes in one-dimensional electroconvection patterns in nematics
 1997 Formation and dynamics of convective pattern in homeotropic system of nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Mixture alignments on graphite substrates in cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals observed using scanning tunneling microscopy
 1997 Observation of alignments in mixtures of cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals on molybdenum disulfide substrate by scanning tunneling microscope
 1997 Physics of dissipative structure in liquid crystals
 1997 Scanning tunneling microscope observation of mixture arrangements on graphite substrates in cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
 1997 Soft-mode turbulence in electrohydrodynamic convection of a homeotropically aligned nematic layer
 1998 Transition properties of the soft-mode turbulence in the homeotropic electroconvection superimposing magnetic fields
 1999 Formation scenarios for nonlinear patterns in electro-convection under controlling Goldstone modes in magnetic field
 1999 Molecular alignment in monolayers of mixtures of cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals on MoS2 substrate
 1999 Molecular dynamics simulation of CB series liquid crystals on HOPG
 1999 New scenario to spatio-temporal chaos in normal rolls regime with magnetic field in electroconvection of homeotropic nematics
Kai, Shoichi (cont...)1999 Pattern formation in electroconvection of nematics under spatially-periodic force
 1999 Systematic study of odd-even effect in molecular alignments of cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals with scanning tunneling microscope. I. Experimental observation
 2000 Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals - Now and Future
 2000 Pattern formation of chevrons in the conduction regime in homeotropically aligned liquid crystals
 2001 Nonlinear transport and anomalous brownian motion in soft-mode turbulence
 2001 Prewavy pattern: a director-modulation structure in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 A Periodic Director Structure of Nematic Liquid Crystals in a High-Frequency Electric Field
 2002 Prewavy instability of nematic liquid crystals in a high-frequency electric field
 2003 Birefringence measurement of liquid single crystal elastomer swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystal
 2003 Electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals in Hele-Shaw cells
 2004 Formation of a defect lattice in electroconvection of nematics
 2004 Hystereses of volume changes in liquid single crystal elastomers swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystal
 2004 New characteristics of electrohydrodynamic instability in a nematic liquid crystal doped with a cholesteric one
 2004 Swelling dynamics of liquid crystal elastomers swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystals
 2005 Temperature dependence of electromechanical effects in a swollen poly domain liquid crystalline elastomer
 2006 Control Parameter Dependence of Spatial Domain Structures in Soft-Mode Turbulence
 2006 Electrooptical effects of swollen polydomain liquid crystal elastomers
 2006 Thermo-mechanical properties of tri-functionally crosslinked liquid single crystal elastomers
 2007 Electromechanical and Electrooptical Effects of Liquid Crystal Elastomers Swollen with a Low Molecular Weight Liquid Crystal
 2007 Shape anisotropy and optical birefringence measurements of dry and swollen liquid single crystal elastomers
Kai, Shoichi (cont...)2007 Trifunctionally Cross-Linked Liquid Single Crystal Elastomers: Swelling Dynamics and Electromechanical Effects
 2008 Multifunctional liquid crystal elastomers: Large electromechanical and electro-optical effects
 2008 Order-Disorder Phase Transition in a Chaotic System
 2009 Main Chain Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers: Swelling Dynamics and Electromechanical Effects
Kai, Shouichi1976 Fluctuation of the transmitted-intensity of light in the nematic liquid crystal
Kai, Stoichi2006 Periodic defect structure and controlling spatiotemporal chaos in electro-convection in liquid crystals
Kai, Takanobu1996 Manufacture of anisotropic electroconductive film and liquid crystal display panel using same
Kai, Takashi1991 Nonlinear optical material and nonlinear optical device
 1991 Polymer liquid crystal compositions and thermooptical imaging elements containing them
 1999 Friction materials, oscillators and apparatus using them
Kai, Tominori1991 Manufacture of mesophase carbon microbeads from coal-tar pitch
 1993 Manufacture of fine carbon powder
Kai, Toshinori1998 Controlling the selective light reflection of a cholesteric liquid crystal of (hydroxypropyl)cellulose by electrical stimulation
Kai, Tsuyoshi1977 The current density in the electrohydrodynamic instability in a nematic liquid crystal
Kai, Yukiko2008 Two-component liquid crystals as chiral reaction media: highly enantioselective photodimerization of an anthracene derivative driven by the ordered microenvironment
Kaida, Kazuya2000 Method for treating waste liquid crystal display panels for decreasing the volume of waste liquid crystals
 2000 Treatment of waste liquid crystal display panels
Kaida, Yoshimasa2004 a-SiGe:H and a-SiGeC:H black-matrix films for Liquid Crystal Displays
Kaida, Yuriko2007 Surface allignment control of liquid crystalline polymer films fabricated by coating
Kaidel, J.2004 Periodic orbit theory for the Hénon-Heiles system in the continuum region
 2004 Semiclassical trace formulas for pitchfork bifurcation sequences
Kaidi, H.2004 Statistical mechanics of a colloidal suspension in contact with a fluctuating membrane
Kaido, Akira1990 Liquid crystalline polymer spherical granules and their manufacture
 1993 Liquid crystalline polymer sheets
Kaido, Akiza1995 Morphology of polymer/liquid crystal blends
Kaido, Hideki1997 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries using carbonaceous anodes and their manufacture
Kaieda, Osamu1998 Photosensitive resin composition for color filter preparation
Kaige, Wang1989 Phase dynamics of transverse diffraction patterns in the laser
Kaihara, Miko1989 New characterization technique for pitches by FT-IR spectroscopy
Kaihara, Tsutomu1989 Graphite fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
Kaiho, A.2001 Holographic Storage in Photoresponsive Crosslinked Polymer-Liquid Crystals Composites
Kaiho, Aki1998 Photogeneration and modification of birefringence in crosslinked films of liquid crystal/polymer composites
 1998 Photogeneration of birefringence of liquid crystal /polymer composites
 1999 Photochemistry determined by light propagation. 3. Three-dimensional orientational photocontrol of liquid-crystalline molecules in photoresponsive polymer networks
 2001 Photocontrol of alignment of liquid-crystalline molecules in photoresponsive polymer networks
Kaiho, Akira1999 Optical recording device
Kaihua, S.2003 Effect of photopolymerization and photocrosslink on the photochromic behavior of a hybrid system composed of chalcone-epoxy compound
Kailas, Lekshmi2007 A Real-Time Study of Homogeneous Nucleation, Growth, and Phase Transformations in Nanodroplets of Low Molecular Weight Isotactic Polypropylene Using AFM
Kailath, Thomas1993 Automated direct patterned-wafer inspection
Kain, J.1997 Phase Transitions beween Lamellar and Columnar Phases in Tetracatenar Compounds
 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 A three-dimensional mesophase with rhombohedral structure formed by double-swallow-tailed compounds
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 One-, two- and three dimensional structures in thermotropic liquid crystals
 2002 Molecular Design of Non-Conventional Mesophase Forming Materials
Kain, Jens1999 Design of new mesogenic block molecules: formation of columnar mesophases by calamitic bolaamphiphiles with lateral lipophilic substituents
 2000 Butterfly-mesogens: para-cyclophane based macrocyclic metallomesogens forming smectic and columnar liquid crystalline phases
 2000 Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystalline phases of rigid aromatic amphiphiles
 2001 Design of Liquid Crystalline Block Molecules with Nonconventional Mesophase Morphologies: Calamitic Bolaamphiphiles with Lateral Alkyl Chains
 2001 Evidence for the existence of the McMillan phase in a binary system of a metallomesogen and 2,4,7-trinitrofluorenone
 2003 Calamitic Bolaamphiphiles with (Semi)Perfluorinated Lateral Chains: Polyphilic Block Molecules with New Liquid Crystalline Phase Structures
 2003 Molecular design at the calamitic/discotic cross-over point. Mononuclear ortho-metallated mesogens based on the combination of rod-like phenylpyrimidines and -pyridines with bent or half-disc-shaped diketonates
 2004 A Generalized Model for the Molecular Arrangement in the Columnar Mesophases of Polycatenar Mesogens. Crystal and Molecular Structure of Two Hexacatenar Mesogens
Kaindl, R.A.2001 Coherently controlled shaping of ultrafast electric field-transients in the mid-infrared
Kaino, T.1990 Second order nonlinear optical properties of polymers containing mesogenic side chains
 1991 Thermal transition behavior and second nonlinear optical properties of polymers containing mesogenic side chains
 2003 Growth of organic crystal thin film by a new method--rectangular heater heated pedestal growth method
Kaino, Toshikuni1988 Secondary harmonic generating optical materials
 1989 Thermotropic liquid crystal polymer nonlinear optical material
 2010 Anchoring energy of photo-sensitive polyimide alignment film containing methoxy cinnamate
Kainosho, M.1978 Chainlength dependence of the 1H NMR relaxation rates in bilayer vesicles
Kainosho, Masatsune2000 The NMR Structure of a DNA Dodecamer in an Aqueous Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase
Kainova, L.P.1983 Synthesis and study of mesomorphic esters of p-alkoxyazobenzenecarboxylic acids
Kaise, Chihiro2002 Vesicles formation of double-chain cationic surfactants with different chain-lengths in deep sea water
 2005 Preparation and characteristics of arginine oleate liquid crystal holding a large amount of water
Kaise, Kikuo1996 Liquid crystal display panel color filter used for projector
 2000 Fabrication of thin-film transistor for active-matrix liquid-crystal display
 2001 Liquid crystal display
Kaise, M.1990 Surface structures of a ferroelectric liquid crystal on graphite observed by scanning tunneling microscopy
Kaise, Yasuyoshi1997 Display apparatus having two-terminal device including zinc sulfide layer and method for producing the same
Kaiser, A.B.2004 Charge Transport in Conducting Polymers: Polyacetylene Nanofibres
Kaiser, Andreas2009 Magnetoactive liquid crystal elastomer nanocomposites
Kaiser, F.2002 Method for detecting the signature of noise-induced structures in spatiotemporal data sets
 2003 Dynamic counterpropagating vector solitons in saturable self-focusing media
 2003 Influence of spatiotemporally correlated noise on structure formation in excitable media
Kaiser, M.1993 Amplitude equations for the electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals
Kaiser, Marcus2004 Spatial growth of real-world networks
Kaiser, P.1990 Orientierungsrelaxation in der isotropen und in der nematischen Phase eines Flüssigkristalls
 1992 Stability and instability of an uniaxial alignment against biaxial distortions in the isotropic and nematic phases of liquid crystals
Kaiser, R.2004 Saturation-induced coherence loss in coherent backscattering of light
 2006 Self-Sustained Oscillations in a Large Magneto-Optical Trap
Kaiser, Ralf I.2004 Infrared spectroscopic detection of the disilenyl (Si2H3) and d3-disilenyl (Si2D3) radicals in silane and d4-silane matrices
Kaiser, Ute2008 Porous Anatase Nanoparticles with High Specific Surface Area Prepared by Miniemulsion Technique
Kaiser, V.1995 The crystal and molecular structure of mesomorphic 1,4-dipentadecanoyloxybiphenyl (SYM-14)
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
Kaiser, W.1989 Titanium nitride coatings for injection molding of thermoplastics
Kaiser, Wolfgang1991 Materials with customized properties prepared from liquid crystal polymers
Kaiserman, Terrance Z.2001 Conductive color-changing ink
Kaisersberger, E.1990 Application of heat-flux DSC for the characterization of edible fats and oils
 1991 Thermal analysis for plastics and rubber engineering
Kaito, A.1986 Time-resolved infrared spectroscopic study of the orientation behavior of liquid crystalline molecules in the presence of an electric field
 1987 Molecular orientation in ultrathin films of disk-like molecules on metal surfaces
 1990 Effects of annealing on the structure formation in a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester
 1991 Orientation profiles in the strand of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer studied by polarized Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy
 1992 Surface orientation in the sheet of a liquid-crystalline poly(ester amide) characterized by reflection infrared spectroscopy
 1995 Effects of draw-down ratio and annealing treatment on structure formation in extruded strands of a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester
 1995 Effects of shear rate on the molecular orientation in extruded rods of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1999 Molecular orientation dependent photoconductivity of liquid crystalline oligosilanes
 2000 Mechanical properties and phase behavior of poly(dimethylsilylene-co-methyl-n-propylsilylene)
 2003 Effects of the oriented mesophase on the cold crystallization of syndiotactic polystyrene and its blend with poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)
Kaito, Akira1982 Hot drawing of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene
 1987 Infrared spectroscopic characterization of ultrathin films of disklike molecules on metallic substrates
 1990 Thermal and structural properties of extruded sheets of blends containing a liquid crystalline polyester with poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 1991 Surface orientation of a liquid-crystalline polymer studied by polarized reflection spectroscopy
 1992 Applications of Fourier-transform infrared microspectroscopy to the analysis of microscopic orientation in liquid crystalline polymer sheets
 1992 Mechanical and structural properties of extruded strands of blends containing a liquid - crystalline polyester with poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 1992 Molecular orientation in the extrusion molded strand of a liquid crystalline copolyester
 1992 Surface orientation of a liquid - crystalline polymer studied by polarized reflection spectroscopy
 1993 Orientation distribution and layerlike morphology in extrusion-molded sheets of a liquid crystalline copolyester amide
 1993 Orientation distribution of liquid - crystalline polyester sheets studied by polarized infrared spectroscopy
 1993 Structural, mechanical, and thermal properties of extruded sheets of a liquid-crystalline copolyester
 1994 Morphological studies on polymer/liquid crystal blend
 1994 Preparation of laminates having isotropically molecular orientation of a liquid crystalline polymer in poly(ethylene terephthalate) matrix
 1994 Processing and mechanical properties of strands of liquid crystalline copolyester and copolyesteramide
 1995 Morphology of a banded texture in extruded strands of a thermotropic copolyesteramide
 1995 Oriented Films of Poly(p-Phenylene) by Friction-Deposition and Oriented Growth in Polymerization
 1995 Spontaneous orientation of alkyl and alkoxy cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals on the metallic substrate
 1995 Thermal, structural, and mechanical properties of strands of blends of liquid-crystalline copolyester and copolyesteramide with poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 1996 Superstructure of main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1996 The conformational state and phase transition of polysilane in arachidic acid LB film matrix
Kaito, Akira (cont...)1997 Liquid crystalline behavior of linear permethyloligosilanes
 1997 Liquid crystalline oligosilanes with alkoxybiphenyl groups
 1998 Behavior of the miscibility of poly(ethylene oxide)/ liquid crystal blends
 1998 Electronic energy transfer in compatible blends of poly(di-n-hexylsilane) and poly(methyl-n-propylsilane)
 1998 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 1,10-dialkylpermethyldecasilanes
 1999 Structures and properties of blends containing liquid crystalline polymers
 1999 Synthesis and mesomorphism of 1,10-dialkylpermethyl-decasilanes
 2000 Dynamic mechanical properties of extruded rods of poly(dimethylsilylene-co-methyl-n-propylsilylene)
 2001 Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Extruded Rods of Poly(dimethylsilylene) and Polysilane Copolymers having Methyl and Ethyl Substituents
 2001 Synthesis and mesomorphism of α,ω-diphenylpermethyl-oligosilanes
 2003 Conformational Analysis of Poly(di-n-butylsilane), Poly(di-n-hexylsilane), and Poly(methyl-n-propylsilane) by a Rotational Isomeric State Scheme with Molecular Dynamics Simulations
 2007 Morphology-retaining carbonization subjected for helical polyacetylene with super-hierarchical structure
Kaito, Takuo1997 Liquid crystal display
Kaivola, M.2002 Degree of polarization for optical near fields
 2003 Universality of electromagnetic-field correlations within homogeneous and isotropic sources
Kaivola, Matti2006 Laser Beam Shaping using Self-Focusing in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2008 Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer-Azobenzene Complexes: Enhanced Photoinduced Birefringence with High Temporal Stability through Interplay of Intermolecular Interactions
Kaiya, Norihiro1991 Oriented itaconate diester polymer film for liquid crystal displays
 1992 Liquid crystal display
 1995 Characterizations of liquid crystal alignment on poly-diisopropyl fumarate Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1997 Polymeric material for liquid crystal /polymer composite film, liquid crystal /polymer composite film, record display medium, and use thereof
 1998 Mesomorphic poly(fumarate)s prepared by esterification of poly(fumaric acid) with mesogenic bromides using DBU
 2002 (Polymer/Liquid Crystal) Composite of Polyvinyl Ether Copolymers and LC's
 2004 (Polymer/liquid crystal) composite systems with steep electro-optical response and elucidation of its mechanism based on light scattering and dielectric property
Kaizaki, Sumio1992 The novel lyotropic liquid crystalline phase of the dinuclear metal complex Na[Cr2(L-tart2H)(phen)2] (tart = C4H2O64-, phen = 1, 10-phenanthroline)
 1998 Self-Organization of a Dinuclear Metal Complex in Lyotropic Liquid Crystal: Ribbonlike Supramolecular Assemblies
 2001 Effect of Counterions on the Ribbonlike Supramolecular Assembly Formation of Dinuclear Metal Complexes in the Lyotropic Mesophase
Kaizu, Michitaka2003 Process and catalysts for preparation of crosslinkable cyclic olefin addition copolymer and their use as optically transparent materials
Kaizu, Y.1985 Influence of cholesteric Bragg reflection on spontaneous emission from the inside of the helical structure
Kaizu, Youkoh2002 Light-Induced Electron Spin Polarization of a Weakly Coupled Triplet-Doublet Spin Pair in a Covalently Linked Porphyrin Dimer
 2006 Spin-multiplicity of a moderately coupled triplet?doublet spin pair in a biphenylene-linked porphyrin dimer
Kaizuka, Takuya2006 Influence of Cell Structural Parameters in the Liquid Crystal Millimeter Wave Phase Shifter Using CPW
Kajama, Chisato1986 New crown (thio)ethers and their preparation
 1991 Pitch-based flat carbon fibers and films
Kajcsos, Z.1978 Positron annihilation lifetime measurements in a 4-nitrophenyl-4-n-octyloxybenzoate liquid crystal
Kaji, Hironori1997 Solid-State 13C NMR Analyses of the Structure and Chain Conformation of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polyurethane Crystallized from the Melt through the Liquid Crystalline State
 1998 Solid-state NMR analyses of the structure and dynamics of polymers in the different states
 2003 Formation of the Liquid Crystalline Glassy Phase and Cold Crystallization of a New Crystal Form from the Glassy Phase for Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polyether
 2003 Studies of the Phase Transitions, Structure, and Dynamics for Main-Chain Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polyethers and Polyurethanes with the Same Mesogen and Spacer Units
 2007 Investigation of Dynamics of Poly(dimethylsilane) in the Mesophase by Solid-State 29Si NMR: Evidence for Rotator Phase
Kaji, K.1993 Orientation fluctuations of poly(ethylene terephthalate) during the induction period of crystallization
 1995 Ordering process in the induction period of crystallization of poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Kaji, Kazutoshi1986 Heat capacity of the discotic mesogen, 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexa-n-octanoyloxytriphenylene: a complex solid state polymorphism
Kaji, Keisuke2003 Details of Structure Formation During the Induction Period of Spinodal-Type Polymer Crystallization
 2004 Spinodal patterns indicating unstable regime of polymer crystallization
 2005 Effect of Isotacticity on Formation of Mesomorphic Phase of Isotactic Polypropylene
Kaji, Koichi2000 Liquid crystal display reflection plate, its manufacture, and reflective liquid crystal display device
Kaji, N.1995 Application of liquid-crystal thermometry to drop temperature measurements
 1999 Heat transfer to liquid drops passing through an immiscible liquid medium between tilted parallel-plate electrodes
Kaji, Nobuhiko1992 Casting nozzles having high-temperature strength for thin, wide slabs
 1993 Carbon fiber-containing refractories with improved spalling resistance
 1999 Spinel-carbon refractory bricks for blast furnaces
Kaji, Rikako1998 Manufacture of on-array color filter using organic silicon compound film containing polysilane
Kaji, Satoshi2007 Properties of phosphonate oxygen-modified synthetic sphingomyelins and their interactions with cholesterol in monolayers and bilayer membranes
Kaji, Toshihiko2006 Electron Spectroscopy of Dye-Sensitized Anatase(001) Surfaces Under Illumination
Kajii, Hirotake2001 High intensity blue light EL device using heterostructure of p-sexiphenyl and TPD
 2001 Novel electrical and optical properties of liquid crystals infiltrated in opal as photonic crystal
 2007 Study on Electron Injection of Phosphorescent Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes Utilizing CsF/Metal Cathode
Kajikawa, K.1989 Second harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Construction of Dynamic Conoscope Observation System Using CCD Camera and Image Processor
 1992 Microcavity of Periodic Structure in Liquid Crystal
 1992 Second-harmonic generation in Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of a polymer with pendant chromophore
 2003 Surface plasmon resonance enhanced second-harmonic generation in poled polymer thin film
Kajikawa, Kotaro1991 Observation of organic thin film by optical second-harmonic generation
 1991 Second-harmonic generation in noncentrosymmetric p-nitroaniline spontaneously crystallized by quenching from lyotropic liquid crystalline poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate)
 1992 Mirrorless microcavity spontaneously formed in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Construction of dynamic conoscope observation system using CCD camera and image processor
 1993 Second-harmonic generation in antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Absolute Orientation of Pendant Chromophores Attached to the Polymer Backbone in Monolayers at Interfaces Studied by Phase Measurement of Second-Harmonic Generation
 1998 Phase determination of second-order surface susceptibility tensor of liquid crystal monolayer using ultra-thin film local oscillator
 1999 A differential thermal analysis and ultraviolet photoemission study on surface freezing of n-alkanes
 2004 Phase-matched third-harmonic generation from nematic liquid crystals
 2005 Phase matching of optical third-harmonic genration using a large birefringence of liquid crystals
Kajikawa, Masataka2000 Organic electroluminescent display having circularly polarizing light means and method for generating luminescent using same
Kajiki, Yoshinori1990 An Optical Pattern Classification Using Computer-Generated Holograms
 1996 Applications of holographic stereograms by a large liquid crystal display
 2003 Three-dimensional display with volume/space expansion
Kajima, Tomoaki2000 Method for analysis of surface contamination
Kajimoto, Hikokusu1979 Coal liquefaction
Kajimoto, Norifumi2007 Analysis of re-ordering phenomena induced by the charge-injection at metal-polar liquid crystal interface
 2007 Cooperative molecular field effect and induced orientational ordering effect in polar liquid crystalline films on metals
 2008 Orientational Reordering of Liquid Crystalline Monolayers by Cooperative Molecular Field Effect
Kajimoto, Shinji2003 Ultrafast laser-induced molecular and morphological changes during spinodal demixing of water/2-butoxyethanol/KCl
Kajimoto, Tetsuya2005 Design and facile synthesis of neoglycolipids as lactosylceramide mimetics and their transformation into glycoliposomes
Kajimura, K.1990 Scanning tunneling spectroscopy study of adsorbed molecules
 1990 Voltage-dependent scanning tunneling microscopy images of liquid crystals on graphite
 1991 Observation and control of adsorbed molecules
Kajimura, Koji1990 Observation of Liquid Crystals on Graphite by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
 1991 STM/STS observation of superconductors and organic substances
Kajimura, Kouji1989 Magnetic orientation of liquid crystalline polymers
Kajinami, Akihiko1993 Properties of calcium dichloride hydrate with an inorganic powder. Part 2. Melting behavior and thermodynamic properties of calcium chloride hydrates (CaCl2.nH2O, n = 6.00 -7.35) with α-alumina or α-silicon carbide powder
 2000 Electrical conductivity and melting behavior of inorganic powder/alkali-metal carbonate co-existing systems
Kajioka, Masahiko1992 Blends containing a liquid - crystalline polyester
 1995 Manufacture of liquid crystalline polyester
Kajita, D.2006 Wide-viewing angle IPS-LCD for TV applications using optical compensation technology
Kajita, Junji1993 Gray scale recording by optically addressed spatial light modulator using antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1993 Optically addressed spatial light modulator using an antiferroelectric liquid crystal doped with azobenzene
 1998 Liquid crystal display substrate and color liquid crystal display
 1999 Black coating composition and resin black matrix made from the same
 1999 Color filter and liquid crystal display
 1999 Color filters having spacer functions and color liquid crystal displays using the same
 1999 Substrate for black-matrix liquid crystal display device
 1999 Substrate for liquid crystal displays
 2000 Color filter containing laminated resin-based spacer and liquid crystal display device
 2000 Spacer resin composition for base board of liquid crystal display
Kajita, Kazunari1990 Optically-active biphenyl derivatives as chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions
 1991 Optically active 4-(1-alkanoyloxyethyl)phenyl 4-(phenoxymethyl or benzyloxy)benzoates and their preparation
 1991 Preparation of optically active benzoic acid or biphenylcarboxylic acid 4-(1-alkanoyloxyethyl)phenyl esters
Kajita, Kazushige1990 Optically active compounds, their preparation, and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 Preparation of chiral 1-(4-alkoxyphenyl)ethanols as liquid crystal additives and intermediates for drugs and agrochrmicals
Kajita, Sakae1999 Heat-resistant nonwoven sheets containing liquid crystalline polyester fibers with low hygroscopicity and good dimensional stability at high temperatures
Kajita, Shin2004 Application of eclipse laser photodetachment technique to electron sheath thickness and collection region measurements
Kajita, Shuji1986 Formation of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals of Cellulose Derivatives Dissolved in Inorganic Acids
Kajita, Takahiro1998 Apparatus for treatment of waste gas from semiconductor manufacture equipments.
 2000 Apparatus for heating substrate
Kajita, Toru2005 Photosensitive Column Spacer Materials for Liquid Crystal Display Panels
 2008 Solution-Processible Bipolar Triphenylamine-Benzimidazole Derivatives for Highly Efficient Single-Layer Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Kajitani, Masaru1993 Dry etching process in manufacture of liquid crystal displays
Kajitani, Takashi2004 "Tuning fork"-shaped mesogens: large hysteresis in the interdigitated layer structure in the liquid crystal phases
 2004 Generation of Stable Calamitic Liquid-Crystal Phases with Lateral Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding
 2004 Liquid crystalline amides: Linear arrangement of rod-like molecules by lateral intermolecular hydrogen bonding and molecular shape effect
 2005 Calamitic Liquid Crystalline Molecules with Lateral Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding
 2005 Generation of a Chiral Mesophase by Achiral Molecules: Absolute Chiral Induction in the Smectic C Phase of 4-Octyloxyphenyl 4-Octyloxybenzoate
 2005 Spontaneous Chiral Induction in a Cubic Phase
 2006 Helix-Sense Controlled Polymerization of a Single Phenyl Isocyanide Enantiomer Leading to Diastereomeric Helical Polyisocyanides with Opposite Helix-Sense and Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with Opposite Twist-Sense
 2007 Structure and Smectic Liquid Crystal Formation of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2007 Structure and Smectic Liquid Crystal Formation of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2008 Anomalous Stiff Backbones of Helical Poly(phenyl isocyanide) Derivatives
 2008 Two- and Three-Dimensional Smectic Ordering of Single-Handed Helical Polymers
 2008 Uniaxial Orientation of a Rodlike Helical Poly(phenylacetylene) in an Electric Field
Kajitani, Tamotsu1984 Liquid crystal color display panel
Kajiura, Hisashi2008 Debundling of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by a Nanoball-Penetrating Method
 2008 Dispersion of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by Nafion in Water/Ethanol for Preparing Transparent Conducting Films
Kajiura, Sadao1997 Liquid crystal display glass substrate reinforced by metal foil
 1997 Transparent conductive substrate with improved optical characteristics and heat-resistance and imaging device using same
 1997 Transparent electroconductive substrate, its manufacture and liquid crystal display
 1999 Reflection-type electrically conductive substrate for liquid crystal display and its manufacture
Kajiwara, Atsushi1997 Magnetic interactions of organic nitroxyl radical and biradical
Kajiwara, Eiji1999 Semiconductor device having ladder resistance for driving liquid crystal display
Kajiwara, Kanji1985 Some remarks on imogolite mesophase
 1986 Lyotropic mesophase of imogolite. 1. Effect of polydispersity on phase diagram
 1986 Lyotropic mesophase of imogolite. 2. Microscopic observation of imogolite mesophase
 1987 Molecular properties and liquid crystals of imogolite, an aluminosilicate polymer
 1988 Lyotropic mesophase formation of imogolite
 1991 Suprastructure constructed by inorganic rod molecule, imogolite. I. Electron microscopic observation
 1992 Lyotropic mesophase formation in PVA/imogolite mixture
 1992 Lyotropic mesophase formations of hydroxypropyl cellulose/imogolite mixture
 1992 Microscopic observation of band structure found in shear-deformed hydroxypropylcellulose film
 1993 Lyotropic mesophase of imogolite. 3. Observation of liquid crystal structure by scanning electron and novel polarized optical microscopy
 1993 Lyotropic mesophase of imogolite: molecular weight fractionation and polydispersity effect
 1995 Lyotropic phases formed by "molecular bottlebrushes"
 1996 Simulation of mesophase formation of rodlike molecule, imogolite
 2008 Initial stage of fiber structure development in the continuous drawing of poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Kajiwara, M.1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 Liquid crystalline state in hexakis[4-(4-cyano)biphenyoxy]- and hexakis[4-(phenylazo)phenoxy]cyclotriphosphazenes
 1991 Synthesis of some phosphazene oligomers and polymers of liquid crystalline state
 1995 Liquid crystalline phase transitions in cyclotriphosphazenes with different mesogenic moieties in the side chains
 1995 Liquid crystalline phase transitions in hexakis(4-(4'-heptyloxy)biphenoxy)cyclotriphosphazene
Kajiwara, Meisetsu1992 Dielectric properties of poly(dibenzyloxyphosphazene)s
 1992 Dielectric relaxation of polyorganophosphazenes
 1992 Liquid Crystalline Cyclotriphosphazenes with Biphenyl Mesogenic Groups
 1992 The liquid - crystalline state in organophosphazenes with biphenyl mesogenic groups
 1995 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline phase transition of (S)-hexakis(4-(4'-(6-methyl)octyloxy)biphenoxy)cyclotriphosphazene
 1996 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline phase transition in cyclotriphosphazene derivatives
 1997 Liquid crystalline phase transition in organophosphazenes with 4-octyloxybiphenyl mesogenic groups
 1997 Thermal and Structural Study on Liquid-Crystalline Phase Transition in Hexakis(4-(4'-alkyloxy)biphenoxy)cyclotriphosphazene
 1998 Liquid crystalline phase transition in hexakis(4-(N-(4'-alkoxyphenyl)iminomethyl)phenoxy)cyclotriphosphazene
 1998 Liquid-crystalline phase transition in organophosphazenes
 1999 Mesomorphic phase transition in organophosphazenes
 2000 Mesomorphic phase transition of a cyclotetraphosphazene containing Schiff base moieties: comparison with the corresponding cyclotriphosphazene
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 1974 Rheological properties of anisotropic poly(para-benzamide) solutions
 1974 Viscometric criteria of the transition of poly-p-benzamide solutions into the liquid-crystalline state
 1975 Change in the surface tension of poly-p-benzamide solutions during transition into liquid-crystalline state
 1975 Small-angle scattering of polarized light by poly-p-benzamide liquid crystals
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