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Jokisaari, Jukka2008 An alternative NMR method to determine nuclear shielding anisotropies for molecules in liquid-crystalline solutions with 13C shielding anisotropy of methyl iodide as an example
 2010 Carbon and proton shielding tensors in methyl halides
Joko, Kyohei1997 DSC studies of the melting behavior of α-form crystallites in wool keratin
Jolesz, Ferenc A.2007 A deficit in the ability to form new human memories without sleep
Jolicard, Georges2004 Iterative eigenvalue method using the Bloch wave operator formalism with Padé approximants and absorbing boundaries
Joliffee, Emma Jane1999 Polymerizable composition comprising epoxy compounds
Jolinat, P.1998 The effect of the thicknesses of the various layers on the color emitted by an organic electroluminescent device
 1999 Pressure dependence of electrical and optical characteristics of Alq3 based organic electroluminescent diodes
 2008 Electroabsorption study of the influence of PEDOT:PSS on organic solar cells performances
Jolinat, Pascale2001 Crystal and electronic structure of a fluorescent columnar liquid crystalline electron transport material
 2002 Electron-deficient columnar plastic crystals
 2008 Fine-Tuning of Yellow or Red Photo- and Electroluminescence of Functional Difluoro-boradiazaindacene Films
 2009 Measurement of the exciton diffusion length in discotic columnar liquid crystals: Comparison between homeotropically oriented and non-oriented samples
Jolivet, J.P.2002 Outstanding Magnetic Properties of Nematic Suspensions of Goethite (α-FeOOH) Nanorods
 2004 Magnetic-Field-Induced Nematic-Columnar Phase Transition in Aqueous Suspensions of Goethite (a-FeOOH) Nanorods
 2004 Physical properties of aqueous suspensions of goethite (α-FeOOH) nanorods. Part II. In the nematic phase
 2004 Physical properties of aqueous suspensions of goethite (α-FeOOH) nanorods: Part I: In the isotropic phase
Jolivet, Jean-Pierre2007 Design of Liquid-Crystalline Aqueous Suspensions of Rutile Nanorods: Evidence of Anisotropic Photocatalytic Properties
 2008 Accurate Determination of Oxide Nanoparticle Size and Shape Based on X-Ray Powder Pattern Simulation: Application to Boehmite AlOOH
 2008 Structure and Mechanical Properties of Mesostructured Functional Hybrid Coatings Based on Anisotropic Nanoparticles Dispersed in Poly(hydroxyethyl methacrylate)
Jolley, K.W.1977 An irreversible liquid-liquid phase transition in tristearin
 1979 Molecular conformational changes in the triglyceride and methyl ester of stearic acid as studied by temperature dependent carbon-13 chemical shifts
 1980 Translational motion in the liquid phases of tristearin, triolein and trilinolein
 1984 Electrical conductivity in macroscopically aligned nematic and lamellar mesophases of the cesium perfluorooctanoate-water system
 1984 The phase diagram and nature of the lamellar-nematic transition in the caesium perfluorooctanoate-water system
 1986 Order-disorder transitions in solutions of discoid micelles
 1987 Electrical conductivity measurements of the orientational order parameter in the micellar nematic phase of the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate/water system
 1987 Factors governing the stability of micellar nematic phases
 1989 Location of the discotic lamellar-nematic tricritical point and isotope effects in the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate (CsPFO)/water system as established by cesium-133 NMR spectroscopy
 1989 Magnetic-field-induced deuterium quadrupole splitting in a solution of discotic micelles approaching an isotropic-to-nematic transition
 1990 Nematic-lamellar tricritical behavior and structure of the lamellar phase in the ammonium pentadecafluorooctanoate (APFO)/water system
 1991 Universal nature of the nematic-to-isotropic transition in solutions of discotic micelles
 1992 Anomalous effects in experiments on monodomain nematic and lamellar phases of the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate (CsPFO)/water system
 1992 On the universal nature of the nematic-to-isotropic transition in solutions of discotic micelles
 1992 Self-assembly and self-organization in micellar liquid crystals
 1995 On the nature of the intramicellar and intermicellar forces governing the liquid crystalline phase behavior of aqueous solutions of disklike micelles
 1995 Phase diagram of the tetramethylammonium heptadecafluorononanoate (TMAHFN)/D2O system as determined by 2H and 14N NMR
 1997 Solvent Isotope Effect on the Self-Assembly and Liquid Crystalline Phase Behavior in Aqueous Solutions of Ammonium Pentadecafluorooctanoate
 1997 The liquid crystalline phase behavior of perfluorocarbon surfactants in organic solvents
 2001 Nature of the liquid crystalline phase transitions in the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate (CsPFO)-water system: The nematic-to-isotropic transition
Jolley, K.W. (cont...)2002 Nature of the liquid crystalline phase transitions in the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate-water system: The nematic-to-smectic-A transition
Jolley, Kenneth W.1987 Lyotropic mesomorphism of the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate/water system: high-resolution phase diagram
 1991 NMR of liquid crystals
 1992 Interpretation of density and conductivity measurements in the liquid-crystal phases of the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate-water system and its implication for the structure of the lamellar phase
Jolliffe, E.1995 Film formation parameters affecting the electro-optic properties of low-voltage PDLC films
Jolliffe, Emma1997 Reactive liquid crystal compounds
Jolliffe, Emma Jane1996 Liquid crystal composition based on mixture of polar compounds having negative dielectric anisotropy
 1996 Liquid crystal mixture embedded in polymeric medium having specified birefringence and refractive index ranges
 1996 Polymeric film for display device
 1998 Circular UV polarizer
 1998 Linear UV polarizer
 1998 Thermochromic polymerizable mesogenic composition containing both chiral and achiral polymerizable mesogenic compounds and a photoinitiator, anisotropic polymers therefrom, and colored films
Joly, G.1984 Selective reflexion in helical stacks of birefringent plates
 1988 Characterization of reentrant cholesteric, cholesteric and chiral smectic phases of three recent polar mesogens
 1991 Liquid crystals refractive indexes behavior versus wavelength and temperature
 1991 Thermodilatometric measurements on small samples of liquid crystals
 1991 Thermodilatometric measurements on small samples of liquid crystals
 1995 Dielectric study and helical pitch measurements on a new antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Towards a spectroscopic characterization of twisted grain boundaries structures
 1999 Light induced shifts of ferroelectric mesophase transitions
 2000 Formation of string defects at thinning transitions in smectic-C* free-standing films
 2000 Multicritical behaviors and an induced twist grain boundary phase in a binary liquid crystalline mixture
 2000 The consequence of the lack of selective reflections on the modelization of T.G.B. structures
 2001 Droplets nucleation in smectic-C* free-standing films
 2001 Influence of the thickness and polarization charges on the electro-optical behaviour of twisted smectic C* cells
 2001 Interactions between colloidal inclusions in two-dimensional smectic-C* films
 2002 Chiral Azobenzene Liquid Crystals Under Illumination: Thickness Influence and Spontaneous Polarisation Variations
 2002 Formation of Two-Dimensional Crystal-Like Structures from Inclusions in Smectic C Films
 2002 Free-standing smectic films at high temperature
 2002 Self-Organization of Colloidal Inclusions in Free Standing Films
 2002 Two-Dimensional Ordering of Inclusions in Smectic C Phase
 2003 Self-organization of N* inclusions in SmC* free-standing films
Joly, G. (cont...)2004 Anticlinic-Synclinic Transitions in Superthin Free-Standing Smectic Films
 2004 Correlation between dielectric and optical measurements in the smectic-Ca* phase
 2004 Mechanism of inclusion chaining in SmC* free-standing films
 2004 On the chaining dynamics of inclusions in SmC* free standing films
 2005 Inclusions in smectic C films as modeled by disclinations
 2006 Inclusions in Chiral and Non-Chiral Smectic C Free-Standing Films
 2007 Stability of a free-standing liquid-crystal film. The measurement of the interaction between the film surfaces
 2008 Different mechanisms of nucleation and self-organization of droplets in ferroelectric smectic membranes
 2009 Dielectric and electro-optical properties of a photosensitive liquid crystal
Joly, Gilles1990 Experimental determination of the helicoidal electric field inside a twisted mesophase, in the selective reflection band
 1999 Helicity of the SmCα* phase and its variations in a thiobenzoate series
 2005 Light-Induced Layer by Layer Thickening in Photosensitive Liquid Crystal Membranes
Joly, S.2006 Development of low anchoring strength liquid crystal mixtures for bistable nematic displays
Joly, Stephane2002 Cement-polymer and clay-polymer nano- and meso-composites: spotting the difference
 2004 Zenithal gliding of the easy axis of a nematic liquid crystal
 2006 Comment on "Time Resolved Experimental Analysis of the Electric Field Induced Biaxial Order Reconstruction in Nematics"
Jomni, F.2009 The dynamics of microscopic bubbles in viscous insulating liquids
Jon, Sangyong2005 Anion-directed self-organization of thermotropic liquid crystalline materials containing a guanidinium moiety
Jon, T.2002 2H-NMR Characterization of Liquid Crystalline Phases in Aqueous Disodium Cromoglycates
Jona, Nobuo1982 Aqueous dispersions of pearly substances
Jona, P.1995 Criticality of lamellar surfaces by conformational degrees of freedom
 1998 From molecular flexibility to shape, curvature and thermotropic transitions in pure surfaces
 2003 Metachronal waves for deterministic switching two-state oscillators with hydrodynamic interaction
Jonah, Daniel A.1993 Solubility and miscibility in ternary systems: polymer liquid crystal + flexible polymer + solvent
 1993 Statistical thermodynamics of polymer liquid crystals : variation of concentration of the mesogenic component
Jonas, A.1988 High-resolution carbon-13 NMR study of pressure effects on the main phase transition in L-α-dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine vesicles
 1996 A new route to thin polymeric, non-centrosymmetric coatings
 1997 Poly(methylphenyl) silane: Structural properties
 2000 Ultrathin polymer coatings by complexation of polyelectrolytes at interfaces: suitable materials, structure and properties
Jonas, A.M.2001 Ordered Polyelectrolyte "Multilayers". 1. Mechanisms of Growth and Structure Formation: A Comparison with Classical Fuzzy "Multilayers"
 2001 Ordered Polyelectrolyte "Multilayers". 3. Complexing Clay Platelets with Polycations of Varying Structure
 2002 Direct Observation of Crystal-Amorphous Interphase in Lamellar Semicrystalline Poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 2003 Epitaxial Nucleation of Poly(ethylene terephthalate) by Talc: Structure at the Lattice and Lamellar Scales
 2003 Ordered Polyelectrolyte "Multilayers". 6. Effect of Molecular Parameters on the Formation of Hybrid Multilayers Based on Poly(Diallylammonium) Salts and Exfoliated Clay
Jonas, Alain1993 Crystallization and chain adsorption of poly(ether ether ketone) in discontinuous pitch-derived carbon fiber composites
 1997 Crystalline structure of poly(methyl-n-propylsilane)
 1999 Polyelectrolytes bearing azobenzenes for the functionalization of multilayers
Jonas, Alain M.1995 Synchrotron X-ray Scattering Studies of Crystallization of Poly(ether-ether-ketone) from the Glass and Structural Changes during Subsequent Heating-Cooling Processes
 2005 Amphotropic LC Polymers and Their Multilayer Buildup
 2007 High-Throughput Fabrication of Organic Nanowire Devices with Preferential Internal Alignment and Improved Performance
 2007 Uniaxial Alignment of Nanoconfined Columnar Mesophases
Jonas, Ana1991 High pressure 2H nuclear magnetic resonance study of the gel phases of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine
 1995 High-pressure proton NMR study of lateral self-diffusion of phosphatidylcholines in sonicated unilamellar vesicles
Jonas, Ernesto1981 Influence of growth hormone and thyroxine on thermotropic effects of respiration and 1-anilino-8-naphthalene sulfonate fluorescence and on lipid composition of cardiac membranes
Jonas, Friedrich1999 Molded part containing a flexible film with a protected printed conductor, its production, and its use
 1999 Screen printing paste for production of electrically conductive coatings
Jonas, I.1977 Orientation studies of probe molecules in lamellar liquid crystalline lipid systems by linear dichroism
Jonas, Ivan1977 Linear dichroism spectroscopy as a tool for studying molecular orientation in model membrane systems
Jonas, J.1972 Effect of pressure on molecular rotation in solid adamantane
 1979 Transport and relaxation in mesophase of organic salt melt
 1980 NMR study of viscoelastic fluids and elastomers under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure
 1980 Sodium-23 NMR study of ionic mesophases in molten sodium carboxylates
 1982 Polarization microscopy of short chain sodium carboxylate mesophases
 1983 Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals. 3. Sodium-23 nuclear magnetic resonance study of the ionic mesophase of sodium n-alkyl carboxylates
 1983 Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals. II. Proton and sodium-23 NMR study of the smectic mesophase of molten sodium n-butyrate and sodium isovalerate
 1984 Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals. IV. Structural effects in sodium methylpentanoates
 1986 Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals. V. Deuterium NMR study of sodium n-alkanoates
 1987 Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals. VI. Structural parameters of solid and liquid crystal phases of anhydrous short-chain sodium alkanoates
 1987 Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals. VII. Calculation of sodium-23 quadrupole coupling constants in lamellar phases of sodium alkanoates
 1988 High-resolution carbon-13 NMR study of pressure effects on the main phase transition in L-α-dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine vesicles
Jonas, Jiri1973 NMR relaxation in liquids and liquid crystals
 1991 High pressure 2H nuclear magnetic resonance study of the gel phases of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine
 1995 High-pressure proton NMR study of lateral self-diffusion of phosphatidylcholines in sonicated unilamellar vesicles
Jonas, Ludwig2007 Actin is not required for nanotubular protrusions of primary astrocytes grown on metal nano-lawn
Jonas, Ulrich1993 Preparation and characterization of fibers from a thermotropic liquid crystal polyester with non-coplanar biphenylene units
 1997 Complex Ordering in Thin Films of Di- and Trifunctionalized Hexaalkoxytriphenylene Derivatives
Jonasan, Uesutoootaa1996 Manufacture of thin film transistor for liquid crystal display
Jonckheere, T.2004 Chaotic Hamiltonian ratchets for pulsed periodic double-well potentials: Classical correlations and the ratchet current
Jones, A.R.1996 Processing of liquid crystal polymers and blends
 2000 Size exclusion chromatography of soot and coal-derived materials with 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone as eluent: Observations on high molecular mass material
Jones, Alan A.2003 Nanophase Structure and Diffusion in Swollen Perfluorosulfonate Ionomer: An NMR Approach
Jones, Alun G.1986 Functional cholesteryl binding agents: synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of antibody binding to modified phospholipid vesicles
Jones, Anita C.2000 Structure and properties of isolated liquid crystal molecules: jet spectroscopy and ab initio calculations of 4-cyanobiphenyl
Jones, B.A.1986 Gas chromatographic retention behavior of polycyclic aromatic compounds on smectic liquid-crystalline polysiloxane stationary phases
Jones, B.L.1974 On the stability of the liquid-crystalline lamellar lecithin-water system
Jones, Brian2005 Improvements in the dual LCD-based stereo display (Invited Paper)
Jones, Brian A.1984 Synthesis of smectic liquid-crystalline biphenylcarboxylate esters and their use as stationary phases for high-resolution gas chromatography
 1989 Method for chromatographic separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using liquid-crystal compounds and polymers
Jones, Brian K.1994 Evaluation of the InFocus TVT-6000 LCTV
 1995 Composite filters implemented on LCDs
 1995 Liquid crystal display (LCD) drive electronics
 1995 Optical characterization of the InFocus TVT-6000 liquid crystal television (LCTV) using custom drive electronics
 1996 Optical aided target recognition system
 2003 Compact 3D display using dual LCDs
 2003 Full-time full-resolution dual stereoscopic/autostereoscopic display or rock-solid 3D on a flat screen: with glasses or without!
 2004 Dual LCD-based flat panel display
 2004 Implementation issues for the full-time full-resolution stereoscopic 3D flat panel display
Jones, Brooks A.2005 Self-Assembly of Photofunctional Cylindrical Nanostructures Based on Perylene-3,4:9,10-bis(dicarboximide)
Jones, Brynmor1928 CCCCIII.-The chlorination of anilides. Part V. The significance of velocity measurements in relation to the problem of benzene substitution (continued)
 1929 Note: Two Apparent Cases of Liquid Crystal Formation
 1935 Apparent Cases of Liquid-crystal Formation in p-Alkoxybenzoic Acids
 1935 The halogenation of phenolic ethers and anilides. Part VI. Benzyl and substituted-benzyl ethers
 1939 Mesomorphism and polymorphism of some p-alkoxybenzoic and p-alkoxycinnamic acids
 1951 Mesomorphism of some Alkoxynaphthoic Acids
 1952 Influence of Substituents on the Mesomorphism of p-n-Alkoxybenzoic and 6-n-Alkoxy-2-Naphthoic Acids
 1952 The nitration of esters of 4-hydroxydiphenyl. The preparation of 4-hydroxy-4'- and -2'-nitrodiphenyls
 1953 Notes: The Mesomorphic Transition Points of the p-n-Alkoxybenzoic Acids. A Correction
 1954 Mesomorphism and chemical constitution. Part I. The n-alkoxynaphthoic acids
 1954 Mesomorphism and chemical constitution. Part II. The trans-p-n-alkoxycinnamic acids
 1954 Mesomorphism and chemical constitution. Part III. The effect of halogen substitution on the mesomorphism of the 4-alkoxybenzoic acids
 1954 The halogenation of phenolic ethers and anilides. Part XVI. Kinetics of the chlorination of diphenylyl and naphthyl ethers
 1954 The preparation of 4- and 5-n-alkoxy-1-naphthoic and 6- and 7-n-alkoxy-2-naphthoic acids
 1955 Mesomorphism and chemical constitution. Part IV. The effect of substitution on the mesomorphism of the 6-n-alkoxy-2-naphthoic acids
 1955 Mesomorphism and chemical constitution. Part V. The mesomorphic properties of the 4'-n-alkoxydiphenyl-4-carboxylic acids and their simple alkyl esters
 1955 Mesomorphism and chemical constitution. Part VI. Certain mono- and di-anils of the benzene, diphenyl, fluorene, and fluorenone series
 1955 The alkaline hydrolysis of substituted ethyl benzoates. The additive effects of substituents
 1956 Mesomorphism and chemical constitution. Part VII. The effect of halogen substitution on the mesomorphism of the trans-p-n-alkoxycinnamic acids
 1957 Mesomorphism and chemical constitution. Part VIII. The effect of 3'-substituents on the mesomorphism of the 4'-n-alkoxydiphenyl-4-carboxylic acids and their alkyl esters
Jones, C.2008 High resolution optical and X-ray studies of a 'giant' electroclinic effect 'de Vries'-type material for chirality sensing applications
Jones, C.D.2006 Director structures in achiral smectic C liquid crystal cells: field-induced twist domain nucleation
 2008 Method for characterizing self-assembled monolayers as antirelaxation wall coatings for alkali vapor cells
 2009 Chiral Isotropic Liquids from Achiral Molecules
 2009 Helical Nanofilament Phases
Jones, Carissa S.2003 Synthesis and Properties of sym-Pentasubstituted Derivatives of Corannulene
Jones, Carrie P.2002 One-Dimensional Materials Based on Group VIII Metalomesogens
Jones, Chad M.1998 Novel bistable reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display device for use with night vision goggles
 1999 Full-color reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display
Jones, Charles A.1998 The effects of solutes on liquid crystal stability
Jones, Chris2004 The first bent-core mesogens exhibiting a dimorphism B7-SmCPA
 2005 The B2-B7 phase transition in symmetrical bent-shaped mesogens with methoxy substitution
 2006 The peculiar optic, dielectric and X-ray diffraction properties of a fluorinated de Vries asymmetric diffuse cone-model ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2009 On the Origin of the "Giant" Electroclinic Effect in a "De Vries"-Type Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Material for Chirality Sensing Applications
Jones, Chris A.2002 Rotating convection-driven dynamos at low Ekman number
Jones, Christopher2002 Observation in T-Shaped Bolaamphiphiles of Coexisting Smectic Layering and In-Layer 1D Smectic Order
Jones, Christopher D.2005 Director Structures in Achiral Smectic C Liquid Crystal Cells: Field Induced Twist Domain Nucleation
 2006 Main-Chain Chiral Smectic Polymers Showing a Large Electroclinic Effect in the SmA* Phase
 2007 End-to-End Stacking and Liquid Crystal Condensation of 6- to 20-Base Pair DNA Duplexes
 2007 Siloxane-terminated phenylpyrimidine liquid crystal hosts
Jones, Christopher J.1992 The synthesis, electrochemistry and thermal behavior of some molybdenum mononitrosyl complexes incorporating a cholesterolate ligand
 1993 The synthesis, electrochemistry and thermal behavior of some molybdenum mononitrosyl complexes incorporating stilbenamide ligands carrying long-chain alkoxy substitutents
 1993 The synthesis, electrochemistry and thermal properties of some molybdenum mononitrosyl complexes containing oxobiphenyl ligands which incorporate long chain alkoxy substituents
 1995 The synthesis of some paramagnetic stilbazole complexes and an evaluation of their redox and mesogenic properites
Jones, Cliff1991 Shedding light on alignment
 2001 Nematic liquid crystals with a trifluoromethyl group
Jones, D.1978 Some properties of liquid crystals as infrared modulators
Jones, D.B.1999 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline aromatic copolyesters with lactide moieties
Jones, D.J.2000 Adsorption of [60]Fullerene from Toluene Solutions on MCM-41 Silica: A Flow Microcalorimetric Study
 2005 Copper- and Silver-Containing Monolithic Silica-Supported Preparations for Selective Propene-Propane Adsorption from the Gas Phase
Jones, David1991 Signs of stress
 1991 The highway code
 1999 Poly(p-phenyleneethynylene)s Are Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline
 2007 Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline 4H-Benzo[1,2,4]thiadiazines and Generation of Persistent Radicals
Jones, David C.2003 Hybrid organic-inorganic photorefractives
Jones, David Paul2003 Conductive black matrix for Liquid crystal display which can performed other functions in addition to light blocking and which is connected to gate through two vias
 2003 Optical masking layer for LCD display
Jones, David T.1996 Towards meeting the Paracelsus Challenge: the design, synthesis, and characterization of paracelsin-43, an α-helical protein with over 50% sequence identity to an all-β protein
Jones, Deborah J.2001 Effect of surfactant type, substitution by aluminium and additives on direct liquid crystal templated monolithic silica
 2001 Periodic large mesoporous organosilicas from lyotropic liquid crystal polymer templates
 2004 Birnessite-type manganese oxide-alkylamine mesophases obtained by intercalation and their thermal behavior
Jones, Derick1970 Dynamic scattering in a room-temperature nematic liquid crystal
 1970 Electrical field distribution associated with dynamic scattering in nematic liquid crystals
 1971 Light diffraction phenomena in an ac-excited nematic liquid-crystal sample
 1972 Electro-optical devices using lyotropic nematic liquid crystals
 1991 Guest-host active matrix liquid-crystal display using high-voltage polysilicon thin-film transistors
Jones, Derry W.1981 Mesophase from electrode-binder coal-tar pitch. An appraisal of structural techniques
Jones, E.R.H.1957 Researches on acetylenic compounds. Part LV. The preparation and properties of some polyacetylenic acids and their derivatives
 1959 Chemistry of the higher fungi. Part IX. Polyacetylenic metabolites from Coprinus quadrifidus
Jones, F.1972 Physicothermal stabilities of dye solids. II. Phase transitions and melting behavior of some disperse and vat dyes
 1975 Thermal expansion and specific heat of a nematic liquid crystal
 1979 Orientation of dyes in liquid crystalline media. Part I. Liquid crystal display systems
 1979 Orientation of dyes in liquid crystalline media. Part II. Dye orientation in dye phase-change displays
 1980 Aggregation and lyotropic mesophase formation in anionic dye solutions
 1980 Order parameters of dyes in a biphenyl/terphenyl liquid crystal mixture
 1981 Photostability of dyes in liquid crystalline media
 1984 Naphthoquinone dyes in liquid-crystalline media
 1986 Anisotropic fluorophors for liquid crystal displays
 1986 The chromonic phases of dyes
Jones, F.B.1973 Liquid crystalline properties in alkyl and alkoxycinnamic acid esters
 1975 p-Cyano substituted cinnamic acid esters
 1976 Molecular order and an odd-even effect in an homologous series of Schiff-base nematic liquid crystals
Jones, F.N.1988 Liquid crystalline oligoester diols as thermoset coatings binders
 1989 Convenient synthesis of two monomers for main chain liquid-crystalline polymers
 1991 Liquid crystalline polymers as binders for coatings
 1991 Liquid-crystalline oligoesters containing single-ring aromatic units separated by aliphatic spacers
Jones, F.R.1990 The fabrication of carbon-carbon composites using a liquid crystal matrix precursor
Jones, Francis1977 Dichroic azo dyes
 1987 Liquid crystal displays and fluorescent dyes for use in them
Jones, Francis P.1989 Phase transitions of lipid bilayers. II. Mean field theory
Jones, Frank1985 Liquid crystal material incorporating a pleochroic dye
 1996 Oligoester diol blend vehicle for high solids coatings for hard/tough films
Jones, Frank N.1987 Graft copolymers of p-hydroxybenzoic acid (PHB). I. A general method for grafting mesogenic oligo-PHB to oligomers
 1987 Liquid-crystalline acrylic copolymers as binders for non-bake coatings
 1987 Model crosslinkable liquid crystal oligoester diols as coatings binders
 1987 Synthesis of crosslinkable liquid-crystalline oligoester diols by direct esterification; use in coatings binders
 1988 Binders for higher-solids coatings. IV. Liquid-crystalline acrylic lacquers
 1988 Binders for higher-solids coatings. Part III: Model alkyd resins modified by liquid crystalline groups
 1988 Synthesis of cross-linkable heterogeneous oligoester diols by direct esterification with p-hydroxybenzoic acid. Use in coatings binders
 1989 Liquid-crystalline acrylic copolymers for high-solids enamel coatings
 1990 Resins containing mesogenie groups for coatings
 1990 Water-dispersible liquid-crystalline polymers for coatings having hardness and impact resistance
 1992 Polyesters with liquid crystalline properties and coating binders based thereon
 1995 Polymeric vehicle for high-solids coatings
 1996 Compounds with liquid crystalline properties and their use as binders in coatings
 1997 Polymeric vehicle for high-solids coatings, and coating formulations based thereon
 1999 Polymeric vehicle containing oligoester diols for high solids coatings
Jones, Freeman B.1973 Liquid crystals. II. Liquid crystalline properties of trans-cinnamic acid esters
 1975 Low melting point disubstituted-p,p'-phenyl cinnamate liquid crystals
Jones, Graham R.1997 Observer-tracking autostereoscopic 3D display systems
Jones, Graham Roger2005 Multiple view directional display having means for imaging parallax opticor display
Jones, Gwilyn Parry1970 Hindered molecular rotation in 1,2-dipalmitoyl-L-phosphatidylcholine monohydrate by nuclear magnetic resonance spin-lattice relaxation in the rotating frame (T1ρ)
Jones, H.M.1995 Pre-breakdown currents in water and aqueous solutions and their influence on pulsed dielectric breakdown
Jones, J.1973 Lung surface-active fraction as a model system for macromolecular ultrastructural studies with Crotalus atrox venom
Jones, J. Cliff1995 The synthesis, mesomorphic behavior and the uniaxial nature of 1,2,4,5-tetra(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzenes
 1995 X-ray diffraction studies of the smectic A to smectic C* transition within a surface stabilized liquid crystal cell
 1996 X-ray diffraction studies of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals in both low and high pretilt devices
 1997 Measurement of the elastic constants and effective surface anchoring energy for a smectic C liquid crystal
 1999 Accurate determination of the temperature and frequency dependent smectic C biaxial permittivity tensor
 1999 Determination of the Temperature Dependent Smectic C Biaxial Permittivity Tensor and Elastic Constants
 2000 The physics of τVmin ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 2000 X-ray studies of layer structure and needle defects in anti-parallel aligned SSFLC devices with medium pre-tilt
Jones, J. Clifford1995 The synthesis and transition temperatures of some ortho-dichloroterphenyls for ferroelectric mixtures
 1999 Novel nematic compounds incorporating two conjugated carbon-carbon double bonds in the terminal chain
 1999 Synthesis and evaluation of nematic 4-alkenyloxy- and 4-alkenoyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1999 The synthesis and properties of fluoroterphenyls for high dielectric biaxiality ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 2000 The synthesis and properties of host materials with fluoro substituents in the core and in a terminal chain for high dielectric biaxiality FLC mixtures
Jones, J.B.1979 Analysis of flaws in high-strength carbon fibers from pitch
 2008 Direct Imaging of Aligned Neurofilament Networks Assembled Using In Situ Dialysis in Microchannels
Jones, J.C.1990 Observation of dielectric biaxiality in a two-frequency smectic C and a reinterpretation of ferroelectric liquid crystal a.c. field effects
 1991 Optical studies of high tilt silicon monoxide aligned thin layers of smectic C materials
 1991 Optical studies of thin layers of smectic C materials
 1991 Optical studies of thin layers of smectic-C materials
 1991 The importance of dielectric biaxiality for ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 1992 Measurement of the biaxial permittivities for several smectic C host materials used in ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 1993 Fast, high-contrast ferroelectric liquid crystal displays and the role of dielectric biaxiality
 1993 On the influence of short range order upon the physical properties of triphenylene nematic discogens
 1994 On the refractive indexes, polarizabilities and order parameter of a nematic discogenic mixture
 1996 Assessing ferroelectric materials for application in b.tauVMIN mode devices
 1996 Dielectric relaxation studies of Goldstone mode fluctuations in SSFLC cells
 1996 On the effects of doping calamitic and discotic nematics with materials of the opposite aspect ratio
 1996 The relationship between the smectic C director and layer profiles and the surface anchoring energies
 1997 4th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'97), Nagoya
 1997 Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Viewing Angle Characteristics of Surface Stabilised Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Devices
 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Layer and director profiles in ferroelectric liquid crystal displays subjected to mechanical damage
 1999 X-ray study of the layer structure in a high pre-tilt, anti-parallel aligned ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2000 Detailed simulation of the goldstone mode response of ferroelectric liquid crystals in the surface stabilised geometry
Jones, J.C. (cont...)2000 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline materials: hosts, dopants and gels for display applications
 2000 Liquid-crystalline Abrikosov flux phase with an antiferroelectric structure
 2000 Liquid-crystalline Abrikosov flux phase with an antiferroelectric structure
 2000 Spontaneous layer reorientation in smectic C liquid crystals
 2001 Aromatic liquid crystals with a trifluoromethyl group in the terminal chain for use in nematic LC mixtures
 2001 Terminal trifluoromethyl-alkoxy and-alkenyloxy nematic liquid crystals for LCDs with active matrix addressing
 2003 X-RAY structural studies of ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 2004 Double minimum in the surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal switching response
Jones, J.L.1999 Concentration Fluctuations in Surfactant Cubic Phases: Theory, Rheology, and Light Scattering
Jones, J.W.2005 Density measurements through the gel and lamellar phase transitions of di-tetradecanoyl- and di-hexadecanoyl-phosphatidylcholines: observation of slow relaxation processes and mechanisms of phase transitions
 2008 Chromonic Liquid Crystal Formation by Edicol Sunset Yellow
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 2004 Photo-Induced Bulk-Alignment of LC Polymers Containing Cinnamoyl and Fluorescent Dye Side Groups
Jung, C. Christoph2005 The Generation of Three-dimensional Anisotropies in Thin Polymer Films by Angular Selective Photoproduct Formation and Annealing
 2005 Waveguide Spectroscopic Characterization of 3D Anisotropies in Conventionally Photooriented and Annealed Films of Liquid Crystalline and Amorphous Azobenzene Polymers
Jung, C.S.1992 Phase transitions of liquid-crystal films on an air-water interface
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