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Aver'yanov, E.M.1979 Structural and molecular-optical anisotropy of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1979 Study of the orientation-statistical properties of liquid crystals of the tolan class by optical methods
 1980 Critical growth of fluctuations of molecule bending and the nature of the nematic-isotropic liquid phase transition
 1980 Orientational-statistical properties of a pure and impure liquid crystal of amyloxycyanobiphenyl
 1980 Study of the conformational mobility of mesophase molecules by the optical probing technique
 1981 Change in the conformation of a mesogenic molecule induced by smectic-nematic-isotropic liquid phase transitions
 1981 Order parameter fluctuations in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal
 1981 Structural and optical anisotropy of mixed liquid crystals
 1981 Structural ordering of uniaxial liquid crystals and effective molecular polarizability
 1981 Variation in the conformation of mesogenic molecules induced by phase transitions in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1982 "Nonclassical" temperature dependence of the order parameter in nematic liquid crystals
 1982 Change in the conformation of molecules and nature of the nematic-isotropic liquid phase transition
 1982 Longitudinal order-parameter fluctuations and anisotropy of nematic liquid-crystal molecules
 1982 Orientational statistics of a nematic liquid crystal and the character of its phase transition into an isotropic liquid
 1982 Polarization IR spectroscopic-study of orientational ordering and phase transitions in 4-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1983 Conformation and effective polarizability of mesogenic molecules of 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1983 Smectic A-nematic phase transition in a system of conformationally unstable molecules
 1984 Anisotropy of local field in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1984 Features of the local field in nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals with small optical anisotropy
 1984 Structural and optical anisotropy of liquid crystals with flexible molecules
Aver'yanov, E.M. (cont...)1984 Structural ordering and molecular-optical properties of a 4-nitrophenyl 4-(octyloxy)benzoate liquid crystal
 1985 Change in the nematic liquid crystal/isotropic liquid phase-transition temperature over a homologous series
 1985 Experimental investigation of a local field in a nematic liquid crystal
 1985 Perturbation of the electronic structure of impurity molecules induced by orientation ordering in a nematic liquid crystal
 1986 Method for the determination of light-wave local-field parameters in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1986 Orientational melting of the shorter chains of a molecule and the nature of the nematic-smectic A phase transition
 1986 Orientational ordering and polarizability of conformation-unstable molecules in a liquid crystal
 1986 Specificity of orientational ordering of molecular fragments and the nature of the nematic-smectic A phase transition in liquid crystals
 1986 Spectroscopic study of two-axiality of the tensor parameter of molecular order in uniaxial liquid crystal
 1986 Splitting of polarized absorption bands with a complex vibronic structure in the spectra of impurity liquid crystals
 1986 Study of intramolecular transition polarization with application of liquid-crystal matrixes
 1986 Variations of conformation and electronic structure of molecules during phase transitions in uniaxial liquid crystal
 1987 Static shift and splitting of polarized absorption bands of dyes in a nematic liquid crystal
 1987 Steric effects of substituents in mesogens and phase transition temperatures in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1988 Refractometric study of the local-field properties in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1988 Spectral and orientational-statistical properties of a nematic liquid crystal with biaxial impurity molecules
 1988 Spectral peculiarities of Raman scattering in nematic liquid crystal
 1988 Spectral properties and orientational ordering of impurity anthracene molecules in a nematic matrix
 1988 Spectral properties and structure ordering of doped smectic liquid crystal
 1989 Orientational ordering and spectral properties of dyes in a nematic liquid crystal
Aver'yanov, E.M. (cont...)1989 Splitting of polarized absorption bands of impurity biaxial molecules in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1990 Effects of local light-wave fields in the molecular optics of liquid crystals
 1990 Giant spectral response of an impurity nematic to the field excitation during a Freedericksz transition
 1990 Rearrangement of the spectrum of an impurity nematic liquid crystal due to Freedericksz transition
 1990 Universal relation between the orientation order parameters of the matrix and impurities in a nematic liquid crystal
 1992 Relation between orientational order parameters of impure molecules in a nematic matrix
 1993 Ateric effect of terminal substituents in azomethines and thermal stability of nematic phase
 1993 New characteristics for the structural relaxation of nematics doped with luminescent impurity molecules
 1994 Nature of splitting of fullerene C70 polarized absorption bands in liquid-crystal matrixes
 1994 Shape of the impurity electronic absorption bands in the nematic liquid crystal
 1994 Static and relaxational properties of orientational ordering of an impure liquid crystal
 1994 Stationary spectra of the polarization fluorescence for a doped liquid crystal
 1995 Mixing of molecular excitations in single-acid liquid crystals
 1995 Shape of impurity electronic absorption bands in a nematic liquid crystal
 1996 On the type of phase transition of ND-Dh(0,d) in discotic liquid crystals
 1997 Development of the difference of local symmetry of calamitic and discotic nematics in their spectral properties
 1997 Dispersion of refractive indexes in nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Structural and molecular-optical anisotropy of a discotic reentrant nematic
 1998 Spectral properties of calamitic and discotic nematics, associated with the difference in their local symmetry
 1999 Experimental solution of the local-field problem in discotic liquid crystals
Aver'yanov, E.M. (cont...)2000 Orientation-statistical and spectral properties of impure anisotropic polymer films
 2001 Conformational and orientational order of molecules in nematic liquid crystals
 2001 Intercoupling of molecular conformational and orientational degrees of freedom in a nematic liquid crystal
 2001 Spectral effects of correlation between molecular conformational and orientational degrees of freedom in a nematic liquid crystal
 2001 Spectral features of impurity luminescence in uniaxial polymer films and nematic glasses
 2001 Structural and optical anisotropy of biaxial nematics
 2002 Change of the "nematic - isotropic" phase transition temperature within homologous series of liquid crystals. 1. Compounds with monotonous dependencies Tc (n)
 2002 Conformational Statistics of Molecules and Measured Internal Rotation Angles
 2002 Fluctuations of orientational ordering of biaxial molecules in uniaxial nematic
 2002 New Manifestation of the Statistical Nature of Orientation Ordering in Impure Nematics
 2003 Change of the "nematic – isotropic" phase transition temperature within homologous series of liquid crystals. 2. Compounds with nonmonotonous dependencies tc(n)
 2003 Structural Effects of Self-Organization of Biaxial Molecules with Internal Rotation in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2004 Dimension of mesogenic molecules
 2004 Manifestations of the Higher Moments of the Orientation Distribution Function of Molecules in the Spectral Properties of an Impurity Nematic
 2004 Variations in the temperature of the nematic-isotropic liquid phase transition in homologous series of compounds with double terminal or lateral flexible chains
 2006 The use of Chebyshev polynomials orthogonal on a finite arbitrary system of points for interpolating changes in nematic-isotropic liquid phase transition temperatures in homologous series
 2007 Temperature behaviour of refractive indices of uniaxial nematics and cholesterics
 2008 Anisotropy of local field and dispersion of refractive indices in uniaxial liquid crystals
 2008 Nonlinear coupling between the mean polarizability of molecules and the local-field anisotropy in a liquid crystal and change of the "γ = const" paradigm
 2008 Temperature behaviour of refractive indices of quasi-nematic layer of cholesteric and discoid nematic
Aver'yanov, E.M. (cont...)2009 Local-field anisotropy in cholesteric liquid crystals
 2009 Long-range orientational order, local-field anisotropy, and mean molecular polarizability in liquid crystals
 2010 Anisotropy of the local field of the light wave in cholesteric liquid crystals
 2010 Local-field anisotropy of a light wave in quasi-two-dimensional soft-matter objects
Averyanov, E.M.1984 Experimental solution of the local field problem in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1984 Phase transitions and molecular conformation in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1986 Experimental solution of the local field problem in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1990 Relation between orientational order parameters of matrix and probe in nematic liquid crystals
 1991 Structural ordering and spectral properties of smectic A with biaxial solute molecules
 1992 Local field anisotropy and spectroscopy of uniaxial molecular media
 1992 N-A Phase Transition in the System of Biaxial Molecules
 1992 Steric Effects of Terminal Substituents in Azomethines and Nematic Thermal Stability
 1993 Polarized luminescence spectrum of an impurity liquid crystal. The degeneration lifted and renewed by relaxation
 1993 Smectic A-nematic phase transition in a system of biaxial molecules
 1995 Features of orientational ordering and the critical behavior of a discotic nematic
 1997 Discoid Nematics: Orientational Order, Phase Transitions, Critical Behavior and Response to External Fields
 2003 Changes in the temperature of the nematic-isotropic liquid phase transition in the homologous series of calamitic liquid crystals
Averyanov, Eugene M.1995 Structural relaxation of a nematic liquid crystal doped with fluorescent impurity molecules
Averyushkin, A.S.2006 Light-induced director reorientation in NLC doped with high-molecular polymer
 2006 Orientational Light Interaction with Nematic Liquid Crystal Doped with MEH-PPV Polymer
Avetissian, A.K.2002 Electron-positron pair production in the field of superstrong oppositely directed laser beams
Avetissian, H.K.2002 Electron-positron pair production in the field of superstrong oppositely directed laser beams
Avetisyan, V.M.1979 Raman spectroscopic study of nonlinear optical susceptibility of liquid crystals
Avgonova, F.A.1999 Phase transformations in a mixture of two mesomorphic cyclolinear siloxane polymers miscible in an isotropic melt
Avgonova, Faina A.2000 Phase behavior of blends with mesophase components
Avichai, M.1991 Gelation and crystallization in solutions of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) in benzyl alcohol
Avila-Orta, C.A.1998 Triple melting behavior of poly(ethylene terephthalate co-1,4-cyclohexylene dimethylene terephthalate) random copolyesters
Avila-Orta, Carlos2004 Hierarchical Assembly of a Series of Rod-Coil Block Copolymers: Supramolecular LC Phase in Nanoenviroment
 2005 Deformation-Induced Phase Transition and Superstructure Formation in Poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 2006 Superstructure Evolution in Poly(ethylene terephthalate) during Uniaxial Deformation above Glass Transition Temperature
 2008 New Insights into Lamellar Structure Development and SAXS/WAXD Sequence Appearance during Uniaxial Stretching of Amorphous Poly(ethylene terephthalate) above Glass Transition Temperature
Aviles-Barreto, Sonia L.2008 Rheology of Nanoparticle Suspensions in Hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) Solutions
Aviles, M.1999 Complex melting behavior of LLDPE copolymers
Avinash, K.2003 Nonlinear compressional waves in a two-dimensional Yukawa lattice
 2004 Characterizing potentials using the structure of a one-dimensional chain demonstrated using a dusty plasma crystal
Aviram, A.1971 Preparation and thermodynamics of some homologous nitrones, a new group of liquid crystals
 1972 Stilbene derivatives. New class of room temperature nematic liquids
 1976 Crosslinking of lyotropic liquid crystals in magnetic fields
 2000 Electronics using hybrid-molecular and mono-molecular devices
Aviram, Arieh1970 New, nonplanar trans-stilbenes exhibiting nematic phases at room temperature
 1970 Scanning calorimetry of mesophase transitions: Marker's acid
 1971 Preparation and thermodynamics of some homologous nitrones, a new group of liquid crystals
 1972 Mesomorphism in the 4,4'-dialkoxy-trans-stilbenes
 1972 Nematic, thermotropic stilbenes for electrooptical devices
Aviram, I.2003 Reaction-diffusion dynamics in an oscillatory medium of finite size: Pseudoreflection of waves
 2004 Abnormal frequency locking and the function of the cardiac pacemaker
 2004 Pseudoreflection from interface between two oscillatory media: Extended driver
Avitabile, Gustavo1983 Comparative studies of layer structures: the crystal structures of bis(mono-n-dodecylammonium) tetrabromozincate and bis(mono-n-tridecylammonium) tetrabromozincate
Avitzour, Y.2004 Numerical investigation of recombination gain in the Li?III transition to ground state
Aviv, Gershon1976 Photochemistry of oriented molecules. The photodimerization of tetraphenylbutatriene incorporated in polyethylene and nematic matrixes
Avlanov, Jamshid K.1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
Avlund, Mikkel2002 Anomalous transport in conical granular piles
Avlyanov, J.K.1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
Avlyanov, Jamshid K.1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
 1996 Conducting substrate for liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel light-emitting devices and liquid crystal "light-valves"
 2002 Synthesis and lyotropic liquid crystalline behaviour of a taper-shaped phosphonic acid amphiphile
Avnir, David1997 Limited range fractality of randomly adsorbed rods
Avny, Yair1998 Holographic storage in conjugated-polymer composites
Avram, Ecaterina2001 Side chain thermotropic liquid crystalline polysulfones obtained from polysulfone UDEL by chemical modification
Avramenko, P.Ya.1992 Characteristics of mesophase transformations in modified pitches
 1992 Surface properties of the filler and mesophase transformation in coal tar pitch
Avramova, K.1973 Liquid crystals
 1983 Observations of electrically surface-induced regular arrays of focal conics in a homeotropic NPOB smectic A liquid crystal
 1988 A driven voltage-controlled reversible electrooptic effect in a smectic A phase. II. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) anchoring
Avramova, K.S.1974 Orienting action of an a.c. electric field on a nematic layer
Avramova, N.1991 Liquid-crystalline polymer laminates
Avramova, Nadka1999 High-performance laminates through chemical welding of thin liquid crystalline polymer films
Avron, J.2006 Entangled Photon Pairs from Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Avrorova, L.V.1986 Structural features of aromatic polyamide copolymers
Avrutin, Viktor2004 Border-collision period-doubling scenario
Avsec, M.2005 Visco-Elastic Properties of Nematic-MoS2 Nanotubes Mixtures
 2007 Band Structure of Orientational Modes in Quasiperiodic Mesoscale Liquid-Crystal–Polymer Dispersions
Avzyanov, V.S.1977 Study of a nematic liquid crystal-semiconductor interface
Awad, Doaa2009 Interaction of Na2B12H11SH with dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine liposomes
Awadelkarim, O.1997 Device technology for lightweight panoramic displays
Awadelkarim, O.O.1999 The impact of RCA treatment of glass substrates on the properties of polycrystalline silicon thin film transistors
Awaga, K.1998 Photoisomerization of Azobenzene Derivatives in Layered Magnetic Materials
Awaga, Kunio1999 Magnetic Order and Disorder in a Family of Layer Organic/Inorganic Nanocomposites
 2006 Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of [Dithiazolylium]x[M(tdas)2] Salts
Awaji, Akira1996 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device with improved sharpness and color tone
Awaji, Hideo1987 Degradations of thermal shock resistance and fracture toughness of neutron irradiated reactor graphite
Awaji, Hiroshi1988 Preparation and physical properties of heat-resistant polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1992 Alignment of nematic liquid crystals by polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1992 Hydroxy-terminated aromatic ester compounds, tetracarboxylic acid diesters, as intermediates for ferroelectric liquid crystals , and their preparations
 1992 Preparation of ferroelectric liquid crystal polymer
 1993 Preparation of optically active bis(aryloxyalkyl) fumarate derivatives as intermediates for liquid crystals
Awaji, Toshio1997 Carbon black, resin compositions, and black matrixes for color filters
 2000 Alkali-developable light-sensitive resin composition forming tack-free film
Awane, K.1989 Novel optically active compounds for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 The effect of fluorinated alkyl group on mesophase thermal stabilities
 1990 Relationship between molecular structure and spontaneous polarization for optically active γ-lactone derivatives
 1991 Novel optically active dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
Awane, Katsuaki1998 Fabrication of semiconductor device
Awane, Katsuei1998 Active matrix liquid crystal display with improved high aperture and its manufacture
Awane, Katsunobu1988 Deviation of layer normal from rubbing direction in SSF-LC
 1989 Liquid crystalline compounds incorporating fluorinated alkyl group
 1990 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Incorporating the Optically Active γ-Lactone Ring
 1991 Alignment technique for thin-film-transistor liquid -crystal displays
 1991 Effect of molecular structure of chiral fluorinated compounds on spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 The states of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal with high-pretilt aligning film
 1991 Tilt angle behavior of smectic C phase in binary systems
 1993 A liquid crystal display device and a method for manufacturing the same
 1997 Power reduction of driver-integrated p-Si TFT-LCDs with divided shift-registers
Awang, Mat Rasol2008 Ultrasonic Goniometry Measurement of Aquilaria sp (Gaharu) Wood
Awano, Hidekazu1995 Carbon surface conditioning produces an anode suitable for heavy-duty discharge in Li secondary batteries
 1995 Surface characterization of carbon fibers as anode materials for Li secondary batteries
Awano, Hiroshi2004 Structures and properties of liquid crystalline materials oriented under magnetic field
 2006 Effects of polyimide alignment film on property of OCB-mode device
 2006 Influence of polyimide alignment layers on flow and orientation behaviors of liquid crystals in ODF process.
 2006 Photoisomerization of liquid crystalline dendrimer containing azobenzene derivatives
 2007 Carrier transport property of liquid crystalline dendrimers containing phenylnaphthalene groups.
 2007 Effects of polyimide alignment film on splay-bend orientation transition in OCB mode cell
 2007 Flow behaviours of liquid crystal droplets on polyimide alignment layers
 2007 Luminescence characteristics of Iridium complex with liquid crystalline ligands in LCD-OLED device
 2007 Molecular alignment of liquid-crystalline azobenzene dendrimer in a thin film using magnetic field and photoisomerization.
Awano, Noriyasu1999 Wet etching method including preheating with UV radiation
Awano, Yasuhiko2007 Grating-Based Luminance-Enhancement Film for LCD Backlights
Awasthi, Shrikant1995 Single-stage heat-treating and pressurization-densification process for manufacturing carbon fiber-carbon composites using mesophase pitch matrix precursors
Awata, Hiroko1997 Liquid - crystal display element with broader viewing angles
Awazu, K.2000 Change of Liquid-Crystal Domains by Vibrational Excitation for a Columnar Mesophase
 2002 Change of Liquid Crystal Domains by Polarized Infrared Irradiation for a Columnar Liquid Crystal
 2003 An infrared technique for alignment control of discotic liquid crystals: A possible fabrication technology for organic micro/nano electronic devices
 2003 Anisotropic Change of Liquid-Crystal Domains by Polarized Infrared Pulse Laser Irradiation for a Columnar Mesophase
 2004 Controlling the orientation of the columns in a DLC by irradiation with IR
 2005 An infrared technique for the alignment control of highly viscous mesophases: the formation of homeotropic and planar domains for hexagonal columnar mesophase of Triphenylene mesogens
 2006 Alignment Control of a Columnar Liquid Crystal for a Uniformly Homeotropic Domain Using Circularly Polarized Infrared Irradiation
Awazu, Kunia2003 Anisotropic Alignment Change of Columnar Liquid Crystal by Polarized Infrared Irradiation
Awazu, Kunio2001 Infrared photoinduced change of liquid crystal domains for a columnar mesophase
 2001 Vibrational excitation induced change of liquid crystalline domains in nematic and smectic phases
 2002 Infrared-Induced Domain Change of Columnar Liquid Crystal by FEL: Toward a New Technology for Liquid Crystal Domain Control
 2003 Infrared photoinduced alignment change for triphenylene-based columnar liquid crystals by using free electron laser
 2005 A Novel Technique for the Alignment Control of Highly Ordered Liquid Crystals Based on Vibrational Excitation of Chemical Bond by Polarized Infrared Laser
 2005 Alignment Change of Discotic Liquid Crystal Domains by Wavelength Tunable Infrared Laser Irradiation
 2005 An Infrared Technique for the Alignment Control of Liquid Crystalline Semiconductors
 2005 Change of DLC Domains by IR Irradiation for a Plastic Columnar Mesophase
 2006 Controlling the orientation of the columns in Discotic Liquid Crystals with CO2 laser irradiation
 2006 Homeotropic alignment change for discotics in plastic columnar mesophase by infrared irradiation
 2007 Aignment change of the columns in Helical msophase of alkylthiotriphenylene by IR laser irradiaion
 2007 Alignment Control of Columnar Liquid Crystals for Uniformly Homeotropic Domain with Circularly Polarized Infrared Irradiation
 2008 Alignment control of columnar liquid crystals with wavelength tunable CO2 laser irradiation
Awe, Jens1989 Polymers of carbonic acid. 4. Crystalline smectic polyurethanes derived from piperazine or 4,4'-bipiperidine and diphenols containing aliphatic spacers
 1989 Polymers of carbonic acid. 5. Nematic polyurethanes derived from 4,4'-dihydroxybiphenyl and 4,4'-bipiperidine, ethylene-4,4'-bipiperidine or trimethylene-4,4'bipiperidine
Awwal, Abdul Ahad S.1998 Analysis and evaluation of electro-optic artificial neural network performance in the presence of nonideal components
 2003 Characterization and operation of a liquid crystal adaptive optics phoropter
Axberg, Claes1975 Liquid crystals as lamellar reservoirs reduce thinning by drainage
 1976 Liquid crystals in systems of rosin and fatty acids: implications for tall oil recovery
Axcell, B.P.1999 Heat transfer augmentation on rotating disks
Axe, J.D.1990 X-ray specular reflection studies of silicon coated by organic monolayers (alkylsiloxanes)
Axel, Francoise1973 Cis double bonds in liquid crystalline bilayers
Axelrod, E.1997 Spontaneous acoustic emission (AE) at the phase transition in smectic
Axelsen, Paul H.1998 Infrared spectroscopy of supported lipid monolayer, bilayer, and multibilayer membranes
Axelsson, Anders1996 Diffusivity measurements using holographic laser interferometry in a cubic lipid-water phase
Axenides, Minos1998 Phase transitions in the core of global embedded defects
Axmann, A.1968 Calculation of the principal molecular polarizabilities of some 4,4'-di-n-alkoxyazobenzenes and some 4,4'-di-n-alkoxyazoxybenzenes from high dielectric constants of nematic films
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 1966 Dielectric investigations of liquid crystal phases in the microwave range. II. Measurements on certain 4,4'-di-n-alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1966 Principal dielectric constants of the homogenically oriented, crystalline-liquid phase of p-azoxyanisoles in the frequency range of 10-50 Mc
Axosta, Elizabeth Jane2000 Liquid crystal device having chiral nematic liquid crystal material
Aya, Toshihiko1985 Optically anisotropic dope
Aya, Yoichiro1996 Polycrystalline semiconductive films and solar cells and TFTs for liquid-crystal display devices using them
 1996 Thin-film transistor, its manufacture, and liquid crystal display device using it
 1999 Fabrication of a semiconductor device
Ayachit, N.H.1993 Shape parameters and excited-state dipole moments of some nematic liquid crystals from solvatochromic shifts
 2009 Dielectric studies on some mesogenic, non-mesogenic and organic molecules
 2009 Thermodynamic Functions of a Liquid Crystal through Density Measurements
 2009 Time Domain Reflectometry Studies on a Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2010 Thermodynamic Functions of a Liquid Crystal through Density Measurements
Ayachit, Narasimha H.2006 A study on thermodynamic and sound parameters of some nematics
 2006 Characterization of Some Liquid Crystals through Sound and Thermodynamic Parameters
 2009 Density Measurements and Thermodynamic Parameters of a Nematic Liquid Crystal
Ayadi, M.1998 Correlation length in PBnA liquid crystal family
 1998 Experimental study of PbnA liquid crystal
 1998 Smectic phases of two liquid crystal families: TBnA and n.OBPD
 1999 Thermal and x-ray measurements in smectic phases of the PBnA liquid crystal family
Ayala-Diaz, C.2008 Matrix model for a twisted medium: liquid crystal cell
Ayali, Amir2002 Morphological characterization of in vitro neuronal networks
Ayambem, Amba1999 Crystallization and multiple melting behavior of a new semicrystalline polyimide based on 1,3-bis(4-aminophenoxy)benzene (TPER) and 3,3',4,4'-biphenonetetracarboxylic dianhydride (BTDA)
Ayanoglu, Eser1986 Mass spectral behavior and HPLC of some unusual molecular phospholipid species
 1988 Phospholipid studies of marine organisms. Part 18. Analogs of unusual sponge phospholipids. Synthesis and thermotropic properties of 1,2-di-(6Z,9Z)-6,9-hexacosadienoylphosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine
 1990 Cholesterol interactions with tetracosenoic acid phospholipids in model cell membranes: role of the double-bond position
Ayato, Hiroshi1999 Nonaqueous secondary batteries comprising stannous oxide and carbon anodes
Aydin, K.2003 Subwavelength Resolution in a Two-Dimensional Photonic-Crystal-Based Superlens
Aydin, Rafet1980 Carbon-13, proton spin-spin coupling. V. π-Benzenechromium tricarbonyl and the π-tropyliumchromium tricarbonyl cation
Aydin, Tunc O.2008 Extending quality metrics to full luminance range images
Aye, Tin M.1997 Holographic high contrast viewing screen embedded in a liquid crystal display
 2000 Liquid crystal digital scanner-based HMD
 2000 Multiperspective holographic autostereo 3D display
 2000 Multiplanar liquid crystal volumetric 3D displays
 2005 A new approach to wideband scene projection
 2005 Image tiling for a high-resolution helmet-mounted display
 2008 Liquid crystal modulated optical amplifier for night vision imaging
Ayeb, H.2006 Reply: Comment on "Time Resolved Experimental Analysis of the Electric Field Induced Biaxial Order Reconstruction in Nematics"
 2007 Control of transient biaxial order in calamitic nematics
 2008 Metallomesogens as Biaxial Dopants in a Calamitic Nematic Liquid Crystal
Ayesh, A.S.2009 Physiochemical properties of hydroxy mixed ether HMEn surfactants and their interaction with sodium dodecyl sulfate SDS
Ayhan, Ayse1997 In vivo evaluation for rhGM-CSF wound-healing efficacy in topical vehicles
Ayliffe, P.J.1989 Evolutionary development of advanced liquid crystal spatial light modulators
 1991 The "JOERS/Alvey" ferroelectric multiplexing scheme
Ayral, A.1994 Liquid crystal templating effects on silica gels synthesized using quaternary ammonium surfactants
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of silica gels obtained in lamellar media
 1995 Sol-gel derived silica membranes with tailored microporous structures
 1995 Synthesis of inorganic gels in a lyotropic liquid crystal medium. I. Synthesis of silica gels in lamellar phases obtained from non-ionic surfactants
 1997 Synthesis of alumina gels in amphiphilic media
 1999 Synthesis and texture of mesophase templated silica layers seeded with nanoparticles
 2006 Mechanical properties of mesoporous silica thin films: Effect of the surfactant removal processes
Ayral, Andre1996 Synthesis and characterization of inorganic gels in a lyotropic liquid crystal medium. Part 2. Synthesis of silica gels in lyotropic crystal phases obtained from cationic surfactants
 2000 Synthesis conditions for hexagonal mesoporous silica layers
 2000 The True Structure of Hexagonal Mesophase-Templated Silica Films As Revealed by x-ray Scattering: Effects of Thermal Treatments and of Nanoparticle Seeding
 2004 Mesostructure of Anatase Thin Films Prepared by Mesophase Templating
Ayräs, P.2006 High-efficiency switchable diffractive lens
Äyräs, P.2006 Electro-Optic Adaptive Lens as a New Eyewear
Äyräs, Pekka2006 Switchable electro-optic diffractive lens with high efficiency for ophthalmic applications
 2007 High-efficiency switchable flat diffractive ophthalmic lens with three-layer electrode pattern and two-layer via structures
Ayres de Campos, J.M.1990 X-ray diffraction study of poly(p-phenylene). Part I. Variation of crystallite size with annealing temperature
Ayres, J. Richard1999 Numerical Analysis of the Electrical Characteristics of Gate Overlapped Lightly Doped Drain Polysilicon Thin Film Transistors
Ayres, J.R.1999 Laser crystallized poly-Si TFTs for AMLCDs
 1999 The technology and application of laser crystallized poly-SI TFTs
Ayres, John R.1992 Low temperature polysilicon for liquid crystal display addressing
Ayres, John R.A.1999 Electronic devices comprising thin-film transistors for liquid-crystal displays
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 1997 Liquid crystal phases of dipolar discotic particles
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Ayton, Gary1995 A generalized Gaussian overlap model for fluids of anisotropic particles
 1996 Ferroelectric order in model discotic nematic liquid crystals
Ayton, Gary S.2009 Hybrid Coarse-Graining Approach for Lipid Bilayers at Large Length and Time Scales
Aytun, Taner2008 Nanoscale Composition Mapping of Segregation in Micelles with Tapping-Mode Atomic Force Microscopy
Ayub, Khurshid2010 Design of Liquid Crystals with "de Vries-like" Properties: Frustration between SmA- and SmC-Promoting Elements
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Azamatova, Z.K.1998 Examination of free-volume elements in solid liquid-crystalline Vectra copolyester
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 1989 Studies on the early stage of carbonization of petroleum pitch by means of high-temperature proton-NMR and ESR
 1991 In-situ monitoring for mesophase formation processes of various pitches by means of high-temperature carbon-13 NMR
 1993 Carbonization behavior of petroleum pitch - in situ high-temperature carbon-13-NMR measurements
 1994 Kinetics of mesophase formation of petroleum pitch
Azami, Kyoshi1993 Manufacture of mesophase pitch fibers with high modulus and compressive strength
Azaroff, L.V.1984 X-ray diffraction by cybotactic nematics
 1988 Structure of thermotropic polyesters with large substituents
 1989 Copolymer-like structures of nitroimine dimers
Azaroff, Leonid V.1979 X-ray diffraction by a nematic polybenzothiazole fiber
 1980 X-ray diffraction by liquid crystals
 1985 X-ray diffraction by cybotactic nematics
 1987 Biaxiality in nematic liquid crystals
 1987 X-ray diffraction by liquid-crystalline polymers
 1987 X-ray diffraction studies of homologous series of 4-alkyl-4'-cyanostilbene
 1988 A method of self-calibration for molecular weight distribution determinations for liquid crystalline polymers
 1988 X-ray diffraction study of thermotropic liquid-crystalline main-chain polyesters and diester model compounds
 1990 Copolymerlike structures of nematic nitroimine dimers
 1989 X-ray diffraction by thermotropic main-chain polymers with side groups. I. Rigid polyesters
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