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Ikemoto, Isao2002 Development of new organic metals and superconductors from a non-ttf donor system
 2006 Development of New D-A Systems Based on Fullerene and TTF for Organic Devices
Ikemoto, Kaori2008 Thermal and Hyperthermal Collision-Energy Depositions of Transition Metal-Benzene Sandwich Complexes onto a Self-Assembled n-Octadecanethiol Monolayer
Ikemoto, Kenichi1989 Preparation of 2-hydroxybiphenyl-5-carboxylic acid by Kolbe-Schmitt reaction for liquid crystals and heat-resistant polyesters
 1989 Preparation of 4-acyloxy-4'-bromobiphenyls as intermediates for drugs, agrochemicals, liquid crystals, and polymers
 1993 Liquid crystalline phase transitions for 4,4'''-dialkyloxyquaterphenyl homologs
 1995 Mesomorphic phase transitions of 4,4'''-dialkyloxyquaterphenyls and dialkyl quaterphenyl-4,4'''-dicarboxylates
 1996 Preparation of 4'-carbamoylbiphenyls from 4-halogenobiphenyls
 1996 Preparation of 4'-cyanobiphenyl-4-ol from 4'-carbamoylbiphenyl-4-ol
Ikemoto, Kouji1994 Synthesis and structure - anti-tumor-promoting activity relationship of monogalactosyl diacylglycerols
Ikemoto, Syunichi1984 New Dynamic Image Processing Technique for the Analysis of Texture Movement: Study of the Dissipative Structure in the Electrohydrodynamic Instability of Nematic Liquid Crystal
Ikemoto, T.1986 The thermal properties of liquid crystals exhibiting a chiral smectic C phase
 1988 14th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sendai
 1988 Novel liquid crystals having a large dielectric anisotropy
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 Mesomorphic properties of a homologous series of 4-cyanophenyl 3,4-di(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzoates
 1989 Molecular structure and smectic properties. Part 1. The effect of linkages on smectic A thermal stability in three aromatic ring compounds linked by ester groups
 1989 Thermal properties of 4-alkoxyphenyl 3,4-di(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)benzoates
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 Mesomorphic properties of some liquid crystals incorporating lateral long-alkoxy chain
 1990 The substituent effect on the thermal stability of the smectic A phase in para-phenylene systems incorporating ester linkages
 1991 17th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sapporo
 1994 Relationship between molecular structure and induced spontaneous polarization for chiral dopants containing an optically active lactone
 1995 New chiral dopants with an optically active six-membered ring for ferroelectric liquid crystals. Effect of direction of the dipole moment on spontaneous polarization
Ikemoto, Taku1996 Liquid crystal display and its filter substrate
Ikemoto, Tetsuya1986 The preparation and thermal properties of terminal disubstituted N-(4-benzoyloxybenzylidene)anilines
 1987 (Iminomethyl)phenyl benzoate-type chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1987 Optically-active (phenoxymethyl)benzoic acid phenyl esters for liquid crystal display devices
 1989 Novel Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with Very Large Spontaneous Polarization
 1990 Optically active substance for liquid crystal composition
 1991 5,5-Dialkyl-δ-valerolactone derivatives as new chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Chiral ferroelectric liquid crystal composition and optical apparatus using the same
 1991 Novel ferroelectric liquid crystalline δ-valerolactone derivatives with very large spontaneous polarization
 1991 Optically active substance and liquid-crystal composition containing it
 1991 Optically-active esters and ferroelectric liquid -crystal compositions containing them
 1991 Optically-active hydrocoumarin derivatives for ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 New optically active 4,4-dialkyl-γ-lactones as chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Optical active pantolactone derivative
 1992 Optically active compounds having δ-valerolactone rings and ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1992 Optically active liquid crystal compositions
 1992 Preparation of optically active 5-(heterocyclylaryloxymethyl)- γ-butyrolactone derivatives and their analogs as liquid crystals
 1992 Preparation of optically-active ester compopunds as additives for ferroelectric chiral smectic C liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 Preparation of optically-active hydroisocoumarin derivatives for ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 Stereochemical studies of optically active 2-hydroxy-5-alkyl-δ-valerolactone derivatives as chiral dopant for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 2-Hydroxy-5,5-dialkyl-δ-valerolactone derivatives as chiral dopants for practical ferroelectric liquid crystals
Ikemoto, Tetsuya (cont...)1993 Prediction of the absolute configuration of optically active pheromones using liquid crystals
 1993 Preparation of optically active dialkyloxirane derivatives and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1993 Preparation of pyranones for liquid crystal compositions.
 1994 Synthesis and properties of new chiral dopants containing a δ-lactone ring for practical ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 1995 Preparation of optically active alpha -substituted carboxylic acid derivatives as intermediates for liquid crystals, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals
 1996 Molecular design of novel chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals with lactone ring
Ikemoto, Yuhko1993 A cobalt-59 NMR study of the interactions of some cobalt(III) complexes in nematic lyomesophases
Ikemura, Masaki1998 Water-thinned inks for ink-jet printers and manufacture of color filters
Ikenaga, E.2005 Determination of electron escape depth in ultrathin silicon oxide
Ikenaga, Masao1986 Thermotropic polymer connector for optical fibers
 1988 Liquid crystal polymers
Ikenaga, Yukio1986 Electroconductive resin composite
Ikeno, Hidenori1988 Electrooptic Bistability of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Device Prepared Using Polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett Orientation Films
 1989 Alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystals on the polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett films: application to LCDs
 1989 Manufacture of polyimide precursor membranes for alignment in liquid crystal displays
 1995 Guest-host type liquid crystal display with high light-permeability and high-contrast
 1996 Guest-host type reflection liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1998 Liquid crystal display containing electrically conductive particles and its manufacture
 2002 Color liquid - crystal panel and method for its manufacture
 2002 Reflection plate, reflection type liquid crystal display apparatus, and method of manufacturing the same
 2003 Transflective liquid crystal display in which the difference in optical path between the reflective mode and transmissive mode is reduced with the plane surface of a substrate kept
Ikeno, Koji2002 Synthesis of Amphiphilic Fluoroalkoxyl End-Capped Cooligomers Containing Oxime-Blocked Isocyanato Segments: Architecture and Applications of New Self-Assembled Fluorinated Molecular Aggregates
Ikeno, Shinobu1976 Dielectric behavior of nematic liquid crystals under dc electric field
Ikenoe, Yoshiaki1996 Composition for forming liquid crystal orientation film, its manufacturing method and its use
Ikenoya, Satoru1974 Anodic oxidation of carboxamides. Part I. Anodic oxidation and pyridination of 4- and 4'-substituted benzanilides
Ikeshita, Masahiko1996 Inspection apparatus for measuring thickness of liquid crystal display color filter
 1996 Method and apparatus for inspecting color filter for liquid-crystal display device
Ikeshoji, Tamio2002 Microscopic pressure tensor for hard-sphere fluids
Iketaki, Yoshinori2003 Two-color far-field super-resolution microscope using a doughnut beam
Ikeuchi, Mitsuru1991 Small discharge lamp for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Flat panel rare gas fluorescent lamp for liquid crystal display device
 1998 Ceramic high-pressure mercury discharge lamp for liquid -crystal back light
 1998 Metal halide lamp having ceramic light-emitting tube for back light of liquid - crystal display
Ikeuchi, Satoaki2004 Thermodynamic Study on a Chiral Glass Former, 4-(1-Methylheptyloxy)-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 2005 Entropic evidence for cooperation of multiple instabilities upon a metal–insulator transition in (EDO-TTF)2PF6
Ikeuchi, Toshio2005 Liquid crystal display device
Ikeue, Keita2006 Layered Pr-dodecyl sulfate mesophases as precursors of Pr2O2SO4 having a large oxygen-storage capacity
 2008 Synthesis and Oxygen Release/Storage Properties of Ce-Substituted La-Oxysulfates, (La1-xCex)2O2SO4
Ikeura, Yasuhiro1996 Water-base adhesive preparations of corticosteroids for skin diseases
Ikeya, Hirotoshi1976 Effects of initial molecular alignment on the electrooptical properties of dynamic scattering liquid crystal devices
Ikeya, Tatsuhiro2000 1,15-Pentadecanediol
Ikeyama, Akihiro2001 Anti-reflection film, polarizing plate comprising the same, and image display device using the anti-reflection film or the polarizing plate
Ikeyama, Yoshimitsu2003 Observations of immiscible polymer blend electrorheological fluids with a confocal scanning laser microscope
Ikezaki, Akira2006 Anomalous 13C NMR Chemical Shifts of High-spin Saddle Shaped Manganese(III) Octaethyltetraphenylporphyrin Complexes
Ikezaki, Kazuo1999 Lateral Molecular Space Control of LB Films by Introducing Spacer Molecules
Ikezaki, Mitsuru1997 Liquid crystal display
Ikezaki, Yoji2000 Negative-working radiation-sensitive resin composition
Ikezawa, Yasunari1995 Carbon surface conditioning produces an anode suitable for heavy-duty discharge in Li secondary batteries
 1995 Surface characterization of carbon fibers as anode materials for Li secondary batteries
Ikezi, H.1985 Unusual magnetoresistance of mesophase-pitch-derived graphite fibers
Iki, H.1994 20th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
Iki, Hitoe1995 Crystal structures of two isomeric series of mesogens, 4-cyanophenyl 4-n-alkoxybenzoates and 4-n-alkoxyphenyl 4-cyanobenzoates
Ikia, Keizo1998 Liquid crystal layer containing solar cells
Ikkala, O.1998 Direct imaging of self-organized comb copolymer-like systems obtained by hydrogen bonding: poly(4-vinylpyridine)-4-nonadecylphenol
 1998 Ordering in Supramolecular Elastomer-Amphiphile Systems. 4. Vinylpyridine-Divinylbenzene Networks with Alkylphenols
 1999 Ordering in self-organizing comb copolymer-like systems obtained by hydrogen bonding between charged or noncharged polymers and amphiphiles
 2001 "Hairy Tubes": Mesoporous Materials Containing Hollow Self-Organized Cylinders with Polymer Brushes at the Walls
 2001 Intermediate Segregation Type Chain Length Dependence of the Long Period of Lamellar Microdomain Structures of Supramolecular Comb-Coil Diblocks
 2002 Polarized luminescence from self-assembled, aligned, and cleaved supramolecules of highly ordered rodlike polymers
 2003 Self-Organization of Hairy-Rod Polymers
 2006 Hierarchical Ionic Self-Assembly of Rod-Comb Block Copolypeptide-Surfactant Complexes
 2007 Enzymatic Hydrolysis Combined with Mechanical Shearing and High-Pressure Homogenization for Nanoscale Cellulose Fibrils and Strong Gels
Ikkala, Olli1995 Liquid crystalline polymer blends and their preparation
 1995 Mesomorphic State of Poly(vinylpyridine)-Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid Complexes in Bulk and in Xylene Solution
 1995 Poly(4-vinyl pyridine)/Zinc Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate Mesomorphic State Due to Coordination Complexation
 1996 Critical Interaction Strength for Surfactant-Induced Mesomorphic Structures in Polymer-Surfactant Systems
 1996 Mesomorphic Structures in Flexible Polymer-Surfactant Systems Due to Hydrogen Bonding: Poly(4-vinylpyridine)-Pentadecylphenol
 1996 Surfactant-induced mesomorphic behavior of flexible polymers
 1997 On lyotropic behavior of molecular bottle-brushes: a Monte Carlo computer simulation study
 1998 Extended conformations of isolated molecular bottle-brushes. Influence of side-chain topology
 1999 Molecular bottle brushes in thin films: An off-lattice Monte Carlo study
 2001 Comb-Shaped Supramolecules Based on Protonated Polyaniline and Their Self-Organization into Nanoscale Structures: Polyaniline Sulfonates/Zinc Sulfonates
 2001 Oscillatory Shear Flow-Induced Alignment of Lamellar Melts of Hydrogen-Bonded Comb Copolymer Supramolecules
 2001 Self-Organized Thermosets: Blends of Hexamethyltetramine Cured Novolac with Poly(2-vinylpyridine)-block-poly(isoprene)
 2002 Mesomorphic Structure of Poly(styrene)-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine) with Oligo(ethylene oxide)sulfonic Acid Side Chains as a Model for Molecularly Reinforced Polymer Electrolyte
 2003 Amphiphiles Coordinated to Block Copolymers as a Template for Mesoporous Materials
 2003 Shear Alignment at Two Length Scales: Comb-Shaped Supramolecules Self-Organized as Cylinders-within-Lamellar Hierarchy
 2003 Structural Hierarchy in Flow-Aligned Hexagonally Self-Organized Microphases with Parallel Polyelectrolytic Structures
 2004 Self-assembled polymeric solid films with temperature-induced large and reversible photonic-bandgap switching
 2008 Evidence of PPII-like Helical Conformation and Glass Transition in a Self-Assembled Solid-State Polypeptide-Surfactant Complex: Poly(l-histidine)/Docylbenzenesulfonic Acid
 2008 Fibrillar Constructs from Multilevel Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Discotic and Calamitic Supramolecular Motifs
 2008 Hydrogen-Bonded Polymer-Azobenzene Complexes: Enhanced Photoinduced Birefringence with High Temporal Stability through Interplay of Intermolecular Interactions
Ikkala, Olli (cont...)2008 Macroscopically Aligned Ionic Self-Assembled Perylene-Surfactant Complexes within a Polymer Matrix
 2008 Self-Assembled Poly(4-vinylpyridine)-Surfactant Systems Using Alkyl and Alkoxy Phenylazophenols
 2008 Structural and Conformational Transformations in Self-Assembled Polypeptide-Surfactant Complexes
 2009 Directing the Smectic Layer Orientation by Shear Flow in Hierarchical Lamellar-within-lamellar Liquid Crystalline Diblock Copolymers
Ikkala, Olli T.1997 Thermoreversible gels of polyaniline: viscoelastic and electrical evidence on fusible network structures
Ikker, Andreas1994 Synthesis of side-chain liquid-crystalline polysalts with a poly(methylsiloxane) backbone
Ikoma, Tadaaki2005 Spin dynamics of carrier generation in a photoconductive C60-doped poly(N-vinylcarbazole) film
 2008 Time-resolved EPR study on photoreduction of sodium anthraquinone-2-sulfate in liposomes
Ikoma, Takeshi1997 Dichroic dyes with high electric resistance, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid crystal displays therefrom
 1997 Guest-host type liquid-crystal composition
 1997 Liquid crystal composition for low voltage-driving and high-contrast display
Ikoma, Yoshimitsu2007 Selective Adsorption of Glucose-Derived Carbon Precursor on Amino-Functionalized Porous Silica for Fabrication of Hollow Carbon Spheres with Porous Walls
Ikonen, Marjo1991 A kinetic study of monomer and excimer fluorescence of pyrene lecithin in Langmuir-Blodgett films
Ikram, Masroor2007 Stokes polarimetry for the characterization of bio-materials using liquid crystal variable retarders
Ikshikawa, Takayuki1995 Synthetic polyester composition and product of molding thereof
Ikubo, Katsumasa1992 A method for producing an active matrix substrate for liquid crystal display devices
Ikugawa, Shuji1998 Liquid crystal display device and manufacture of the same
Ikuhara, Isao2000 Manufacture of cellulose acetate films by solvent casting
 2000 Manufacture of cellulose ester films by solvent casting
Ikukawa, Shuji1990 1,3-Dioxane derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 2-(4-Cyano-3-fluorophenyl)-5-alkylpyrimidines as nematic liquid crystals
 1990 Pyrimidine derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1991 Fluorophenylpyrimidine derivative for liquid crystal composition
 1991 Preparation of 4-pyrimidin-2-ylbenzonitrile derivatives as nematic liquid crystal compounds and their compositions
 1991 Preparation of pyrimidine derivatives and nematic liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1991 Preparation of pyrimidine derivatives for liquid crystal displays
 1991 Pyrimidine derivative for liquid crystal composition
 1991 Pyrimidine derivative for liquid crystal composition
 1992 1,3-Dioxane derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Allyloxyphenyl alkylcyclohexanecarboxylates for nematic liquid-crystal compositions
 1992 Ester compounds as liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1992 Isoalkylbenzoate esters for nematic liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1992 Preparation of (alkenyloxyphenyl)pyridines, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and multiplex-drive liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of (alkynyloxyphenyl)cyclohexanes, liquid-crystal compositions containign them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of (alkynyloxyphenyl)ethylcyclohexans, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of 2-(3,5-difluoro-4-chlorophenyl)pyrimidine derivatives, liquid crystal composition containing the same, and liquid crystal display device using the composition
 1992 Preparation of 2-(3,5-difluorophenyl)pyrimidine derivatives, liquid crystal composition containing the same, and liquid crystal display device using the composition
 1992 Preparation of 4-(alkylthio)phenyl 4-(4-alkylcyclohexyl)benzoates as nematic liquid crystals , liquid-crystal compositions, and display devices
 1992 Preparation of 4-alkenyloxy-1-benzoyloxy-2,3-dicyanobenzenes, liquid -crystal compositions containing them, and display devices
Ikukawa, Shuji (cont...)1992 Preparation of 4-alkoxy-3',5'-difluoro-4'-cyanobiphenyls, liquid -crystal compositions containing them, and display devices
 1992 Preparation of 4-alkyl-4'-(alkenyloxymethyl)biphenyls, liquid-crystal compositions containig them, and time-division drive display devices
 1992 Preparation of 4-cyano-3-halophenyl 4-alkoxymethylbenzoates, nematic liquid crystal compositions, and display devices
 1992 Preparation of alkenyloxydicyanophenyl cyclohexanecarboxylates, liquid -crystal compositions containing them, and display devices
 1992 Preparation of cyanodifluroterphenyls, nematic liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of cyclohexanecarboxylate esters, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of cyclohexylcyanofluoroterphenyls, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and display devices
 1992 Preparation of cyclohexyldifluoroterphenyls, nematic liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of cyclohexylfluoroterphenyls, nematic liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and display devices
 1992 Preparation of dialkyldifluoroterphenyls as nematic liquid crystals , liquid-crystal compositions, and display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of difluoroterphenyls, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of fluoroalkylterphenyls, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Preparation of phenyl (fluoroalkoxy)benzoates, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1993 Preparation of 2,3-dicyanohydroquinone derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices using them
 1993 Preparation of 3-(4-alkylbenzoyloxy)-6-(alkenyloxy)phthalonitriles, liquid-crystal compositions, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1993 Preparation of 4'-[2-(4-alkylcyclohexyl)ethyl]biphenyl-4-carboxylic acid phenyl esters, nematic liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1993 Preparation of alkyldifluroterphenyls, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1993 Preparation of fluorophenyl (alkoxymethyl)benzoates, nematic liquid -crystal compostisions, and display devices
 1993 Preparation of terphenyl derivatives for liquid crystal compositions.
 1993 Tolan derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions and display devices using them
Ikukawa, Shuji (cont...)1994 Tolan derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions and display devices using them
 1995 1,1-Difluoro-2-phenylethylene derivative and liquid crystal composition and display device using it
 1995 Tolan derivative, liquid crystal composition and display device using it
 1998 Finder display used in video camera and driving method
Ikukawa, Shuki1991 Preparation of 2-(4-cyano-3,5-difluorophenyl)-1,3-dioxane derivatives and liquid-crystal composition containing the same
Ikukawa, Shushi1998 Liquid crystal panel for camera finder
Ikuma, Ken1993 Rare earth bond magnet, composition therefor, and method of manufacturing the same
 1997 Manufacture of rare earth bond magnet
 1997 Rare earth bonded magnet and a composition for it
 1997 Rare earth bonded magnet, a rare earth magnetic composition for it, and manufacture of the magnet
Ikuma, N.2006 Ferroelectric Properties of Paramagnetic, All-Organic, Chiral Nitroxyl Radical Liquid Crystals
Ikuma, Naohiko2004 Magnetic properties of all-organic liquid crystals containing a chiral five-membered cyclic nitroxide unit within the rigid core
 2005 Preparation and magnetic properties of chiral all-organic liquid crystals
 2005 Spontaneous Racemization and Epimerization Behavior in Solution of Chiral Nitroxides
 2006 Design, Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of Chiral Organic Radical Liquid Crystals
 2006 EPR Studies on Molecular Orientation in a Surface-Stabilized Paramagnetic Liquid Crystal Cell
 2006 Paramagnetic FLCs Containing an Organic Radical Component
 2006 Synthesis and Electric/Magnetic Properties of Novel Chiral Organic Radical LCs
 2007 Effects of liquid crystalline superstructures on the intermolecular ferromagnetic interactions observed in all-organic radical liquid crystals
 2007 Intermolecular Ferromagnetic Interactions Observed in Organic Radical Liquid Crystals
 2007 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel All-Organic Liquid Crystalline Radicals
 2008 Paramagnetic all-organic chiral liquid crystals
 2008 Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Radical Liquid Crystals Showing Ferroelectricity
 2008 Unusual intermolecular magnetic interaction observed in an all-organic radical liquid crystal
 2009 Magnetic-field-induced molecular alignment in an achiral liquid crystal spin-labeled by a nitroxyl group in the mesogen core
 2009 Preparation and Properties of C2-Symmetric Organic Radical Compounds Showing Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Properties
Ikuma, Nohiko2006 Ferroelectricity and Superparamagnetism of Chiral Organic Radical LCs
Ikuma, Takeshi1997 Rare-earth bond magnets of low porosity and high strength, their manufacture, and compounds therefor
Ikunaka, Masaya2004 The Highly Selective Equatorial Hydride Delivery by Biocatalysis: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of trans-2-(4-Propylcyclohexyl)-1,3-propanediol via cis-4-Propylcyclohexanol
Ikuno, Masaya2005 Magnetic Alignment of the Chiral Nematic Phase of a Cellulose Microfibril Suspension
Ikushima, Akira J.1981 Studies on Phase Transitions by AC Calorimetry
Ikuta, Isao1997 CMOS thin-film transistor IC for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
Ikuta, Junsuke1998 Protective layer compositions, color filter substrates and liquid crystal display devices
 1999 Color filter manufacture by ink-jet method for liquid crystal display
 1999 Composition for color filter protective coat, color filter-attached substrate, the manufacturing method and liquid crystal display component from the same
 1999 Process for manufacture of color filter for color liquid crystal display according to ink-jet printing method
 1999 Production of color filter for liquid-crystal display device
Ikuta, Kachihiro1999 Color filter, its manufacture using ink-jet printer, and liquid-crystal panel containing it
 1999 Liquid crystal display color filter substrate fabricated by photolithography and ink-jet method
Ikuta, Katsuhiro1998 Manufacture of color filters and and liquid crystalline devices and ink-jet inks thereof
Ikuta, Mitsuhiro2006 Ultrafast Optical Nonlinearity in Polydiacetylenes Studied by Sub-5-fs Laser
Ikuta, Yasushi1999 Flat plate light source, luminescent device with it, and liquid crystal display device with it
 1999 Rare-gas discharge lamps and illumination apparatus and liquid-crystal displays using them
 2000 Flat-type light source, information-processing apparatus, and liquid crystal display
Ikuta, Yoriaki1998 Liquid crystal display active matrix substrate having s-triazinetrione ring-containing electric insulator polymer film
Ikuta, Youichi1992 Color display device having liquid crystal cell and fluorescent display with two different luminous sections
Ilan, Boaz2003 Self-focusing of circularly polarized beams
Ilangovan, U.1996 EPR lineshapes and dynamics of TEMPOL solubilized in the aqueous microphase of lecithin/cyclohexane/water reverse micelles
Ilani, A.1970 Surface tension of an artificial bileaflet membrane in comparison to parent lipid solution - water interfacial tension
Ilavsky, J.D.1968 Melting behavior of linear polyethylene fractions
Ilavsky, M.1999 Gelation and dynamic mechanical behavior of liquid crystalline networks
 2001 Phase transitions in molecular crystal 4,4'-bis(6-hydroxy-1-hexyloxy)biphenyl studied by molecular dynamics simulations and IR spectroscopy
 1978 Dependence of cooperative relaxation of amorphous polymers on diluent concentration
 2000 Dynamic Mechanical Behavior of Ordered Off-Stoichiometric Polyurethane Systems at the Gel Point Threshold
 2002 Thermal properties of liquid-crystalline diols and corresponding bis-urethanes with mesogenic groups of various structures in side chains
Ilavsky, Michal1998 Molecular order and dynamic mechanical behavior of polyurethanes based on liquid crystalline diol
 1999 Crystal structure analysis of two crystalline bis(ω-hydroxyalkoxy)biphenyls using a combination of powder diffraction, IR spectroscopy and molecular simulation
 1997 Dynamic mechanical behavior of random copolymers of a liquid crystalline methacrylate and octyl methacrylate
 2005 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of New Chiral Liquid-Crystalline Diols
 2007 New Chiral Thiols and Related Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2008 Chiral liquid crystalline thiols for preparation of polybutadiene diols
 2008 Thermal and Dielectric Behavior of Liquid-Crystalline Polybutadiene-Diols with Mesogenic Groups in Side Chains
 2008 Thermal, Mechanical and Dielectric Behavior of Liquid-Crystalline Polybutadiene-Diols with Cyanobiphenyl Groups in Side Chains
Il'chenko, A.Ya.1993 Synthesis of surface-active liquid-crystalline diacetylenic esters
Il'chishin, I.1990 Harmonic distortion of the induced helical structure of the nematic liquid crystal detected by the distributed feedback laser
Il'chishin, I.P.1976 Generation of induced radiation by organic dyes in a nematic liquid crystal
 1978 Tuning of the emission frequency of a dye laser with a Bragg mirror in the form of a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1980 Characteristics of absorption and fluorescence spectra of polymethine dye solutions in liquid crystals
 1980 Generation of tunable radiation by doped cholesteric liquid crystals
 1981 Induced tunable radiation in a doped cholesteric liquid crystal
 1987 Damage to the planar texture of absorbing cholesteric liquid crystals by pulsed laser radiation
 1988 Harmonic distortion of the nematic liquid crystal structure with induced gyrotropy in a distributed-feedback laser
 1988 Spatial distribution of a cholesteric liquid-crystal distributed-feedback dye laser
 1990 Influence of incommensurability in a nematic liquid crystal with induced gyrotropy
 1990 Peculiar oscillation spectra of DFL based on nematics with induced helical structure
 1991 Peculiarities of generation spectra of DFL-based on nematics with induced helical structure
 1991 Study of optical properties of liquid crystals with induced helicity by laser spectroscopy
 1994 Determination of the refractive index in region of selective reflection of a cholesteric liquid crystal by a laser spectroscopy method
 1996 Optimization of energy yield and angular divergence in a cholesteric liquid crystal DFB laser
 1999 Laser spectroscopy of chiral liquid crystals
 2000 The threshold control and lasing characteristics of doped nematic liquid crystals
Ilchishin, I.P.2007 Lasing in Dye-Doped Nematic Liquid Crystals at a Dynamic Distributed Feedback for Two-Scheme Excitation
Ilchishin, Igor2006 Lasing in the dye doped nematic liquid crystal at the dynamic distributed feedback
Il'chishin, Igor P.1995 Detecting of the structure distortion of cholesteric liquid crystal using the generation characteristics of the distributed feedback laser based on it
 1995 Laser method of refractive index determination within the selective reflection band of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1996 Optical diagnostics of structural ordering in the cholesteric liquid crystal using the DF-laser based on it
Ilchishin, Igor P.2004 Influence of the light-induced molecular transformations on the helix pitch and lasing spectra of cholesteric liquid crystals
 2004 Spectral and lasing characteristics of dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystals as materials for laser projection screens
Ilchishin, Igor Pavlovych2005 Thresholds control and lasing characteristics in dye doped nematic liquid crystals
Ilchyshyn, I.P.1998 Spectral properties of doped cholesteric liquid crystals - active media of lasers with distributed feedback
 1999 Peculiarities of the oscillation characteristics of doped cholesteric liquid crystals as the active medium of DFB-laser and ways of their optimization
Ilcisin, K.J.1997 The switching dynamics of the plasma addressed liquid crystal display
Ilcisin, Kevin J.1996 Plasma-addressed liquid crystal display with reduced column voltages
 1996 Plasma-addressing method and apparatus for plasma-addressed liquid-crystal display devices
 1997 Addressing structure using ionizable gaseous mixtures having multiple ionizable components
 1998 Cathode structure for plasma-addressed liquid -crystal display panel
 1998 Cathode structure for plasma-addressed liquid-crystal (PALC) display panel
 1998 Method and channel material for forming electrode of plasma-addressed liquid crystal panel
 1998 Plasma-addressed liquid - crystal display device with integrated source of reactive gas
 1998 Plasma-addressed liquid - crystal display panel with internal antireflection coating
 1998 Plasma-addressed liquid - crystal display panel with optimized relationship between liquid crystal parameters and cover sheet thickness
 1998 Structure for plasma-addressed liquid - crystal display panel having helium filling doped with hydrogen
 1999 Formation of electrode on channels of plasma address liquid crystal (PALC) display panels and intermediate body in the manufacture of display panels
 1999 Operational method plasma address liquid crystal (PALC) panel
 1999 Plasma address liquid crystal (PALC) panel
 1999 Plasma address liquid crystal display panel and its production method
Ilcisin, Kevin John1996 Anodically bonded plasma-addressed liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Addressable electro-optical system with multiple image data storage elements and decreased electrical current use, addressing structure for data elements, and method for addressing an addressable electro-optical display at decreased current use
Ildefonse, B.2000 A long in situ section of the lower ocean crust: results of ODP Leg 176 drilling at the Southwest Indian Ridge
Ilekti, P.1996 Dispersions of Silica Particles in Surfactant Phases
 1999 Effects of polyelectrolytes on the structures and interactions of surfactant aggregates
Iler, H. Darrell1999 Quiescent melt crystallization of bisphenol-A polycarbonate: effect of crystallization time, temperature and molecular weight
Ilett, S.M.1995 Phase behavior of a model colloid-polymer mixture
Iley, Margaret1973 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 2. Cocarbonization of aromatic and organic dye compounds, and influence of inerts
 1973 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 3. Cocarbonization of aromatic and heterocyclic compounds containing oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur
 1973 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 4. Carbonization of coal-tar pitches and coals of increasing rank
 1973 Enhanced graphitization of fluorene and carbazole. Mesophase formation
 1975 Carbonization and liquid-crystal (mesophase) development. 6. Effect of preoxidation of vitrinites upon coking properties
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 1992 The Virtual Trimer Model - A New Molecular Interpretation of the Stabilization of Liquid Crystallinity in Side-Chain Polymers
 1993 Comparison of the mesogenic properties of monomeric, dimeric, and side-chain polymeric liquid crystals
Imrie, Corrie T. (cont...)1993 Dependence of the transitional properties of polystyrene-based side-chain liquid - crystalline polymers on the chemical nature of the mesogenic group
 1993 Effect of backbone flexibility on the transitional properties of side-chain liquid - crystalline polymers
 1993 Multifunctional side-chain liquid - crystalline polymers containing pyrene
 1993 Ultrastructure studies of polystyrene-based side-chain liquid -crystalline copolymers containing charge transfer groups
 1994 Effect of spacer length on the thermal properties of side-chain liquid-crystal poly(methacrylate)s
 1994 Induction of Liquid Crystallinity in Blends of Amorphous Side-Chain Polymers and Their Analogous Copolymers
 1994 Nonsymmetric dimeric liquid crystals. The preparation and properties of the α-(4-cyanobiphenyl-4'-yloxy)-ω-(4-n-alkylanilinebenzylidene-4'-oxy)alkanes
 1994 Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Copolymers. 2. Polystyrene-Based Side-Chain Polymers Containing Nitroazobenzene
 1994 The effect of molecular wt. on the thermal properties of polystyrene-based sidechain liquid-crystalline polymers
 1995 Effect of Spacer Length on the Thermal Properties of Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polymethacrylates. 2. Synthesis and Characterization of the Poly[ω-(4'-cyanobiphenyl-4-yloxy)alkyl methacrylate]s
 1995 Material Highlights: Liquid Crystal Polymers. A Digest of the Recent Literature
 1995 Materials Highlights
 1995 Materials Highlights
 1995 Observations of relaxation mechanisms in side-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1995 Supramolecular chemistry and liquid crystal polymers
 1995 Supramolecular side-chain liquid-crystal polymers. Part 1. Thermal behavior of blends of a low molar mass mesogenic acid and amorphous polymers
 1995 Thermal Characterization of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
 1995 Towards supramolecular side-chain liquid-crystal polymers. 3. Miscibility of Mesogenic acids and amorphous polymers
 1996 Characterization of side-chain liquid crystal polymers using dynamic mechanical thermal analysis and dielectric thermal analysis
 1996 Role of Specific Interactions in Determining the Mesogenic Behavior of Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polymers
Imrie, Corrie T. (cont...)1996 Side-chain liquid crystal copolymers containing non-mesogenic units: dependence of the thermal behavior upon composition
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