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Huang, Yuhua2007 High efficient photonic band-edge cholesteric liquid crystal lasers
 2007 Low-threshold and high efficiency lasing upon band-edge excitation in a cholesteric liquid crystal
 2007 Lowering lasing threshold of cholesteric liquid crystal laser upon stop band edge excitation
 2007 Random lasers from dye-doped chiral photonic crystal films
Huang, Yun1982 Soliton propagation in liquid crystals
 1984 Soliton Propagation in Liquid Crystals
 2004 Molecular Weight Dependence of Phase Structures and Transitions of Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymers Based on 2-Vinylterephthalic Acids
 2005 A dendron based on natural amino acids: Synthesis and behavior as an organogelator and lyotropic liquid crystal
Huang, Z.1996 A model of an aligned nematic droplet for small angle light scattering study
 1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
 1996 Consequence of diluting modified β-cyclodextrins in a side-chain crown ether polysiloxane and in a side-chain liquid-crystalline polysiloxane-containing crown ether as stationary phases in capillary gas chromatography
 1997 Droplet's Size Extimation in PDLC by Sals
 1997 Phase separation in polymer dispersed liquid crystals with two different reacting monomers
 2000 Growth and characterization of lead zirconate titanate (30/70) on indium tin oxide coated glass for oxide ferroelectric-liquid crystal display application
 2000 New class of light-emitting polymers/oligomers
 2001 Growth and characterisation of lead zirconate titanate (30/70) thin films using TiO2 seeding for oxide ferroelectric-liquid crystal display application
Huang, Z.K.1990 Compound formation and melting behavior in the AB compound and rare earth oxide systems
Huang, Zai-Fu1993 A new stationary phase for capillary column gas chromatography -side chain liquid crystalline polysiloxane containing crown ether
 1993 Side-chain liquid crystalline polysiloxane containing crown ether used as stationary phase for capillary gas chromatography
 1993 Synthesis of crown ethers. Part XXIV. Synthesis of liquid crystal crown ether and its use as stationary phase for capillary gas chromatography
 1994 A new mixed stationary phase containing side-chain liquid crystalline and side-chain crown ether polysiloxane in capillary column gas chromatography
 1994 Comparison of crown ether side-chain polysiloxanes with and without liquid crystalline character as stationary phases for capillary gas chromatography
 1994 Use of a long-spacer-side-chain liquid crystalline polysiloxane containing a crown ether as a stationary phase for capillary gas chromatography
 1995 Syntheses and properties of terminal-vinyl liquid crystal crown ethers
 1996 Comparison of liquid-crystalline siloxane containing crown ether mesogen and peralkylated β-cyclodextrins for separation of positional isomers
 1997 Infrared spectroscopy of liquid crystal crown ether 4-(ω-undecenyloxy)-4-(4'-carboxybenzo-15-crown-5) biphenyl in heating process
 1998 Thermodynamics and infra-red spectroscopy of liquid crystal crown ether with terminal vinyl groups
 2001 Sodium ion transfer across micro-water/1,2-DCE interface facilitated by liquid crystal crown ether
Huang, Zhang-di2008 Dynamic DWDM channel blocking/equalizing based on liquid crystal technology
Huang, Zhanhua1996 Nonlinear joint transform correlator used for moving object tracking
 1996 Real-time hybrid joint transform correlator with parallel processing architecture
Huang, Zhaohua2009 Disterolphospholipids: Nonexchangeable Lipids and Their Application to Liposomal Drug Delivery
Huang, Zhegang2008 Rigid-flexible block molecules based on a laterally extended aromatic segment: hierarchical assembly into single fibers, flat ribbons, and twisted ribbons
 2008 Self-assembly of dumbbell-shaped rod amphiphiles based on dodeca-p-phenylene
Huang, Zhenli2003 Kinetically Controlled Synthesis of Wurtzite ZnS Nanorods through Mild Thermolysis of a Covalent Organic-Inorganic Network
Huang, Zhenyu2004 Evolution of wrinkles in hard films on soft substrates
Huang, Zheyuan1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
 1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
 1997 "Electronic noses" and microcontact-printed liquid crystal displays using conjugated polymers
 1997 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel light-emitting devices and liquid crystal "light-valves"
 1997 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in sensors for hydrocarbon vapors and in microcontact-printed liquid crystal displays
 1997 Selective Deposition of Conducting Polymers on Hydroxyl-Terminated Surfaces with Printed Monolayers of Alkylsiloxanes as Templates
 1997 Selective deposition of films of polypyrrole, polyaniline and nickel on hydrophobic/hydrophilic patterned surfaces and applications
 1997 Thin films of electroactive oligomers and polymers: application in sensors for hydrocarbon vapors, microcontact-printed liquid crystal displays and light emitting devices
Huang, Zhi1996 An inverse micellar Fd3m cubic phase formed by hydrated phosphatidylcholine/fatty alcohol mixtures
 1997 Study of the phase behaviour of fully hydrated saturated diacyl phosphatidylserine/fatty acid mixtures with 31P-NMR and calorimetry
 1998 Carbon-13 NMR Investigations of the Orientational Order in a Columnar Liquid Crystal
Huang, Zhi-Feng2004 Shear-induced grain boundary motion for lamellar phases in the weakly nonlinear regime
 2007 Stability of parallel/perpendicular domain boundaries in lamellar block copolymers under oscillatory shear
Huang, Zhi-Hua1992 Synthesis of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers by polycondensation
 1994 Synthesis of side-chain liquid crystal copolymer with nonlinear optical unit and study of its poled film by UV
 1998 Studies on the side chain liquid crystalline copolymer containing nonlinear optical groups
Huang, Zhi-Tang1997 Biodegradable polymer blends of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and hydroxyethyl cellulose acetate
 1997 Miscibility, thermal behavior and morphological structure of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and ethyl cellulose binary blends
 2004 Synthesis and characterization of new UV-curable liquid crystalline diacrylates
Huang, Zhibin2005 Large polar pretilt for the liquid crystal homologous series alkylcyanobiphenyl
Huang, Zhier1994 Methanation of syngas over molybdenum catalysts supported on activated carbon with ultra-high surface area
Huang, Zhihau1993 Synthesis and phase behavior of side chain liquid crystalline polymer with substituted biphenyl group
Huang, Zhong S.1997 Characteristics of off-set gate CdSe TFTs
Huang, Zhuang-Xiong2004 Navigation in a small world with local information
Huang, Zi-Qiang1997 Angular transmission of polymer dispersed liquid crystals films
 1997 High transmission polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1997 Measurement of the polarization field in PDLC with memory state
 1997 Process for preparation of highly transparent polymer-dispersed liquid crystal material
 1998 The electric field in polymer dispersed liquid crystal droplets and its influence on molecular orientation
 2010 Bistable technology in flat panel display: principle and progress
 2010 Controllable viewing-angle display using GHLC cell as backlight panel
 2010 Studies of transmission properties of guest-host black liquid crystal device
Huangfu, Jiangtao2004 Left-handed materials composed of only S-shaped resonators
Huant, S.2004 Conjugated polymer/molten salt blends: The relationship between morphology and electrical aging
Huard, T.C.1977 Preparative fractionation of liquid crystals
Huard, Thomas C.1977 Physical properties and analysis of liquid crystals
Hub, H.H.1980 Polymerization of lipid and lysolipid like diacetylenes in monolayers and liposomes
 1981 Polymerization of Lipid and Lysolipid Like Diacetylenes in Monolayers and Liposomes
Hubbard, C.D.2001 Phase Separation Induced by Conformational Ordering of Gelatin in Gelatin/Maltodextrin Mixtures
Hubbard, H.V.St.A.1992 Ionic conduction in sequentially ordered thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
 1996 Infrared spectroscopic studies of a nematic liquid crystalline poly(ester amide) in the solid phases
 1998 Anisotropic ionic conduction in a magnetically aligned liquid crystalline polymer electrolyte
Hubbard, J.B.1972 Convergence of Activity Expansions for Lattice Gases
 1983 Dielectric friction and ionic mobility in polar liquids and liquid crystals
 1985 On the energy loss of slow electrons due to dielectric relaxation
Hubbard, J.F.1999 Local Freedericksz transitions at a nematic liquid crystal/thin film oxide ferroelectric interface
Hubbard, John F.1997 Modulating the phase behavior of lyotropic discotic liquid crystals by incorporation of an electron acceptor
 1999 Coupling of the remanent polarization in thin film oxide ferroelectrics with nematic liquid crystals
Hubbard, John.F.1999 The interaction of poled thin film ferroelectrics with nematic liquid crystals
Hubbard, Penny L.2005 A Study of Anisotropic Water Self-Diffusion and Defects in the Lamellar Mesophase
 2006 Evolution of a Lamellar Domain Structure for an Equilibrating Lyotropic Liquid Crystal
 2006 Orientational Anisotropy in the Polydomain Lamellar Phase of a Lyotropic Liquid Crystal
Hubbard, R.1985 Synthesis of three ring ester liquid crystals
Hubbard, R.F.2002 Raman forward scattering and self-modulation of laser pulses in tapered plasma channels
Hubbard, R.L.1984 Development of Dual-Frequency addressable Liquid Crystals
Hubbard, Robert L.1988 Twisted-nematic liquid-crystal material and dual-frequency-addressable cell therefrom
Hubbard, S.D.1984 Electric field Kerr effect studies on the pretransitional behaviour of concentrated solutions of alkyl cyanobiphenyls
Hubbard, Steven F.1997 Polar Polymeric Langmuir-Blodgett Films for Optical Applications
Hubbell, Jeffrey A.1999 Phase-behavior, rheology and erosion behavior of hydrogels of fluorocarbon end-capped PEG
 2002 Ordering Transitions of Fluoroalkyl-Ended Poly(ethylene glycol): Rheology and SANS
 2004 Glucose-oxidase Based Self-Destructing Polymeric Vesicles
Hubbell, Wayne L.1970 Motion of fatty acid spin labels in the plasma membrane of mycoplasma
 1978 Reactions of the Sulfhydryl Groups of Membrane-Bound Bovine Rhodopsin
Hubby, Laurence M.2001 Optical display system
Hubca, Gheorghe1991 Liquid crystal polymers
Huber, A.1993 Processing biological polymers in the liquid crystalline state
Huber, A.E.1994 Liquid Crystallinity of a Biological Polysaccharide: The Levan/Water Phase Diagram
Huber, Anne E.1993 Liquid - crystalline order in mucus
 1993 Processing natural and reconstituted silk solutions under equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions
 1994 Liquid crystallinity of levan/water/starch solutions
 1997 Chimeric Liquid Crystallinity: Noncovalent Association of DNA and Bacterial Levan
 1998 Supramolecular Liquid Crystallinity: Spherical Coils of Levan Surrounding Cylindrical Rods of DNA
Huber, Annemarie1997 Cosmetic compositions containing chiral liquid-crystalline pigments
Huber, D.L.2003 Structure, photophysics, and the order-disorder transition to the ß phase in poly(9,9-(di-n,n-octyl)fluorene)
 2005 Chain Conformations and Photoluminescence of Poly(di-n-octylfluorene)
Huber, Daniel F.1998 Spectro-polarimetric imager for intelligent transportation systems
 1998 Spectropolarimetric imaging for object recognition
Huber, Florian2001 Liquid crystals with multiple fluorinated bridges in the mesogenic core structure
 2001 Nematic Liquid Crystals with a Tetrafluoroethylene Bridge in the Mesogenic Core Structure
 2007 Liquid crystals with partially fluorinated side chains: Highly polar materials with very low birefringence
Huber, Hans Jürgen1996 Liquid crystal polymers for electronic components
 1996 Liquid crystalline polymers (LCP)
Huber, Hanspeter1985 Near-Hartree-Fock calculation of the electric field gradients and their first and second derivatives with respect to the bond-length at the location of the deuterium nucleus
Huber, Klaus2002 Shift of the photonic band gap in two photonic crystal/liquid crystal composites
Huber, M.T.2004 Influence of time-delayed feedback in the firing pattern of thermally sensitive neurons
Huber, Marco R.2005 Influence of the Molecular Weight of Azopolymers on the Photo-Induced Formation of Surface Relief Gratings
Huber, P.2005 Faraday Instability in a Surface-Frozen Liquid
 2008 Rich polymorphism of a rod-like liquid crystal (8CB) confined in two types of unidirectional nanopores
 2009 Phase transitions and molecular dynamics of n -hexadecanol confined in silicon nanochannels
Huber, Patrick2008 Continuous Paranematic-to-Nematic Ordering Transitions of Liquid Crystals in Tubular Silica Nanochannels
Huber, Reto1996 Three-dimensional helical supramolecules - elucidation of magnetic ordering for an antiferromagnetic phase
Huber, Thomas2002 Structure of Docosahexaenoic Acid-Containing Phospholipid Bilayers as Studied by 2H NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Huber, William John1974 Graphitizable carbon fibers
Hubert-Habart, M.1993 Structure of N,N'-dimethyl-4,4'-bipyridylium dichloride dihydrate
Hubert, David J.2001 Stack gas emissions monitoring system
Hubert, N.2000 Influence of the distribution general shape of n-alkane molar concentrations on the structural state of multi-alkane mixtures
 2004 Phase diagram of naphthalene and n-pentacosane: experimental determination
Hubert, P.1999 Anchoring transitions with polar and non-polar nematic liquid crystals on incompletely oxidized silane substrates
Hubert, Pascal1995 Anchoring orientation of nematic and smectic A liquid crystals on PTFE treated plates
 1997 Surface tensions and anchoring transitions of nematic liquid crystals on gradually oxidized substrates
 1998 Critical tilt angle for the optical properties of short pitch chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1998 Optical models for short-pitch cholesteric and chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1999 Electrically deformed short pitch chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1999 Electromagnetic wave propagation in twist grain boundary phases
 1999 Optical Bragg reflection from the TGBA phase
Hubler, U.2002 Aspects of Molecular Chirality Observed by Scanning Probe Microscopy
Hubmann, Kati G.2002 Photoinduced Surface Deformation in Liquid Cristalline and Amorphous Polymers Containing Azobenzene
Hübner, Hans Hugo1952 Oxyzimtalkohole und ihre Dehydrierungs-polymerisate
Hübner, J.2001 Time-Resolved Fluorescence in 3-Dimensional Ordered Columnar Discotic Materials
 2003 Direct Observation of Optically Injected Spin-Polarized Currents in Semiconductors
Hübner, Wigand1991 Intramolecular hydrogen bonding in cardiolipin
 1991 Orientation of specifically 13C=O labeled phosphatidylcholine multilayers from polarized attenuated total reflection FT-IR spectroscopy
 1998 Interactions at the lipid–water interface
Hubrich, M.1994 Pulsed electron nuclear double resonance study of molecular motions of radicals in a high-strength liquid-crystalline polymer
 1995 Application of pulsed ENDOR to the study of radicals in a liquid-crystalline copolyester
Huc, I.1999 Tuning bilayer twist using chiral counterions
Huc, Ivan2002 Molecular Organization of Gemini Surfactants in Cylindrical Micelles: An Infrared Dichroism Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Study
 2007 Counterion, Temperature, and Time Modulation of Nanometric Chiral Ribbons from Gemini-Tartrate Amphiphiles
Hucht, Alfred2004 Universal finite-size scaling analysis of Ising models with long-range interactions at the upper critical dimensionality: Isotropic case
Huck, D.M.2004 Polycatenar, bent-core pyridines and their discotic complexes with silver(I)
Huck, Deborah M.2002 Mesomorphic silver(I) complexes of 4-alkyloxy-2'-stilbazoles and 4-alkyloxy-3'-stilbazoles. Crystal and molecular structure of 4-methoxy-2'-stilbazole
 2002 Metallomesogens based on 2- and 3-Stilbazoles
 2006 Mesomorphism of complexed 2,6-disubstituted pyridine ligands: crystal and molecular structure of two bent-core pyridines
Huck, H.P.M.2002 The Optics of Reflective Cholesterics
Huck, J.1988 Dielectric measurements of liquid crystals
Huck, N.P.M.2003 Controlling the Color of Cholesteric Liquid-Crystalline Films by Photoirradiation of a Chiroptical Molecular Switch Used as Dopant
Huck, Nina P.M.1995 Chiroptical Switching between Liquid Crystalline Phases
 1996 Chiroptical molecular switches
 1996 Dynamic Control and Amplification of Molecular Chirality by Circular Polarized Light
 1996 Switching of chirality by light
 2003 Light Polarization by Cholesteric Layers
Huck, Wilhelm T.S.2005 Artificial skins: Hierarchical wrinkling
 2005 Homeotropic alignment on surface-initiated liquid crystalline polymer brushes
 2005 Shape-memory nanoparticles from inherently non-spherical polymer colloids
 2006 Thermal and UV Shape Shifting of Surface Topography
 2007 Uniaxial Alignment of Liquid-Crystalline Conjugated Polymers by Nanoconfinement
 2007 Wavelength tuning the photonic band gap in chiral nematic liquid crystals using electrically commanded surfaces
 2009 Electrically tuneable liquid crystal photonic bandgaps
 2009 The switching properties of chiral nematic liquid crystals using electrically commanded surfaces
 2010 Simultaneous red-green-blue reflection and wavelength tuning from an achiral liquid crystal and a polymer template
Huckabee, Laura L.1986 Image information transmission, storage, and acquisition using an acousto-optic cell and optical matched filters
Hückel, E.1921 Scattering of X-rays through anisotropic fluids
Huckle, W.R.2004 Complexity, fractals, disease time, and cancer
Hucklenbroich, I.1995 Melting behavior of multiphase hard alloys
Hud, N.V.1991 Tunneling spectroscopy on graphite defects: implications for biological STM
Hudack, Raymond A.2000 Synthesis, Morphology, and Optical Properties of Tetrahedral Oligo(phenylenevinylene) Materials
Hudak, O.1983 Modulated smectic ~C*-uniform smectic C* phase transition in an electric field
 1984 The Sm-C* structure disclinations in an applied electric field
Huddleston, J.G.2002 Solute Partitioning in Aqueous Biphasic Systems Composed of Polyethylene Glycol and Salt: The Partitioning of Small Neutral Organic Species
Hudec, D.1985 The dependence of the properties of liquid crystals on the film thickness and surface quality of capillary columns
Hudec, John1980 Synthesis and liquid crystal properties of some 3-arylcholest-2-enes and 3-arylcholest-3,5-dienes
Hudecz, F.2004 Thermodynamic characterisation of Dppc/Polylysine derivatives mixed monolayers
Huderby, T.N.1971 Nematic phase NMR spectra of furan- and thiophene-2,5-dialdehyde. New approach to conformational analysis
Hudhomme, Pietrick2006 Vibrational and Electronic Properties of Perylenediimide Linked to Fullerene and Tetrathiafulvalene
Hudock, J.2003 Discrete vector solitons in two-dimensional nonlinear waveguide arrays: Solutions, stability, and dynamics
Hudrlik, Anne M.2009 (3aR,8aR)-2,2,6,6-Tetramethyl-4,4,8,8-tetraphenyltetrahydro-1,3-dioxolo[4,5-e][1,3,2]dioxasilepine
Hudrlik, Paul F.2009 (3aR,8aR)-2,2,6,6-Tetramethyl-4,4,8,8-tetraphenyltetrahydro-1,3-dioxolo[4,5-e][1,3,2]dioxasilepine
Hudson, Andrew1970 Electron resonance of copper(II) dimers in a nematic solvent
Hudson, Andrew James1999 Triazine compounds and their use in electro-luminescent, electronic and liquid crystal devices
Hudson, C.M.1996 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 1996 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 1999 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of some asymmetrical pyrimidinylphenyldiacetylenes
Hudson, Christine M.1995 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of some disubstituted unsymmetrical phenyl-1,2,4,5-tetrazines
 1996 Optical studies of anisotropic networks in polymer stabilized liquid crystals
Hudson, J.L.2004 Adaptive control of unknown unstable steady states of dynamical systems
Hudson, John L.2003 Experiments on coherence resonance: Noisy precursors to Hopf bifurcations
 2003 Rapid convergence of time-averaged frequency in phase synchronized systems
 2004 Amplitude death through a Hopf bifurcation in coupled electrochemical oscillators: Experiments and simulations
 2004 Noise-aided synchronization of coupled chaotic electrochemical oscillators
Hudson, Katherine2005 Radiation-induced trapping and charge transport in a smectic liquid crystal
Hudson, M.J.1999 Continuous Synthesis of Spherical Beads of Tungsten(VI)-Containing Materials
Hudson, Michael2006 Pore Anisotropy and Microporosity in Nanostructured Mesoporous Solids
Hudson, Michael J.2000 Studies on the formation and properties of some highly ordered mesoporous solids
 2000 Textural and spectroscopic characterisation of vanadium MCM-41 materials. Application to gas-phase catalysis
Hudson, S.2000 Polarized infrared study of a polymer network deformation in a nematic liquid crystal host
Hudson, S.A.1991 Ph. D. Thesis Sheffield
Hudson, S.D.1990 Director textures in bulk samples of liquid-crystal polymers
 1992 Application of low-voltage, high-resolution scanning electron microscopy to the study of high-performance polymers
 1992 Monte Carlo simulation of a disclination core in nematic solutions of rodlike molecules
 1993 Detection of nematic- smectic phase transition in a semiflexible main-chain liquid crystalline polymer
 1994 Relationship between Mesophase and Semicrystalline Morphology in Smectic Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1994 Rheological differences among liquid-crystalline polymers. II. Disappearance of negative N1 in densely packed lyotropes and thermotropes
 1995 Morphology of Polymer-Stabilized Liquid Crystals
 1996 Effect of Polymerization Temperature on the Morphology and Electrooptic Properties of Polymer-Stabilized Liquid Crystals
 1996 Morphology of polymer networks polymerized in highly ordered liquid crystalline phases
 1997 Direct visualization of individual cylindrical and spherical supramolecular dendrimers
 1997 Morphology of composites of low-molar-mass liquid crystals and polymer networks
 1998 Morphology of diacrylate copolymer networks formed in liquid crystalline media
 1999 Grain boundaries and stacking faults in a Pm3n cubic mesophase
 2001 Poly(oxazolines)s with Tapered Minidendritic Side Groups. The Simplest Cylindrical Models To Investigate the Formation of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Order by Direct Visualization
 2002 Elastic properties of hexagonal columnar mesophase self-organized from amphiphilic supramolecular columns
 2002 Self-organization of supramolecular helical dendrimers into complex electronic materials
 2002 Surface Order in Thin Films of Self-Assembled Columnar Liquid Crystals
Hudson, S.M.1991 Gelation and mesophase formation of cellulose in ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate
 2005 Structural Studies of Bombyx mori Silk Fibroin during Regeneration from Solutions and Wet Fiber Spinning
Hudson, Samuel M.1982 The solubility of cellulose in liquid ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solutions: Thermoreversible gelation and a preliminary report on fiber formation
 2002 New solvents for cellulose: Hydrazine/thiocyanate salt system
 2003 Review of Chitosan and Its Derivatives as Antimicrobial Agents and Their Uses as Textile Chemicals
Hudson, Sarah2006 Adsorption and Activity of a Domoic Acid Binding Antibody Fragment on Mesoporous Silicates
Hudson, Sarah A.1991 Polymorphic ionic mesogens of silver(I): ionic materials exhibiting a thermotropic cubic mesophase
 1992 Mesomorphic metal complexes derived from 4-alkyloxystilbazoles
 1992 Mesomorphic stilbazole complexes of silver octyl sulfate. Crystal and molecular structure of bis[4-(4-methoxystyryl)pyridinato]silver(I) octyl sulfate hemihydrate
 1992 Mesomorphic stilbazole complexes of silver(I) with triflate and nitrate counteranions
 1993 Calamitic metallomesogens: metal-containing liquid crystals with rodlike shapes
 1994 Mesomorphic complexes of silver trifluoromethanesulfonate and silver dodecylsulfate with 2- and 3-fluoro-4-alkoxy-4'-stilbazoles
 1994 The synthesis of laterally fluorinated alkoxystilbazoles and some of their mesogenic complexes with Ir. (I). The molecular structure of trans-4-undecyloxy-3-fluoro-4'-stilbazole
 1995 X-ray diffraction from mesophases of some stilbazole complexes of silver(I); monodomain determination of a thermotropic cubic phase
Hudson, Sarah P.2008 Proteins in Mesoporous Silicates
Hudson, Steven D.1987 Imaging of textures and defects of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters by electron microscopy
 1989 Frank elastic-constant anisotropy measured from transmission-electron-microscope images of disclinations
 1990 Microscopic observation of director field textures in magnetically oriented TLCP [thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer] thin films
 1991 Disclination interaction in an applied field: stabilization of the Lehmann cluster
 1991 Disclinations and inversion walls in nematic LCPs
 1993 Disclination core structure in rigid and semiflexible main-chain polymer nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Monte-Carlo simulation of a disclination core in nematic solutions of rodlike molecules
 1993 Transmission electron microscopic investigation of the morphology of a poly(hydroxybenzoate-co-hydroxynaphthoate) liquid crystal polymer
 1994 Processing/morphology correlations in poly(benzoate-co-naphthoate) liquid crystalline polymers
 1995 Oscillatory shear alignment of a liquid crystalline polymer
 1997 Frustrated packing of a semiflexible liquid crystalline polyester
 1998 High resolution transmission electron microscopy of liquid crystalline polymers
 1998 High-resolution electron microscopic investigation of frustrated packing of a semiflexible liquid crystalline polyester
 1999 Microstructure and morphology of thermotropic amphiphilic liquid crystalline materials
 2001 Definitive support by transmission electron microscopy, electron diffraction, and electron density maps for the formation of a BCC lattice from poly{N-[3,4,5-tris(n-dodecan-l-yloxy)benzoyl]ethyleneimine}
Hudson, T.D.1990 Non-linear response of liquid crystal spatial light-modulators
 1991 Performance characteristics of an optically addressed ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
Hudson, Tracy D.1990 Nonlinear response of liquid crystal spatial light modulators
 1991 Comparison of optically addressed spatial light modulators
 1991 Optical evaluation of the microchannel spatial light modulator
Hudson, Zachary M.2008 The influence of alkoxy chain length on the ferroelectric properties of chiral fluorenol liquid crystals
Hueber, Eric2004 Implementation of diffractive optical elements onto liquid crystal devices
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Huffman, William A.1980 Pleochroic dye-containing liquid crystal composition
 1984 Helichromic-smectic liquid crystal compositions and display cells
 1992 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal device having an ultraviolet-polymerizable matrix and a variable optical transmission and a method for preparing the same
Hufnagel, Bruce D.2002 Laser-induced color filter transmission reduction
Hufnagel, L.2003 Can simple renormalization theories describe the trapping of chaotic trajectories in mixed systems?
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 1985 Automatic electrooptic bench for the characterization of liquid crystal materials and devices
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