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Huang, C.C.1992 Heat Capacity Investigations of Extremely thin Liquid-Crystal free-standing films
 1992 Layer-by-layer surface ordering near a continuous transition in free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1992 Liquid-hexatic phase transitions in single molecular layers of liquid-crystal films
 1992 Nature of phase transitions related to stacked hexatic phases in liquid crystals
 1992 Simultaneous Calorimetric and Reflectivity Measurements of Extremely Thin Liquid-Crystal Films
 1992 Simultaneous measurement of heat capacity and in-plane density of thin free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1992 Thickness dependence of the interior smectic A-hexatic B transition temperatures in liquid-crystal films
 1992 Tricriticality and Lifshitz Point Behaviour of one Nematic-Smectic-A-Smectic-C Point: Duality of Coincidence
 1993 Effect of free surfaces on the smectic A-hexatic B-crystal E transitions in thin free-standing films of the liquid-crystal compound heptyl 4'-pentyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate (75OBC)
 1993 Heat-capacity anomalies from four-layer liquid-crystal films: experimental results and simulation results
 1993 Monte Carlo simulation of a coupled XY model
 1993 Simultaneous calorimetric and optical reflectivity measurements of extremely thin liquid crystal films
 1993 Thermal properties of 'stacked hexatic phases' in liquid crystals
 1994 Calorimetric investigation of the smectic-C-smectic-I transition in free-standing p-decyloxybenzylidene-p-amino-2-methylbutyl cinnamate films
 1994 Heat capacity measurements of extremely thin substrate-free liquid-crystal films
 1994 Nature of the layer-by-layer transition associated with the smectic-A-crystal-B transition in free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1994 Nature of the smectic-A-hexatic-B-crystal-E transitions in extremely thin films determined by optical reflectivity measurements
 1994 Novel results of extremely thin substrate-free liquid-crystal films obtained from calorimetric and computer simulation studies
 1994 Surface tension of free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1994 Unusual layer-thinning transition observed near the smectic-A-isotropic transition in free-standing liquid-crystal films
Huang, C.C. (cont...)1995 Calorimetric and structural characterization of thin liquid-crystal films exhibiting the smectic-A-hexatic-B transitions
 1995 Calorimetric, optical reflectivity and electron-diffraction studies of 4O.8 free-standing films
 1995 Critical fluctuations near the smectic-A-smectic-C transition of a partially perfluorinated compound
 1995 Helicity modulus near a three-state Potts-like transition
 1995 Layer-by-layer transitions in liquid crystals
 1995 Novel layer-by-layer transitions found in free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1995 Physical properties of thin substrate-free liquid-crystal films
 1995 Surface tension of several liquid-crystal compounds in the smectic-A or smectic-Ad phase
 1996 Characterization several novel phase transitions in a unique lower dimension system of free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1996 Monte Carlo studies of helicity modulus and heat capacity of a coupled XY model in two dimensions
 1996 Nature of layer-by-layer freezing in free-standing 4O.8 films
 1996 Nature of the smectic-A-hexatic-B-crystal-B transitions of a liquid-crystal compound
 1996 Nature of the smectic-A-smectic-C transition of a partially perfluorinated compound
 1996 Studies of surface-induced layer-by-layer two-stage phase transformations
 1996 Surface tension of freestanding partially fluorinated liquid-crystal films
 1997 Calorimetric investigation of thin free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1997 Electron-diffraction studies of phase transitions in 4O.8 free-standing thin films
 1997 Ellipsometric study of freely suspended smectic films of a partially fluorinated compound
 1997 Ellipsometric Study of Freely Suspended Smectic Films of a Partially Fluorinated Compound
 1997 Induced hexatic phase in a free-standing two-layer N-(4-n-butoxybenzylidene)-4-n-octylaniline film
Huang, C.C. (cont...)1997 Layer compression in free-standing liquid - crystal films
 1997 Layer thinning transition above the bulk smectic-A -isotropic transition in free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1997 Stability and phase transitions of single-molecular-layer free-standing liquid-crystal films
 1997 Surface tension obtained from various smectic-A liquid-crystal free-standing films
 1997 Surface Tension of Liquid Crystals Containing Two Perfluoroalkyl Tails
 1997 The effect of herringbone order on the nature of smectic-A-hexatic-B transition in thin free-standing films of nmOBC
 1998 Dramatic Effect of Single-Atom Replacement on the Surface Tension of Liquid-Crystal Compounds
 1998 Experimental characterization of layer thinning transitions
 1998 High-resolution heat-capacity studies of the hexatic-B-smectic-F phase transition in liquid-crystal compounds
 1998 Multiple-Step Melting in Two-Dimensional Hexatic Liquid-Crystal Films
 1998 Physical properties of non-chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1998 Polarization sign inversion and smectic -A- smectic -C surface transitions in freely suspended films of fluorinated and nonfluorinated compounds
 1998 Structural Characterization of Various Chiral Smectic-C Phases by Resonant X-Ray Scattering
 1998 Surface Tension Obtained from Various Smectic Free-Standing Films: The Molecular Origin of Surface Tension
 1999 Critical heat capacity at the smectic A-smectic C transition in a partially fluorinated liquid crystal
 1999 Optical Reflectivity and Ellipsometry Studies of the Sm-C*α Phase
 1999 Spreading dynamics of terraced droplets
 1999 Structures of chiral smectic-C mesophases revealed by polarization-analyzed resonant x-ray scattering
 1999 Thinning transitions in free-standing liquid-crystal films as the successive formation of dislocation loops
 2000 Ellipsometric studies of synclinic and anticlinic arrangements in liquid crystal films
Huang, C.C. (cont...)2000 High-resolution differential optical reflectivity measurements of freestanding liquid-crystal films
 2000 Kinetics of layer-thinning transitions in overheated smectic films
 2000 Resonant X-ray diffraction study of a new brominated chiral SmCA* liquid crystal
 2000 Resonant x-ray scattering at the Se edge in liquid crystal free-standing films and devices
 2000 Structure of the Liquid-Crystal Ferrielectric Phases as Determined by Ellipsometry
 2000 Temperature variation of film tension measured by a vibrating membrane tensiometer
 2001 Calorimetric and optical-reflectivity study of thin free-standing 64COOBC liquid-crystal films
 2001 Detailed optical studies of several banana-shaped compounds in liquid crystal B2 phase
 2001 Optical studies of the liquid crystal B2 phase formed by banana-shaped molecules
 2001 Optical studies of the smectic-C*a phase layer structure in free-standing films
 2001 Orientational ordering in the chiral smectic-C*F12 liquid crystal phase determined by resonant polarized x-ray diffraction
 2001 Resonant x-ray scattering study of the antiferroelectric and ferrielectric phases in liquid crystal devices
 2001 Unusual Thickness-Dependent Thermal Behavior and Anticlinic Coupling in Chiral Smectic Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films
 2002 Determination of symmetry and molecular arrangements of free-standing liquid crystal films using null-transmission ellipsometry
 2002 Dramatic effect of an additional CH2 group on the temperature variation of the Sm-C*a short helical pitch
 2002 Effect of enantiomeric excess on surface structures and phase sequences in free-standing liquid-crystal films
 2002 Ellipsometric Studies of Liquid Crystal Phases Formed by Bent-Core Molecules
 2002 Experimental and Theoretical Studies of the Orientational Order in the SmCF12* Phase
 2002 In-fiber nematic liquid crystal optical modulator based on in-plane switching with microsecond response time
 2002 Molecular orientation arrangements in the smectic-C* variant liquid-crystal phases
Huang, C.C. (cont...)2002 Nonplanar structure of molecular tilt planes in the surface layers of smectic-A free-standing liquid crystal films
 2002 nterlayer structures of the chiral smectic liquid crystal phases revealed by resonant x-ray scattering
 2002 Observation of Unusual Surface Ordering in a Uniaxial Sm-A Phase Formed by a Highly Biaxial Compound
 2002 Resonant X-ray scattering studies of the B2 phase formed by bent-core molecules
 2002 Structural Studies of Liquid Crystal Resonant X-ray Methods
 2002 Surface structures and transitions in the smectic-C* phase of one chiral liquid crystal compound
 2002 Temperature Evolution of the Short Helical Pitch in the SmCc* Phase
 2002 Thermal Conductivity Behaviour at the AC and AB Transitions
 2002 Unusual Thermal Behavior and Anticlinic Ordering in Chiral Smetic Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films
 2002 Unusual Thickness-Dependent Heat-Capacity Anomalies in Free-Standing Hexatic Liquid-Crystal Films
 2002 Unusual Thickness-Dependent Heat-Capacity Anomaly in Free-Standing Hexatic Liquid-Crystal Films
 2003 Critical behavior of thermal parameters at the smectic-A-hexatic-B and smectic-A-smectic-C phase transitions in liquid crystals
 2003 Double Reentrance of Surface Arrangements in Freestanding Liquid Crystal Films
 2003 Optical Characterization of a Nanoscale Incommensurate Pitch in a New Liquid-Crystal Phase
 2003 Optical studies on free-standing films of an achiral smectic liquid crystal
 2003 Unique approach to measuring temperature variation of surface tension in smectic liquid crystals
 2003 Unusual behavior of the surface-induced tilted layers in free-standing films of a non-layer-shrinkage liquid crystal compound
 2004 Experimental investigations of one liquid-crystal compound exhibiting the no-layer-shrinkage effect near the Sm-A-Sm-C* transition
 2004 Optical investigations on the biaxial smectic-A phase of a bent-core compound
 2004 Optical, resonant X-ray scattering, and calorimetric investigations of two liquid crystal compounds exhibiting the SmA-SmCa*-SmC* transitions
Huang, C.C. (cont...)2004 Thermal positioning of point defects in smectic films: the thermal tweezer
 2004 Unusual Thickness-Dependent Heat-Capacity Anomaly in Free-Standing Hexatic Liquid-Crystal Films
 2004 Unusual Thickness-Dependent Thermal Behavior in Chiral Smectic Free-Standing Liquid-Crystal Films
 2005 Optical studies on two tilted smectic phases of meta-substituted three-ring liquid crystal compounds
 2006 Optical and Resonant X-Ray Diffraction Studies Confirm a SmCFI2*-SmC* Liquid Crystal Phase Sequence Reversal
 2007 Polarization Studies of Resonant Forbidden Reflections in Liquid Crystals
 2007 Unique Pitch Evolution in the Smectic-Ca* Phase
 2008 Study of Dielectric Dispersion in Non-Layer-Shrinkage Liquid Crystal Compounds
 2009 Thickness Dependent Phase Behavior of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Films
 2010 Critical Behavior at the SmC*α-SmC* Phase Transition Studied by High Sensitivity DSC
 2010 Discovery of a Novel Smectic-C* Liquid-Crystal Phase with Six-Layer Periodicity
Huang, Chen-Bin2007 Optical arbitrary waveform processing of more than 100 spectral comb lines
Huang, Chen Chiu1991 Electrooptical properties of binary nematic liquid crystal polymer -low-molecular-weight liquid crystal mixture
Huang, Cheng2002 An all-organic composite actuator material with a high dielectric constant
 2003 Electromechanical response in liquid crystal gels and networks
Huang, Cheng-Cher1974 Divergence of cholesteric pitch near a smectic A transition
 1974 Dynamics of Freedericksz deformation near a nematic-smectic-A transition
 1999 Orientational correlations in liquid crystalline systems revealed by polarization-analyzed resonant x-ray scattering
 1999 Smectic layering at the free surface of isotropic liquid crystals in the pre-smectic temperature region characterized by ellipsometry
 2006 Reflection Symmetry Breaking in Achiral Rod-Shaped Smectic Liquid Crystals?
Huang, Cheng-Jynn2008 Synthesis and self-assembly of helical polypeptide-random coil amphiphilic diblock copolymer
Huang, Chi-Yen1993 The dependence of the electrooptical characteristics of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films on temperature
 1994 A flat panel display combining a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film with an electroluminescent device
 1994 Electrooptical device based on polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
 1996 Polymer network formed in liquid crystals: polymer-network-induced birefringence in liquid crystals
 1996 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films: interference pattern recording and its application
 1997 Second harmonic generation studies of polymer-stabilized cholesteric texture films
 1997 Studies of second harmonic generation in liquid crystal -polymer mixtures
 1998 Second harmonic generation studies of polymer-stabilized cholesteric texture films
 1998 Studies of holographic gratings formed in polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films and their dynamical behavior
 2000 Studies of polymer-stabilized cholesteric texture films
 2001 Studies of the polymer-stabilized cholesteric texture films doped with SmC*
 2002 Multidirectional rubbed liquid-crystal cells
 2002 Polymer-Stabilized Reflective Fingerprint Cholesteric Texture Grating
 2002 Qcetelet Interference from Liquid Crystal Polymer Dispersion Films
 2002 Scattering light interference from liquid crystal polymer dispersion films
 2003 Studies of the Dye-Doped Polymer-Stabilized Cholesteric Texture Films
 2005 Electrooptical Responses of Carbon Nanotube-Doped Liquid Crystal Devices
 2006 Comment on "Electric-field effect on carbon nanotubes in a twisted nematic liquid crystal cell" [Appl. Phys. Lett. 87, 263110 (2005)]
 2006 Electrooptical Properties of Carbon-Nanotube-Doped Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell
 2007 Effects of Curing Conditions on Electrooptical Properties of Polymer-Stabilized Liquid Crystal Pi Cells
Huang, Chi-Yen (cont...)2007 Fast switching of polymer-stabilized liquid crystal pi cells
 2008 Improvement in Planar Orientation of the Polymer-Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Cells
 2008 Irreversible redshift of transmission spectrum of gold nanoparticles doped in liquid crystals
 2008 Silica-nanoparticle-doped nematic display with multistable and dynamic modes
 2008 Switching of Vertical Alignment Liquid Crystal Cell Doped with Carbon Nanotubes
 2009 Thermally Erasable Color-Reflective Bistable Display Device
 2010 Switching characteristics of silica nanoparticle-doped dual-mode liquid crystal device
Huang, Chia-Yi2006 Actual Capacitance Function of Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell
 2006 Observation of transient reorientation of dye-doped liquid crystals by pumped attenuated total reflection
 2007 Dynamics of the photoexictation of azo dye-doped liquid crystals probing by pumped attenuated total reflection
 2008 Dynamics of photoalignment in azo-dye-doped liquid crystals
Huang, Chien-Yueh1998 Routes to self-assembling stable photonic band-gap phases in emulsions of chiral nematics with isotropic fluids
Huang, Chih-Feng2005 Preparation and Supramolecular Self-Assembly of a Polypeptide-block-polypseudorotaxane
 2008 Synthesis and self-assembly of helical polypeptide-random coil amphiphilic diblock copolymer
Huang, Chin-Hui2005 Probing the Alkyl Ligands on Silylated Mesoporous MCM-41 Using Hyperpolarized 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy
Huang, Chin-Wang1999 A study on the thermal behavior of solder glass
Huang, Ching-Hsien1978 Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of amphiphile hydration. 3. Effects of the gel-to-liquid crystalline phase transition on the hydration of dioleoyl lecithin
 1985 Pressure effect on the rate of crystalline phase formation of L-α-dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholines in multilamellar dispersions
 1987 Scanning calorimetric study of fully hydrated asymmetric phosphatidylcholines with one acyl chain twice as long as the other
 1988 Phase metastability and supercooled metastable state of diundecanoylphosphatidylethanolamine bilayers
 1990 Mixing behavior of identical molecular weight phosphatidylcholines with various chain-length differences in two-component lamellae
 1990 Non-linear least squares analysis of phase diagrams for non-ideal binary mixtures of phospholipids
 1991 Thermotropic and mixing behavior of mixed-chain phosphatidylcholines with molecular weights identical with L-α-dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine
 1995 A calorimetric study of binary mixtures of 1-octadecanoyl-2-decanoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoethanolamine and dimyristoyl phosphatidylethanolamine
 1995 Phase transition behavior and molecular structures of monounsaturated phosphatidylcholines. Calorimetric studies and molecular mechanics simulations
 1995 Phosphatidylcholines with sn-1 saturated and sn-2 cis-monounsaturated acyl chains. Their melting behavior and structures
 1997 Influence of the positions of cis double bonds in the sn-2-acyl chain of phosphatidylethanolamine on the bilayer's melting behavior
 1999 Hydrocarbon chain packing and the effect of ethanol on the thermotropic phase behavior of mixed-chain phosphatidylglycerols
 1999 Thermotropic phase behavior of mixed-chain phosphatidylglycerols: implications for acyl chain packing in fully hydrated bilayers
Huang, Ching-I1998 Self-Consistent Calculations of Block Copolymer Solution Phase Behavior
 2000 Phase behavior of a block copolymer in solvents of varying selectivity
 2004 Phase behavior and crystallization analysis in binary crystalline blends of syndiotactic polypropylene and ethylene - Propylene random copolymer
Huang, Chiu-Chang2009 The Effect of Adding Insulating-Nanoparticles to Nematic Liquid Crystal Cells on Ion Current and Voltage-Holding Ratio
Huang, Chiu-Chung2007 Effect of insulating-nanoparticles addition on ion current and voltage-holding ratio in nematic liquid crystal cells
Huang, Chong1996 Holographic synthesis of computer-designed 3D images
 2004 Analysis of anti-ultraviolet characteristic of liquid crystal display
 2006 Analysis of LCD aging with polarized optical texture and transmission spectrum
 2006 Influence of sun radiation on optical properties of liquid crystal display device
 2006 Study on photoelectric dispersion characteristic of liquid crystal light valve
 2007 Study of LCD tricolor spectrum characteristic
 2007 Study on electro-optical performance of frequency driven liquid crystal light valve
 2007 The analysis of polarized display characteristic of LCLV
Huang, Chun1994 A new mixed stationary phase containing side-chain liquid crystalline and side-chain crown ether polysiloxane in capillary column gas chromatography
 2000 Transient laser-induced bend-reorientation in a planar alignment nematic liquid crystal
Huang, Chun-Fu2009 Incoherently coupled multi-color vector solitons in strongly nonlocal nonlinear media
Huang, Chun-Hui1994 Optical properties of Langmuir-Blodgett film of hemicyanine containing the rare earth complex anion Dy(BPMPHD)-2
 1996 Thermal behavior and crystal structure of hemicyanines
 2000 Aggregates in Rhodamine-labeled Phospholipid Films Probed by Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy
 2001 Alternative Self-Assembled Films of Metal-Ion-Bridged 3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylic Acid on Nanostructured TiO2 Electrodes and Their Photoelectrochemical Properties
 2003 A triphenylene-containing side chain liquid crystalline ladder-like polysiloxane and its highly ordered superstructure
 2006 Hemicyanine Dye as a Surfactant for the Synthesis of Bicontinuous Cubic Mesostructured Silica
 2006 High-Temperature and Long-Term Stable Solid-State Electrolyte for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells by Self-assembly
 2007 Switchable Fluorescent Organogels and Mesomorphic Superstructure Based on Naphthalene Derivatives
Huang, Chun M.2000 Characteristic study of chip-on-film interconnection
Huang, Chun-Wei2002 Multidirectional rubbed liquid-crystal cells
Huang, Chun-Xiao2000 Monolayer and LB Films of Amphiphilic 8-Hydroxyquinoline Derivatives
Huang, Cixiang1996 Color ferroelectric liquid-crystal display
Huang, Colin Ke2004 Experimental investigation of the frequency dependence of the electrorheological effect
Huang, D.1996 Cholesteric metallomesogens containing optically active metal-tricarbonyl moieties
 1996 Metal-tricarbonyl group incorporated mesogens synthesis and liquid crystal properties of π-tricarbonylchromium cholesteryl p-alkoxybenzoate
Huang, Dan-Ding2000 Two-Dimensional Optical Analysis of Small Pixels in Reflective Silicon Microdisplay
 2004 Diffusion model of photoaligning in azo-dye layers
 2004 Photoalignment of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals by Azodye Layers
 2005 Novel Photoaligned Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell
Huang, Danhong1995 Implementation of smart photonic bandgap structures using Langmuir-Blodgett films
 2005 Electric Field Tuning of Plasmonic Response of Nanodot Array in Liquid Crystal Matrix
Huang, Debin2004 Synchronization-based estimation of all parameters of chaotic systems from time series
Huang, Dejian1992 Organometallic ferroelectric liquid crystals . I. Liquid crystal properties of ortho-palladated binuclear complexes of azine, imine and azo derivatives
 1993 Organometallic ferroelectric liquid crystals. II. Syntheses, characterization and mesogenic properties of amino-acid chelated-palladated azine, azo and imine mononuclear complexes
 1993 Organometallic ferroelectric liquid crystals. III. Syntheses and liquid crystal properties of ortho-palladated binuclear complexes of azine, imine and azo derivatives
 1994 Organometallic ferroelectric liquid crystals. IV. The first optical active organometallic liquid crystal containing chiral metal center
 1995 New properties of mesogen-organometallic ferroelectric liquid crystal
Huang, Di-Yun1997 Mesomorphic behavior of 4-benzoyloxybenzoic acid and its binary mixture with 4-acetoxybenzoic acid
 1997 Studies on liquid crystallinity of 4-benzoyloxybenzoic acid
 1999 Ruthenium catalyzed copolymerization of 1,4-bis(5'-acetyl-2'-thienyl)benzene and 1,3-divinyltetramethyldisiloxane
Huang, Ding-wei2002 Lane-changing behavior on highways
 2003 Analytical results for a three-phase traffic model
 2003 Comment on "Cellular automata model simulating traffic interactions between on-ramp and main road"
 2003 Comment on "Wealth condensation in Pareto macroeconomies"
 2003 Traffic signal synchronization
 2004 Wealth accumulation with random redistribution
Huang, Dongsheng1999 Manufacture of indium oxide/tin oxide sputtering target material for liquid crystal display
Huang, Elise2008 Optically Responsive and Mechanically Tunable Colloid-In-Liquid Crystal Gels that Support Growth of Fibroblasts
Huang, F.1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
 1997 Thin films of conjugated polymers: application in sensors for hydrocarbon vapors, microcontact-printed liquid crystal displays and light emitting devices
 1997 Thin films of electroactive oligomers and polymers: application in sensors for hydrocarbon vapors, microcontact-printed liquid crystal displays and light emitting devices
 2009 Pair Potential of Charged Colloidal Stars
Huang, F.K.1995 Antiferroelectric liquid crystals derived from a new optically active (R)-3-ethylmercapto-2-methylpropionic acid
Huang, Fahong1992 Microcapsulated liquid crystal - containing thermally color-changeable printing inks
Huang, Fang-Jung2004 Synthesis and characterization of new segmented polyurethanes with side-chain, liquid-crystalline chain extenders
Huang, Fang-qian2006 DFT study on the molecular structure and spectra of new liquid crystal with CH2O and CH=N linkages
Huang, Feifei2009 Structure and Properties of Functionalized Bithiophenesilane Monodendrons
Huang, Fen1996 Thermotropic behavior of DMPC vesicles reconstituted with 55KD of human erythrocyte band 3
 1997 Effect of lysophosphatidylcholine on behavior and structure of phosphatidylcholine liposomes
Huang, Feng1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
 1996 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel LED's and liquid crystal "light valves"
 1997 Application of thin films of conjugated polymers in novel light-emitting devices and liquid crystal "light-valves"
Huang, Fu-Zhi2000 Nanostructured lead sulfide containing nanoholes templated by lyotropic hexagonal liquid crystals
 2000 Study progress in surfactant lyotropic liquid crystal system
 2001 Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles in Nonionic Surfactant System
 2002 Template-directed synthesis of sulfide semiconductors
Huang, G.2003 Phase diagram for liquid crystalline polymer/polycarbonate blends
Huang, Gang2007 Phase Behavior and Stabilization of Microgel Arrays
Huang, Guan-Hao2002 Mesogenic and Luminescent Properties of Liquid Crystalline Materials Containing Three- and Five-Conjugated Rings
 2006 Synthesis and Characterization of Light-Emitting H-Bonded Complexes and Polymers Containing Bis(pyridyl) Emitting Acceptors
 2006 Synthesis and characterization of light-emitting oligo(p-phenylene-vinylene)s and polymeric derivatives containing three- and five-conjugated phenylene rings
Huang, Guochun1983 A method for calculation of the transition temperature of a mixture of nematic liquid crystals
 1983 Hard rod model of mixtures of nematic liquid crystals
Huang, Guochung1985 Free energy of the mixtures of nematic liquid crystals
Huang, Guoxiang2004 Second-harmonic generation in optical fibers on a continuous-wave background
Huang, Gwo-Jou2000 Apparatus for holding substrates
Huang, H.1989 Synthesis of poly(arylene ether sulfone)-poly(arylate) segmented copolymers via melt acidolysis
 1990 Synthesis of segmented anisotropic-isotropic poly(aryl ester)poly(arylene ether) copolymers
 2002 Formation of Tethered Nanolayers: Three Regimes of Kinetics
 2005 Coke Removal in Fuel-Cooled Thermal Management Systems
Huang, H.-P.1998 Polymer stabilized homeotropically aligned (PSHA) LCD
Huang, H.C.1997 Reflective twisted nematic liquid crystal displays. I. Retardation compensation
 2001 Characterization and minimization of flicker in silicon light valves
Huang, H.G.2000 Electrochemical assembly of nano-organized poly-o-phenylenediamine films
Huang, H.H.1991 In situ formation of thermoplastic composites: Ultem/Vectra
Huang, H.M.1976 On the pretransitional effects in nematogens
 1977 Planar-model calculation of the twist viscosity, for nematic liquid crystals
Huang, H.W.2001 Collective Dynamics in Fully Hydrated Phospholipid Bilayers Studied by Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
Huang, Hai1997 Crystallization of Nylon-11 under high pressure
Huang, Hai-Shui1992 Synthesis of liquid crystalline alkyloxybiphenyl methacrylates
 1993 Synthesis and phase behavior of liquid crystalline 4'-alkyloxy-4-hydroxybiphenyls
 1994 Synthesis and liquid crystalline behavior of 4'-alkoxy-4-hydroxy biphenyls
Huang, Haibin1988 Characterization of the structure of lyotropic liquid crystalline polymer PBT
Huang, Haiying2003 Morphology and Structures of Self-Assembled Symmetric Poly(di-n-alkylsilanes)
 2004 Thickness-Dependent Molecular Chain and Lamellar Crystal Orientation in Ultrathin Poly(di-n-hexylsilane) Films
Huang, Hao Hsin1989 Synthesis of poly(arylene ether)sulfone-poly(oxybenzoate) segmented copolymers via melt acidolysis
Huang, Heh-lung2007 White light-emitting organic electroluminescent device based on a new orange organometallic iridium complexes
Huang, Heirong1998 Synthesis and chain rigidity of liquid crystalline heterocyclic polymers
Huang, Heng-Zhen2009 A kinked unit-containing thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester with low glass transition temperature and broad phase transition temperature
Huang, Ho-Chi1998 Frame sequential miniature silicon display using mixed-mode twisted nematic liquid crystal
 1998 Reflective supertwisted nematic liquid crystals displays
 2000 Broadband large-acceptance-angle polarizing beam splitters for reflective LCD projectors
 2000 High-contrast SXGA silicon light valves for high-definition video projectors
 2000 Two-Dimensional Optical Analysis of Small Pixels in Reflective Silicon Microdisplay
 2005 Application of Photoalignment Technology to Liquid-Crystal-on-Silicon Microdisplays
 2005 Three-dimensional optical modeling and optimizations of color filter liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplays
Huang, Hongbin1988 Magnetooptical Faraday rotation of nematic liquid crystal
Huang, Hongxin2004 An adaptive wavefront control system using a high-resolution liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2008 Adaptive aberration compensation system using a high-resolution liquid crystal on silicon spatial light phase modulator
Huang, Hongzhi2008 Reactive Surfactant in the Emulsion Copolymerization of Methyl Methacrylate and Octyl Acrylate
Huang, Hsin-Erh2005 Characteristics of Sputtered Al-Sc and Al-Nd Alloy Thin Films for use in Liquid Crystal Display
Huang, Hsin W.2000 Simple amphiphilic liquid crystalline N-alkylimidazolium salts. A new solvent system providing a partially ordered environment
Huang, Hsu W.1996 Charge transfer interactions in liquid crystalline polymers probed by fluorescence spectroscopy
Huang, Hsu-Wen1995 Fluorescence study on a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyester at high temperatures
 1996 Fluorescence Study on Intermolecular Interactions between Mesogenic Biphenyl Moieties of a Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polyester (PB-10)
 1997 Charge transfer interactions in liquid-crystalline polymers probed by fluorescence spectroscopy
 1997 Fluorescence study on dynamics of liquid -crystalline polymers
 1998 Fluorescence study on intermolecular complex formation between mesogenic 4,4'-biphenyldicarboxylate moieties of thermotropic liquid - crystalline polyesters with 5 and 6 methylene units
 1998 Rigid-Rod Polyesters with Flexible Side Chains Based on 1,4-Dialkyl Esters of Pyromellitic Acid and 4,4'-Biphenol. 7. Fluorescence Studies on Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Layered Phases over a Wide Range of Temperatures
 1999 Fluorescence study on intermolecular complex formation between mesogenic biphenyl moieties of main-chain thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters with 7-18 methylene units
 1999 Fluorescence study on intermolecular complex formation between mesogenic terphenyldiimide moieties of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyimide
 2000 Fluorescence study on a liquid-crystalline polyester containing naphthoate mesogen units
Huang, HsuChing2000 Experimental and numerical study on the optical properties of yellow-green AlGaInP light-emitting diodes
Huang, Hua2007 Electrically induced and thermally erased properties of side-chain liquid crystalline polymer/liquid crystal/chiral dopant composites
 2008 Studies on the electro-optical properties of chiral nematic liquid crystal/aerosil particle composites
Huang, Huabing2004 Self-assembled "Supra-molecular" Structures via Hydrogen Bonding and Aromatic/Aliphatic Microphase Separation on Different Length Scales in Symmetric-Tapered Bisamides
 2006 Alkyl Tail Length Dependence of Structures in a Series of Symmetrically Tapered Bisamides Exhibiting Self-Assembled Supramolecular Columnar Phases
 2006 Phase behaviors and supramolecular structures of a series of symmetrically tapered bisamides
Huang, Huey-Wen1971 Hydrodynamics of nematic liquid crystals
 1973 Mobility and diffusion in the plane of cell membrane
Huang, Hui2009 Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Ladder-Type Molecules and Polymers. Air-Stable, Solution-Processable n-Channel and Ambipolar Semiconductors for Thin-Film Transistors via Experiment and Theory
Huang, Huifen1996 MIM thin film diode with excellent switching characteristics for LCD
 1999 AFM analysis of Ta2O5 insulator film and I-V characteristics investigation of the MIM thin film diode
 2001 Microstructure of Ta2O5 insulator film and the I-V characteristics of the MIM thin film diode with different heat-treatment
Huang, Huijie2008 Improvement of up-converting phosphor technology-based biosensor
Huang, Hung-Hsiang2007 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of chiral liquid crystals derived from (S)-2-(6-hydroxy-2-naphthyl)propionic acid with a methyleneoxy linking group
Huang, In-Tse1997 The electrorheology of rigid rod poly(n-hexyl isocyanate) solutions
Huang, J.1983 Light scattering above the nematic-to-smectic-C transition
 1990 Heat capacity near the nematic-smectic-A transition of a weakly polar, very wide nematic range liquid crystal
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 2010 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of three-benzene-ring containing bent-core liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis[4-(nonylcarboyloxyl) benzylideneamine]
 2010 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of three-ring containing bent-core liquid crystal 1,3-phenylene-bis(4-butoxybenzylideneamine)
 2010 Synthesis and properties of UV-curable sealant for LCD panels
 2010 Synthesis of small silicate spacers for ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
Huang, Yuan-Pin2006 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal/layered double hydroxide nanocomposite: A new emerging optical application
 2007 Electrical and Electro-Optical Properties of Nematic-Liquid-Crystal–Montmorillonite-Clay Nanocomposites
 2009 H-PDLC/Clay Nanocomposites
Huang, Yuanbo1987 Theoretical analysis of DFWM using the induced reorientation of filamentary nematic liquid crystal
Huang, Yueh-Chuan2006 A three-spectrum white OLED using green and new red phosphorescent sensitizers
Huang, Yuhua2003 Design Optimization of Broadband Linear Polarization Converter Using Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2003 Eigenmodes of a reflective twisted-nematic liquid-crystal cell
 2003 Simulations of liquid-crystal Fabry–Perot etalons by an improved 4×4 matrix method
 2005 Doubling the optical efficiency of a chiral liquid crystal laser using a reflector
 2006 Achromatic quarter-wave films
 2006 Doubling the output power of dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal lasers
 2006 Electrically tunable polarization-independent micro lens using polymer network twisted nematic Liquid crystal
 2006 Experimental Investigation of Laser Emission of Dye-Doped Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with a Cholesteric Reflector
 2006 Lasing in Dye-Doped Photonic Liquid Crystal Devices
 2006 Nearly unpolarized and linearly polarized laser generation from dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal laser using a mirror reflector
 2006 Polarization-independent and submillisecond response phase modulators using a 90° twisted dual-frequency liquid crystal
 2006 Spatially tunable laser emission in dye-doped cholesteric polymer films
 2006 Spatially tunable laser emission in dye-doped photonic liquid crystals
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