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Asaoka, Masanobu1997 Chiral smectic liquid crystal element free of cholesteric phase and its manufacture
 1997 Chiral smectic liquid crystal element free of cholesteric phase and its manufacture
 1997 Fast response chiral smectic liquid crystal device with high contrast
 1997 Liquid crystal device, its manufacture and liquid crystal apparatus
 1997 Liquid crystal display element having book-shelf type structure
 1997 Liquid crystal displays including chiral smectic liquid crystals and Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1997 Liquid crystal displays including chiral smectic liquid crystals and unidirectionally oriented polyaniline films
 1997 Liquid crystal element and liquid crystal device
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device having polyaniline film
 1998 Chiral smectic liquid crystal element having polyimide orientation control film
 1998 Liquid - crystal device having polyimide layer and display with high driving stability using it
 1998 Liquid - crystal device with improved bistability and its manufacture
 1998 Liquid crystal components and display devices
 1998 Liquid crystal element and display
Asaoka, Sadayuki2003 Synthesis and nanostructures of amphiphilic liquid crystalline block copolymers with azobenzene moieties
 2006 Syntheses and nanostructure of amphiphilic liquid crystalline block copolymers with various mesogen units
 2007 Nanostructure based on phase segregation through controlled molecular interaction in amphiphilic diblock copolymers with various mesogens
 2008 Controlled homeotropic and homogeneous orientations for nanoscale phase-separated domain of light-emitting amphiphilic block copolymer bearing a 2,5-diarylthiazole moiety.
Asari, T.2003 Observation of Four-Phase Lamellar Structure from a Tetrablock Quarterpolymer of the ABCD Type
Asari, Takehiro2006 Phthalocyanine Conductors: New Trend for Crystal and Functionality Design
Asaro, F.2003 2H and 14N NMR of cetylpyridinium bromide lyotropic and thermotropic liquid crystals
Asars, Juris A.1968 Display device utilizing magnetic memory elements for distributing a thermal patternon a heat sensitive screen
Asashige, Hiroyuki1988 Preparation of hydrogenated pitch for carbon fiber precursor
Asashina, Yasuyuki2006 Liquid crystalline polyester resin composition for molded connector
Asatryan, A.A.2003 Diffusion and anomalous diffusion of light in two-dimensional photonic crystals
 2003 Effects of disorder in two-dimensional photonic crystal waveguides
 2003 Three-dimensional local density of states in a finite two-dimensional photonic crystal composed of cylinders
 2004 Bloch mode scattering matrix methods for modeling extended photonic crystal structures. I. Theory
 2004 Bloch mode scattering matrix methods for modeling extended photonic crystal structures. II. Applications
 2004 Density of states functions for photonic crystals
Asatryan, K.2003 Holographic Recording in a Photoactive Elastomer
Asatryan, K.E.1989 "Catastrophes" in orientational interaction of a light wave with a nematic liquid crystal
 1989 Threshold opto-optical modulation under thresholdless reorientation of a nematic
 1990 Detection of orientational catastrophes in a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1991 New internal optical bistability in nematics
 1991 Tunneling through the Bragg region during the interaction of a light wave with a cholesteric substance
Asawapirom, U.2002 Dialkylfluorene/oligothiophene and Dialkylfluorene/dithienylvinylene Alternating Copolymers
 2002 Photoaddressable Alignment Layers for Fluorescent Polymers in Polarized Electroluminescence Devices
 2002 Polarization-sensitive photoconductivity in aligned polyfluorene layers
Asayama, Junko1991 A New Optical Neuron Device for All-Optical Neural Networks
 1995 Liquid crystal display device and spatial light modulator using organic polymer spacers
 1996 Liquid crystal display and its driving method
 1996 Liquid crystal display with uniform high-contrast and its manufacture
Asayama, Ryou2005 Phase transition and ionic transport mechanism of (C4H9)4NI
Asazu, Takurou1999 Flexible TCP (tape carrier package) semiconductor device for liquid crystal display and method of detecting broken wires
Asbill, Corey2002 Design considerations for a minature, portable, phase-contrast wave front sensor
Asboth, J.2003 Speciation in multidimensional evolutionary space
Aschenbrenner, Rolf1998 Reliability investigations for flip-chip on flex using different solder materials
Aschoff, L.1906 On the Myelins, Myelins Bodies, and Potential Fluid Crystals of the Organism
Asciutto, Eliana2005 New and Exotic Self-Organized Patterns for Modulated Nanoscale Systems
Asdjodi, M.R.1984 Solvent dependence of the deuteron quadrupole coupling constant of CDCl3 determined by 2H spin-lattice relaxation and Raman line shape studies
Asefa, T.2001 Oriented Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica (PMO) Film with Organic Functionality Inside the Channel Walls
Asefa, Tewodros2000 New nanocomposites: putting organic function "inside" the channel walls of periodic mesoporous silica
Asep, R.2003 Synthesis and properties of fluoro- substituted ferroelectric liquid crystals having a 2-(biphenyl-4'-yl)-1,3-dioxane mesogenic core
Asep, Riswoko2000 Synthesis and properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals derived from 5-alkyl-δ-valerolactones
 2001 Synthesis and physical properties of laterally fluoro substituted ferroelectric liquid crystals with a fluoro substituted chiral terminal chain
 2002 Optical resolution of 5-alkyl-δ -valerolactones and synthesis of optically active 5-fluoroalkanols
Aserin, A.1997 Structural polymorphism in a four-component nonionic microemulsion
 2008 Inhibition of cholesterol transport into skin cells in cultures by phytosterol-loaded microemulsion
Aserin, Abraham2003 Microstructure Considerations of New Five-Component Winsor IV Food-Grade Microemulsions Studied by Pulsed Gradient Spin-Echo NMR, Conductivity, and Viscosity
 2007 Hexosome and Hexagonal Phases Mediated by Hydration and Polymeric Stabilizer
 2007 Thermally Induced Fluid Reversed Hexagonal (HII) Mesophase
 2008 Effect of Sodium Diclofenac Loads on Mesophase Components and Structure
 2008 From the Microscopic to the Mesoscopic Properties of Lyotropic Reverse Hexagonal Liquid Crystals
 2008 Low Viscosity Reversed Hexagonal Mesophases Induced by Hydrophilic Additives
 2008 Solubilization of Nutraceuticals into Reverse Hexagonal Mesophases
 2009 Concentration- and Temperature-Induced Effects of Incorporated Desmopressin on the Properties of Reverse Hexagonal Mesophase
 2009 Formation and Characterization of Ordered Bicontinuous Microemulsions
 2009 Solubilization of food bioactives within lyotropic liquid crystalline mesophases
 2009 Solubilization of Hydrophobic Guest Molecules in the Monoolein Discontinuous QL Cubic Mesophase and Its Soft Nanoparticles
Asfaw, L.1993 Coherent backscattering of light in a nematic liquid crystal
Asfaw, Letemeskel1992 Weak Localization Effects in Liquid Crystals
Asgharian, B.1989 A comparative monomolecular film study of 1,2-di-O-palmitoyl-3-O-(α- and β-D-glucopyranosyl)-sn-glycerols
 1990 A comparative monomolecular film study of 1,2-di-O-palmitoyl-3-O-(α- and β-D-glucopyranosyl)-sn-glycerols
 1990 The monomolecular thermotropic phase behavior of 17-methyloctadecanoic acid at the air/water interface
Ash, Yuli Hayash1996 Command surfaces. 19. Photopolymers having benzylidenephthalimidine side chains
Asha, S.K.1997 Odd-even oscillations of second harmonic generation (SHG) efficiencies in twin nonlinear optical (NLO) chromophores
 1999 Relaxation Behavior of Twin Nonlinear Optical Chromophores: Effect of the Spacer Length
 2001 Nonlinear optical properties of molecular twins
 2006 Control of Molecular Structure in the Generation of Highly Luminescent Liquid Crystalline Perylenebisimide Derivatives: Synthesis, Liquid Crystalline and Photophysical Properties
 2008 Hydrogen-Bonding-Induced Conformational Change from J to H Aggregate in Novel Highly Fluorescent Liquid-Crystalline Perylenebisimides
Ashar, N.J.1993 Blends of liquid crystal polymers and engineering plastics and their potential applications
Ashbaugh, Henry S.2003 Self-consistent molecular field theory for packing in classical liquids
Ashcroft, N.W.1990 Freezing of a quantum hard-sphere liquid at zero temperature: A density-functional approach
 1996 Density functional descriptions of classical inhomogeneous fluids
Ashdown, Ian2006 Binning and filtering: the six-color solution
 2007 Peak wavelength shifts and opponent color theory
Ashe, A.J.1978 Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of the molecular structures of phosphabenzene and arsabenzene partially oriented in a nematic solvent
Ashe, Gary B.1971 Membrane transitions in Gram-positive bacteria
 1971 Membrane transitions in Gram-positive bacteria
Asher, S.A.1979 Parabolic focal conics and polygonal textures in lipid liquid crystals
Asher, Sanford A.1979 Alignment and defect structures in oriented phosphatidylcholine multilayers
 1981 Raman and x-ray studies of single crystals of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine
 2004 Diffraction in crystalline colloidal-array photonic crystals
Asherie, Neer1996 Phase separation in aqueous solutions of lens γ-crystallins: Special role of γs
 1999 Self-assembly of helical ribbons
Ashford, A.1973 Electro-optic performance of a new room temperature nematic liquid crystal
Ashforth-Frost, S.1992 Measurement of convective heat transfer coefficients, on the ligaments of a model shell boiler tube plate, using liquid crystal thermography
 1993 Flow visualization using liquid crystals
 1995 Calibration of thermochromic liquid crystals applied to an oblique surface
 1996 Application of liquid crystals to particle image velocimetry
Ashiba, K.2004 Selective Protein Adsorption and Cell Attachment to Rubbed Fluorinated Polyimides
Ashida, Junsei1998 Lquid-crystal orientation film and its manufacture
Ashida, Kaneyoshi1992 Energy-absorbing flexible polyurethane foam
 1992 Self-reinforcing polyurethane compositions, molded products from them, and their preparation
Ashida, Megumi1992 Recording material reversible hy heating
Ashida, Sumio1997 Plasma display device
 1998 Liquid crystal display having alloy address and TFT gate electrode wires
 1998 Production method of thin film transistor array, electronic equipment and thin film transistor.
Ashida, T.1976 The crystal and molecular structure of phenyl [alpha]-maltoside
Ashida, Takeyuki2000 Liquid crystal display and its manufacture
Ashida, Tamaichi1981 Formation of Anisotropic Phase of Low-molecular-weight Poly(?-benzyl-l-glutamate)s in Solution
Ashida, Toru1999 Triphenodioxazines, their production and their use as dichroic dyes, and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 2000 Highly anisotropic molecular materials for LCD
 2001 Highly dichroic triphenodioxazine dyes for guest host liquid crystalline mixtures
 2002 A polarization film containing a monoazo compound for near ultraviolet polarization plate
Ashida, Yuichi2003 Helical Structural Change in Poly((4-carboxyphenyl)acetylene) by Acid-Base Complexation with an Optically Active Amine
Ashimine, Tomoyuki2007 Parylene-C and High-k Polymer Bilayer Gate Dielectric for Low-Operating Voltage Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Ashishu, Sen1995 Spinning polybenzoxazole fibers at high speeds with improved spinnability
Ashita, Toru1999 Liquid crystal composition containing benzodifuranone-based dichroic dye
Ashizawa, Hideaki1990 Optical Stabilizer and Directional Coupler Switch Using Polymer Thin Film Waveguides with Liquid Crystal Clad
Ashizawa, Keiichiro1995 Liquid crystal display device substrate
 1996 Liquid crystal display substrate
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device with wide viewing angle characteristics
 1997 Active matrix liquid - crystal display panel
 1997 Active matrix liquid crystal display with high-contrast and brightness and its manufacture
 1997 Active-matrix liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Color liquid crystal display with reduced smear formation
 1997 Complete suppression of color shift in in-plane switching mode liquid crystal displays with a multidomain structure obtained by unidirectional rubbing
 1997 Lateral electric field liquid crystal display with improved opening ratio
 1997 Lateral field effect-type liquid crystal display substrate
 1997 Liquid crystal display with improved opening ratio and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device with electroconductive layer
 1997 Manufacture of substrates for liquid-crystal display devices
 2001 In-plane field type Liquid crystal display device comprising Liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
Ashizawa, Minoru2006 Liquid crystal display mounted with IC tag and method for manufacturing the same
 2007 Synthesis and Solution-processed Field Effect Transistors of Liquid Crystalline Oligothiophenes
Ashkenazy, Yosef2002 Complex patterns of abnormal heartbeats
 2002 Correlation differences in heartbeat fluctuations during rest and exercise
 2003 Nonlinear volatility of river flux fluctuations
Ashley, C.2007 Cell-Directed Assembly of Bio/Nano Interfaces - A New Scheme for Cell Immobilization
Ashley, J.N.1957 The search for chemotherapeutic amidines. Part XIV. Congeners of 4 : 4'-diamidinoazobenzene
Ashley, Paul R.1987 Amorphous silicon photoconductor in a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 1988 Liquid crystal spatial light modulator with a transmissive amorphous silicon photoconductor
Ashley, Richard H.2007 CLIC4 (p64H1) and its putative transmembrane domain form poorly selective, redox-regulated ion channels
Ashman, A.1987 Structural studies of side-chain liquid crystal polymers and elastomers
Ashmead, Allan2009 Comparison of ns and ps pulses for Si and glass micromachining applications
Ashmead, Allan C.2000 Application-specific integrated lenses (ASILs) for the next generation of wearable displays
 2000 Holographic PDLC for photonic applications
Ashraf, Muhammad1984 Clinical applications of liquid crystals
Ashraf, Zaman2005 Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation of Side Chain Length and/or Substituents Effect on the Liquid Crystal Properties of New Mesogens
Ashtiani-Zarandi, Mansour1992 Self-reinforcing polyurethane compositions, molded products from them, and their preparation
Ashton, P.1993 Mesogenic Polyether Cyclophanes - Synthesis and Properties of a New Class of Lqiuid Crystals
Ashton, P.R.1999 Anion-Orchestrated Formation in the Crystalline State of [2]Pseudorotaxane Arrays
 2001 The X-Ray Crystal Structures and Computational Analysis of NH..π Hydrogen Bonded Banana-Shaped Carbazole Derivatives and Thermal Analysis of Higher Mesogenic Homologues
 2002 Introduction of bis-discotic and bis-calamitic mesogenic addends to C60
 2003 Triphenylene/carbazole mesogens and their electrochemistry
 2010 Design and Synthesis of Novel Calamitic and Discotic Materials Based on the Photorefractive Carbazole Unit
Ashton, Peter R.1994 Novel macrocyclic liquid crystal
 1996 Liquid crystalline paracyclophane derivatives
 2001 The first hexagonal columnar discotic liquid crystalline carbazole derivatives induced by noncovalent π-π interactions
 2003 Liquid crystalline macrocycles containing phenylpyrimidine units
Ashton, Rendell W.1995 Effects of Temperature and Glycerides on the Enhancement of Agkistrodon piscivorus piscivorus Phospholipase A2 Activity by Lysolecithin and Palmitic Acid
Ashurov, N.R.1992 Mechanism of polycondensation of poly(ethylene terephthalate) with p-acetoxybenzoic acid
 1993 Role of transesterification in condensation of poly(ethylene terephthalate) with p-acetoxybenzoic acid
 1994 Liquid crystal polymers. Study of poly(ethylene terephthalate) transesterification by p-acetoxybenzoic acid
Ashurov, Udein1997 Thin film transistor (TFT) having silicon carbide-based active layer
Ashurst, Wm.T.2002 Comment on "Reversing the perturbation in nonequilibrium molecular dynamics: An easy way to calculate the shear viscosity of fluids"
Ashutoshu, Ananto Kerukaa1994 Manufacture of 4-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)cinnamic acid esters
 1995 Preparation of 4-(4'-hydroxyphenyl)cinnamic acid esters as intermediate for polymeric liquid crystals
Ashwell, G.J.1992 Identification of the process producing observed rectifying characteristics of metal/Langmuir-Blodgett film/metal structures
 1995 Linear and non-linear optical properties of the different Langmuir–Blodgett phases of CnH2n+1–Q3CNQ
 1998 A comment upon the second-order non-linear optical properties of 2,4-bis(N-octadecylpyrrol-2-yl)squaraine
Ashwin, Peter2002 Infinities of stable periodic orbits in systems of coupled oscillators
 2004 Encoding via conjugate symmetries of slow oscillations for globally coupled oscillators
Ashwin, S.S.2004 Metal-to-Semimetal Transition in Supercooled Liquid Silicon
Ashworth, S.P.1989 Large optical bistability in a nematic liquid crystal using surface plasmon-polaritons
Asida, Hideki2000 Resistors for cathode-ray tubes and field-emission display devices and method for producing the same
Asik, Jahimin2007 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of banana-shaped monomers containing 2,7-naphthalene as central core
 2008 Liquid crystalline banana-shaped monomers derived from 2,7-naphthalene: synthesis and properties
 2009 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of nonsymmetric liquid crystalline dimers containing azobenzene groups
Asikainen, J.2002 Exact and efficient discrete random walk method for time-dependent two-dimensional environments
Asimakis, A.2001 A Compact Device for the Efficient, Electrically Driven Generation of Highly Circularly Polarized Light
 2001 Completely polarized photoluminescence emission from a microcavity containing an aligned conjugated polymer
Asimov, A.Z.1992 Effect of low-frequency electric oscillations on the conductivity of nematic liquid crystals
Asinovskaya, D.N.1987 Synthesis of segmented thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters
 1988 Synthesis of segmental thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters
 1993 Silicon-containing polyesters based on organosilicon dicarboxylic acids and aromatic diols
 1996 Dipole moment and internal rotation in a linear polyester with silarylene bonds
 1996 Dispersions of cholesteryl propionate or benzoate esters in poly(dimethylsiloxane) rubber coated on 4,4'-diaminodiphenyl ether-pyromellitic dianhydride copolymer film as high-temperature liquid-crystal heat indicators
 1997 Hydrodynamic, dynamical optical, and conformational properties of para-aromatic polyesters with dimethylsiloxane links in backbone chain
 1998 Effect of amide groups and polymethylene flexible spacers on the mesogenic properties of poly(silarylene)s
 1998 Local intramolecular mobility in linear polyesters simulating the structure of thermotropic polymers
Askadskaya, L.1992 A simple model for dense phases of two-dimensional hard rods and its application to mono- and bidisperse alkanes physisorbed on graphite
 1993 Molecular structure and dynamics within self-assembled hexakisalkoxy-triphenylene monolayers and alkane wetting films
 1993 Scanning tunneling microscopy of several alkylated molecular moieties in monolayers on graphite
Askar, Attila1972 Molecular crystals and the polar theories of the continua. Experimental values of material coefficients for potassium nitrate
 1974 Nematic liquid crystals viewed as a micropolar fluid numerical values of material coefficients for PAA
 1976 Stability of nematic liquid crystals under a temperature gradient. Calculations for PAA
Askarov, R.A.1994 Viscosity and density of p-(alkoxybenzylidene)-p'-toluidines in nematic and isotropic liquid phases
 1995 Density and viscosity of p-(hexyloxy)phenyl p'-(alkoxy)benzoates in nematic and isotropic liquid phases
 1997 Ph. D. Thesis Ivanovo
Askill, Ian N.2001 Cyanoacrylate prepolymer compositions and test kits for skin temperature monitoring
Aslaksen, E.W.1971 Two-dimensional order in a nematic liquid crystal near threshold for dynamic scattering
Aslaksen, Erik W.1971 Steady state of a nematic liquid above the threshold for dynamic scattering
 1972 Comment on the Electrohydrodynamic Instability in Nematic Liquids
Aslam, Unaiza2007 In Situ Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Molecular Gels and Liquid Crystals from Vitamin-C Amphiphiles
Aslanian, Dimitrina1983 Thermotropic state transition in isolated platelet membranes studied by Raman spectroscopy
Aslanidis, Charalampos1999 High-speed prothrombin G->A 20210 and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C->T 677 mutation detection using real-time fluorescence PCR and melting curves
Aslanov, M.A.1981 Molecular sizes and some properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1982 Behavior of a ferroelectric liquid crystal in variable fields
 1982 Optical properties of a homolytic series of ferroelectric liquid rystals
 1983 Some physicochemical properties of mixtures of smectic C-phase with cholesteryl pelargonate
 1984 Electric field-induced Freedericks transition in smectic C liquid crystals
 1984 Physicochemical properties of mixtures of smectic C phase with cholesteryl chloride
 1986 Influence of cholesteric liquid crystals on the smectic-C phase properties
Aslanyan, A.2007 Optimal period for diffraction gratings recorded in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Aslanyan, L.S.1982 Determination of cubic optical susceptibilities of liquid crystals using coherent four-photon spectroscopy
 1983 Coherent polarization spectroscopy of the Raman scattering of light in liquid crystals
 1983 Determination of higher moments of the distribution function and molecular parameters of nematic liquid crystals by active Raman spectroscopy
 1984 Nonlinear self-action of plasmons in liquid crystals
 1985 Optical bistability during excitation of surface plasmons at a metal - nematic liquid crystal interface
 1985 Temperature dependence of the third-order nonlinear susceptibility of the nematic liquid crystal MBBA
 1987 Nonlinear thermal reflection of light in a nematic liquid crystal
 2006 Dynamics of Freedericksz Transition in the Oscillating Electric Field
Aslanyan, V.M.1986 Polarization-microscopic investigation of liquid-crystal phases of the system sodium pentadecylsulfonate-water system
Åslund, Ingrid2008 Diffusion NMR for Determining the Homogeneous Length-Scale in Lamellar Phases
Asmus, Sven M.2002 Analysis of microstresses in cement paste by fluorescence piezospectroscopy
Asnacios, S.2001 Universal properties of lamellar systems under weak shear
 2004 Rheological properties of chiral liquid crystals possessing a cholesteric-smectic A transition
 2005 Do lamellar liquid crystals flow like solids?
Asnacios, Sophie1999 Effects of shear on a lyotropic lamellar phase
Aso, Shinichi1990 Color filter for liquid-crystal color television and solid-state television camera
Aso, Yoshio1999 Hexakis(terthiophenylthio)benzene as a new class liquid crystalline molecule
 2006 Synthesis and Spectral Properties of Tris(Terphenylylpyridine)Iridium and Tris(Tritylphenylpyridine)Iridium Complexes as Novel Electrophosphorescent Materials
 2007 Synthesis, Properties, and Structures of Difluoromethylene-bridged Coplanar p-Terphenyl and Its Aryl-capped Derivatives for Electron-transporting Materials
Asongwed, D. Ngu1984 Solution behavior of some divalent metal carboxylates in organic solvents
Asotra, S.1987 Thermotropic behavior of amino acid uptake and membrane-bound alkaline phosphatase in Microsporum gypseum
Aspe, H.1990 Evolution equation of surface waves in a convecting fluid
Aspe, Rafael Gomez2005 High charge-carrier mobility in π-deficient discotic mesogens: Design and structure-property relationship
Aspin, Ian P.1995 Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of derivatives of α-olefin-maleic anhydride alternating copolymers prepared from olefins containing hydrophilic groups
Aspler, J.S.1979 Gas chromatographic and static measurements of solute activity for a polymeric liquid-crystalline phase
 1981 Mixing of water with(hydroxypropyl)cellulose liquid crystalline mesophases
 1982 Interaction of organic vapors with hydroxypropyl cellulose
Asplund, L.1994 Gas chromatographic retention behavior of polychlorinated naphthalenes on non-polar, polarizable, polar and smectic capillary columns
Asquini, R.2001 Realisation and Characterisation of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Bistable Optical Switch
 2002 BPM analysis of an integrated optical switch using polymeric optical waveguides and SSFLC at 1.55 μm
 2003 Liquid crystal devices for photonic switching applications: state of the art and future developments
 2003 Optical characterization at wavelengths of 632.8 nm and 1549 nm of policryps switchable diffraction gratings
 2004 A polarization independent liquid crystal assisted vertical coupler switch
 2009 Realization of a Liquid Crystal Electrically Controlled Optical Waveguide on Micromachined Silicon
 2010 Integration and Characterization of LC/Polymer Gratings on Glass and Silicon Platform
Asquini, Rita2003 Performance optimization of optical switches in ferroelectric liquid crystals and polymers operating at 1550 nm
 2004 An Integrated 2 × 2 SSFLC Optical Switch with Channel Ion-Exchanged Glass Waveguides
 2004 Integrated optic devices using liquid crystals: design and fabrication issues
 2005 A Tuneable Waveguided Optical Filter Made of Polymer and Liquid Crystal Slices Operating in C-band: Analysis of Transmission and Reflection Properties
 2006 A Switchable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer using Ion-Exchange Waveguides and a POLICRYPS Grating Overlayer
 2006 Integrated Optics Using Smectic and Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2007 Theoretical Performance Analysis of an Integrated Optic Filter Made of Glass Waveguides and POLICRYPS Holographic Gratings
 2008 Realization of an Optical Filter Using POLICRYPS Holographic Gratings on Glass Waveguides
Asrar, J.1981 A polyester forming a thermotropic cholesteric phase
 1982 Aromatic polyesters forming thermotropic smectic mesophases
 1982 Preparation of polyamides via the phosphorylation reaction. Poly-4,4'-benzanilides
 1982 Preparation of polyamides via the phosphorylation reaction. V. Nematogenic block copolymers via the Yamazaki reaction
 1983 Linear thermotropic nematic polymers: odd-even effects in polyesters and copolyesters containing a substituted azoxybenzene moiety
 1983 The existence of two distinct levels of order in thermotropic nematic polyesters
 1983 Thermotropic homopolyesters. I. The preparation and properties of polymers based on 4,4'-dihydroxybiphenyl
 1984 Diacetylenic liquid crystals : an investigation of the homologous series of 4,4'-dialkanoyloxydiphenyldiacetylenes and their polymers
 1984 Diacetylenic liquid crystals: a systematic investigation of the homologous series of 4,4'-dialkanoyloxydiphenyldiacetylenes
 1984 Order in linear thermotropic nematic polyesters: the existence of two distinct molecular arrangements within polymeric nematic mesophases
 1984 Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers with Mesogenic Groups and flexible Spacers in the Main Chain
 1985 Structure-property relations in flexible thermotropic mesophase polymers: I. Phase transitions in polyesters based on the azoxybenzene mesogen
 1986 Diacetylenic diesters and polyesters
 1986 Diacetylenic liquid crystalline polymers II: derivatives of 10,12-docosadiyne-1,22-dioic acid
 1987 Phase Transitions in 5,6-dioxycarbonyl[2.2.1]bicyclohept-2-ene
Asratyan, M.G.1985 Orientation of liquid crystal and polymer molecules relative to spherical and cylindrical surfaces
Assaad, F.F.2007 Spin-nematic phases in models of correlated electron systems: A numerical study
Assanto, G.2000 Electrically assisted self-confinement and waveguiding in planar nematic liquid crystal cells
 2002 Coherent and incoherent spatial solitons in bulk nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Spatial optical solitons in bulk nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Discrete Optical Solitons in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2004 Spiraling and Cyclic Dynamics of Nematicons
 2005 Nematic liquid crystal waveguide arrays
 2007 Light induced angular steering via Floquet-Bloch band-tunneling in one-dimensional liquid crystalline photonic lattices
 2007 Nematic liquid crystal cells for optical spatial solitons (Nematicons)
 2008 All-optical steering of soliton waveguides in dye-doped liquid crystals
Assanto, Gaetano2001 Two-dimensional spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 All-optical switching and logic gating with spatial solitons in liquid crystals
 2003 Optical modulational instability in a nonlocal medium
 2003 Route to Nonlocality and Observation of Accessible Solitons
 2004 Frequency generation within the forbidden band gap: All optical Rabi-like splitting in photonic crystals and microcavities
 2004 Observation of Optical Spatial Solitons in a Highly Nonlocal Medium
 2004 Routing of anisotropic spatial solitons and modulational instability in liquid crystals
 2005 All-optical switching and beam steering in tunable waveguide arrays
 2005 All-optical switching in a liquid crystalline waveguide
 2005 Bloch oscillations in nematic liquid crystalline waveguide arrays
 2005 Signal processing by opto-optical interactions between self-localized and free propagating beams in liquid crystals
 2006 Discrete Light Propagation and Self-Localization in Voltage-Controlled Arrays of Channel Waveguides in Undoped Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2006 Tunable refraction and reflection of self-confined light beams
 2006 Two-Color Vector Solitons In Nonlocal Media
 2007 Nonlinear management of the angular momentum of soliton clusters: Theory and experiment
 2007 Nonspecular Total Internal Reflection of Spatial Solitons at the Interface between Highly Birefringent Media
 2008 Collisionless shock resolution in nematic liquid crystals
 2008 Escaping Solitons from a Trapping Potential
 2008 Guiding and Routing Light with Nematicons
 2008 Two-color, nonlocal vector solitary waves with angular momentum in nematic liquid crystals
Assanto, Gaetano (cont...)2009 Modulation analysis of boundary-induced motion of optical solitary waves in a nematic liquid crystal
 2009 Nematicons: self-localised beams in nematic liquid crystals
 2009 Optical solitary waves escaping a wide trapping potential in nematic liquid crystals: Modulation theory
 2009 Voltage-driven in-plane steering of nematicons
Asselberghs, Inge2006 Liquid crystals from C3-symmetric mesogens for second-order nonlinear optics
 2007 Theoretical investigation on bridged triarylamine helicenes: UV/visible and circular dichroism spectra
Asselineau, J.1985 Glycolipids from Nocardia rhodochrous grown on glucose
Asselineau, Jean1955 The partial esterification of methyl glucoside and glucose by palmitic acid
Assender, H.E.1994 Modeling of form in thermotropic polymers
Assender, Hazel E.1994 Two-Dimensional Lattice Model of Disclinations in Liquid Crystals: Choice of Energy Function
 1996 The relaxation of a magnetically oriented liquid crystalline polymer
 1997 Domain structures in magnetically oriented liquid crystalline polymers
Assfalg, Nicole1999 A composite of a nematic and an isotropic elastomer. A rubber analogous to a bimetal
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Influence of a mechanical field on the liquid crystalline to isotropic phase transformation
 1999 Rheological properties of mono- and polydomain liquid crystalline elastomers exhibiting a broad smectic A phase
 1999 Rheology of Liquid Crystalline Elastomers in Their Isotropic and Smectic A State
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 A Smectic A Liquid Single Crystal Elastomer (LSCE): Phase Behavior and Mechanical Anisotropy
 2001 Shear modulus of polydomain, mono-domain and non-mesomorphic side-chain elastomers: Influence of the nematic order
Assfeld, Xavier2006 Experimental and theoretical determination of the stable conformation of α,α,2,6-tetrachlorotoluene
Assil, Iman1997 Comparison of experimental and theoretical melting behavior of DNA
Assink, Roger A.1998 Continuous self-assembly of organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings that mimic nacre
 1998 Self-assembly of organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings that mimic the structure of shell
 2000 Evaporation-Induced Self-Assembly of Hybrid Bridged Silsesquioxane Film and Particulate Mesophases with Integral Organic Functionality
Assis, A.K.2003 Electric potential for a resistive toroidal conductor carrying a steady azimuthal current
Assman, Karin1993 Mechanical dynamic properties of a main chain liquid crystalline polyester: rheological stationary states
 1993 Mechanical dynamic properties of a main chain liquid-crystalline copolyether. II. Influence of the molecular weight
Assmann, Karin1993 Mechanical dynamic properties of a main chain liquid-crystalline copolyether
 1994 The time-temperature superposition of the rheological properties of main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
Assmus, W.1999 Growth and characterization of CeCu2Si2 single crystals
Assouline, E.2002 Lamellar Orientation in Transcrystalline Isotactic Polypropylene Nucleated on Aramid Fibers
Assouline, G.1969 Optical diffusion induced by an electrical field in nematic structures
 1971 Electrical measurements in nematic liquid crystals
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