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Hornung, Barbara1997 Preparation of tricyclic compounds such as phenanthrene derivatives and ferroelectric liquid crystal composition containing them
 1998 2-Fluoro-3-(1-fluoroalkyl)-pyridin-6-yl derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and switching and display devices using them
 1998 Fluorinated 9H-fluorene derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and ferroelectric switching and/or display devices using them
 1999 1,1,6,7-tetrafluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 1,6-disubstituted naphthalene derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixtures
 1999 1-fluoro-isoquinoline-8-carbonitrile derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 2,3-difluoronaphthalene derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 5-arylindane derivative and ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture containing same
 1999 6,7-difluoro-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 6,7-difluoro-3,4-dihydro-2H-naphthalene-1-on derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 7,8-difluoronaphthalene-1-carbonitrile derivative and its application in liquid crystalline mixture
 1999 Chip card with temporary storing display based on active matrix display
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing 1,2-difluoronaphthalene derivative
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing 1,2-difluoronaphthalene derivatives
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing 1,3-difluoronaphthalene derivative
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing compounds with fluorinated side chains
 1999 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture containing fluoroisoquinoline derivative
 1999 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display with wide operating temperature range
 1999 Material characteristics of an active matrix LCD based upon chiral smectics
Hornung, Barbara (cont...)1999 Monostable ferroelectric active matrix display
 1999 Monostable ferroelectric active matrix display
 1999 Monostable ferroelectric active matrix display and its preparation and use
 1999 Polyfluorinated cyclohexane derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and switching and/or display devices using them
 2000 Fluorinated azole and liquid crystal mixture containing the same
 2001 Cyclohexane derivative and its use in liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Cyclopentane derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Cyclopentene derivative and its use in liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Fluorinated thiophene derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Furan derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Isoxazole derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2001 Isoxazole derivatives and their use in liquid crystalline mixtures
 2001 Preparation of 2,7-disubstituted phenanthrenes and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
 2001 Preparation of hydrogenated phenanthrenes and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
 2001 Thiazole derivative and its use in ferroelectric liquid crystalline mixture
 2002 5-Arylindane derivatives and ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture containing same
 2002 Chiral smectic and monostable ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures for active matrix panel display
 2002 Fluorinated (dihydro)phenanthrene derivatives and their use in liquid crystalline media
 2002 Fluorinated fluorenes and their use in liquid crystal mixtures for liquid crystal displays
 2002 Liquid crystal mixture suitable for active matrix liquid crystal display using ECB (electrically controlled birefringence) effects
Hornung, Barbara (cont...)2002 Polyfluorinated fluorenes and their use in liquid crystal mixtures for inverse mode liquid crystal display
 2003 Fluoridated anthracene compound and its use in liquid crystal mixture for display
 2003 Fluoridated cyclopenta[a]naphthalene compound and its use in liquid crystal mixture for display
 2003 Fluoridated cyclopenta[b]naphthalene compound and its use in liquid crystal mixture for display
 2003 Fluorinated naphthalene derivatives, liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal displays containing them
 2003 Fluorinated polycycles and their use in liquid - crystal mixtures
 2004 Fluoridated oxaanthracene and its use in liquid crystal mixture suitable for ECB-, IPS-, or VA- liquid crystal display
 2005 Chiral smectic liquid crystal mixture
 2005 Fluorinated condensed aromatic compound and its use in liquid crystal mixture for liquid crystal display
 2005 Fluorinated xanthene and its use in liquid crystal mixture for liquid crystal display
 2005 Preparation of fluoridated heterocycles and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
 2005 Preparation of fluoridated polycyclene and their use in liquid crystal mixtures
Hornung, T.1994 Numerical Optimization of the AMLCD Open Aperture Ratio
 2000 Optimal control of molecular states in a learning loop with a parameterization in frequency and time domain
Horobin, Richard W.1966 Stereoselective thermal isomerization of steroidal isocyanides to cyanides
Horowicz, R.J.1999 Z-scan measurement of the nonlinear refractive indices of micellar lyotropic liquid crystals with and without the ferrofluid doping
Horowitz, Ann D.1993 Lipid effects on aggregation of pulmonary surfactant protein SP-C studied by fluorescence energy transfer
Horowitz, Claudio M.2002 Numerical study of the development of bulk scale-free structures upon growth of self-affine aggregates
Horowitz, G.1998 Dihexylquaterthiophene, A Two-Dimensional Liquid Crystal-like Organic Semiconductor with High Transport Properties
Horowitz, Gilles1993 X-ray determination of the crystal structure and orientation of vacuum evaporated sexithiophene films
 2006 Modification of Indium Tin Oxide Films by Alkanethiol and Fatty Acid Self-Assembled Monolayers: A Comparative Study
Horrocks, D.L.1968 Scintillation Measurements at Very High Solute Concentrations; Self Quenching-Structure Correlations
Horrocks, Lloyd A.1971 Positions of double bonds in the monounsaturated alk-1-enyl groups from the plasmalogens of human heart and brain
 2000 Glycerophospholipids in brain: their metabolism, incorporation into membranes, functions, and involvement in neurological disorders
Horrocks, William DeWitt1988 A laser-induced europium(III) ion luminescence study of the interaction of this ion with phospholipid bilayer vesicles above and below the gel to liquid-crystalline phase transition temperature
Horsburgh, Mark K.1998 A phenomenological approach to the inversion of the helical twist sense in the chiral nematic phase
Horsch, Mark A.2003 Tethered Nano Building Blocks: Toward a Conceptual Framework for Nanoparticle Self-Assembly
 2005 Self-Assembly of Polymer-Tethered Nanorods
 2006 Self-Assembly of Laterally-Tethered Nanorods
 2006 Simulation studies of self-assembly of end-tethered nanorods in solution and role of rod aspect ratio and tether length
Horsfield, Anthony1969 Electron resonance studies of perchlorodiphenylmethyl and perchlorotriphenylmethyl free radicals
Horst, Folkert2007 Low-cost electro-optical package for use with PCB-embedded waveguides
Horsthemke, W.1985 Effect of external-field fluctuations on instabilities in nematic liquid crystals
Horsthemke, Werner1981 Critical exponents of a pure noise induced transition, nonlinear noise and its effect on an electrohydrodynamic transition in nematics
 2003 Nonequilibrium transitions induced by the cross-correlation of white noises
Horsthuis, W.H.G.1989 Recent developments in optically nonlinear polymers and related electro-optic devices
Horstman, R.E.1988 Topography of AlGaAs/GaAs heterostructures using field-effect liquid crystals
Horstmann, Harald1985 Derivatives of N-glycosylated amides of carboxylic acids as a product for combating diseases of the rheumatism type
Horta, A.2004 Macroporous Gels of Poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) Obtained in the Lamellar System AOT/Water
Horta, Arturo2005 Fragmentation of the Lamellae and Fractionation of Polymer Coils upon Mixing Poly(dimethylacrylamide) with the Lamellar Phase of Aerosol OT in Water
 2005 Nanometric Sieving of Polymer Coils by a Lamellar Liquid Crystal: Surfactant AOT and Polydimethylacrylamide
Hörth, M.1993 Rigid rod polymers with flexible side chains. X. Thermotropic mesophases from aromatic stiff-chain polyamides bearing n-alkoxy side chains
Horton, A. Wesley1984 Physical Models of Lipid Membranes in Latent Cancer Cells: Ordering Effects of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Horton, Brendan1996 Having a good look at microscopy
Horton, Derek1978 Conformational studies on acyclic sugar derivatives: comparison of the conformations of D-ribose diphenyl and diethyl dithioacetals in the crystal and in solution
 1988 Stereoselective syntheses of C-(D-glucopyranosyl)alkenes
Horton, J.C.1990 Coexistence of two liquid crystalline phases in poly(γ-benzyl-α,L-glutamate) solutions
 1991 Phase separation in the poly(γ-benzyl α,L-glutamate)/benzyl alcohol system and its role in gelation
Horton, P.N.2004 Liquid crystalline complexes of 4-alkoxystilbazoles with silver 1,12-dodecylene disulphate
Horton, Peter N.2004 Halogen Bonding: A New Interaction for Liquid Crystal Formation
 2005 Possible transition from rod-like to disc-like behaviour in ortho-metallated imine complexes of palladium(II): crystal and molecular structure of three palladium complexes
 2005 Thiophene and Selenophene Copolymers Incorporating Fluorinated Phenylene Units in the Main Chain: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in Organic Field-Effect Transistors
 2006 Mesomorphism of complexed 2,6-disubstituted pyridine ligands: crystal and molecular structure of two bent-core pyridines
 2006 Orthometallated palladium(II) imine complexes as candidate materials for the biaxial nematic phase. Crystal and molecular structure of three palladium imine complexes
 2007 Mesomorphism of ortho-metallated imine complexes of the β-diketonatoplatinum(II) fragment. Crystal and molecular structure of three platinum imine complexes
 2008 Trimeric liquid crystals assembled using both hydrogen and halogen bonding
Horton, R.1998 High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
 1999 High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
Horvat, A.2004 Direct imaging and mesoscale modelling of phase transitions in a nanostructured fluid
Horvat, David1974 Spectral characterization of 15N spin labels
Horvath-Szabo, Geza2001 Interpretation of the Activity of a Hydrotrope in Lecithin/Sodium Xylenesulfonate/Water Microemulsions
Horvath, D.2003 Density fingering of an exothermic autocatalytic reaction
Horvath, Dezso2003 Convective instability of an acidity front in Hele-Shaw cells
 2003 Isothermal flame balls: Effect of autocatalyst decay
Horvath, Ibolya1997 Evidence for a lipochaperonin: association of active protein-folding GroESL oligomers with lipids can stabilize membranes under heat shock conditions
 2001 Synechocystis HSP17 is an amphitropic protein that stabilizes heat-stressed membranes and binds denatured proteins for subsequent chaperone-mediated refolding
 2002 Small heat-shock proteins regulate membrane lipid polymorphism
 1986 Homogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of the polar lipids of pea chloroplasts in situ and the effects on lipid polymorphism
Horvath, J.1984 Structure of side chain mesogenic polymers as a function of their soft elements
 1984 Studies on the mesomorphic structure of poly(p-methoxyphenyl p-methacryloyloxyethoxybenzoate)
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystal. XX. Study on the copolymerization of phenyl ester-type monomers comprising mesogenic groups in the side chain
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XVII. Effect of flexible substituents in the mesogenic side chain on the behavior of mesogenic polymers
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XVIII. Effect of the polyethylene oxide main chain on the properties of polymers containing mesogenic groups in the side chain
 1985 The effect of the structural elements on the properties of side chain mesomorphic polymers
 1990 Thermal and optical studies on hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diyl-bis(4-n-hexoxybenzoate)
Horvath, Judit1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIV. Studies of the mesomorphic structure of poly[p-methoxyphenyl p-(methacryloyloxyethoxy)benzoate]
 1984 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVII. Effect of the substituents of the mesogenic side chain on the properties of mesogenic polymers
 1984 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVIII. Effect of the poly(ethylene oxide) main chain on the properties of polymers containing mesogenic side groups
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XIX. Study of the mesomorphic phase of acrylate polymers without spacers
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XX. Study of the copolymerization of phenyl ester-type monomers containing mesogenic groups in the side chain.
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XXI. Investigation of the mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers with ethyloxy group as spacer
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XXII Mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers with hexyloxy group as spacer.
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIX. Miscibility study on the mesomorphic phase of acrylic polymers without spacers
 1987 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XXI. Investigation of mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers containing an ethoxy group as spacer
 1987 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XXII. Investigation of mesomorphic phase of acrylate polymers containing an hexyloxy group as spacer
 1988 NMR studies on side chain mesomorphic polymers
 1988 Synthesis of diacetylenic derivatives with a mesogenic group.
 1989 Hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diyl bis(4-hexyloxybenzoate), white form at 185 K
 1989 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XXIII. Side chain mesogenic polydiacetylenes: synthesis and properties
 1992 Steroids, XLVII: A facile synthesis of 3ß-hydroxy-5a-cholest-8(14)-en-15-one
Horvath, L.1987 Thermotropic phase behavior and miscibility properties of phosphatidylcholines containing branched fatty acid chains
Horvath, L.I.1989 Lipid lateral diffusion measurements in model membranes
 1988 Effect of lateral chain-chain spacing on the Raman spectrum of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine bilayers
 1989 A mono- and bilayer study of homologous branched-chain lecithins
Horvath, LaszloI.1980 Relation of Raman order parameters to spin labeling parameters
 1985 On transverse ordering in biomembranes by Raman spectroscopy
Horvath, V.K.1987 Viscous Fingering in a Smectic Liquid Crystal
 2003 Effect of a columnar defect on the shape of slow-combustion fronts
Horvath, Z.E.2003 Role of photonic-crystal-type structures in the thermal regulation of a Lycaenid butterfly sister species pair
Hosaka, Hajime1998 Tracing instrument for liquid crystal substrates showing stable operation even when ITO pattern pitch is narrow
Hosaka, Noriko2001 Hysteretic Thermochromism of Regioregular Poly(3-alkylthiophene) Thin Films
Hosaka, Tadaaki2002 Statistical mechanics of lossy data compression using a nonmonotonic perceptron
Hosaka, Yoshihiro1990 Materials for alignment films
Hosaka, Yoshimasa2007 Optically Controlled Photothermal Switch by the Use of a Liquid Crystal Phase Grating
Hosaka, Yukihiro1989 Manufacture of polyimide precursor membranes for alignment in liquid crystal displays
 1990 Liquid crystal orientation agent
 1991 Liquid crystal orienting agent for increased pretilt angle
Hosaki, Kenji1994 Liquid crystal polymer film, laminated sheet for optical element which uses the film, and optical element comprising the sheet
 1995 Manufacture of liquid crystal optical devices using continuous transfer methods
 1995 Manufacture of optical device
 1995 Manufacture of optical device
 1996 Manufacture of polymeric liquid crystal film for optical device
 1997 Manufacture of compensation plate for liquid crystal display by liquid crystal film transfer
 1999 Optical film for optical device such as liquid crystal display device
 2000 Optical film laminates with good appearance
Hosamani, K.M.2008 Characterization and structure elucidation of 12-hydroxyoctadec-cis-9-enoic acid in Jatropha gossypifolia and Hevea brasiliensis seed oils: a rich source of hydroxy fatty acid
Hose, H.1989 Polyesters and Polyamides with Thermotropic and Lyotropic Behaviour
 1989 Rigid polymers of board-like structures: sanidic phases - a new type of polymeric liquid-crystalline phase
 1989 Variation of the Molecular Architecture of Liquid Crystalline Polyesters with Combined, Laterally Fixed and Cross-Shaped Mesogens
Hosein, Ian D.2007 Convectively Assembled Nonspherical Mushroom Cap-Based Colloidal Crystals
Hosek, M.2004 Polymer-induced bundling of F actin and the depletion force
Hosemann, R.1971 Nematic to smectic transition in linear polyethylene
 1973 New Type of liquid crystal
 1974 Two-dimensional small-angle analysis of isotactic polybutene stretched from the melt
 1976 Diamagnetic susceptibility of solid and liquid paraffins
 1978 New aspects on melting and annealing behavior of polymers
 1980 Direct x-ray study of the molecular tilt in dipalmitoyllecithin bilayers
 1980 The reality of paracrystals. Supplementary remarks to the "Workshop Parakristalle" at the 43rd Physikertagung 1979 in Ulm
 1981 Novel aspects of the real paracrystal
 1982 Equilibrium size distribution of microparacrystals in polymers
 1989 The physics of noncrystalline materials prepared by using micro-paracrystals
Hosemann, Rolf1967 The Paracrystal as a Model for Liquid Crystals
 1970 Paracrystalline lattices in mesophases and real structures
 1970 X-ray diffraction study of the ordered state in polymers
 1972 Paracrystals
 1978 Microparacrystals in physics
Hoshama, Yasuhiro1993 Carbon-containing refractory materials having high strength and oxidation resistance
Hoshi, Akira1999 Photographic material containing inorganic laminated compound and showing good storage stability
Hoshi, Eiji2000 Active matrix liquid crystal display containing gate and drain wirings and its manufacture method
Hoshi, H.1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator using a hydrogenated amorphous silicon as a photoconductor
 1999 Second-harmonic generation in distributed feedback ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 2004 Effect of Phase Retardation on Defect-Mode Lasing in Polymeric Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
Hoshi, Hajime1996 Orientation of liquid crystal molecules on side-chain polyimide alignment layer studied by second-harmonic generation interferometry
 1997 Enhancement of second-harmonic generation by helicoidal distributed feedback action in a ferroelectric smectic C* liquid crystal using two counter-propagating fundamental waves
 1997 Intermolecular transitions observed by electric-quadrupole-resonant second-harmonic generation in a discotic liquid crystal of phthalocyanine
 1998 Determination of orientational distribution function of organic molecular surfaces using the modified maximum-entropy method
 1998 Enhancement of second-harmonic generation in helicoidal distributed feedback structure of a ferroelectric liquid crystal using two counter-propagating fundamental waves
 1999 Polarization dependent enhancement of second-harmonic generation by distributed feedback cavity action in a helicoidal ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
 1999 Polarization dependent enhancement of second-harmonic generation in helicoidal distributed feedback ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 2000 Remarkable SHG enhancement by helical distributed feedback cavity spontaneously formed in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 Enhancement of Second-Harmonic Generation in Helical Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Cells under Oblique Incidence
 2002 Enhancement of Second-Harmonic Generation in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with a Helical Structure Distorted by an Electric Field
 2003 Helix Unwinding Process in a Short-Pitch Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixture Studied by Conoscopy
 2003 Helix unwinding process in the chiral smectic C phase of MHPOBC as observed by conoscopy
 2003 Mechanism of sign inversion of spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric SmC* liquid crystals
 2003 Optical second-harmonic generation enhanced by a twist defect in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2004 Lasing characteristics of a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal layer sandwiched by two polymeric cholesteric liquid crystals
 2004 Splayed polarization in the ferroelectric phase of a bent-core liquid crystal as studied by optical second-harmonic generation
 2006 Display Performance of Nanoparticle Doped LCDs and Their Theoretical Understanding
 2006 Optical second-harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystals with a twist defect
 2008 Dependence of second-harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystals with a defect on the optical gap
Hoshi, Hideo1990 Optical pattern recognition with LAPS-SLM (I) / light addressed photoconductor and smectic C* liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 1990 Optical pattern recognition with LAPS-SLM (II): feedback joint transform correlator using LAPS-SLM
Hoshi, Hiroaki1996 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal panel
 1997 Illumination device and liquid crystal apparatus including same
Hoshi, Hisao1992 Color filter for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Color filter for liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Liquid-crystal panel frame and liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Manufacture of large color filter for liquid crystal display by using transfer method
 1996 Manufacture of liquid crystal display color filter
Hoshi, Junichi1994 Liquid crystal display device.
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Color filter substrate for liquid-crystal display panels and the manufacture
 1996 Liquid crystal display device using single crystal silicon substrate
 1996 Liquid crystal display having membrane on display regions for impact-resistance
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device using thin-film electrode substrate
 1997 Anisotropic etching of single crystal silicon liquid crystal cells with basic etchant solutions
 1997 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1999 Cleaning method of liquid crystal display
 2000 Liquid crystal display devices and their manufacture
Hoshi, Kazuo1996 Liquid crystal projector
Hoshi, T.1990 Metachromasy bands of disk-like guests in the host lyotropic liquid crystal disodium chromoglycate-water
Hoshi, Toshihiko1977 Electron spin resonance of phosphorescent aromatic compounds in stretched polyvinyl alcohol films
 1988 Elevations of nematic-isotropic transition temperatures and dichroic ratio of nonmesomorphic guest-nematic host system with increasing guest concentration
 1993 High-order aggregation of crystal violet in the chromonic lyotropic mesophases of 7,7'-disodium chromoglycate
 2007 Origin and Model for Cooperative Host-Guest Interaction Affecting the Orientation of Guests in Oriented Nematic Hosts
Hoshiba, Aoi2005 Vesicle–Micelle Transition of N-Acyl Phenylalaninate Salt in Very Dilute Aqueous Solution
Hoshiba, Takayoshi1996 Liquid crystal display device using photoconductor substance
Hoshide, Kaoru2004 Lense gear and liquid crystal projection mechanism
Hoshijima, Tokitaro1993 Mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber for carbon-carbon application
Hoshikawa, Hiroshi1996 Liquid-crystal display device and manufacture of optical waveguide plate as back light
Hoshikawa, Jun1991 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display device
Hoshina, Kazushige2000 Liquid crystal display device in electronic apparatus and method for manufacture thereof
Hoshina, Toshikazu1993 Preparation of thermotropic polymeric liquid crystals
Hoshino-Miyajima, Naomi1993 Synthesis of new metallomesogens containing a metal 4-substituted-piperazine-1-dithiocarboxylate core
 1995 Development of complexes for liquid crystal materials
 1996 Smectic polymorphism in copper complexes of salicylaldimine derivatives carrying polar carbonyl groups
 1996 Synthesis and characterization of alkoxo-oxygen-bridged copper(II) complexes having disk- and rod-like shapes
 1997 23rd Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 1998 Liquid Crystals of Metal Complexes
 2000 Spectroscopy of Liquid Crystals 11.ESR Spectroscopy
 2002 Polycatenar Metallomesogens of [M(Salen)] Type
Hoshino, Akihiro1992 Active-matrix two-terminal liquid crystal display
 1998 Electrode plate for liquid crystal display
 1998 Electrode plate for liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1998 Electrode plates for transmission-type liquid crystal display
Hoshino, Atsushi1999 Liquid crystal display panel and its manufacture
Hoshino, Atsuyuki1996 Thin film transistor substrate of liquid crystal display and its manufacture
Hoshino, Atuyuki1998 Vertically aligned liquid-crystal display device
 2001 Vertically-aligned (va) liquid crystal display device
Hoshino, Fumihiko2007 Molecular Scale Imaging of F-Actin Assemblies Immobilized on a Photopolymer Surface
Hoshino, Futoshi1997 Reflector of liquid crystal display device
Hoshino, H.1984 Liquid crystalline behavior of polymeric glycols terminated with aromatic diester and diacid mesogenic groups
Hoshino, Haruo1998 Real-time three-dimensional pickup and display system based on integral photography
Hoshino, Hidekazu2000 CPLgram: an advanced machine-readable OVD that is obtained by combining diffraction gratings and liquid crystals
Hoshino, Hiroshi1987 Liquid crystal compositions
 1987 Tolan derivatives and chiral smectic C liquid-crystal composition containing them
 1988 Enantiotropic liquid crystals and their compositions
 1988 Liquid crystal compounds and compositions
 1988 Optically active alcohols as intermediates for chiral smectic liquid crystals and their preparation
 1988 Optically active alcohols as intermediates for enantiotropic liquid crystals and their preparation
 1988 Optically active esters as liquid crystals and their compositions
 1989 Optically active biphenylcarboxylic acid esters as liquid crystals and their preparation
 1989 Preparation of polymeric liquid crystal films
 1989 Preparation of tolan compounds as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of tolan compounds as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1989 Preparation of tolan derivatives as liquid crystal compositions
 1990 A liquid-crystal information storage device
 1990 Process for orienting liquid crystal films
 1991 Liquid crystal element for display device
 1991 Preparation of orientation films and manufacture of liquid-crystal display devices using same
 1991 Suprastructure constructed by inorganic rod molecule, imogolite. I. Electron microscopic observation
 1992 Lyotropic mesophase formation in PVA/imogolite mixture
 1992 Lyotropic mesophase formations of hydroxypropyl cellulose/imogolite mixture
 1992 Manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal display
Hoshino, Hiroshi (cont...)1992 Microscopic observation of band structure found in shear-deformed hydroxypropylcellulose film
 1993 Lyotropic mesophase of imogolite. 3. Observation of liquid crystal structure by scanning electron and novel polarized optical microscopy
 1995 Liquid-crystal display devices sealed with adhesives containing metal complex organic dyes
 1996 Electrode substrate for liquid-crystal display element and its manufacture
 1996 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Simulation of mesophase formation of rodlike molecule, imogolite
 1997 Color liquid crystal display element
 1997 Color liquid crystal displays having ceramic protective films on planarization layers
 1997 Liquid crystal display device electrode substrate
 1997 Manufacture of color liquid crystal display element
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device having light-shielding film between transparent electrodes
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display element
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display element.
 1997 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display devices for electrode formation
 1998 Ceramic-coated plastics as substrates for liquid crystal display components
 1998 Liquid crystal display device using plastic substrate and polarization layer of liquid -crystalline polymer
 1998 Manufacture of liquid crystal display with plastic substrate
 1998 Plastic base plates for liquid crystal displays and manufacture thereof, with excellent oxygen barrier properties
 1998 Polymer substrate having ceramic gas-barrier film, its manufacture, and liquid-crystal display using it
 1999 Color liquid crystal display device containing hydrophilic fine powders
Hoshino, Hiroshi (cont...)2000 Insulating film coating liquid composition and liquid crystal display device
Hoshino, Katsuyoshi2006 Bulk Heterojunction Photoelectrochemical Cells Consisting of Oxotitanyl Phthalocyanine Nanoporous Films and I3-/I- Redox Couple
 2006 Nanostructured Hybrid Materials Formed by Cell Reaction between Polycarbazole and Metals
Hoshino, Kazuhiko1997 Ink vehicle for making color filter
Hoshino, Kohichi1992 Improved real-time holography system with LCDs
Hoshino, Koichi1996 Manufacture of thin film diode with planar surface for liquid crystal display device
Hoshino, Koji2002 Ion-conductive liquid crystals: Formation of stable smectic semi-bilayers by the introduction of perfluoroalkyl moieties
 2003 Nanostructured ion-conductive films: Layered assembly of a side-chain liquid-crystalline polymer with an imidazolium ionic moiety
 2006 One-Dimensional Ion-Conductive Polymer Films: Alignment and Fixation of Ionic Channels Formed by Self-Organization of Polymerizable Columnar Liquid Crystals
 2008 Noncovalent Approach to One-Dimensional Ion Conductors: Enhancement of Ionic Conductivities in Nanostructured Columnar Liquid Crystals
Hoshino, Masafumi1998 Method and apparatus for producing polymer network liquid crystal display
 1998 Reflection-type liquid crystal display with excellent brightness
 1999 Light-scattering-type liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
 1999 Manufacture of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display panel
 1999 Manufacturing method and apparatus for liquid crystal display device
 1999 Reflective polymer-dispersed color liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1999 Reflective polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1999 Reflective-type color liquid crystal display device having selective reflecting filter and process for manufacture thereof
 1999 Reflective-type liquid crystal displays equipped with surface-emitting light source
Hoshino, Masakazu2005 Liquid crystal display and liquid crystal cooling unit
Hoshino, Minoru1995 Liquid crystal substrate having three metal layers with slits offset to block light from reaching the substrate
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Light reflection-type liquid crystal display element and projection-type liquid crystal display
 1996 Liquid crystal light valve with suppressed latchup and projection-type display using the same
Hoshino, Naomi1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 Liquid crystalline copper(II) complexes of N-salicylideneaniline derivatives. Mesomorphic properties and a crystal structure
 1990 Mesomorphic properties of metallonematogens, bis[4-((4-alkoxybenzoyl)oxy)-N-(n-alkyl)salicyaldiminato]copper(II) complexes
 1991 Mesomorphic properties of orthopalladated complexes of laterally substituted azobenzene derivatives, 2-alkoxycarbonyl-4-(4-ethoxyphenylazo)phenyl 4-methoxybenzoates
 1991 Mesomorphic property and orientational order in the nematic phases of nickel(II) and oxovanadium(IV) complexes of N-salicylidene-n-propylamine derivatives
 1992 Effects of polysubstitution of mesomorphic properties: methyl derivatives of 4-alkanoyloxy-4'-ethoxy- and 4-(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-4'-ethoxyazobenzenes
 1992 Induced Mesophases in Mixtures of Nitro- and Dimethylamino-Substituted Salicylaldimine Complexes of Copper
 1992 Thermotropic mesophases of benzene derivatives with terminally hydroxylated groups
 1994 Effects of terminal substituents on mesomorphic properties: phenyl 4-(4-X-substituted phenyliminomethyl)benzoate and its isomers
 1998 Liquid crystal properties of metal-salicylaldimine complexes. Chemical modifications towards lower symmetry
 1998 Smectogenic Copper(II) Complexes of N-Salicylideneaniline Derivatives. A Comparative Study of Homologous Series Carrying Alkoxy and/or Alkanoyloxy Substituents
 2002 The effect of chirality on molecular organization in two-dimensional films of a Ru(II) complex with a mesogenic ligand
 2003 Δ-[Ru(acac)2L] (L = a Mesogenic Derivative of bpy) as a Novel Chiral Dopant for Nematic Liquid Crystals with Large Helical Twisting Power
 2005 Nanometer-scale ordering in cast films of columnar metallomesogen as revealed by STM observations
 2005 On the Parity in Helical Twisting Power of Ru(III) 1,3-Diketonates of C2 Symmetry in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2005 ΔΛ-Isomerism of Mixed 1,3-Diketonate Complexes of Ru(III)-A Designed New Source of Chirality in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2007 Linkage Effects of Chromium(III) Acetylacetonato Units on Chiral Induction of Liquid Crystal Phases
 2008 Induction and Structural Control of Chiral Nematic Phases by the Use of Photoresponsive Tris(ß-diketonato) Co(III) and Ru(III) Complexes
Hoshino, Noboru1992 Liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Liquid crystal display with black matrix having specific resistivity
 1999 Black matrix type liquid crystal display device having red filter on non-display area
Hoshino, Osamu1995 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device
 1999 Manufacture of liquid-crystal displays having orientation films with uniform orientation
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