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Hong, Hyun Taig2001 Optically induced diffraction grating on the film of polyurethane bearing an azobenzene chromophore
Hong, Hyung-Ki2004 Dependency of Liquid Crystal of In-Plane Switching Mode on Rubbing Angle
 2007 Multiview autostereoscopic display of 36view using an ultra-high resolution LCD
 2008 Effects of rubbing angle on maximum transmittance of in-plane switching liquid crystal display
 2009 Response time characteristics of optical shutter of vertical alignment liquid crystal cell for obliquely incident light
Hong, J.1990 Characterization of polymer order and dynamics using high-resolution solid-state NMR: poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide) (PPTA)
Hong, J.-D.1999 Studies on Photochemical Isomerization of Azobenzene in Self-Assembled Bolaamphiphile Monolayers
Hong, J.-L.1989 Thermotropic liquid crystals with 4-nitrocinnamylidene unit
 1999 Thermotropic copolyesters containing spirobicromane moieties: synthesis and primary characterizations
 2000 Semi-rigid thermotropic polyester containing a rigid, bent spirobicromane moieties-primary characterizations and the thermal behavior
Hong, J.M.2000 Synthesis and luminescent characteristics of fluorene-based polymers containing diacetylene unit
Hong, Jae-Min2000 Polarized light emission of liquid crystalline polymer blends
Hong, Jie1992 Multiple melting behavior of á-crystalline phase polypropylene
 1993 Melting behavior and crystalline order of β-crystalline phase polypropylene
Hong, Jin1990 Determination of the structure of oriented samples using two-dimensional solid state NMR techniques
 2008 Design of hyperspectral imaging system based on LCTF
Hong, Jin Cheol2005 Liquid crystal display device with dummy output channels and channel selector
 2006 Liquid crystal display device with shift registers
Hong, Jin-Long1993 Liquid - crystalline Schiff bases with cyanate terminals
 1994 Conjugated Schiff's bases: synthesis and preliminary characterization of 4-(alkoxycinnamylidene)-4'-nitroanilines
 1995 Cyanated liquid crystals with trans-stilbene structure: syntheses and their cyclotrimerizations
 1996 The role of hydrogen bonding on a hydroxylated liquid crystal, bis[4-(5-hydroxypentyloxycarbonyl)phenylene] terephthalate
 1996 Trisubstituted s-triazine derived from cyanated Schiff-base
 1997 Hydrogen-Bond Interactions between Ester and Urethane Linkages in Small Model Compounds and Polyurethanes
 1997 Tri-substituted s-triazines as mesogenic cores
 1999 Hydrogen-Bond Interactions between Urethane-Urethane and Urethane-Ester Linkages in a Liquid Crystalline Poly(ester-urethane)
Hong, Jin-Who2009 Fabrication of flexible polymer dispersed liquid crystal films using conducting polymer thin films as the driving electrodes
 2009 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal film for variable-transparency glazing
Hong, Jin-Woong2007 Effect of Deposition Rate of Organic Layer on Electrical and Optical Characteristics of OLEDs
Hong, Jing1994 Optical morphological transformation using a liquid crystal light valve
Hong, Jong-Dal2003 Influence of multilayer nanostructures on photoisomerization and photoorientation of azobenzene
Hong, Jong-Ho2006 Alignment layerless flexible liquid crystal display fabricated by an imprinting technique at ambient temperature
 2006 Pixel-encapsulated flexible displays with a multifunctional elastomer substrate for self-aligning liquid crystals
 2009 Adhesive-Transfer Bonding Technique for Flexible Liquid Crystal Displays with High Mechanical Stability
 2009 Formation of Surface Microstructure Arrays by Selective Wettability for Wide-Viewing Liquid Crystal Displays
Hong, Jung Hoon2007 Magnetic and Transparent Composites by Linking Liquid Crystals to Ferrite Nanoparticles through Covalent Networks
Hong, K.-H.2002 Emission of a hot electron jet from intense femtosecond-laser-cluster interactions
Hong, K.-M.2000 Synthesis of azo dye containing polymers and application for optical data storage
Hong, Ke2003 FFT algorithm for calculating the SALS patterns from anisotropic objects immersed in an isotropic matrix
 2006 Dynamic research of pattern formation in two phase system of nematic liquid crystal and hard particles
Hong, Ki-Chul2000 Synthesis and characterization of oxyethylene copolymers with phenyl and/or 4,4'-biphenyl structural units in the backbone
Hong, Kin Ming1983 Theory of phase equilibria in systems containing block copolymers
Hong, Kunlun1994 Sequence structure characteristics of high impact polypropylenes
Hong, Kwan-Soo1995 1H Nuclear magnetic resonance of liquid crystalline polymer blends
 1996 1H NMR study of 5CB liquid crystal impregnated in small pores
 1996 Thermal properties and 1H NMR relaxations for liquid crystalline polymer blends with PBT
Hong, Kweon-sam2001 Design and fabrication of Liquid crystal display device with reduced resistance to common voltage applied to a common electrode of a color filter panel
Hong, Kyong-Soo2006 Synthesis and Photophysical Properties of Luminescent Lanthanide Complexes Based on Dansyl-N-Methyl-Aminobenzoic Acid for Advanced Photonics Applications
Hong, Lan-Young2007 Formulation of Thermally Cured Organic-Inorganic Superhydrophilic Coating for Antifogging Optical Application
Hong, Lian2002 Single-molecule Behavior of Rhodamine-labeled Phospholipid on a Hydrophilic Glass Surface
Hong, Lih-Dong2000 The synthesis and properties of side-chain liquid-crystal polymers with a chiral center
Hong, M.1995 DISTINCT NMR for sign determination of C-H dipolar couplings in liquid-crystalline lipids
 1995 Low-power decoupling sequences for high-resolution chemical-shift and local-field NMR spectra of liquid crystals
 1996 Bond Orientation Distributions in Lipids and Liquid Crystals from Segmental Order Parameters
 2000 Determination of slow motions in extensively isotopically labeled proteins by magic-angle-spinning 13C-detected 15N exchange NMR
Hong, M.-Y.2004 New smectic C mesogens containing the benzyl, phenylethyl or phenylpropyl moiety
Hong, M.H.1998 Real-time monitoring of indium tin oxide laser ablation in liquid crystal display patterning
Hong, Mei1996 Measurement and Assignment of Long-Range C-H Dipolar Couplings in Liquid Crystals by Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy
 1996 Measurement of Carbon-Proton Dipolar Couplings in Liquid Crystals by Local Dipolar Field NMR Spectroscopy
 2006 Orientation determination of membrane-disruptive proteins using powder samples and rotational diffusion: A simple solid-state NMR approach
 2008 Amantadine-induced conformational and dynamical changes of the influenza M2 transmembrane proton channel
Hong, Min-Ki2005 Liquid-crystalline assembly from rigid wedge-flexible coil diblock molecules
Hong, Ming H.2003 Laser-induced diffusion for glass metallization
Hong, Ming Hui2003 Laser-induced plasma-assisted ablation and its applications
Hong, Moon Jak2000 Method for manufacture of polycrystal silicon thin film transistor for liquid crystal display device
Hong, Moon-Pyo1998 Composition and method for producing metal wiring in thin-film transistor of liquid crystal display
 1999 Manufacture of thin-film transistors for liquid-crystal displays
 2000 Manufacture of thin film transistor substrate for liquid crystal display (LCD) using four masks and the substrate
Hong, Mun-Pyo2000 Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display
 2002 Composition for a wiring, a wiring using the composition, manufacturing method thereof, a display using the wiring and manufacturing method thereof
 2003 Thin film transistor array panels for a Liquid crystal display and a method for manufacturing the same
 2006 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
 2008 Pixel-Isolated Phase-Separated Composite Organic Film for Flexible Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Applications
 2008 Study of Optimized Curing Conditions for Polymer-Stabilized Pi-Cell with Compensation Film
 2008 X-ray Scattering Studies of Phase-Separated Composite Organic Film Cells
Hong, Po-Da2009 Tetragonally Perforated Layer Structure via Columnar Ordering of 4'-(3,4,5-Trioctyloxybenzoyloxy)benzoic Acid in a Supramolecular Complex with Polystyrene-block-Poly(4-vinylpyridine)
Hong, Qi2003 Eigenmodes of a reflective twisted-nematic liquid-crystal cell
 2003 Optical wave propagation in a cholesteric liquid crystal using the finite element method
 2005 Extraordinarily high-contrast and wide-view liquid-crystal displays
 2006 Wide Viewing Angle Multi-domain In-Plane Switching LCD
Hong, Ruonan1989 Synthesis of cholesteryl oleyl carbonate
 1997 Characteristics and development survey of liquid crystal technique
Hong, S.-C.2001 Vibrational spectroscopy of rubbed polymer surfaces
 2002 Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Polymer Surfaces for Liquid Crystal Alignment
 2003 Assembly of Photopolymerizable Discotic Molecules on an Aligned Polyimide Layer Surface to Form a Negative Retardation Film with an Oblique Optical Axis
 2004 Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopic Studies of Polymer Surfaces for Liquid Crystal Alignment: Photo-Irradiated Polyimide and Rubbed Polystyrene Surfaces
Hong, S.-K.1989 X-ray analysis of the structure of the thermotropic copolyester poly[(phenyl-p-phenylene terephthalate)-co-(1-phenylethyl-p-phenylene terephthalate)]
Hong, S.-W.1996 A study on co-carbonization behavior of coal tar and petroleum pitch
Hong, S.D.1975 Effect of internal field on the birefringence of polyethylene crystals and on the anisotropy of polymer chains. I. Birefringence effects
Hong, S.H.2000 Electrooptic characteristics of 4-domain vertical alignment nematic liquid crystal display with interdigital electrode
 2002 Hybrid Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell Controlled by Complex Field
 2006 Development of Mesophase Pitch Derived Mesoporous Carbons through a Commercially Nanosized Template
Hong, S.I.1987 Lyotropic liquid crystalline behavior of aromatic polyamides (II). Influence of chain rigidity on rheological properties
 1987 Studies on the poly(4,4-terephthalanilidealkylamides). II. Rheological properties and fiber performance
Hong, S.J.2003 Enhanced adhesion and performance of the source/drain electrode using a single-layered Ag(Cu) film for an amorphous silicon thin-film transistor
Hong, S.M.1995 The processing and physical properties of experimental ternary in-situ composites
 1997 A study on the reactive compatibilization of a poly(butylene terephthalate)/liquid-crystalline polymer (PBT/LCP) blend. Catalyst effect
 1999 The relationship between the mesogenic structure and curing behavior of aromatic ester type liquid crystalline epoxy resins
Hong, Sang Pyo2007 Observation of Hybrid Type Alignment Film in TFT-LCD
Hong, Seok-Cheol1999 Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopic Study of a Rubbed Polymer Surface
 2000 Nonlinear optical studies of liquid crystal alignment on a rubbed polyvinyl alcohol surface
 2000 Polar Ordering at an Interface between a Liquid Crystal Monolayer and a Rubbed Polyimide
 2001 Orientations of side chains and adsorbed liquid crystal molecules on a rubbed polyimide surface studied by optical second harmonic generation
 2001 Rubbing-Induced Molecular Reorientation on an Alignment Surface of an Aromatic Polyimide Containing Cyanobiphenyl Side Chains
 2002 Orientations of phenyl sidegroups and liquid crystal molecules on a rubbed polystyrene surface
Hong, Seok-Choel1998 Surface studies of polyimide thin films via surface-enhanced Raman scattering and second harmonic generation
Hong, Seok-Kee2007 Spatial optical modulator (SOM): high-density diffractive laser projection display
Hong, Seong-Hwa1998 Meso-scale texture of mesophase pitch and its spun fiber
 1999 Development of longitudinal mesoscopic textures in mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers through heat treatment
 1999 Development of mesoscopic textures in transverse cross-section of mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers
 1999 Transverse sphere and texture of carbon fibers prepared through cross shaped nozzles of different lobe dimensions
 2000 Mesoscopic texture at the skin area of mesophase pitch-based carbon fiber
Hong, Seong Uk2003 Overcoming the "upper bound" in polymeric gas-separation membranes
Hong, Seung Ho2000 Electrooptic characteristic of fringe-field switching mode depending on rubbing direction
 2000 Manufacture of fringe field switching mode-type liquid crystal display devices using less masks
 2000 Reflective Liquid Crystal Display Using a Non-Twist Half-Wave Cell
 2001 A Novel Vertical Alignment Display
 2001 Chiral-Doped Optically Compensated Bend Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell with Continuous Deformation from Twist to Twisted Bend State
 2001 Novel Nematic Liquid Crystal Device Associated with Hybrid Alignment Controlled by Fringe Field
 2001 Reflective Display Associated with In-Plane Rotation of Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2002 Electrooptic Characteristics of the Fringe-Field Switching Device with Electrode on Top Substrate
 2002 Viewing angle characteristics of a homogeneously aligned two-domain liquid crystal cell with an inter-digitated electrode
 2002 Wide-Viewing-Angle Hybrid Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell Controlled by Complex Electric Field
 2003 Analysis of cell gap-dependent driving voltage in a fringe field-driven homogeneously aligned nematic liquid crystal display
Hong, Seung-Hoon2002 Nanocomposite of Polyaniline and Na+-Montmorillonite Clay
Hong, Seung-Min1997 Synthesis and properties of novel photoresponsive polyacetylene derivatives with an azobenzene mesogenic moiety in the side group
 1997 Synthesis and properties of photoresponsive polyacetylene derivatives with an azobenzene mesogenic moiety in the side group
Hong, Seung Pyo2007 Influence of High Contents of Silver Nanoparticles on the Physical Properties of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride)
Hong, Seunghun2001 Surface organization and nanopatterning of collagen by dip-pen nanolithography
Hong, Sheng2001 I5S Miktoarm Star Block Copolymers: Packing Constraints on Morphology and Discontinuous Chevron Tilt Grain Boundaries
 2001 Orientationally Registered Crystals in Thin Film Crystalline/Amorphous Block Copolymers
 2002 Microphase Separation of Hybrid Dendron-Linear Diblock Copolymers into Ordered Structures
Hong, Shenghua1995 Study on thermotropic liquid crystalline chloro-polyesters
Hong, Shujuan2006 Computational study of the texture formation in mesophase pitch-based carbon fibres
Hong, Soon Man1992 Crystallization kinetics of poly(phenylene sulfide) containing a thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesteramide
 1993 A study on the ternary blends of poly(phenylene sulfide), polysulfone, and liquid-crystalline poly(ester amide)
 1993 Rheological and physical properties of polyarylate/LCP blend systems
 1994 Characterization and processing of blends of poly(ether imide) with thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1994 Miscibility and mechanical properties of poly(ether imide)/liquid crystalline poly(ester imide) blends
 1994 Rheological and physical properties of liquid crystalline polymer blends
 1994 Rheology and physical properties of ternary blends containing a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester
 1995 Compatibilizing effect of a poly(ester imide) on the properties of the blends of poly(ether imide) and a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer: 1. Compatibilizer synthesis and thermal and rheological properties of the in situ composite system
 1995 Compatibilizing effect of a poly(ester imide) on the properties of the blends of poly(ether imide) and a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer: 2. Morphology and mechanical properties of the in situ composite system
 1995 Effect of Annealing on the Physical Properties of Biaxially Oriented Liquid Crystalline Copolyester Films
 1995 Effect of die geometry on the structural development of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer in a thermoplastic elastomer matrix
 1996 A study on the reactive compatibilization of polyester (PBT)/liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) blend: catalyst effect
 1996 A study on the ternary blends of poly(phenylene sulfide), polysulfone, and liquid crystalline polyester amide
 1996 Design of aromatic copolyesters for use in microelectronic devices
 1996 Processing and physical properties of ternary in situ composites
 1997 Reactive extrusion of in-situ composite based on PET and LCP blends
 1997 Reactive extrusion of PET (poly(ethylene terephthalate)) and LCP (liquid crystalline polymer) blends
 1997 Structure development during flow of ternary blends of a polyamide (nylon 46), a thermotropic Liquid crystalline polymer (poly(ester amide)), and a thermoplastic elastomer (EPDM)
 1998 Synthesis and curing of liquid crystalline epoxy resins based on 4,4'-biphenol
 1999 Relationship between the structure of the bridging group and curing of liquid crystalline epoxy resins
Hong, Soon Man (cont...)1999 Rheological and physical properties of in situ composite based on liquid crystalline polymer and poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate) blends
 1999 Thermotropic LCP and PET / poly ethylene naphthalate blend
 2000 Crystalline morphology and melting behavior of 100% syndiotactic polystyrene and 70/30 blend of syndiotactic polystyrene and poly(2,6-dimethyl-1,4-phenylene oxide)
 2001 The effect of the curing agent content on the curing and liquid-crystalline phase of liquid-crystalline epoxy resin
 2007 Influence of High Contents of Silver Nanoparticles on the Physical Properties of Poly(Vinylidene Fluoride)
 2007 Physical Properties of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube-Filled PVDF Composites Prepared by Melt Compounding
 2007 Structures and Physical Properties of Carbon Nanotube Reinforced PVDF Composites
 2008 Effect of Complex Ion Beam/Plasma Treatment of the Surface Functionalization and Crystal Phase Transition of Piezoelectric Poly(vinylidene fluoride)
 2009 Effect of Molecular Weight on the Mechanical and Optical Properties of Triacetyl Cellulose Films for LCD Applications
 2009 Effect of Plasticization on Physical and Optical Properties of Triacetyl Cellulose Films for LCD Application
Hong, Suck Won2006 Simple Route to Gradient Concentric Metal and Metal Oxide Rings
 2007 Phase Separation of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals on a Chemically Patterned Substrate
Hong, Suk-Pyo2007 Implementation of a novel floating-image display system having a background of multiview integral images
Hong, Sun-Joo1998 Top-hat beam Z-scan measurement of the optical nonlinearities of nematic liquid crystals 5CB
Hong, Sung-Hwan2005 Arrangement of TFT and pixel electrodes for liquid crystal display
Hong, Sung Il1984 Extended chain polymers. I. Synthesis of lyotropic liquid crystalline copoly(azomethine-amide)
 1987 Liquid crystalline properties of cellulose derivatives (I). Liquid crystalline order of hydroxypropyl cellulose and acetoxypropyl cellulose
 1992 Syntheses of wholly aromatic polyamide having ether linkage
 1997 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of side chain liquid-crystalline polymers having thiadiazole ring
 1998 Synthesis and phase behavior of side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers with pendant quinoline rings bearing either a polar or a non-polar end group
 2000 Preparation and properties of aromatic polyamide homologs containing chlorine substituents
 2000 Properties of molecular composite film of poly(4,4'-diamino-2'-carbamoylbenzanilide terephthalamide)(p-PDCBTA) and poly(4,4'-diamino-2'-chlorobenzanilide terephthalamide) (P-LCI)
Hong, Sung Jae2009 Analysis on the Photocurrent in a-Si:H Thin Film Transistor in Terms of Spectral Characteristics of CCFL Backlight
Hong, Sung-je1997 Plating of aluminum pattern on liquid crystal coated photoresist
Hong, Sung-Jei1996 high temperature aging of ACA COG(anisotropic conductive adhesives chip on glass) for TFT-LCD
Hong, Sung-Kwon1989 X-ray analysis of the structure of the thermotropic copolyester poly(phenyl-p-phenylene terephthalate)
 1992 Structure analysis of the thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester
 1997 Combined Type Liquid Crystalline Polymers Composed of Poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) Main Chain and Azobenzene Mesogenic Side Groups Attached through Polymethylene Spacers
 1997 Liquid Crystals Obtained from Disclike Mesogenic Diacetylenes and Their Polymerization
 2000 Synthesis and Characterization of Mesogenic Disklike Benzenetricarboxylates Containing Diacetylenic Groups and Their Polymerization
Hong, Sung-Kyu1999 Dependence of orientational order of liquid crystalline molecules at (polymer/liquid crystal) interface on polymer surface
 1999 Polymer surface-induced order of liquid crystalline molecular alignment based on nematic-isotropic phase transition behavior
 2000 Novel method for uniform orientation of liquid crystal molecules by a polyimide surface exposed to a water flow
 2005 Arrangement of TFT and pixel electrodes for liquid crystal display
 2009 Thickness Dependence of Blue Phase Transition Behavior of Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal
Hong, Sunkwang2004 Electro-Optical Bistability Associated With Stripe Formation in Highly Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystals
Hong, Suyue1993 Visualization of real-time color-debugging pseudocolor-encoded phase variation with a photoelectronic processing technique
Hong, Tang1994 Synthesis of three-ring-system liquid crystal containing ethylene linking group and study of their phase transition
Hong, Tran thi1982 Gas chromatographic separation of dimethyl esters of isomeric benzenedicarboxylic acids on liquid crystals
Hong, Tzay-Ming2009 Spontaneous Emergence of Ordered Phases in Crumpled Sheets
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Hong, Wan Hae1996 Syntheses and liquid crystalline properties of the compounds having a siloxylethylene group and a terminal substituent
Hong, Wei1991 Substituent effects on the thermotropic liquid-crystalline properties of regular aromatic-aliphatic copolyesters
 2004 Evolution of wrinkles in hard films on soft substrates
Hong, X.2004 Molecular Modeling and Simulation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Cell Wall Permeability
Hong, X.-J.1983 Ortho-cyano-substituted negative dielectric anisotropic liquid crystals
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 1990 On the characterization of main-chain liquid-crystalline oligomers based on trans-1,4-cyclohexylene di-p-hydroxybenzoate
 1996 Novel liquid crystalline structures of a chiral side chain polymer and its phase transitions
Hong, Xi-Jun1979 High-speed phase-change storage models of liquid crystal matrix displays
 1981 Organic photoconductor liquid-crystal light valves
 1983 Laser Raman spectra of liquid crystals. I. Solid-phase laser Raman spectra of nineteen liquid crystals
 1984 Liquid crystal light valve using single crystal bismuth silicate (Bi12SiO20)
 1985 Characteristics of the organic photoconductor-liquid crystal light valve (transmission mode)
 1985 Determination of order parameters of liquid crystals from their Raman spectra
 1986 Liquid crystal color displays
 1986 The physical and molecular properties of some nematic fluorobiphenylalkanes
 1987 Liquid-crystal compounds, mixtures, and devices
 1988 Properties of the liquid crystals formed by certain azomethines derived from 4-cycloalkylanilines and from 4-cycloalkylbenzaldehydes
Hong, Xiao-Yin2001 Characterization of the kinetic phase transition of phospholipids using Avrami and Tobin models
Hong, Xin-Lin2007 Synthesis of amphiphilic graft copolymer by catalytic chain transfer polymerization and properties of its aqueous solution
Hong, Y.K.1989 Cellulose and cellulose triacetate mesophases. Ternary mixtures with polyesters in trifluoroacetic acid-methylene chloride solutions
 2003 Matrix formalism of electromagnetic wave propagation through multiple layers in the near-field region: Application to the flat panel display
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Hong, Ye2002 Microphase Separation of Hybrid Dendron-Linear Diblock Copolymers into Ordered Structures
Hong, Yen-Long1995 Cyanated liquid crystals with trans-stilbene structure: syntheses and their cyclotrimerizations
 1996 The role of hydrogen bonding on a hydroxylated liquid crystal, bis[4-(5-hydroxypentyloxycarbonyl)phenylene] terephthalate
 1996 Trisubstituted s-triazine derived from cyanated Schiff-base
 1997 Tri-substituted s-triazines as mesogenic cores
Hong, Yen-Long V.1994 Conjugated Schiff's bases: synthesis and preliminary characterization of 4-(alkoxycinnamylidene)-4'-nitroanilines
Hong, Yong Pyo2002 A Study on the Styrylpyridunium Derivative Monolayer at the Air/Water Interface
Hong, Yongtaek2003 Optoelectrical properties of four amorphous silicon thin-film transistors 200 dpi active-matrix organic polymer light-emitting display
 2009 Characteristics of Inverters Using Pentacene Organic Thin Film Transistors with Printed Ag Electrodes
 2009 Effect of Electrode Area on High Speed Characteristics over 1 MHz of Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) Diode with Inkjet-Printed Ag Electrode
Hong, Yoon-Shik2007 Spatial optical modulator (SOM): high-density diffractive laser projection display
Hong, Youliang2009 Synthesis and Protein Adsorption of Hierarchical Nanoporous Ultrathin Fibers
Hong, Young Keun1986 Liquid crystals of cellulose and its derivatives
 1988 High-strength acetate fiber spinning
 1991 Liquid crystal composites of cellulose acetate
 1992 Regenerated cellulose fiber from cellulose/trifluoroacetic acid/methylene chloride solution
Hong, Young Tae2005 Technology Trends for Improving Contrast Ratio in IPS Mode
Hong, Yung Kun1987 Liquid crystal composites
Hong, Z.2004 Interaction of Mucin with Cholesterol Enriched Vesicles: Role of Mucin Structural Domains
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Honger, Thomas1994 Anomalous swelling of multilamellar lipid bilayers in the transition region by renormalization of curvature elasticity
Hongladarom, Kwan1993 Complete characterization of the refractive index tensor of a polymeric liquid crystal under simple shear flow
 1993 Molecular alignment of polymer liquid crystals in shear flows. 1. Spectrographic birefringence technique, steady-state orientation, and normal stress behavior in poly(benzyl glutamate) solutions
 1993 Molecular alignment of polymer liquid crystals in shear flows. 2. Transient flow behavior in poly(benzyl glutamate) solutions
 1994 Comparison of molecular orientation and rheology in model lyotropic liquid crystalline polymers
 1994 Measurement of the full refractive index tensor in sheared liquid-crystalline polymer solutions
 1994 Relation between molecular orientation and rheology in lyotropic hydroxypropyl cellulose solutions
 1994 Texture Refinement in a Sheared Liquid-Crystalline Polymer
 1995 Comparison of molecular orientation and rheology in model lyotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
 1996 Birefringence, X-ray Scattering, and Neutron Scattering Measurements of Molecular Orientation in Sheared Liquid Crystal Polymer Solutions
 1998 Molecular orientation, "region I" shear thinning, and the cholesteric phase in aqueous hydroxypropyl cellulose under shear
Hongo, Takahiro1996 Preparation of liquid crystalline polymers with monosubstituted ferrocenyl pendant groups and generation of unpaired electrons by complexation with tetracyanoethylene in the solid state
Hongo, Toshiaki1999 Plasma treatment apparatus for etching glass substrates
Hongoh, Toshiaki1997 Plasma processing apparatus
Honiball, D.1988 A nucleation theory for the anomalous freezing point depression of solvents in swollen rubber gels
Hönicke, P.2002 Toxicological and Ecotoxicological Investigations of Liquid Crystals; Disposal of Liquid Crystal Displays
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 2007 Imaging of the domain organization in sphingomyelin and phosphatidylcholine monolayers
Hönig, Helmut1990 Syntheses of polymeric vesicles containing partial structures of N-acetyl-muramyl-dipeptide (MDP)
Honig, M.1990 Strukturuntersuchungen an diskotischen, sanidischen und ferroelektrischen Flüssigkristalinen Polymeren und Monomeren
 1991 Defects in Liquid Crystals as Obtained from Contour Plot and Line Profile Analysis of Electron Diffraction Patterns and from Electron Images
 1991 Structure analysis of discotic , sanidic and ferroelectric crystals and liquid crystals using electron microscopy
 1992 Structure and defects of liquid crystals obtained from electron diffraction and high resolution imaging
 1993 Freely-suspended and transferred freely-suspended films of polymeric liquid crystals
 1993 Freely-Suspended and Transferred Freely-Suspended Films of Polymeric Liquid Crystals
 1993 Structure And Defects In Ferroelectric Monomers And Polymers With Stripe Structures
 1994 Structure and defects in liquid crystals from electron diffraction and high resolution imaging
 1998 Comparison of bulk and thin film structures of the liquid crystal 280BC: measurements and simulations
Honigfort, Paul S.1998 Variable-temperature solid state 13C NMR studies of molecular motions and phase transitions in polymers containing rigid-rod backbones with flexible side chains
 1999 Phase structures, transition behavior, and surface alignment in polymers containing rigid rod-like backbones with flexible side chains. Part 3. The even-odd effect on phase transitions in combined liquid crystal polyesters
 2000 Phase Structures, Transition Behavior, and Surface Alignment in Polymers Containing Rigid-Rod Backbones with Flexible Side Chains. 4. Solid-State 13C NMR Studies of Molecular Motions in PEFBPs(n) (n = 10 and 11)
Honjo, Haruo2003 Asymptotic function for multigrowth surfaces using power-law noise
 2003 Scaling of impact fragmentation near the critical point
 2004 Crossover of weighted mean fragment mass scaling in two-dimensional brittle fragmentation
Honjo, Masushi1992 Manufacture of active matrix-type liquid crystal display
 1996 Liquid crystal display device and its manufacturer
 1997 Liquid crystal display with high opening ratio and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal display with reduced source resistance and drain resistance
Honjo, Taeko2000 Gas and fire alarm
Honkanen, S.2006 Electro-Optic Adaptive Lens as a New Eyewear
Honkanen, Seppo2006 High-efficiency switchable diffractive lens
 2006 Switchable electro-optic diffractive lens with high efficiency for ophthalmic applications
 2007 High-efficiency switchable flat diffractive ophthalmic lens with three-layer electrode pattern and two-layer via structures
Honkonen, J.2002 Anomalous scaling of a passive scalar advected by the turbulent velocity field with finite correlation time: Two-loop approximation
 2003 Improved ? expansion for three-dimensional turbulence: Summation of nearest dimensional singularities
Honkonen, Juha2002 Field-theoretic renormalization group for a nonlinear diffusion equation
 2003 Turbulence with pressure: Anomalous scaling of a passive vector field
Honma, A.2000 Synthesis of amorphous molecular materials with multiple azobenzene units by palladium-catalyzed amination and their photochromism
Honma, Akira1995 Manufacture of charge coupled devices for liquid crystal displays
 1997 Active matrix liquid crystal display with reduced flicker formation
 1998 Manufacture of polymer-dispersion-type liquid crystal display
 1998 Reflective active-matrix LCD: D-ILA
 1999 Process for manufacture of liquid crystal display element
 2000 Liquid crystal device having intended surface on substrate
Honma, Hideaki2006 Hologram technology in the display field
Honma, I.1999 Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility Measurement in 1-Methyl-1'-Octadecyl-2,2'-Cyanine Perchlorate Langmuir-Blodgett Films By Means of Electroabsorption Spectroscopy
 2000 Phase transition and control of self-assembled mesostructured vanadia/surfactant composites
Honma, Itaru1998 Self-assembling functional molecules in mesoporous silicate materials. Optical properties and mesophase of dye-doped M41S
 1998 Synthesis of Self-Assembled Photosensitive Molecules in Mesostructured Materials
 2001 Mesostructural Transformation of Vanadium Oxide-Hexadecyltrimethylammonium Composite by Low-Temperature Calcination
 2004 Synthesis, characterization and optical gas-sensing application of block copolymer templated mesostructured peroxopolytungstic acid films
 2006 Fabrication of Ordered Mesoporous Thin Films for Optical Waveguiding and Interferometric Chemical Sensing
Honma, Kazuo1986 Pitch fiber manufacture
Honma, Ken1991 Liquid - crystalline polyesters and methods for their production
 1997 Liquid - crystalline polyesters, their preparation, and their moldings with high dimensional stability
 1997 Liquid crystal polymer molding compositions and molded products
 1997 Liquid crystalline polyesteramides, manufacturing method, and moldings
Honma, M.1986 Synthesis of new ferroelectric liquid crystals and their novel ferroelectricity
 1988 Synthesis and properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals with large spontaneous polarizations
 2004 Determination of the Insertion Loss and Refractive Index Anisotropy in Nematic Liquid Crystal Materials Using a V-band Waveguide Transmission Cell
 2006 Molecular orientation effects in the CPW type LC devices for MMW phase shifting
 2006 Potential applications of nematic liquid crystal materials in the millimeter wave region
 2009 Microscopic birefringence imaging by phase-shift interferometry using a liquid crystal phase shifter
Honma, Makoto1988 Method for manufacture of anisotropic beads from coal-tar pitch
 1988 Method for manufacture of anisotropic mesophase pitch beads
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 1991 Dynamic response of a helicoidal cholesteric phase to an applied field
 1991 Surface interactions and applied-field effects in cholesteric helicoidal and blue phases
 1992 Theory of nematic surface ordering via a Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition
 1993 Photonic bands in simple and body-centered-cubic cholesteric blue phases
 1993 Theory of a symmetry-breaking phase transition in a surface layer of nematic liquid crystal
 1994 Surface-layer phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals
Hornreich, R.M. (cont...)1995 Chirality, surface anchoring, and the cholesteric-smectic A phase transition
 1997 Surface phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals with planar anchoring
Hornung, B.2000 FLC materials for active and passive matrix displays
Hornung, Barbara1994 Alkyl-substituted hydroquinone derivatives and ferroelectric liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical devices containing them
 1994 Naphthalene derivatives and ferroelectric liquid-crystal mixtures and display devices containing them
 1994 Smectic liquid-crystal mixtures
 1994 Smectic liquid-crystal mixtures
 1995 1,2-Difluoronaphthalene derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and optical switching and display devices containing them
 1995 3,4-Difluorotetralin derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
 1995 7,8-Difluoro-3,4-dihydro-2H-naphthalen-1-one derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
 1995 Preparation of liquid crystal phenanthrene derivatives
 1995 Preparation of phenanthridine derivatives as liquid crystal components
 1995 Preparation of trifluornaphthalene derivatives as liquid crystal components
 1995 Smectic liquid-crystal mixtures
 1995 Tetrafluorotetralin derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical switching and display devices containing them
 1996 3,4-difluoropyridine and its mixture suitable for liquid crystal displays
 1996 Preparation of substituted pyridazinones as liquid crystal components
 1996 Thieno(2,3-b)thiophene derivatives and their use in liquid-crystal mixtures
 1997 [1,2,5]-Thiadiazole derivatives and liquid - crystal mixtures and display devices using them
 1997 Difluorophenylpyrimidylpyridine derivatives and liquid -crystal mixtures and ferroelec. switching and/or display devices using them
 1997 Ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture for display device
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