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Heeney, Martin2003 Monomers, oligomers and polymers containing dithienopyridine groups
 2003 Monomers, oligomers, and polymers of benzo[b]thiophene and 2,2'-bisbenzo[b]thiophene and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 New liquid crystalline solution processible organic semiconductors and their performance in field effect transistors
 2003 Polymerizable liquid crystalline organic semiconductors and their fabrication in organic field effect transistors
 2003 Preparation of thienothiophene analogs for use as semiconductors or charge transport materials
 2003 Reactive mesogenic azulenes
 2003 Reactive mesogenic benzodithiophenes for liquid crystal displays
 2003 Thienthiophenes with polymerizable group
 2004 1,4-di-(trans-4-cyclohexyl)benzene derivatives and their use in liquid crystal media and liquid crystal devices
 2004 Alkylidene Fluorene Liquid Crystalline Semiconducting Polymers for Organic Field Effect Transistor Devices
 2004 Monomeric, oligomeric and polymeric 3-alkynylthiophenes useful as charge transport materials
 2004 Polymer dopants
 2004 Self-assembled liquid crystalline solution processable semiconductors
 2004 Tolane derivatives and liquid crystalline medium for liquid crystal displays
 2004 Use of poly-3,3"-dialkyl-2,2':5',2"-terthiophenes as charge transport materials
 2005 Mono-, oligo- and polythieno(2,3-b)thiophenes and their use
 2005 Thiophene and Selenophene Copolymers Incorporating Fluorinated Phenylene Units in the Main Chain: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in Organic Field-Effect Transistors
 2006 Liquid-crystalline semiconducting polymers with high charge-carrier mobility
 2007 Combinatorial screening of the effect of temperature on the microstructure and mobility of a high performance polythiophene semiconductor
 2007 Critical Role of Side-Chain Attachment Density on the Order and Device Performance of Polythiophenes
Heeney, Martin (cont...)2007 Significant dependence of morphology and charge carrier mobility on substrate surface chemistry in high performance polythiophene semiconductor films
 2008 An alignable fluorene thienothiophene copolymer with deep-blue electroluminescent emission at 410 nm
 2008 Electrical Properties of Reactive Liquid Crystal Semiconductors
 2008 Molecular Basis of Mesophase Ordering in a Thiophene-Based Copolymer
 2008 The Effect of Interfacial Roughness on the Thin Film Morphology and Charge Transport of High-Performance Polythiophenes
 2010 Ink-jet printed p-type polymer electronics based on liquid-crystalline polymer semiconductors
Heeney, Martin J.2000 Phthalocyaninodehydroannulenes
Heerah, A.1998 Experimental confirmation and analytical results of centrifugally-driven free convection in rotating porous media
Heerdegen, A.P.1995 On the nature of the intramicellar and intermicellar forces governing the liquid crystalline phase behavior of aqueous solutions of disklike micelles
Heeren, Fritz1999 Opaque pigment flakes having light-absorbing layer between two layers of polymeric material
Heerklotz, H.1995 Application of isothermal titration calorimetry for detecting lipid membrane solubilization
Heerma, W.2001 The binding of phosphatidylcholine to the phosphatidylcholine transfer protein: affinity and role in folding
Heerman, M.1994 CIMID, a technology for high density integration of electronic systems
Heertje, I.1998 Liquid crystalline phases in the structuring of food products
Heertje, Isaac1993 Microwaveable bread dough containing a mesomorphic phase of edible surfactants and bread obtained therefrom
Heeschen, W.A.1988 Time-domain fitting and director reorientation of proton NMR spectra of molecules dissolved in liquid-crystal solvents
Heeschen, William A.1984 Chemical shift and relaxation in rapidly spinning nematic liquid-crystal systems
Heesemann, Jürgen1980 Studies on monolayers. 1. Surface tension and absorption spectroscopic measurements of monolayers of surface-active azo and stilbene dyes
Heetderks, D.1987 Liquid crystal morphology and defects in in vivo human and mammalian phosphatidylcholine lung surfactant
Heetderks, J.J.2003 Controlling and Measuring the Interdependence of Local Properties in Biomembranes
Heffernan, D.M.2004 Dynamical properties of the delta-kicked harmonic oscillator
Heffernan, Timothy1993 Development of a model of Cs-graphite intercalation compounds under neutron irradiation
Heffner, G.W.1991 Melt and solution properties of para-linked aromatic LC polyesters
Heffner, Glenn1992 Synthesis and Characterization of a Semi-Flexible LC-Polyester with Broad Nematic Region
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of a semiflexible liquid crystalline polyester with a broad nematic region
Heffner, W.1984 Effect of elastic constant ratio on the behaviour of the bistable cholesteric twist cell
Heffner, W.R.1980 Liquid crystal alignment on surfactant-treated obliquely evaporated surfaces
 1980 New bistable cholesteric liquid crystal display
 1980 New Bistable Liquid Crystal Twist Cell
 1981 New bistable liquid-crystal twist cell
 1982 Switching characteristics of a bistable cholesteric twist cell
 1982 The Dielectric Constant of a Cyanophenyl-Thiobenzoate
 1985 A wedge cell characterization method for the bistable cholesteric twist cell
Heffner, William1984 Clausius equation and thermodynamics of a bistable liquid-crystal cell
Heffner, William R.1985 Anisotropic domain growth in the bistable cholesteric twist cell
Hefft, M.1990 Liquid-crystalline AB block and graft copolymers via group-transfer polymerization
Hefft, Marita1992 Polymethacrylate graft copolymers with a liquid-crystalline component
Hefner, R.E.1997 Evolution of structure and properties of a liquid crystalline epoxy during curing
 1997 Fracture behavior of liquid crystal epoxy resin systems based on diglycidyl ether of 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene. Part II, Effect due to blending with TACTIX 556 epoxy resin and phenolic monomers
 1997 Fracture behavior of liquid crystal epoxy resin systems based on the diglycidyl ether of 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene and sulfanilamide. Part I, Effects of curing variations
 1997 Fracture behavior of liquid crystalline epoxy resins
 1997 Morphology and fracture mechanisms in diglycidyl ether of 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene epoxies and composites
 1998 Morphology of liquid crystalline epoxy composite matrixes based on the diglycidyl ether of 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene
Hefner, Robert E.1990 Liquid-crystal/rigid rodlike polymer-modified epoxy/vinyl ester resins
 1990 Mesogenic (meth)acrylate polymers containing rigid rodlike units
 1990 Mesogenic or rodlike moiety-containing epoxy compounds
 1991 Mesogenic cyanate-functional maleimides and thermosets thereof
 1991 Mesogenic cyanate-functional maleimides and thermosets thereof
 1991 Mesogenic polycyanates and thermosets thereof
 1992 Adducts of epoxy resins and active hydrogen-containing compounds containing mesogenic moieties
 1992 Curable mixture of mesogenic epoxy resins and mesogenic polyamines and cured compositions
 1992 Diamino-alpha-alkylstilbenes
 1992 Mesogenic glycidyl esters
 1992 Polyglycidyl amines containing mesogenic groups
 1992 Polymer modified adducts of epoxy resins and active hydrogen containing compounds containing mesogenic moieties
 1992 Preparation and polymerization of mesogenic N-(alkenyloxyaryl)maleimides
 1993 Compositions containing mesogenic polythiiranes, epoxy resins, and curing agents, and cured products therefrom
 1993 Diamino-alpha-alkylstilbene curing agents for epoxy resins
 1993 Forming composites based on oriented mesogenic thermoset resins
 1993 Polycyanates containing mesogenic moieties as lateral substituents
 1993 Polyurethane elastomers from epoxy compound adduct
 1994 Curable mixtures of mesogenic epoxy resins and mesogenic polyamines and cured compositions
 1994 Epoxy resins containing thiadiazole and/or oxadiazole moieties
Hefner, Robert E. (cont...)1994 Mesogenic cyclic imino ether-containing compositions and polymerization products thereof
 1994 Mesogenic phenoxy resin compositions
 1994 Nitro group terminated mesogenic epoxy resin adducts
 1994 Phase transformations of a liquid crystalline epoxy during curing
 1994 Thermoplastic resins from polyglycidyl esters containing mesogenic moieties for enhanced mechanical properties
 1994 Thermosetting liquid crystalline resins from compositions containing compounds having discotic mesogenic moieties
 1995 Curable mixtures of mesogenic epoxy resins and mesogenic polyamines and cured compositions
 1995 Cure controlled catalyzed mixtures of epoxy resins and curing agents containing mesogenic moieties, B-stage, and cured products
 1995 Diglycidyl ether of 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene of liquid crystalline character for composites or coatings
 1995 Epoxy resins containing thiadiazole and/or oxadiazole moieties and curable and cured compositions
 1995 Mesogen-containing aromatic anhydride compounds
 1995 Mesogen-containing epoxy resin biaxially oriented films
 1995 Rodlike mesogenic thiirane resins (polythiiranes)
 1996 Mesogenic cyclic imino ether-containing compounds such as oxazoline derivatives and polymers prepared from them
 1996 Mesogenic novolacs and resins
 1996 Stilbenediol-containing polycarbonates and polyesters
 1997 Epoxy resins containing discotic mesogenic moieties and 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexaglycidoxytriphenylene
 1997 Stilbenediol-based polyester and polycarbonate compositions
Heft, Eric L.2007 Comparison of experimental vision performance testing techniques, including the implementation of an active matrix electrophoretic ink display
Hegarty, S.P.2004 Distribution of residence times in bistable noisy systems with time-delayed feedback
Hegblom, Eric R.1994 Optical wavelet processor using cascaded liquid crystal television spatial light modulators (LCTV SLMs)
Hegde, G.2004 Polymer network as a template for control of photoconductivity of a liquid crystal semiconductor
 2005 Dynamic Self-Assembly of the Liquid-Crystalline Smectic A Phase
Hegde, Gurumurthy2004 Influence of a long-chain alkane on the photoinduced nematic-isotropic transition
 2005 A photodriven dual-frequency addressable optical device
 2005 Photoinduced effects in nematic liquid crystals
 2007 Evidence of Wormlike Micellar Behavior in Chromonic Liquid Crystals: Rheological, X-ray, and Dielectric Studies
 2007 Nonequilibrium Liquid Crystalline Layered Phase Stabilized by Light
 2008 Electrically controlled birefringence colours in deformed helix ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2008 Electrically Controlled Birefringent Colors of Smectic C* Deformed Helix Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells
 2008 Inherent Continuous, Hysteretic Free and Memorized Gray Scale of FLC Display Cells Based on Bi- and Multistability Effects
 2009 Light Scattering of Short Helix Pitch Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2009 Photocontrolled conformation-assisted permanent optical storage device employing a polymer network liquid crystal
 2009 Photoisomerization in Photoaligned Azo Dyes Exhibiting Photostability
 2009 Synthesis and photoswitching properties of bent-shaped liquid crystals containing azobenzene monomers
Hegde, Raghurama P.2007 pH-Sensitive Nanostructural Transformation of a Synthetic Self-Assembling Water-Soluble Tripeptide: Nanotube to Nanovesicle
Hegelich, Manuel1998 Time-Resolved Investigation of Photoinduced Birefringence in Azobenzene Side-Chain Polyester Films
Hegemann, B.1982 Polarization microscopy of short chain sodium carboxylate mesophases
Heger, G.1999 Imaging of inversion twin boundaries in potassium titanyl phosphate (KTP) by liquid-crystal surface decoration and x-ray diffraction topography
Heger, J.-P.1975 Raman scattering: measurements of depolarization ratios and order parameters in an oriented nematic mesophase
Heger, J.P.1972 Raman effect in an anisotropic liquid
 1974 Measurement of the order parameter in a nematic phase by Rayleigh diffusion
Heger, Jozef1980 Synthesis and structure determination of some diazachalcones
Heger, P.C.2003 Universal finite-size scaling behavior and universal dynamical scaling behavior of absorbing phase transitions with a conserved field
Hegermann, Rainer2000 Piston consisting of finest grain carbon and method for producing the same
Heggarty, K.2004 Silicon Backplane Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator for Uses Within an Optical Telecommunications Environment
 2009 Multiplexer and Variable Optical Attenuator Based on PDLC for Polymer Optical Fiber Networks
Hegge, Theodorus C.J.M.1974 Low melting, liquid-crystalline o-hydroxy-azo- and o-hydroxyazoxybenzenes
 1975 Liquid crystalline compounds and mixtures
Hegge, Theodorus Cornelis Jozef Maria1976 Liquid crystalline azobenzene compounds
Heggemeier, H.1980 Experimental testing of approximate chirality functions as exemplified by induced cholesteric solutions: chiral methane derivatives. II
Heggemeier, Heinrich1977 Relationship between the Infrared Rotatory Dispersion of Liquid-Crystalline Solutions of Chiral Molecules and Their Absolute Configuration
 1978 Determination of the absolute configuration of chiral molecules from the infrared rotatory dispersion of their liquid-crystalline solutions
Hegmann, T.1996 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 1997 Induction of Smectic A-Phases by Doping Liquid Crystalline Macrocycles and Conventional Calamitic Liquid Crystals with TNF
 2000 Intermolecular organization of triphenylene-based discotic mesogens by interdigitation of alkyl chains
 2008 Unprecedented Dual Alignment Mode and Freedericksz Transition in Planar Nematic Liquid Crystal Cells Doped with Gold Nanoclusters
Hegmann, Torsten1998 Binuclear cyclopalladated cyclophanes: towards a new family of metallomesogens
 1999 The importance of micro segregation for mesophase formation: thermotropic columnar mesophases of tetrahedral and other low-aspect-ratio organic materials
 2000 Butterfly-mesogens: para-cyclophane based macrocyclic metallomesogens forming smectic and columnar liquid crystalline phases
 2000 Combination of molecular rods and half-discs: transition from lamellar to columnar order in multichain mononuclear ortho-palladated metallomesogens
 2001 Evidence for the existence of the McMillan phase in a binary system of a metallomesogen and 2,4,7-trinitrofluorenone
 2001 Intermolecular organization of triphenylene-based discotic mesogens by interdigitation of alkyl chains
 2002 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals – Chirality Transfer in SmC* Liquid Crystal Mixtures
 2002 Large electroclinic effect in SmA* liquid crystals induced by an atropisomeric biphenyl dopant
 2002 Novel Atropisomeric Dopants for Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixtures: Axially Chiral 3,3'-Bipyridine Dopants and Bridged 2,2'-Bipyridine Dopants with a Helical Topography
 2003 Liquid crystalline macrocycles containing phenylpyrimidine units
 2003 Molecular design at the calamitic/discotic cross-over point. Mononuclear ortho-metallated mesogens based on the combination of rod-like phenylpyrimidines and -pyridines with bent or half-disc-shaped diketonates
 2004 Ferroelectric liquid crystals induced by atropisomeric biphenyl dopants: influence of the SmC host mixture composition
 2005 Liquid crystalline paracyclophanes and ansa compounds-series of polyether macrocycles incorporating diacetylene, phenyl, biphenyl, p-terphenyl and 2,5-diphenyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole rigid cores
 2006 Formation of periodic stripe patterns in nematic liquid crystals doped with functionalized gold nanoparticles
 2006 Luminescence and photoconductivity in mononuclear ortho-platinated metallomesogens
 2007 Ferroelectric liquid crystal dopants with a chiral (R,R)-2,3-difluorooctyloxy side-chain: host dependence of the polarization power
 2007 Molecular ordering in a biaxial smectic-A phase studied by scanning transmission X-ray microscopy (STXM)
 2007 Nanoparticles in Liquid Crystals : Synthesis, Self-Assembly, Defect Formation and Potential Applications
 2008 Bent-core liquid crystal (LC) decorated gold nanoclusters: synthesis, self-assembly, and effects in mixtures with bent-core LC hosts
 2008 Chirality transfer in nematic liquid crystals doped with (S)-naproxen-functionalized gold nanoclusters: an induced circular dichroism study
Hegmann, Torsten (cont...)2008 Effects of functionalized metal and semiconductor nanoparticles in nematic liquid crystal phases
 2008 Impact of nanoscale particles and carbon nanotubes on current and future generations of liquid crystal displays
 2009 Miscibility and Alignment Effects of Mixed Monolayer Cyanobiphenyl Liquid-Crystal-Capped Gold Nanoparticles in Nematic Cyanobiphenyl Liquid Crystal Hosts
 2009 Multiple Alignment Modes for Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Alkylthiol-Capped Gold Nanoparticles
 2010 Effects of size, capping agent, and concentration of CdSe and CdTe quantum dots doped into a nematic liquid crystal on the optical and electro-optic properties of the final colloidal liquid crystal mixture
Hegner, D.1973 The effect of calcium on temperature-induced phase changes in liquid-crystalline cardiolipin structure
 1975 Thermotropic phase changes in peripheral nerve of frog and rat. Spin label study
Hegwer, Stephen2004 The Diffraction Limited Spectro-Polarimeter: a new instrument for high-resolution solar polarimetry
Hegwood, Michael P.1999 Compact long spin system for polyolefin fibers
Hehlen, R.1977 Light valve having smectic liquid crystals
 1981 Flat smectic liquid crystal display panel
Heidbrink, Jenny L.1996 Distinction of nontronite from palagonite by thermal analysis and evolved-gas analysis: Application to Mars surface exploration
Heidel, Jack2004 Random Boolean network model exhibiting deterministic chaos
Heidelbach, F.1999 Synchrotron x-ray study of the q-fold quasicrystalline symmetry of the smectic C twist grain boundary phase (TGBC)
 2000 Micro-focus X-ray scanning on layers of smectic superstructures
Heidelberg, Thorsten2006 Branched chain glycosides: Enhanced diversity for phase behavior of easily accessible synthetic glycolipids
 2007 Computer modelling and simulation of thermotropic and lyotropic alkyl glycoside bilayers
 2007 Computer modelling and simulations of thermotropic and lyotropic alkyl glycoside bilayers
Heidemann, A.1974 On the structure of the quasielastic incoherent neutron scattering from poly(dimethyl-siloxane)
 1975 Neutron quasielastic scattering study of translational motions in the smectic H, C, and A phases of TBBA [terephthal-bis-butylaniline]
 1975 Self-diffusion tensor for two nematic liquid crystals from incoherent quasielastic neutron scattering at low momentum transfer
 1975 Temperature dependence of diffusion constants in liquid crystal EABAC
 1976 Rotational motion in plastic adamantane: the elastic incoherent structure factor
 1976 Self-diffusion and undulation modes in a Smectic A liquid crystal. A high-resolution neutron-scattering study
 1979 Self-diffusion coefficients of TBBA: comparison between neutron and NMR results
Heidemann, S.R.1987 F-actin and microtubule suspensions as indeterminate fluids
Heidemann, Steven R.1990 Liquid crystal domains and thixotropy of filamentous actin suspensions
Heidemeyer, P.1990 Liquid-crystalline plastics and polymer blends. High shape permanence to heat
 1992 Blends of polycarbonate and a liquid crystalline component
 1993 Blends of polycarbonate and a liquid crystalline component
Heidenfelder, Thomas2003 Cosmetic or dermatological sunscreen composition with infrared light reflecting polymeric liquid crystal pigments
Heidenreich, G.1989 A nematic two frequency addressing mixture with extremely low isotropy frequencies
Heidenreich, Holger1987 Azo dyes for liquid-crystal compositions
Heidenreich, S.2006 Regular and Chaotic Flow Behavior and Orientational Dynamics of Tumbling Nematics
 2008 Oscillating Hydrodynamical Jets in Steady Shear of Nano-Rod Dispersions
Heidenreich, Sebastian2009 Flow properties inferred from generalized Maxwell models
 2009 Shear-Induced Dynamic Polarization and Mesoscopic Structure in Suspensions of Polar Nanorods
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 1989 Ph. D. Thesis Paderborn
Heider, Udo2001 Preparation of stable (CF3)2N- salts and their use in the synthesis of liquid crystals
 2004 Procedure for the production and use of ionic liquids with [N(CF3)2]- anion
Heiderich, Anne1996 Anisotropic Light Diffusion in Oriented Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1997 Light diffusion in oriented nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Multiple light scattering in ordered nematic liquid crystals
Heidler, Lars2004 OLED microdisplays: a new key element for fringe projection setups
Heidrich, Wolfgang2007 Self-calibrating wide color gamut high dynamic range display
Heidrun, A.1997 Spatio-Temporal Imaging of Electrohydrodynamic Convection
Heidt, Gerald L.2001 Display applications for holographic optical elements
Heikal, A.A.1999 Two-photon and higher-order absorptions and optical limiting properties of bis-donor substituted conjugated organic chromophores
Heikenfeld, J.2005 High-transmission electrowetting light valves
 2007 Scalable fabrication of electrowetting displays with self-assembled oil dosing
Heikenfeld, Jason C.2008 Flat electrowetting optics and displays
Heikkila, Helena1985 Solute molecular structure determination by NMR: furan in liquid crystal mixtures
Heikkila, M.1998 Mechanical properties and strength retention of carbon fiber-reinforced liquid crystalline polymer (LCP/CF) composite: An experimental study on rabbits
Heikkila, Mika1998 The effect of an intramedullary carbon-fiber-reinforced liquid crystalline polymer implant on bone: an experimental study on rabbits
 1999 Fixation of femoral shaft osteotomy with an intramedullary composite rod: an experimental study on dogs with a two-year follow-up
Heikkilä, Mikko2009 Synthesis, characterisation and application of novel self-assembled comb-like liquid crystalline biphenyl-cellulose as UV absorber for paper
Heil, Holger2003 Light-Emitting Field-Effect Transistor Based on a Tetracene Thin Film
Heil, Patrick2004 Mach cone in a shallow granular fluid
Heil, T.2003 Delay dynamics of semiconductor lasers with short external cavities: Bifurcation scenarios and mechanisms
Heilbron, I.M.1940 Arylpyridines. Part III. Anisyl- and nitroanisylpyridines
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Heilek, Joerg2006 Purification of ionic liquids
Heilmann, Claus A.1989 Liquid crystal terephthalate polyesters of phenylhydroquinone modified with 3,4'- and 4,4'-dicarboxydiphenyl ether and -ketone
 1990 All-aromatic liquid-crystalline polyesters of phenylhydroquinone with ether and ketone linkages
Heilmann, Frank2004 Fitness threshold accepting over extremal optimization ranks
Heilmann, Ole J.1980 Interacting dimers on the simple cubic lattice as a model for liquid crystals
Heilmann, Peter1999 Multilayer cholesteric pigments
 1999 Multilayered cholesteric pigments
 2001 Cholesteric layered materials with improved color properties and their production and use
Heilmann, R.K.2002 Confinement-induced order of tethered alkyl chains at the water/vapor interface
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 1970 Some Experiments on Electric Field Induced Structural Changes in a Mixed Liquid Crystal System
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 1969 Electric-field-induced cholesteric-nematic phase change in liquid crystals
 1969 Guest-host interactions in nematic liquid crystals
 1970 Dynamic scattering mode in nematic liquid crystals
 1970 Liquid-crystal display devices
 1971 Simplified electrohydrodynamic treatment of threshold effects of nematic liquid crystals
Heilmeier, George Harry1968 Control of optical properties of materials with liquid crystals
 1969 Electro-Optical Device
 1969 Elektro-optisches Lichtventil
 1969 Elektro-optisches Lichtventil mit einer nematischen Flüssigkeit
Heilweil, Edwin J.2008 Conjugation Effects on Carrier Mobilities of Polythiophenes Probed by Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy
Heim, Manfred2006 Optically variable threads and polarization effects
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 1997 Experimental determination of Landau expansion coefficients in ferroelectric liquid crystals
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Heimburg, Thomas1990 Phase transition from a gel to a fluid phase of cubic symmetry in dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine/myristic acid (1:2, mol/mol) bilayers
 1993 Investigation of secondary and tertiary structural changes of cytochrome c in complexes with anionic lipids using amide hydrogen exchange measurements: an FTIR study
 1994 Thermotropic behavior of dimyristoylphosphatidylglycerol and its interaction with cytochrome c
 1996 A Monte Carlo simulation study of protein-induced heat capacity changes and lipid-induced protein clustering
 2000 A model for the lipid pretransition: coupling of ripple formation with the chain-melting transition
Heimer, S.1988 Phase equilibria and thermodynamics of liquid and solid crystal phases: formation of transition metal dodecyl benzenesulfonates
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 1992 Formation of colloid and liquid crystal phases of magnesium dodecylbenzenesulfonate: interpretation by fractals
Heimgartner, D.1985 24 X 80 Character LCD Panel Using the Supertwisted Birefringence Effect
Hein, David E.1968 Fluorescence Spectra in Frozen Heptane at High Pressures
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Hein, M.1992 Implications of a non-lamellar lipid phase for the tight junction stability: Part II: Reversible modulation of transepithelial resistance in high and low resistance MDCK-cells by basic amino acids, Ca2+, protamine and protons
 2004 Amphiphilic and mesogenic carbohydrates XIII. Perfluoroalkylated amphiphilic Liq. Cryst. with inositol and carbohydrate head groups,
Hein, Martin1998 Amphiphilic and mesogenic carbohydrates. 11. A new group of liquid crystals based on perfluoroalkylated carbohydrates
 1999 Organofluorine compounds and fluorinating agents. Part 24. Chiral perfluoroalkyl-substituted hexahydrofuro[2,3-b]pyran derivatives based on a carbohydrate precursor
 1999 Organofluorine compounds and fluorinating agents. Part 25. Dithionite mediated C- and S-perfluoroalkylations of monosaccharide derivatives
 2000 Amphipilic and mesogenic carbohydrates XII. New thermotropic mesogens based on perfluoroalkyl-substituted carbohydrates
 2000 Liquid crystals based on fluorinated carbohydrates
Hein, Michael1986 Anisotropic carbon fibers
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Hein, S.2006 Cyclic ureas as new building blocks for bent-core mesogens
 2008 Cyclic ureas containing bent-core mesogens
 2009 2-Fluororesorcinol as new building block for bent-core mesogens
Hein, Sara2007 Cyclic ureas as novel building blocks for bent-core liquid crystals
Heine, A.2003 R-matrix theory of driven electromagnetic cavities
 2004 Encircling an exceptional point
Heine, David R.2003 Spreading dynamics of polymer nanodroplets
 2004 Invariance of density correlations with charge density in polyelectrolyte solutions
 2004 Spreading dynamics of polymer nanodroplets in cylindrical geometries
 2009 Interaction of Lipid Membrane with Nanostructured Surfaces
Heinekamp, S.1984 Smectic-C* to smectic-A transition in variable-thickness liquid-crystal films: order-parameter measurements and theory
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Heinemann, Christiane2009 Bioactive silica–collagen composite xerogels modified by calcium phosphate phases with adjustable mechanical properties for bone replacement
Heinemann, E.1992 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal - controlled anisotropic second-harmonic generation
 1995 Probing liquid crystals nonlinearly
Heinemann, F.1993 Molekül- und Kristallstruktur von N-(4-n-Butyloxybenzyliden)-4'-ethylanilin (40.2) und N-(4-n-Heptyloxybenzyliden)-4'-n-hexylanilin (70.6)
 1999 Ph. D. Thesis Clausthal
 2000 Synthesis and Liquid-Crystalline Behaviour of Tetrakis- and Octakis (13,17-dioxa nonacosane-15-sulfanyl) Phthalocyanines
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 2000 Synthesis and characterization of novel tetra- and octa-triethyleneoxysulfanyl substituted phthalocyanines forming lyotropic mesophases
 2000 The molecular and crystal structure of α,ω-bis[4-(4'-butyloxybenzylideneiminophenyl)]octane (4O.8.O4) and α,ω-bis[4-(4'-pentyloxybenzylideneiminophenyl)]octane (5O.8.O5)
 2000 The molecular and crystal structure of α,ω-bis[4-(4'-hexyloxybenzylideneiminophenyl)]octane (6O.8.O6) and α,ω-bis[4-(4'-heptyloxybenzylideneiminophenyl)]octane (7O.8.O7)
 2001 The molecular and crystal structure of N-(4-n-pentyloxybenzylidene)-4'-heptylaniline (5O.7) and N-(4-n-nonyloxybenzylidene)-4'-butylaniline (9O.4)
Heinemann, Klaus2002 Procedure for the production of meltable polyesters
 2004 Procedure for the production of synthetic fiber-reinforced polypropylene with improved impact strength
Heinemann, S.1990 Dielectric investigations of a binary system with strong correlation of the molecules
 1991 Dielectric relaxation and short range order of a liquid crystalline benzoate
 1992 Dielectric investigations of the short range order in swallow-tailed liquid crystals
 1992 Short Range Interactions in Liquid Crystals
 1993 Binary systems of swallow-tailed and laterally branched liquid crystals and their dielectric behavior
 1993 Synthesis and dielectric investigations of new swallow-tailed monomers and polymers
 1996 Dielectric investigations in smectic B-phases
 1996 Dielectric studies of a series of liquid crystalline pyridine derivatives
 1997 Dielectric behavior of liquid crystals with a pyramidal central unit
 1997 Dielectric behavior of two dimeric liquid crystalline siloxanes
Heinemann, Sascha2009 Bioactive silica–collagen composite xerogels modified by calcium phosphate phases with adjustable mechanical properties for bone replacement
Heinemann, Susanne1993 Competition between dipolar and steric interactions in swallow-tailed compounds
 1993 Organization and desorganization of short range structures in swallow-tailed liquid crystals
Heinen, Ulrich2002 High Time Resolution Q-Band EPR Study of Sequential Electron Transfer in a Triad Oriented in a Liquid Crystal
Heines, Ami2002 Bistable flat-panel display based on a 180-deg. flipping pixel
Heiney, P.A.1986 High resolution X-ray scattering study of the multiply reentrant polar mesogen DB9ONO2
 1988 Strong Incommensurate Fluctuations in a Smectic-A Phase
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