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Armatys, Pawel2006 Conjugated Polymers Oriented Organic Thin Films for Nonlinear Optics
 2006 Novel High Glass Transition Temperature Polyurethanes Functionalized with Efficient CT Chromophores for Second Order NLO Applications
Armbruster, Dieter2003 Localized solutions in parametrically driven pattern formation
Armbruster, V.1995 Electrically tunable Nd3+-doped fiber laser using nematic liquid crystals
Armelin, E.2002 Crystalline Structure of Poly(decamethylene sebacate). Repercussions on Lamellar Folding Surfaces
Armendariz-Herrera, Hector2003 Synthesis of FSM-16 Mesoporous Materials: Effect of the Anion (F-, Cl-, SO42-) in the Ion Exchange Process on the Thermal Stability
Armentano, S.1984 Transition metal complexes with ordered mesophases: cyclopalladated compounds of (p-ethoxyphenylazo)-p-phenyl heptanoate
 1986 Synthesis and characterization of bis[salicylideneaminato] palladium(II) complexes. Molecular structure of bis[N-(n-butyl)(3-benzyloxy)-2-salicylideneaminato]palladium(II), [Pd(C18H20NO2)2]
 1987 New liquid crystalline compounds containing transition metals
 1987 X-ray diffractometric study on a Schiff base copper(II) complex with mesomorphic properties
 1988 Synthesis and characterization of binuclear cyclopalladated p-alkoxyphenylazo complexes: preparation of new mesogenic materials
 1988 Texture and calorimetric investigations of some new copper(II) coordination compounds with mesomorphic properties
 1990 Textural and calorimetric investigations on a homologous series of mesogenic azo compounds complexed with palladium(II)
 1990 X-ray investigations on a homologous series of N-(4-alkoxysalicylidene)-4'-alkylanilines complexed to copper(II)
 1991 QENS experiments on the copper liquid crystalline coordination compounds (DOBBA)2Cu
 1993 Crystal and molecular structure of the mesogenic complex bis[N-4-(n-propyl)phenyl-4'-(n-dodecyloxy)salicylideniminato]copper( II)
Armentano, Salvatore1987 Transition metals complexes to ordered mesophases. Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of cyclopalladated complexes formed from p-alkoxy-p'-alkylazobenzenes
 1990 Transition metals complexed to ordered mesophases. VI. Synthesis, mesomorphic behavior and x-ray molecular structure of the cyclopalladated dimer [(L)PdCl]2 (HL = N-(4-methoxybenzylidene)-4'-butylaniline)
 1991 Transition metals complexed to ordered mesophases. Part 7. Synthesis, characterization and mesomorphic properties of binuclear cyclopalladated phenylpyrimidine species. Crystal structure of bis{(5-(1-hexyl)-2-[(4'-methoxy)phenyl-2'-ato]pyrimidine-N',C2')-μ-acetato}dipalladium(II)
 1998 Synthesis, Structure, and Thermotropic mesomorphism of Layered N-Alkylpyridinium Tetrahalopalladate(II) Salts
Armes, Steven P.2001 The Remarkable "Flip-Flop" Self-Assembly of a Diblock Copolymer in Aqueous Solution
 2002 Structure of pH-Dependent Block Copolymer Micelles: Charge and Ionic Strength Dependence
 2002 Synthesis of Shell Cross-Linked Micelles with pH-Responsive Cores Using ABC Triblock Copolymers
 2003 A "Holy Trinity" of Micellar Aggregates in Aqueous Solution at Ambient Temperature: Unprecedented Self-Assembly Behavior from a Binary Mixture of a Neutral-Cationic Diblock Copolymer and an Anionic Polyelectrolyte
 2008 Stimuli-Responsive Polymer Ultrathin Films with a Binary Architecture: Combined Layer-by-Layer Polyelectrolyte and Surface-Initiated Polymerization Approach
Armesto-Gomez, J.1981 Chronoamperometric Determination of Lecithin and Sphingomyelin in Methanolic-Aqueous Medium: Direct Estimation of Surfactants in Amniotic Fluid
Armfield, S.W.2002 Weak fountains in a stratified fluid
 2004 Long-term behavior of cooling fluid in a rectangular container
Armisen, Pilar1998 Immobilization of lipases by selective adsorption on hydrophobic supports
Armitage, Bruce1998 Hairpin-Forming Peptide Nucleic Acid Oligomers
 1998 Polymerization of Preformed Self-Organized Assemblies
 2004 Cubic liquid-crystalline nanoparticles
Armitage, D.1975 Calorimetry of liquid crystal phase transitions
 1976 Precision recording dilatometer with results for cholesteryl nonanoate
 1976 Size and surface effects on phase transitions
 1977 Volumetric behavior of liquid crystal n-p-cyanobenzylidene-p-octyloxyaniline
 1977 Volumetric study of liquid-crystal heptyloxyazoxybenzene
 1977 Volumetric study of the nematic-isotropic pretransition region
 1978 Supercooling and nucleation in liquid crystals
 1978 The differential scanning dilatometer and phase transitions in liquid crystals
 1980 Liquid crystal blue phase to isotropic transition and electric field response
 1980 Liquid crystal voltage controlled retardation display
 1981 Bend and splay elastic constants and the rotational viscosity of nematic decylammonium chloride and ammonium chloride water mixtures
 1981 Numerical solution of heat flow in the laser addressed liquid-crystal display
 1984 Non-linear optical effects in the nematic phase
 1985 Nonlinear optical effects in the nematic phase
 1986 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal and fast nematic spatial light modulators
 1987 Ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 1988 Fast nematic liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 1988 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal devices
 1988 Gallium arsenide photoaddressed liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
 1989 Photoaddressed liquid crystal devices
Armitage, D. (cont...)1989 Progress in photoaddressed liquid crystal devices
 1991 Speed and resolution in photoaddressed ferroelectric liquid-crystal devices
Armitage, David1977 Size and surface effects related to phase transitions in human plasma low density lipoprotein
 1977 Volumetric pretransition in cholesterics
 1978 Phase transition in cholesteryl oleate and cholesteryl linoleate
 1980 Alignment of liquid crystals on obliquely evaporated silicon oxide films
 1981 Thermal properties and heat flow in the laser addressed liquid-crystal display
 1984 Nonlinear optical response in nematic liquid crystals
 1986 Liquid-crystal differentiating spatial light modulator
 1989 Photoaddressed liquid crystal edge-enhancing spatial light modulator
 1989 Photoaddressed liquid crystal spatial light modulators
 1990 Alignment of liquid crystal on a polarizing metal film
 1990 Gray-scale ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 1990 Miniature spatial light modulators
 1990 Sensitivity limitations in photoaddressed liquid crystal spatial light modulators
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystal alignment by oblique evaporation of SiO2
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal gray-scale response
 1991 Liquid-crystal devices in planar optics
 1995 Silicon-chip liquid crystal display
 1996 Design issues in liquid crystal projection displays
 1997 Diffractive projection displays
 1998 Liquid crystal response time
Armitage, David (cont...)1999 Resolution issues in reflective microdisplays
 2000 Contrast ratio of vertically aligned nematic cell
 2007 Dense Passivating Poly(ethylene glycol) Films on Indium Tin Oxide Substrates
 2007 Preparation and Characterization of Dense Films of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers on Indium Tin Oxide
Armitage, I.M.1974 Effect of lanthanide shift reagents on the NMR spectra of molecules partially oriented in a nematic phase. Pyridine
Armoogum, Daven A.2002 Single and three pulse photoselection of dye probes in nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Single- and two-photon time-resolved polarized fluorescence studies of probe molecule dynamics in nematic liquid crystals
Armour, J.A.2004 "Smart" baroreception along the aortic arch, with reference to essential hypertension
 2004 Control of cardiac function and noise from a decaying power spectrum
Armstead, Douglas N.2003 Anomalous diffusion in infinite horizon billiards
 2007 Simulations of Ferrite-Dielectric-Wire Composite Negative Index Materials
Armstrong, Gordon P.1994 Glass strands sized with a liquid crystal polyester resin
Armstrong, James B.1998 Accommodation of COTS LCDs in military displays
Armstrong, Kathleen B.1993 Conformational analysis of glucopyranosylammonium ions: does the reverse anomeric effect exist?
Armstrong, M.J.1983 Measurement of the hydrophilic-hydrophobic balance of bile salts: correlation with physical-chemical interactions between membrane lipids and bile salt micelles
Armstrong, Mark L.2001 Display applications for holographic optical elements
Armstrong, Molly P.1991 Regio- and stereoselective enzymatic esterification of glycerol and its derivatives
Armstrong, N.R.1994 Dye Sensitization with Octasubstituted Liquid Crystalline Phthalocyanines
 2003 Indium-Tin Oxide Organic Interfaces
Armstrong, Nancy J.1994 Electro-optic waveguide deflector using a nonlinear optic film or liquid-crystal overlay cell for use in an optical pickup head
 1997 Method of making color filter array by thermal-transfer printing
Armstrong, Neal2004 Effects of field dependent mobility and contact barriers on liquid crystalline phthalocyanine organic transistors
Armstrong, Neal R.1996 Supramolecular fibers from a liquid crystalline octa-substituted copper phthalocyanine
 1999 Highly Ordered Thin Films of Octasubstituted Phthalocyanines
 2001 Transfer of Rodlike Aggregate Phthalocyanines to Hydrophobized Gold and Silicon Surfaces: Effect of Phenyl-Terminated Surface Modifiers on Thin Film Transfer Efficiency and Molecular Orientation
 2003 Thin Films of Polymerized Rodlike Phthalocyanine Aggregates
 2004 LB Films of Rodlike Phthalocyanine Aggregates: Specular X-ray Reflectivity Studies of the Effect of Interface Modification on Coherence and Microstructure
 2004 Organic photovoltaic cells containing discotic liquid crystalline phthalocyanines
 2005 Determination of Molecular Anisotropy in Thin Films of Discotic Assemblies Using Attenuated Total Reflectance UV-Visible Spectroscopy
 2005 Octakis(2-benzyloxyethylsulfanyl) Copper (II) Phthalocyanine: A New Liquid Crystalline Discotic Material with Benzyl-Terminated, Thioether-Linked Side Chains
 2008 Characterization of the Angular Orientation Distribution of Discotic Molecules in Thin-Film Assemblies: Combinations of Polarized Transmission and Reflection-Absorption Infrared Spectroscopies
 2008 Theoretical Characterization of the Indium Tin Oxide Surface and of Its Binding Sites for Adsorption of Phosphonic Acid Monolayers
Armstrong, R.C.1992 Kinetic theory for liquid-crystalline polymer solutions
 1993 A constitutive equation for liquid-crystalline polymer solutions
 2006 Transitions to nematic states in homogeneous suspensions of high aspect ratio magnetic rods
Armstrong, Robert C.1993 Analysis of isothermal spinning of liquid-crystalline polymers
 1995 A finite-element model to predict structure development in spinneret flow of liquid-crystalline polymers
 2001 Orientation Relaxation in Sheared Polystyrene Melts Measured by 13C SMAS-DECODER NMR
 2004 Observations on the eigenspectrum of the linearized Doi equation with application to numerical simulations of liquid crystal suspensions
 2007 Nonhomogeneous shear flow in concentrated liquid-crystalline solutions
Arnal, I.2006 Water-Soluble Pegylated Quantum Dots: From a Composite Hexagonal Phase to Isolated Micelles
Arnal, Maria L.2006 Effect of annealing time on the self-nucleation behavior of semicrystalline polymers
Arnal, Maria Luisa2000 Nucleation and crystallization of isotactic poly(propylene) droplets in an immiscible polystyrene matrix
Arnaudov, M.1997 IR-Spectral Study of 4'-Substituted Phenylthiolbenzoates in Solution
Arnaudov, M.G.2003 Linear-dichroic infrared spectral analysis on the stereo structure of 4'-cyanophenylthiolbenzoate
 2005 Efficiency of the reducing-difference procedure as a tool for an IR-LD spectra interpretation of solids
 2005 Solid state infrared linear dichroic (IRLD) spectral analysis of samples orientated as a suspension in a nematic liquid crystal
Arnaudov, Michail G.1994 IR linear dichroic study of high-symmetry molecules dissolved in a liquid crystal solvent. I. Carbon tetrabromide
 1994 IR linear dichroic study of high-symmetry molecules dissolved in a liquid crystal solvent. II. Metal hexacarbonyl complexes M(CO)6 (M = Mo, Cr)
Arnaut, L.G.2005 Characterisation of the triplet state of a fluorene–terthiophene alternating copolymer
Arnauts, J.1990 Equilibrium melting behavior of syndiotactic polystyrene
Arnautu, Maria1983 Phase-transition study in the smectic-cholestric binary system
Arndt, J.1998 High-strength graphites for carbon piston applications
Arndt, Karl-Friedrich1997 Ordered and disordered polymer networks
 1998 Characterization of network formation during crosslinking of nematic polyesters by PVT measurements
 1999 Investigation of swelling and diffusion in polymers by NMR imaging
 1999 Synthesis and characterization of a nematic liquid crystalline network. Part 2. Monitoring the network formation process using thermal analysis methods
 2000 Investigation of swelling and diffusion in polymers by 1H NMR imaging: LCP networks and hydrogels
 2000 The synthesis and characterization of a nematic liquid crystalline network. Part 3. Network formation, dynamic and quasistatic mechanical behaviour
Arndt, M.1997 NMR and dielectric studies of nano-confined nematic liquid crystals
Arndt, R.1979 Studies of molecular motions and vibrational relaxation in acetonitrile. IV. Far-infrared and molecular dynamics in carbon tetrachloride solution
Arndt, R.A.1967 The Heat Capacity Anomaly in Phenanthrene; Effects of Deuteration, Purification and Dissolution
Arndt, Siegfried1977 Synthesis of low-melting-point, liquid-crystal heterocycles; III. 2-n-Alkylthio-5-(4-substituted-phenyl)pyrimidines
Arndt, Silke1995 Synthesis of tetrathiafulvalene polymers
Arndt, Thomas1990 The structure of langmuir–blodgett films from substituted phthalocyaninato-polysiloxanes
Arnebrant, Thomas1994 The activity of lipase at the cubic liquid-crystalline phase/water interface
 2008 Solubilization of sphingomyelin vesicles by addition of a bile salt
Arnell, R. Derek1995 Formulation of Lyotropic Lamellar Phases of Surfactants as Novel Lubricants
Arneodo, A.2001 Oscillating Viscosity in a Lyotropic Lamellar Phase under Shear Flow
 2003 Influence of the sequence on elastic properties of long DNA chains
Arnett, K.1990 High-speed, low-power optical phase conjugation using a hybrid amorphous silicon/ferroelectric-liquid-crystal device
Arnett, K.E.1992 Electronic Nonlinear Optics in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Arnett, Kenneth E.1991 Design and synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals. 15. FLC materials for nonlinear optics applications
 1993 Design and synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals. 17. Synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystal oligomer glasses for second order nonlinear optics
 1993 Stereocontrolled synthesis of polar polymers for second order nonlinear optics using the ferroelectric liquid crystal self assembly
 1994 Harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystals: phase matching loci
 1995 Technique for measuring electronic-based electro-optic coefficients of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2004 Mid-wave IR liquid crystal tunable retarder spectrapolarimetric imaging
Arney, M.S.1992 A spinning drop tensioextensometer
Arnhold, J.1999 Experiments towards quantification of saturated and polyunsaturated diacylglycerols by matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
 2002 Reply to "Comment on ‘Kullback-Leibler and renormalized entropies: Applications to electroencephalograms of epilepsy patients' "
Arnhold, Jürgen2000 Lipid analysis of human spermatozoa and seminal plasma by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy - effects of freezing and thawing
 2001 Limits for the detection of (poly-)phosphoinositides by matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)
 2001 Lipid analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL) by MALDI–TOF mass spectrometry and 31P NMR spectroscopy
 2005 Hypochlorous acid-induced stress on human spermatozoa: A model for inflammation in the male genital tract
Arnold, Alexandre2000 Temperature-Composition Diagram of Dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine-Dicaproylphosphatidylcholine "Bicelles" Self-Orienting in the Magnetic Field. A Solid State 2H and 31P NMR Study
 2005 Temperature and pressure dependent growth and morphology of DMPC/DSPC domains studied by Brewster angle microscopy
Arnold, Dennis P.2006 Two-Dimensional Crystal Growth and Stacking of Bis(phthalocyaninato) Rare Earth Sandwich Complexes at the 1-Phenyloctane/Graphite Interface
Arnold, Donald R.1985 NMR study of the plastic crystalline phases of norbornane. An unusual deuterium isotope effect on the hexagonal to cubic phase transition
Arnold, Erich2001 Procedure for the reactive treatment of surfaces of substrates and devices such as semiconductor devices and LCDs with radicals and ions from UV photolysis
Arnold, F.1991 Organo-soluble, segmented rigid-rod polyimides: synthesis and properties
Arnold, F.E.1981 Rigid-rod polymers. 2. Synthesis and thermal properties of para-aromatic polymers with 2,6-benzobisthiazole units in the main chain
 1987 Phenylbenzthiazole pendent p-terphenylene rigid-rod benzobisazole polymers
 1988 Benzobisazole rigid-rod polymers with pendent methyl groups
 1993 Ionic conductivity of conjugated water-soluble rigid-rod polymers
 1994 Electrical conductivity in highly oriented ladder polymer BBL
 1994 Pseudo-ladder rigid-rod polymers: dihydroxy pendent benzothiazole aromatic heterocyclic polymer and copolymers
 1995 Crystal structure and thin film morphology of BBL ladder polymer
 2000 Aromatic benzobisazole polymers based on 1H-pyrazole-3,5-diyl moiety
Arnold, Frances H.2001 Dynamic Pattern Formation in a Vesicle-Generating Microfluidic Device
Arnold, Fred E.1978 Phenylated aromatic heterocyclic polymers
 1986 Heterocyclic pendant rigid-rod lyotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
 1989 Structural modifications of rigid-rod polymers
 1989 The birth of ordered polymer technology for Air Force applications
 1991 Rigid-rod and segmented rigid-rod polyimides: gel/sol and liquid-crystalline transitions, fibers and films
 1994 Crystallization behavior of polyethers containing odd numbers of methylene spacers from the isotropic and liquid crystalline states
Arnold, H.1963 Isomorpism relations in liquid crystalline phases. VI. Textures of liquid crystalline phases
 1964 Calorimetry of crystal-liquid substances. Caloric data and molecular interaction in the series of dialkoxyazoxybenzenes
Arnold, Heinrich1959 Isomorphism relations in liquid-crystalline phases. IV. Miscibility of binary systems of several smectic phases
 1960 Isomorphism relations in liquid-crystalline phases. III. Miscibility between azoxybenzoic acid diethyl ester and diethoxyazoxybenzene
 1960 Isomorphy relations between crystalline-liquid phases. I. Problem of polymorphy and miscibility in crystalline liquids
 1960 Miscibility in binary systems of dialkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1964 Calorimetry of crystalline-liquid substances. I. Adiabatic precision calorimeter for determining the heat capacities and latent heats of condensed substances
 1964 Calorimetry of liquid crystal substances. II. Measurements on 12 homologous dialkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1966 Calorimetry of crystalline-liquid compounds. IV. Diethyl azoxydibenzoate and ethyl(ethoxybenzalamino)cinnamate
 1967 Calorimetry of crystalline-liquid substances. V. Azoxymethylcinnamic acid dialkyl esters
 1967 Heat capacity and enthalpy of transition of aromatic liquid crystals
 1968 Calorimetry of liquid crystal substances. VI. Cholesteryl esters
 1969 Calorimetry of liquid crystals. VII. Reactions of smectic phases
 1969 Calorimetry of liquid crystals. VIII. Heats of transition of a series of liquid crystals
Arnold, John R.P.2000 Structural equilibria in RNA as revealed by 19F NMR
Arnold, K.1977 NMR and calorimetric studies of changes in phase transition of head group modified phospholipids
 1979 Phosphorus-31 NMR investigations of phospholipids. II. Dipolar interactions and distinction of phases of different phospholipid/water dispersions
 1981 Lyotropic mesophases studied by phosphorus-31 NMR
 1982 The effect of hydration on the mobility of phospholipids in the gel state. A proton nuclear magnetic resonance spin echo study
 1990 Microelectrophoresis studies of the binding of glycosaminoglycans to phosphatidylcholine liposomes
 1999 Experiments towards quantification of saturated and polyunsaturated diacylglycerols by matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry
Arnold, Klaus1986 The x-ray small-angle analysis of mesophases of charged phospholipids
 1992 Dextran sulfate-dependent fusion of liposomes containing cationic stearylamine
 2000 Lipid analysis of human spermatozoa and seminal plasma by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy - effects of freezing and thawing
 2001 Limits for the detection of (poly-)phosphoinositides by matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS)
 2001 Lipid analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BAL) by MALDI–TOF mass spectrometry and 31P NMR spectroscopy
 2003 Membrane Insertion of a Lipidated Ras Peptide Studied by FTIR, Solid-State NMR, and Neutron Diffraction Spectroscopy
Arnold, M.1994 On the Influence of the Morphological Structure on the Liquid Crystalline Behavior of Liquid Crystalline Side Chain Block Copolymers
 1995 Liquid Crystalline Side Group Block Copolymers with n-Butyl Methacrylate as an Amorphous A-Block: Synthesis and Characterization
 1995 On the interaction of the morphological structure and the LC behavior of LC side group block copolymers
 1995 On the Interaction of the Morphological Structure and the LC Behaviour of LC Side Group Block Copolymers
 1996 DSC studies of butadiene/olefin co- and terpolymers and their hydrogenation products
 1996 Liquid crystalline side group block copolymers with a uniform polymer backbone
 1996 Liquid crystalline side-group block copolymers with triblock structure: investigations on the influence of the block arrangement on the morphology and the LC-phase behavior
 1998 LC side group block and graft copolymers - synthesis and structure/property relationships
Arnold, M.G.1990 Tensile properties of intercalated pitch mesophase carbon fibers
Arnold, Manfred1987 Liquid crystalline azo-type polymers
 1991 Synthesis and characterization of LC side chain AB block copolymers
 1992 The behavior of styrenes p-substituted with a liquid-crystalline side-group under anionic polymerization conditions
 1994 Liquid-crystalline side chain block copolymers - synthesis, morphology and LC behavior
 1996 Copolymerization of propene and cyclopentene with the metallocene catalyst (CH3)2Si[Ind]2ZrCl2/methyl aluminoxane
 1996 Hydrogenated butadiene/ethene/1-olefin terpolymers as model substances for short-chain branched polyethylene
 1996 On the interaction of the morphological structure and the LC behavior of LC side group block copolymers
Arnold, Matthew2003 Supermodes of Chiral Photonic Filters with Combined Twist and Layer Defects
Arnold, Michelle E.2002 Microphase-Separated Block Copolymers Comprising Low Surface Energy Fluorinated Blocks and Hydrophilic Blocks: Synthesis and Characterization
Arnold, N.1987 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 1. Copolymers of 1-alkenes with sulfur dioxide
 1988 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 2. Structural investigation
 1988 Ph. D. Thesis Darmstadt
 1989 Liquid-Crystalline Poly(Olefine Sulfones) - Synthesis And Structure
Arnold, Norbert1993 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 3. New copolymers from 1-alkenes with sulfur dioxide
 1994 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 4. Radiation-induced degradation
Arnold, Peter2003 Erratum: Monte Carlo simulation of O(2) f4 field theory in three dimensions [Phys. Rev. E 64, 066113 (2001)]
Arnold, Rebecca S.1996 Modulation of the activities of enzymes of membrane lipid metabolism by non-bilayer-forming lipids
Arnold, S.M.2004 Smart Materials, Precision Sensors/Actuators, Smart Structures, and Structronic Systems
Arnold, Thomas2003 A quantitative parameter for predicting mixing behaviour in adsorbed layers: the 2D isomorphism coefficient
Arnoldus, Henk F.1995 Theory of optical phase conjugation in Kerr media
Arnone, Caterina1986 A study of the conformation of some 3,3'-bithienyl and biselenienyl derivatives by measurements of twisting powers in nematic liquid crystals and of dipole moments
Arnone, Giovanna1995 Optically induced reorientation in nematics doped by chiral agents
 1996 Optical Freedericksz transition induced by depolarized light
 1997 Nonlinear effects in nematics doped by dyes and chiral agents
Arnould-Netillard, H.1974 Electrohydrodynamic instabilities in cholesteric liquid crystals with negative dielectric anisotropy
Arnould, H.1972 Electrohydrodynamic effects in cholesteric liquid crystals under a.c. electric fields
Arnould, Helene1971 Deformations of the planar structure of a cholesteric liquid crystal with large periodic spacing under the action of an electric field
Arnouts, Ester G.1995 The synthesis and properties of some mesogenic 3-O-alkyl derivatives of D-glucitol and D-mannitol
Arnscheidt, B.1995 New method and results of Raman studies of non-diffusional reorientational dynamics of molecules in the nematic phase
Arnt, Lachelle2006 Self-assembled structures with liquid-crystalline order in aqueous solution by patterning poly(phenylene ethynylene)s
Arntsen, John F.2000 Laser-based SXGA reflective light valve projector with E-cinema quality contrast and color space
Arntz, H.1980 New high pressure low temperature differential scanning calorimeter
Arntzen, Per-Otto1998 Influence of molecular tilt angle on the SHG response of pyroelectric liquid crystal polymers
 1998 Second-harmonic light generation in pyroelectric liquid -crystal polymers
 1999 Time-dependent nonlinear optical properties of pyroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
Aro, Anneli1993 Sphingosine-mediated membrane association of DNA and its reversal by phosphatidic acid
Aroca, R.F.2002 Atomic Force Microscopy and Micro-Raman Imaging of Mixed Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Ytterbium Bisphthalocyanine and Stearic Acid
 2002 Surface relief gratings on azobenzene-containing films. Mechanism and recent developments
Aroca, Ricardo F.2007 Spectroscopic Characterization and Langmuir-Blodgett Films of a Novel Azopolymer Material
Arod, H.2000 Evolution of interfaces and expansion in width
Arodz, H.1997 Dynamics of Cylindrical Domain Walls in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1999 Expansion in width for domain walls in nematic liquid crystals in an external magnetic field
 2002 Remarks on the n = 1/2 disclination line in Landau-de Gennes theory of nematic liquid crystals.
Arodz, Henryk1997 Dynamics of cylindrical domain walls in nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Polynomial expansion for cylindrical domain walls in nematics
 1999 Disclination lines in an external magnetic field
Arof, A.K.2008 Electrical Studies on Chitosan Based Proton Conductors and Application in Capacitors
 2008 FTIR Studies of Chitosan-Orthophosphoric Acid-Ammonium Nitrate-Aluminosilicate Polymer Electrolyte
Aron, K.1989 Nonlinear organic tunable filters, switches and shutters
Aroney, M.J.1969 Molecular polarisability. The effect of para-substituents in toluene
Aronishidze, M.2001 Electro-optical effects in blue phases of cholesteric liquid crystals
 2004 Color Change Effect Based on Provitamin D Phototransformation in Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Mixtures
Aronishidze, M.N.1997 Induced chiral smectic C liquid crystal with the short helical pitch
Aronishidze, S.N.1975 Determination of elastic constants of a nematic liquid crystal
 1976 Study of nematic p-butyl-p'-methoxyazoxybenzene with a twisted structure
 1976 Study of the parameters of the racemic and optically active forms of a liquid crystal
 1976 Synthesis and studies of the liquid crystal characteristics of some chiral p-alkoxybenzylidene(p'-isopentylcarboxy)anilines
 1977 Low-temperatures smectic liquid crystals
 1977 Study of nematic-cholesteric mixtures
 1978 Effect of the surface boundary conditions on the cholesteric-nematic transition
 1978 Study of smectic A liquid crystals
 1980 Circular dichroism in absorbing mixtures with cholesteric structure
 1982 Bragg reflection and circular dichroism in chiral smectic and nematic liquid crystals
 1982 Bragg scattering of light with slanted incidence by a chiral smectic structure
 1984 Bragg reflection of linearly polarized light in a chiral smectic C liquid crystal for oblique incidence
Aronov, Dmitriy2004 Non-Euclidean properties of spike train metric spaces
Aronovitz, Joseph A.1988 Fluctuations of Solid Membranes
Aronson, Carl Lawrence2004 The dynamics of solvent evaporation from hydroxypropyl cellulose/methanol solutions with lyotropic liquid crystalline capability
Aronsson, R.1979 Brillouin scattering in lithium sulfate: liquid and plastic crystalline phases
Aronstein, David L.2002 Honeycomb Pattern Formation by Laser-Beam Filamentation in Atomic Sodium Vapor
Aronzon, Dina2007 Trans-cis isomerization of an azoxybenzene liquid crystal
Arora, A.K.2002 Ion-acoustic compressive and rarefactive double layers in a warm multicomponent plasma with negative ions
Arora, P.2009 Dielectric and Electro-Optic Properties of New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Mixture Doped with Carbon Nanotubes
Arora, Poonam2009 Modification of dielectric and electrooptical properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals with nanomaterials
Arora, S.1988 Pattern Formation during Mesophase Growth in Liquid Crystals
Arora, S.L.1969 Liquid-crystal polymorphism in bis(4-n-alkoxybenzal)-1,4-phenylenediamines
 1969 N.M.R. study of molecular configuration and order in a fluorinated-liquid-crystalline Schiff base
 1970 Biaxial liquid crystals
 1970 Polymorphism of Smectic Phases with Smectic A Morphology
 1970 Temperature-dependent tilt angle in the smectic C phase of a liquid crystal
 1971 Effects of molecular geometry formation of smectic phases
 1984 Mesomorphic behavior of some new fluorene compounds
 1984 Synthesis of some new fluorine esters with mesomorphic behaviour
 1985 Studies on the smectic phase of some Schiff's bases with a terminal trifluoromethyl group
 1985 Synthesis of some new fluorene esters with mesomorphic behavior
 1986 A mixture-induced nematic phase
 1989 Reentrant phenomena in cyano substituted biphenyl esters containing flexible spacers
Arora, Sardari L.1970 Mesomorphic properties of alkoxybenzylideneaminoacetophenones
 1970 Molecular Structure and Liquid Crystallinity. Phenylene Bis(alkoxybenzoates)
 1970 Two liquid crystal phases with nematic morphology in laterally substituted phenylenediamine derivatives
 1976 Liquid crystal materials
 1978 Field effect light shutter employing low temperature nematic liquid crystals
Arora, V.P.1978 Dielectric behavior of EBBA in the nematic phase at radio-frequencies
 1978 Dielectric behavior of nematic phase OHMBBA at radio frequencies
 1978 Dielectric Studies in Solid Phase EBBA
 1978 Molecular motion in the solid phase nematic liquid crystal
 1979 Dielectric relaxation studies in the solid phase nematic crystal
 1981 Dielectric relaxation studies in OBT at low temperatures
 1982 Dielectric relaxation studies of a nematic liquid crystal thiobenzoate
 1982 Refractive indexes, density and order parameter of the liquid crystal HXBBA
 1983 Dielectric anisotropy and the dipole moment of OHMBBA
 1983 Dielectric anisotropy and the order parameter of HXBBA
 1986 Optical behavior of a mixture of mesogenic and nonmesogenic molecules
 1988 Phase transitions and molecular ordering in heptyloxycyanobiphenyl (7OCB)
 1989 Dielectric relaxation mechanism in liquid crystalline mixture ZLI 1840
 1990 Phase transitions and dielectric studies in two component liquid crystal mixtures
 1991 Dielectric relaxation phenomenon in mesogen ZLI 2222-000
 1991 Optical behavior of a nematic mixture: 1957/S
 1992 Optical and thermodynamics properties of cholesteric liquid crystals and their mixtures
 1992 Refractive indexes and order parameter studies of a nematic mixture: ZLI 2222-000
 1995 Dielectric behavior of cholesteryl oleyl carbonate and cholesteryl linoleate in dilute solutions of CCl4 at a single microwave frequency
 1996 Electrical conduction in cholesteryl linoleate
Arora, V.P. (cont...)1997 Electrical conductivity of liquid crystals BBMOA and OBT
 1997 Integrated optical transmittance studies on a cholesteric liquid crystal
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 2002 Ultrafast Charge Separation and Recombination Dynamics in a Nanometer Thin Film of Polyimide Observed by Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
 2003 Fluorescence Spectroscopic Properties and Single Aggregate Structures of π-Conjugated Wire-Type Dendrimers
Asahina, Daisuke2007 Molecular structures and Liquid-crystalline Optical Characteristics of Chitosan Phenylcarbamate
 2007 Preparation and Structural Characterization of Cholesteric Films Composed of Chitosan Phenylcarbamate/Poly(N-vinylpyrrolodone) Networks
 2009 Molecular Structure and Liquid-Crystalline Characteristics of Chitosan Phenylcarbamate
Asahina, S.1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1991 Calorimetric study of the relationship between molecular structure and liquid-crystallinity of rod-like mesogens. I. Heat capacities and phase transitions of 4'-propylbiphenyl-4-carbonitrile and trans,trans-4'-propylbicyclohexyl-4-carbonitrile
 1997 Heat capacities and phase transitions of the antiferroelectric liquid crystals MHPOBC and MHPOCBC
 1998 Calorimetric study of the relationship between molecular structure and liquid crystallinity of rod-like mesogens . II. Heat capacities and phase transitions of 4-(trans-4-propylcyclohexyl)benzonitrile
Asahina, Shuichi1990 Heat capacity of the discotic mesogen, 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexa-n-hexyloxytriphenylene, between 17 and 397 K and phase transitions in the solid and liquid states
 2001 Thermal properties of a disc-like compound benzene-hexa-n-pentanoate: a precursor of a discotic mesogen
Asai, H.1982 Helical alignment of field-dependent structures in cholesteric phase
Asai, Hiroki1998 Conductive polymer paste and substrate for package and semiconductor package using it
Asai, Hironori1999 Design and characteristics of a newly developed cavity-up plastic and ceramic laminated thin BGA package
Asai, Ichiro1996 Manufacture of thin-film IC for liquid-crystal display
Asai, K.1976 2nd Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sapporo
 1977 Dielectric Relaxations and Phase Transitions in Binary Mixtures of Cholesteryl Acrylate and Cholesteryl Chloropropionate
 1999 Self-Organization and Opto-Electrical Properties of Poly(3-Alkylthiophene) Langmuir-Blodgett Films
 1999 The Influence of Counter Ions on the Morphology of Cyanine Dye Aggregates at the Air/Water Interface
 1999 Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility Measurement in 1-Methyl-1'-Octadecyl-2,2'-Cyanine Perchlorate Langmuir-Blodgett Films By Means of Electroabsorption Spectroscopy
Asai, Katsuhiro2004 Preparation and Morphology of FCC C60 Powder Grown by Liquid-Liquid Interfacial Precipitation
Asai, Keisuke1990 Optical Stabilizer and Directional Coupler Switch Using Polymer Thin Film Waveguides with Liquid Crystal Clad
 2004 Electroless Formation of Pressure Sensitive Thin Films of Platinum Porphyrin Using Surfactants with an Azobenzene Group
Asai, Kenjiro1975 Thermal properties of α- and γ-forms of nylon 6
 1986 Structure and properties of polypropylene crystallized from the glassy state
Asai, Komei1973 Liquid crystal display device
 1973 Sichtgeraet auf der Basis flüssiger Kristalle
 1974 Nematic liquid crystal compositions based on phenyl esters of benzoic acid for electrooptical display devices
 1974 Nematic liquid crystal display device
 1979 Field-controllable liquid-crystal phase grating
Asai, Kuniaki1987 Development of liquid-crystalline polyester, EKONOL E6000 series
 1992 Aromatic polyesters for melt processing
 1993 Liquid-crystal polyester resin-graphite composition and antistatic molded article
 1994 Liquid crystal polyester resin composition containing Al and lamp reflector
 1994 Liquid crystal polymers
 1995 Thermoplastic fluoropolymer blends with liquid crystalline polyesters as insulators for coaxial cable connectors
 1995 Thermoplastic fluoropolymer-based compositions and tools for manufacturing semiconductor devices
 1996 Development on application of super-engineering plastics
 1996 Polyether-polyketone resin compositions and carriers for processing and treating semiconductor wafers
Asai, Mamiko1987 Effects of propylgallate on the phospholipid composition of Escherichia coli and the thermotropic behavior of lipids
Asai, Masato2002 Transition Phenomenon in Salt-Doped Organic Electroluminescent Devices at High Bias Voltage
Asai, Nobutoshi1997 Optical instrument showing excellent rectifying characteristics
 1998 Reflective-type liquid crystal display device having organic EL element
Asai, S.2000 Morphology, crystallization and melting behaviors of isotactic polypropylene/high density polyethylene blend: effect of the addition of short carbon fiber
Asai, Shigeo1993 PTC property in heat-treatment process of isotactic polypropylene filled with carbon black
 1999 Analysis of crystallization behavior and crystal modifications of poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalene dicarboxylate)
 2003 Application of a high magnetic field in a carbonization process of pitch
Asai, Shinichi2000 Antistatic and transparent nitrile resin compositions
Asai, Tomoko2000 Radiation-sensitive composition for black resist
Asai, Tomoyuki2005 Synthesis and physical properties of novel liquid crystals containing pyranobenzopyrans as a core structure
Asai, Yasuhiko1983 Aromatic copolyester
Asai, Yasuyuki1999 Characterization of the physicochemical properties of aggregates of the lipid A analog, E5531, prepared by a 'pH-jump method'
 1999 Interaction of retinol with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine and their formation of small dispersed particles
 2003 Characterization of the physicochemical properties of micelles composed of the novel platelet activating factor receptor antagonist, E5880 in an aqueous environment
 2003 Formation of the Dispersed Particles Composed of Soybean Oil and Phosphatidylcholine
Asai, Yoshihiko1992 Manufacture of mesophase pitch with high nitrogen content for carbon fibers
Asai, Yoshihiro1998 Liquid crystal display having structure for diffusing electrostatic charge
 1998 Manufacture of array substrate for liquid crystal display device
Asaka, Kazunori1995 Stereoelective alkylation of carboxylate enolates with 2-sulfonyloxyalkanes: a new route to optically active 2-arylalkanoic acids
Asaka, Kenji1992 Formation of pinhole-free ultrafine resist patterns
Asaka, Kinji2006 Surface anchoring of rodlike molecules on corrugated substrates
Asakai, Toshiaki2002 Controlling Packing Structure of Hydrophobic Alkyl Tails of Monolayered Films of Ion-Paired Macrocyclic Amphiphiles as Studied by Sum-Frequency Generation Spectroscopy
Asakawa, Hisashi1999 Liquid-crystal luminaire consisting of an optical shutter and a metal halide lamp
 2000 Heat-Resistant Liquid Crystal Light Modulator Containing Polymer Network for High-Power Luminaires
 2002 Light-Controllable Spot Liminaires Using a Liquid Crystal Light Shutter and a High-Intensity Discharge Lamp
 2009 Development of luminaires using high power color LEDs and application to lighting system for color hologram
Asakawa, K.1995 A new apparatus for simultaneous observation of optical microscopy and small-angle light scattering measurements of polymers under shear flow
Asakawa, Koji1997 Functional organic materials, compositions thereof, light transmittance control of them, and manufacture of colored thin film patterns
Asakawa, Masumi1997 Noncovalent synthesis of supramolecular polymer architectures from sugar- and peptide-based bolaamphiphiles
 2002 Switching "On" and "Off" the Expression of Chirality in Peptide Rotaxanes
 2007 STM Observation of Labile Axial Ligands to Zinc Porphyrin at Liquid/Solid Interface
Asakawa, Naoki1996 Composition fractionation and thermal characterization of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxypropionate)
 1998 Conformational analysis of the alkyl spacer of a dimer liquid crystal in the solid and liquid crystalline states by 13C-13C dipolar coupling
 2001 Phase Behavior and Thermal Properties for Binary Blends of Compositionally Fractionated Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxypropionate)s with Different Comonomer Composition
 2002 Miscibility and Phase Structure of Blends of Poly(ethylene oxide) with Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate), Poly(3-hydroxypropionate), and Their Copolymers
 2006 Twist glass transition in regioregulated poly(3-alkylthiophene)
 2008 Dynamic Structure of Regioregulated Poly(alkylthiophene)s
Asakawa, Shiro1995 Head-up type liquid crystal display apparatus with hologram pattern for automobile
 1995 Polymer-dispersion type liquid crystal display apparatus with improved back scattering and its manufacture
 1996 Three-dimensional liquid-crystal display device
 1998 See-through display with a holographic illuminator
 1999 Liquid crystal display device giving images with high contrast
Asakawa, Shohei1983 Liquid crystal formation in ursodeoxycholate-rich human gallbladder bile
 1985 Physical chemistry of bile acids. Micelles and liquid crystals
Asakawa, T.1984 A thermal transition in a cholesteric liquid crystal of aqueous schizophyllan
Asakawa, Teruo2000 Transfer arm apparatus and semiconductor processing system using the same
Asakawa, Toshiaki1984 Optical Rotatory Dispersion of Liquid Crystal Solutions of a Triple-Helical Polysaccharide Schizophyllan
Asakawa, Toshifumi1995 Micromachines, memory devices, thin-film transistors, liquid-crystal display devices, solar cells, and their manufacture
Asakawa, Tsutomu1998 Bipolar MIM nonlinear electric components, manufacturing, and crystal display panels using thereof
 1998 Thin-film transistor panel for liquid - crystal display
Asakawa, Tsuyoshi1985 Lyotropic liquid crystal N,N'-diacyl-L-lysine surfactant in water
 2005 Vesicle–Micelle Transition of N-Acyl Phenylalaninate Salt in Very Dilute Aqueous Solution
Asakawa, Youichi2006 Stabilization of Bend Alignment Using Optical Polymerization of UV Curable Liquid Crystalline Monomers
 2006 Transient response characteristics of polymer stabilized pi cell
 2007 Transient response characteristic of polymer stabilized pi cell using Nn Nematic Crystal Liquid
 2007 Transient Response Characteristics of Polymer Stabilized Bend Alignment State of Nematic Liquid Crystal in Pi-Cell
Asako, Yoshinobu2000 Liquid lubricants and their control of lubrication characteristics
Asakuma, Sumitoshi1995 Bismaleimide polymer orientation film and liquid crystal display device
 1995 Liquid crystal display device orientation films
 1995 Liquid crystal orientation agent
 1995 Liquid crystal orientation material and its preparation
 1995 Liquid crystal orienting agent for liquid crystal display with high pre-tilt angle
 1995 Liquid crystalline orientation agent and device using the agent
 1995 Liquid crystalline orientation agents and devices using them
 1995 Liquid crystalline orientation agents containing propylene glycol monobutyl ether and manufacture of devices with the agents
 1995 Liquid-crystal orienting agent and display using it
 1995 Liuquid-crystal orientation film from polyimides and liquid-crystal display devices therefrom
 1995 orientation film for liquid crystal-display device and the device using it
 1995 Orientation films and liquid-crystal display devices with them
 1995 Polyamide orientation agent for liquid-crystal display
 1996 Epoxy resin one liquid-type sealing compositions with improved adhesion, heat resistance, and printability and liquid crystalline display devices thereof
 1996 Epoxy resin one liquid-type sealing compositions with improved printability and adhesion and liquid crystal display devices thereof
 1996 Epoxy resin sealing composition and liquid-crystal display device using it
 1996 Epoxy resin sealing composition and liquid-crystal display device using it
 1996 Heat- and moisture-resistant one-liquid system epoxy resin sealing compositions and liquid crystal display devices thereof
 1996 Ion beam-radiated liquid crystal orientation film
 1996 Ion beam-radiated polyamide liquid crystal orientation film
Asakuma, Sumitoshi (cont...)1996 Liquid crystal display device and orientation film for it
 1996 Liquid crystal orientation agent and liquid crystal display using same
 1996 Liquid crystal orientation agent with hydroxy-free solvent
 1996 Polyamide liquid crystal orientation film
 1996 Polyimide orientation film for liquid-crystal display devices
 1996 Rubbed and irradiated liquid crystal orientation film
 1996 Sealing compositions containing radiation- or photo-polymerizing monomers for manufacture of liquid-crystal display devices
 1997 Epoxy resin sealing compositions with excellent flexibility for liquid crystal cells
 1997 Epoxy resin-based seals with excellent flexibility for liquid crystal cells
 1997 Flexible and moisture-resistant epoxy resin sealing compositions for assembling liquid crystal cells
 1997 Liquid crystal orientation agent and liquid crystal display device with it
 1997 Liquid crystal orientation agent for manufacturing liquid crystal display
 1997 Liquid crystal-aligning agent for display devices
 1997 One-component adhesive compositions for sealing liquid-crystal displays and liquid-crystal display devices using them
Asakura, Kaoru1999 Hydrogen absorbing alloy anode materials for nickel/hydrogen batteries, manufacture of the anode materials, and hydrogen absorbing alloy anodes
 1999 Hydrogen absorbing alloy anode materials for nickel/hydrogen batteries, manufacture of the anode materials, and hydrogen absorbing alloy anodes
Asakura, Kazuyuki1995 Silacyclohexanone compounds as intermediates for the preparation of silacyclohexane-type liquid crystal compounds.
 1996 A silacyclohexane compound, a method of preparing it and a liquid crystal composition containing it
 1996 Liquid crystal composition for liquid-crystal display elements
 1996 Manufacture of silacyclohexanone compound as silacyclohexane intermediate for liquid-crystal display
 1996 Novel silacyclohexane compounds and their preparation as components for liquid-crystal compositions
 1996 Novel silacyclohexane compounds for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1996 Novel silacyclohexane compounds, preparation thereof, liquid crystal compositions comprising the same, and liquid crystal devices comprising the compositions
 1996 Preparation of silacyclohexane compounds as liquid crystal compositions
 1997 Preparation of silacyclohexanones as intermediates for liquid crystals
 1997 Preparation of trans-cyclohexane compounds by dehydrogenation of their cis isomers with DDQ followed by hydrogenation
 1997 Silacyclohexane compound and its manufacture, and liquid crystal composition containing same
 1997 Silacyclohexane compounds, their preparation, and liquid-crystal mixtures and display devices containing them
Asakura, Keiichi1996 Liquid crystal projector with improved cooling efficiency
Asakura, Kiyotaka2006 Photochemical Method of Device Fabrication Starting from Molecular Crystals
Asakura, Koji1996 Liquid crystal display black matrix substrate and manufacture thereof
Asakura, Kozue1992 Stripe electrodes for an electrically controlled gray scale in ferroelectric liquid-crystal devices
Asakura, Masayoshi1998 Drawing method of polyester film.
Asakura, Shinji1996 High quality liquid crystal display
Asakura, T.1990 Molecular side-chain motion and its free volume in thermotropic liquid-crystalline poly(γ-alkoxybenzyl L-glutamates) using spin probe electron paramagnetic resonance
 2003 Helix Distortion and Crystal Structure of the α-Form of Poly(L-lactide)
 2004 Structures of Bombyx mori and Samia cynthia ricini Silk Fibroins Studied with Solid-State NMR
 2007 Some Observations on the Structure and Function of the Spinning Apparatus in the Silkworm Bombyx mori
Asakura, Tadao1996 Liquid crystal display black matrix substrate and manufacture thereof
Asakura, Tetsuo1990 Carbon-13 NMR studies of thermotropic liquid-crystalline poly(γ-alkylaryl L-glutamates)
 2005 Orientation of the Antimicrobial Peptide, Cecropin A-Magainin 2 Hybrid, in a Lipid Bilayer Studied by 15N Solid-State NMR
 2008 Investigation of Structural Transition of Regenerated Silk Fibroin Aqueous Solution by Rheo-NMR Spectroscopy
 2009 The interaction of amyloid Aß(1–40) with lipid bilayers and ganglioside as studied by 31P solid-state NMR
Asakura, Toshikage1991 Remarkable influence of tacticity on liquid crystallinity of polymethacrylates with biphenyl moiety as mesogenic group
Asakura, Toshiki1995 Dual-layer liquid crystal display device
 1996 Reflecting liquid crystal display device using supertwisted nematic liquid crystal
 1996 Transmittance type super-twisted-nematic (STN) liquid crystal display
 1997 Liquid crystal display panel having orientation film free of trifluoromethyl group
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having isomerizable liquid crystal
 2000 Liquid crystal display devices with high quality and high contrast images
Asakura, Tsutae1996 Active matrix color liquid crystal display
Asami, K.1988 Mesomorphic transitions in main-chain liquid-crystalline polymers and copolymers containing flexible spacers are kinetically controlled
 1991 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic polyethers and copolyethers based on 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene and flexible spacers containing odd numbers of methylene units
 1991 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic polyethers based on 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene and flexible spacers containing even numbers of methylene units and copolyethers based on pairs of flexible spacers containing even and odd-even numbers of methylene units
Asami, Keiichi1995 Porous carbonaceous material for fuel cell electrodes
Asami, Masatoshi1995 Molecular design and synthesis of low-viscosity liquid crystalline compounds possessing α,β-difluorostilbene core structure
Asami, Masayoshi1999 Manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal displays
Asami, Takenao1995 Manufacture of liquid crystal cell free of vertical orientation disorder
Asami, Yoshiaki1993 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary batteries using mixed carbonate solvents
 1996 Secondary lithium batteries with improved carbonaceous anodes
 1996 Secondary nonaqueous electrolyte batteries with carbonaceous anodes and improved electrolyte solvent mixtures
Asandei, A.D.1995 Liquid-crystalline polyethers based on conformational isomerism: can pressure induce second-order phase transitions in crystalline phases preceding the nematic phase?
 1996 Design of Side Chain and Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers Containing Supramolecular Quasi-Rigid-Rodlike Mesogens Obtained from Collapsed Main Chain Macrocyclics
 1996 From Regioirregular Linear Main-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polyethers Exhibiting Two Uniaxial Nematic Phases to Macrocyclic Main-Chain Oligoethers Displaying Nematic and Smectic Phases
 1996 Stepwise Synthesis of "Main-Chain" Liquid-Crystalline Macrocyclics Based on Conformationally Flexible Mesogens
 1996 TPB': a constitutional isomeric mesogen based on conformational isomerism which generates pairs of completely isomorphic polyethers
 1997 Macrocyclization Overrides the Polymer Effect in the Stabilization of Liquid Crystalline (LC) Phases with a Novel Odd-Even Alternation. A Demonstration with LC Crown Ethers
 1997 Monodisperse Linear Liquid Crystalline Polyethers via a Repetitive 2n Geometric Growth Algorithm
 1997 Monodisperse linear liquid crystalline polyethers via a repetitive 2n geometric growth algorithm
 1999 A novel class of SCLCPs (side-chain liquid-crystalline copolymers) via ROMP of willow-like dendritic monomers
 1999 Heterochiral Recognition in Molecular and Macromolecular Pairs of Liquid Crystals Based on (R)- and (S)-2-Chloro-4-methylpentyl 4'-[[8-(Vinyloxy)octyl)oxy]biphenyl-4-carboxylate] Enantiomers
 1999 Poly(p-phenylene)s with mesogenic side groups: a potential class of NII side chain liquid crystalline polymers?
 1999 Poly(p-phenylene)s with Mesogenic Side Groups: A Potential Class of NII Side Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers?
 2000 Chiral recognition in molecular and macromolecular pairs of (S)- and (R)-1-cyano-2-methylpropyl-4'-{[4-(8-vinyloxyoctyloxy)benzoyl]oxy}biphenyl-4-carboxylate enantiomers
Asandei, Nicolae1995 Some aspects concerning the synthesis and properties of hydroxypropyl cellulose
Asano-Someda, Motoko2002 Light-Induced Electron Spin Polarization of a Weakly Coupled Triplet-Doublet Spin Pair in a Covalently Linked Porphyrin Dimer
Asano, H.1986 Mesophase formation during a dissolution of cholesterol monohydrate in glycochenodeoxycholate-glycoursodeoxycholate-lecithin solutions and calcium carbonate solubility in their solutions
 1997 Phase Diagram of α-Sulfonated Palmitic Acid Methyl Ester Sodium Salt-Water System
Asano, Hajime2000 Crystallinity of large YBa2Cu3Oy single crystals grown by the solute rich liquid-crystal pulling method
Asano, Hideki1989 Heat- and moisture-resistant bipyridine compound compositions
 1996 Catalytic filler, resin composition, and resin composite for for electroless plating with metal
Asano, Hiroshi1985 Calcium salt solubility in mixed aqueous solutions of glycine-conjugated bile salts in the presence of a mesophase consisting of cholesterol monohydrate, lecithin and bile salts
Asano, Junichi2005 13C-NMR Studies on Fluctuation of Rod-Like Molecules in Solution: Molecular Dynamics in a Polar Solvent of CDCl3
Asano, Kazuo1990 Substrates having alignment layers for liquid-crystal display devices, and a method and apparatus for preparing the alignment layers
 1992 Liquid crystal display device
Asano, Kazushi2009 Preparation of metal oxide nanoparticles and application for liquid crystal
Asano, Kiro1977 Conversion of pitch into crystalline pitch
 1977 Conversion of pitch into crystalline pitch
Asano, Masaaki1996 Film liquid crystal panel and its manufacture
 1996 Film liquid crystal panel, base substrate and active matrix substrate for manufacturing it, and manufacturing method of it
 1996 Liquid crystal orientation substrate for improving wide-viewing-angles and its manufacture
 1996 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
 1996 Transparent electrically conductive substrate for liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Patterning of thick films on substrates and coating apparatus thereof
 1999 Transfer sheet and pattern-forming method
Asano, Masaji1996 Paper substitutes containing aromatic polyester fibers and process for producing the paper
Asano, Motoko S.2006 Spin-multiplicity of a moderately coupled triplet?doublet spin pair in a biphenylene-linked porphyrin dimer
Asano, Shinichi1998 Ink-jet recording paper
 1998 Triple-layer recording sheet for jet-printing ink with high gloss
Asano, Shoji1995 Paper or paper substitutes containing aromatic polyester fibers and process for producing the paper
Asano, T.1998 Conf. Jpn. Liq. Cryst. Soc., Osaka
 2001 Creep behavior and elastic properties of annealed cold-drawn poly(ethylene terephthalate): The role of the smectic structure as a precursor of crystallization
Asano, Tetsuya1997 Polymesomorphism in a homologous series of 2-(4-alkoxyphenyl)-5-(4-methylphenyl)pyridines
 1998 Liquid crystalline phase transitions of the 2-(4'-alkoxybiphenyl-4-yl)-5-(4-methylphenyl)pyridines
Asano, Tomoharu2007 Formation of Circuit Pattern on Liquid-Crystalline Polymer Film by Electroless Copper Plating
Asano, Tsutomu1981 Temperature and pressure dependences of thermal cis-to-trans isomerization of azobenzenes which evidence an inversion mechanism
 1992 Effect of oligomers of ethylene glycol on thermotropic phase transition of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine multilamellar vesicles
 1993 Cross polarization between proton and carbon-13 nuclei in isotactic polypropylene. Effects of crystallinity and crystallographic form
 1997 Interaction of the surface of biomembrane with solvents: structure of multilamellar vesicles of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine in acetone-water mixtures
 1999 Crystallization of oriented amorphous poly(ethylene terephthalate) as revealed by X-ray diffraction and microhardness
 1999 Crystallization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) observed by X-ray and light scattering measurements
 1999 Melting behavior of the oriented β-phase polypropylene texture crystallized by the temperature slope method
Asano, Tsuyoshi1996 Transparent electrically conductive plate
Asano, Yuji1997 Liquid crystal display element having gas-impermeable films on substrate films
Asanuma, Haruhiko2006 Organic Single Crystal Transistors: Interface Modification with SAMs and Double Gate Structure
Asanuma, Naoki2000 Aromatic acetylenic compounds as liq. crystal materials, electronic materials, and gas permeable membranes or intermediates therefor
 2000 Preparation of aromatic acetylene compounds for liquid crystal materials, etc.
Asanuma, T.1993 Synthesis of thermotropic liquido crystal polyimide and its properties
 1999 Molecular Motion and Plastic-phase Transition of Crystalline C2F6 as Studied by 19F NMR
Asanuma, Tadashi1989 Biphenyl group-containing polyesters and their manufacture
 1991 Thermotropic cellulose derivatives blended with low-mass molecules
 1993 Heat-resistant polyimide compositions with good processability
 1993 Manufacture of polymerization catalysts and polymerization of olefins
 1994 Synthesis of thermotropic liquid crystal polyimide and its properties
Asao, Kyoji1997 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystal display
Asao, Kyoshi1998 Chiral smectic liquid crystal cell without switching error and display therefrom
 2000 Liquid crystal display device containing polymer-based photosensitive material
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having photosensitive resin material
Asao, Kyoushi2000 Liquid crystal element and its manufacture
Asao, Y.2007 Alignment and switching behaviors of liquid crystal on a-SiOx thin films deposited by a filtered cathodic arc process
Asao, Yasaushi1998 Chiral smectic liquid crystal element
Asao, Yasufumi1993 Layer structure and electrical properties of stripe-shaped domains observed in the initial alignment state of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 1997 Liquid - crystal display device
 1997 Liquid crystal apparatus and driving method for preventing yellowing phenomenon
 1997 Liquid crystal device and liquid crystal apparatus
 1999 Novel ferroelectric liquid crystal mode for active matrix liquid crystal display using cholesteric-chiral smectic C phase transition material
 2001 Chiral smectic liquid crystal device display
 2001 Liquid crystal device
 2001 Liquid crystal substrate with optical modulation region having different alignment control forces
 2003 Analysis of the Hysteresis Phenomenon in the Intrinsic Half-V-Shaped Switching Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mode
 2003 Dot Inversion Spontaneous Polarization Structure in the Half-V-shaped Switching Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mode
 2003 Pretilt Angle Dependence of the Switching Behavior in the Intrinsic Half-V-Shaped Switching Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mode
 2006 Color liquid crystal display device using phase plate to suppress viewing angle dependency of color
Asao, Yasushi1997 Chiral smectic liquid crystal display with reduced flickering
 1997 Chiral smectic liquid crystal element free of cholesteric phase and its manufacture
 1997 Chiral smectic liquid crystal element free of cholesteric phase and its manufacture
 1997 Fast response chiral smectic liquid crystal device with high contrast
 1997 Liquid crystal display element having book-shelf type structure
 1997 Liquid crystal displays including chiral smectic liquid crystals and Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1997 Liquid crystal displays including chiral smectic liquid crystals and unidirectionally oriented polyaniline films
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device having polyaniline film
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display with uniform orientation
 1997 Rubbing method for manufacture of ferroelectric liquid crystal display
 1999 Liquid crystal display device having polyimide alignment film
 2000 Active matrix-type smectic liquid crystal display element and its manufacture
 2000 Liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having photosensitive resin laminate-based orientation-controlling film
 2000 Photosensitive resin material, liquid crystal orientation film material, and liquid crystal device
 2000 Photosensitive resin materials, liquid crystal orientation film materials thereof, and liquid crystal devices
 2000 Smectic liquid crystal display element and its manufacture
Asaoka, Hiroshi1988 Two types of surfactant phases and four coexisting liquid phases in a water/nonionic surfactant/triglyceride/hydrocarbon system
Asaoka, Junichi1998 Gate-cutting of molds for acrylic optical waveguide used in liquid - crystal display
Asaoka, Keizo1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display substrates
 1997 Phase shift film with transparent conductive layer
 1998 LCD plastic substrate with transparent conductive film
 1998 Plastic films with transparent electroconductive films for display devices and manufacture thereof
 1998 Transparent conductive plastic films for liquid crystal display touch panels
 1999 Plastic films having a transparent electrically conductive layer and protective film layers with reduced warpage and heat shrinkage and good dimensional stability
Asaoka, Kentarou2007 Photochromism and Chirality Propagation of Chromene Amphiphile Aggregates in Aqueous Ethanol Solutions
Asaoka, Masanobu1988 Liquid-crystal composition and a liquid-crystal device containing it
 1989 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1989 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1989 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and electrooptical display devices using them
 1990 Chiral smectic liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal elements containing them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystal compositions and liquid crystal devices
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions and devices using them
 1990 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions containing biphenylmethyl phenyl ethers, benzyl biphenyl ethers, and cyclohexylbiphenyl derivatives, and display devices containing them
 1990 Liquid crystal compositions and display elements containing them
 1990 Liquid-crystal composition containing pyrimidine and biphenyl derivatives
 1990 Mesomorphic compounds, ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal devices using the compositions
 1991 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystal composition
 1991 Liquid crystal element for displays and optical shutters
 1991 Liquid-crystal display device element
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display element with high contrast
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal display device
 1992 High-contrast liquid crystal display
 1992 Liquid - crystal display device
Asaoka, Masanobu (cont...)1992 Liquid crystal display
 1992 Liquid crystal display devices
 1992 Liquid crystal display for high-contrast images
 1992 Liquid-crystal devices having polyimide orientation control films and display apparatus based on them
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device with larger pretilt angle
 1992 Liquid-crystal display elements
 1992 Manufacture of ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid-crystal element
 1993 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal device and its production
 1993 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal element and liquid-crystal display device (LCD) therefrom
 1993 Liquid crystal apparatus with polyimide orientation films
 1993 Liquid crystall display device
 1993 Liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Color filter and liquid crystal display device
 1995 Ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal device
 1995 Liquid crystal device
 1995 Liquid crystal device
 1995 Liquid-crystal display element
 1995 Liquid-crystal element and its manufacture
 1996 Ferroelectric liquid crystal device and liquid crystal apparatus using same
 1996 Liquid crystal display and information transmission apparatus using same
Asaoka, Masanobu (cont...)1996 Liquid-crystal device
 1997 Chiral smectic liquid crystal device having at least one orientation film divided into regions with different uniaxial aligning treatment
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