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Hardouin, F.1986 Nematic reentrance extended to mixtures of small molecules with polymers
 1986 X-ray studies of transitions between nematic, smectic-A1, -A2, and -Ad phases
 1987 Conformational anisotropy of liquid crystalline side chain polymers: a small angle neutron scattering study
 1987 How the smectic A phase adapts to two incommensurate periods in asymmetric liquid crystalline systems
 1987 Relationships between molecular structure and immiscibility of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in low molecular weight nematic solvents
 1988 Backbone conformation of a mesogenic side-chain polyacrylate
 1988 Backbone conformation study of a side chain polyacrylate through a re-entrant polymorphism
 1988 Liquid crystal polymer: a small angle neutron scattering study
 1988 Liquid crystal polymers: studies of labeled parts by neutron scattering
 1988 Role of molecular parameters on the miscibility of side-chain polymer solutes
 1988 Synthesis and properties of some liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
 1988 Unusual property in a novel liquid-crystal side chain polysiloxane series
 1989 Acoustical properties of the polymer liquid crystal (P41)35 in the nematic, smectic A and glass phases
 1989 Changes in the mesogenic properties of siloxane copolymers and polysiloxane blends
 1989 Smectic A polymorphism from low to high molar mass systems
 1989 X-ray diffraction study of the smectic A phases of some side-chain polysiloxanes
 1990 Flory's parameters in solutions of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers in low-molecular weight liquid crystals
 1990 Nematic-nematic modification in side-on-fixed polysiloxanes
 1990 Phase behavior of liquid-crystalline copoly(dimethyl-methylhydrogeno)siloxanes substituted with long polar side groups
 1990 Polysiloxanes substituted with forked mesogens
Hardouin, F. (cont...)1991 Evidence for a jacketed nematic polymer
 1991 Liquid crystal side chain polysiloxanes containing various proportions of nonmesogenic units
 1991 Liquid-crystalline copolysiloxane system including side-on and side-end fixed mesogenic groups
 1991 Phase separation in nematic and smectic a phases
 1991 Rod-like mesogens with antipathetic fluorocarbon and hydrocarbon tails
 1992 Examples of liquid crystals: molecules to macromolecules
 1992 Highly Flexible Siloxane Segments in Liquid Crystal Systems: Comparison of Dimers and Side-Chain Polymers
 1992 Influence of Fluoroalkylation on the Properties of L.C. Side-Chain Polymers and Their Mixtures
 1992 Liquid-crystalline side chain polymers by chemical modification of poly(chloroalkylvinylether)s
 1992 New TGBA series exhibiting a SC*SASA*N* phase sequence
 1992 Polymorphism and Orientational Anisotropy in Different Kinds of L.C.Polymers
 1992 Relationship between Optical Properties of LLC Side-Chain Polymers Oriented by an Electric Field and the Conformational Change of the Backbone
 1992 Small angle neutron scattering experiments on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polysiloxanes
 1992 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of New Liquid Crystalline Polyacrylates and Polymethacrylates with "Side-on Fixed" Mesogenic Groups
 1993 Analogy between liquid crystal side chain polysiloxanes and liquid crystal twins with siloxane spacers
 1993 Small angle neutron scattering experiments on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polyacrylates
 1994 Consequences of the 'jacketed' effect on mesomorphic and orientational properties of 'side-on fixed' liquid crystalline polymers
 1994 Novel sequence with incommensurate SA phases in a new dimesogenic liquid crystal
 1994 Phase behavior of high- and low-molar-mass liquid crystal mixtures
 1994 Small angle neutron scattering (SANS) studies on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polymers
Hardouin, F. (cont...)1994 Small angle neutron scattering experiments in smectic A and smectic B phases of diluted liquid crystal copolysiloxanes
 1994 Solubility of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in smectic A solutions
 1994 Some relevant parameters on the 'jacketed' effect in side-on fixed polysiloxanes
 1995 From incommensurability to commensurability in smectic phases for a series of dimesogenic liquid crystals
 1995 Mesomorphic properties and SANS conformational study in different liquid crystalline polymers
 1995 Polymorphism and structure in different kinds of liquid crystal polymers and copolymers
 1995 SANS Study of a Semiflexible Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyether
 1995 X-ray diffraction study of 'side-on fixed' homopolysiloxanes from nematic to smectic C phases
 1996 Effect of the spacer and aliphatic tail length on the conformation of "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polyacrylates: "SANS" experiments
 1996 Thermodynamic and conformational study of side on/side end fixed liquid crystalline copolyacrylates
 1997 Are nematic side-on polymers totally extended? a SANS study
 1997 Backbone conformation study on "side-on fixed" liquid crystal polymers
 1997 Chain conformation of liquid-crystalline polymers studied by small-angle neutron scattering
 1997 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals: relation between formulation, electro-optical properties and morphology
 1997 Relationship between structure and conformation in liquid -crystalline polymers
 1997 What about the backbone conformation in nematic and smectic C phases of a "side-on" fixed LCP? A SANS study
 1998 Competition in low ordered smectics between incommensurate phases Sic and two-dimensional modulated ones for dimesogenic compounds
 1998 Side-on fixation in liquid crystalline polymers and dimesogens
 1998 Side-on fixed polysiloxanes and 'diluted' copolysiloxanes with nematic and smectic C phases
 1998 Strong anisotropic nematic order in liquid crystal polymers: a quasi-elastic neutron scattering study
Hardouin, F. (cont...)1998 Thermotropic laterally attached liquid crystalline polymers. I. New stationary phases for high-performance liquid chromatography
 1999 Dimesogenic compounds consisting of a cholesteryl moiety and an aromatic mesogen interconnected through a central pentamethylene spacer
 1999 Influence of the molecular length on the occurrence of incommensurate low ordered smectic phases for nonsymmetric dimesogenic compounds
 2000 Dimesogenic compounds with an electron-attracting terminal group
 2000 Smectic C Structure and Backbone Confinement in Side-on Fixed Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2001 Incommensurability induced by intermolecular hydrogen bonding
 2002 Anomalies of periodicity in TGB structures in new liquid crystal dimers
 2003 Cholesterol-based hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals
Hardouin, Francis1973 Change in the magnetic properties of a mesomorphic phase during a smectic A- nematic phase change
 1974 Nature of the smetic A-nematic transition from specific heat measurements
 1981 Pressure-temperature phase diagrams of liquid crystals in disk-like materials
 1982 A new ribbon phase in a thermotropic smectogenesis
 1988 Nematic-nematic immiscibility and induced smectic A phases in mixtures with liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers
 1990 Observation of the conformation and structure of some liquid-crystal polymers by small-angle neutron scattering
 1999 Side-on fixed liquid crystalline polymers: new stationary phases for high performance liquid chromatography
 1999 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of new H-shaped twin compounds: a series of 1,6-bis[2,5-bis(4-alkoxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxy]hex anes
 2000 Phase separation kinetics of an SA liquid crystal in a reactive epoxy-amine polymer dispersed liquid crystal composite (PDLC) system: an X-ray diffraction study
 2003 Comparison of the liquid crystalline properties of dimesogenic compounds bearing alkoxy and perfluoroalkoxy tails
Hardt, R.1986 A remark about the stability of smooth equilibrium configurations of static liquid crystals
Hardwick, R.A.1976 Preliminary observations of the shear orientation of a protein liquid crystal
Hardy, C.1985 New mesophases formed by water soluble discoidal amphiphiles
 1986 Designing new lyotropic amphiphilic mesogens to optimize the stability of nematic phases
 1986 Phase behavior and structure of a non-ionic discoidal amphiphile in water
Hardy, Cordell M.2002 A Noncubic Triply Periodic Network Morphology in Poly(isoprene-b-styrene-b-ethylene oxide) Triblock Copolymers
Hardy, D.1986 Conformation and optical anisotropy of short chain molecules with mesogenic side groups
Hardy, F.E.1963 The separation of isomeric glycosides on basic ion-exchange resins
 1972 The synthesis and fluorescent characteristics of some heteroaromatic derivatives of 2,2-bithienyl
Hardy, G.1969 Investigations in the field of radiation-induced solid-state polymerization-XXIV The polymerization of cetyl vinyl ether
 1977 Polymerization in liquid crystals. II [1]. Copolymerization of p-methyl-p-acryloyloxy-azoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate in the mesophase
 1977 Polymerization in liquid crystals. III [1]. Studies on the structures of some polymeric azoxyacrylates
 1977 State conditions of polymer and monomer with liquid crystalline phases
 1978 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IV. The polymerization of cholesteryl-vinyl-succinate
 1981 Detection of existence of copolymers with mesomorphic structure using thermal analysis
 1981 Mixing enthalpies of polymers with mesomorphic properties and mesogenic plasticizers
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IX. Structural investigations of copolymers containing p-methyl-p-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XI. Copolymerization of N-acryloylpiperidine with cholesteryl acrylate and phenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate
 1981 Study of Phase-Diagram and Copolymerization of p-Ethoxy-p'-acryloyloxy-azobeiizene with Cholesteryl Acrylate
 1982 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIII. Copolymerization of mesogenic monomers
 1984 Identification of the Structure of Mesomorphic Polymers by Means of their Miscibility
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystal. XX. Study on the copolymerization of phenyl ester-type monomers comprising mesogenic groups in the side chain
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XVII. Effect of flexible substituents in the mesogenic side chain on the behavior of mesogenic polymers
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XVIII. Effect of the polyethylene oxide main chain on the properties of polymers containing mesogenic groups in the side chain
 1985 The effect of the structural elements on the properties of side chain mesomorphic polymers
 1990 Thermal and optical studies on hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diyl-bis(4-n-hexoxybenzoate)
Hardy, Gregory J.1994 Advanced displays for the F/A-18E/F Hornet: application of AMLCD and touch sensing technology in an existing tactical fighter/attack crewstation
 1995 Improving AMLCD durability under high solar loads
Hardy, Gyula1963 Radiation polymerization in the solid phase. I. Cetyl methacrylate
 1963 The polymerization of cetyl methacrylate
 1967 Radiation polymerization behavior in the supercooled liquid and mesomorphous phase
 1968 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXIV. Polymerization of vinyl cetyl ether
 1968 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXV. Influence of a second component on the solid state polymerization of vinyl cetyl ether
 1970 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXVII. Polymerization of cholesteryl acrylate and its two-component systems.
 1970 Radiation-induced solid-state polymerization. XXVI. Structural studies related to the polymerization of cholesteryl acrylate
 1970 Radiation-induced solid-state polymerization. XXVI. Structural studies related to the polymerization of cholesteryl acrylate
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, I. Vinyl oleate
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, II. The mesophase copolymerization of p-methyl-p'-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, III. Structural studies on some azoxyacrylate polymers
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, IV. Polymerization studies on cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1977 Monomer-Polymer Interactions in Liquid-Crystalline State Polymerization
 1977 Polymerizations in liquid crystals, I. Vinyl oleate
 1978 Polymerization in the liquid crystalline state: monomer-polymer interactions
 1979 Mesomorphic polymers
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals, V. The synthesis of some polymerizable compounds with a liquid crystalline state
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals. V. Synthesis of polymerizable compounds with a liquid crystalline state
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VIII. Copolymerization in liquid crystalline media
 1980 Investigation of the mesomorphic structure of p-alkoxyphenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate polymers
Hardy, Gyula (cont...)1980 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VI. Study on the mesomorphic structure of p-alkoxyphenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate polymers
 1980 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VII. Mesomorphic polymers
 1980 Studies in the field of solid state polymerization. XXXVIII. Radiation-induced solid state polymerization of long-chain substituted vinyl monomers
 1981 Nematic polymeric structures
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IX. Investigation of the structure of copolymers containing p-methyl-p'-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. X. Investigation of the copolymerization of p-ethoxy-p'-acryloyloxyazobenzene and cholesteryl acrylate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XI. Copolymerization of N-acryloylpiperidine with cholesteryl acrylate and phenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XII. Investigation of the orientation of poly[phenyl p-(acryloyloxy)benzoate] in a magnetic field
 1983 Copolymerization of cholesterol-based mesogenic monomers
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIII. Study of copolymerization of mesogenic monomers
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIV. Studies of the mesomorphic structure of poly[p-methoxyphenyl p-(methacryloyloxyethoxy)benzoate]
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XV. Copolymerization of mesogenic monomers with a cholesteric group
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVI. Study of the copolymerization of hexadecylacrylamide
 1983 Studies on copolymerizations of hexadecylacrylamide
 1984 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVII. Effect of the substituents of the mesogenic side chain on the properties of mesogenic polymers
 1984 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVIII. Effect of the poly(ethylene oxide) main chain on the properties of polymers containing mesogenic side groups
 1984 Structure of side chain mesogenic polymers as a function of their soft elements
 1984 Studies on the mesomorphic structure of poly(p-methoxyphenyl p-methacryloyloxyethoxybenzoate)
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XIX. Study of the mesomorphic phase of acrylate polymers without spacers
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XX. Study of the copolymerization of phenyl ester-type monomers containing mesogenic groups in the side chain.
Hardy, Gyula (cont...)1986 Conformation and optical anisotropy of short-chain molecules with mesogenic side groups
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XXI. Investigation of the mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers with ethyloxy group as spacer
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XXII Mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers with hexyloxy group as spacer.
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIX. Miscibility study on the mesomorphic phase of acrylic polymers without spacers
 1987 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XXI. Investigation of mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers containing an ethoxy group as spacer
 1987 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XXII. Investigation of mesomorphic phase of acrylate polymers containing an hexyloxy group as spacer
 1988 Synthesis of diacetylenic derivatives with a mesogenic group.
 1989 Hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diyl bis(4-hexyloxybenzoate), white form at 185 K
 1989 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XXIII. Side chain mesogenic polydiacetylenes: synthesis and properties
 1990 Mesomorphic polydiacetylenes
Hardy, J.P.1992 Fluoro-Substituted Chiral Liquid Crystals Derived from (R)-2-(4-Hydroxyphenoxy)propan-1-ol
 1992 New Chiral Liquid Crystals Derived from (R)-2-(4-Hydroxyphenoxy)propan-1-ol
 1994 The observation of a novel twist inversion in a chiral nematic phase and an induced TGBA phase in a binary liquid-crystalline mixture of a chiral propanonitrile and a chiral 1-alkoxypropane
Hardy, Joseph L.2003 Characterization and operation of a liquid crystal adaptive optics phoropter
Hardy, Judith1992 The synthesis and transition temperatures of novel low molar mass cholesteric materials derived from (R)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propanoic acid
Hardy, Judith P.1993 Fluorosubstituted chiral liquid crystals derived from (R)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propan-1-ol
 1993 Novel chiral liquid crystals derived from (R)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propan-1-ol
 1994 the influence of the liquid crystalline core geometry on the mesogenicity of novel chiral 2-(4-substituted-phenoxy)propanonitriles
Hardy, Judith Penelope1993 1-Methyl-2-oxaalkoxy derivatives in thermochromic liquid-crystal compositions, and electrooptical and temperature-indicating devices and surface thermography using them
Hardy, Rommie2000 High-thermal-conductivity, mesophase-pitch-derived carbon foams: effect of precursor on structure and properties
Hardy, Roy1992 Some oxidation products of ethoxyquin including those found in autoxidising systems
Hare, F.1976 Three liquid-crystal teaching experiments
Hareb, Saeed1998 Assembly and packaging of liquid-crystal-on-silicon displays
Haremza, S.1997 Novel Polymerizable Liquid Crystals
Haremza, Sylke1999 Use of cholesteric liquid crystalline compositions as UV filters in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
 2001 Chiral 1,3-dioxanes
 2001 Chiral glucosides and their use as chiral dopants for the production of cholesteric liquid crystalline compositions
 2001 Cholesteric layered material with improved color stability and method for producing the same
 2001 Liquid - crystalline compositions
 2001 Polymerizable liquid crystals
 2002 Use of chiral, uncharged metal compounds as doping agents for liquid crystals
 2005 Bis-chelated imine-alkoxytitanium complexes: Novel chiral dopants with high helical twisting power in liquid crystals
Harenbrock, Michael1996 Electroorganic synthesis, 62. Anodic heterocoupling (mixed Kolbe electrolysis) of carbohydrate carboxylic acids with alkanoic acids to C-glycosides
Hareng, M.1971 Electrical measurements in nematic liquid crystals
 1972 Effect of an electric field on nematic liquid-crystal birefringence
 1973 Liquid crystals. Properties and applications
 1974 Electric field effects on biphenyl smectic A liquid crystals
 1975 Planar-to-homeotropic structure transition under electric field in an A-phase smectic
 1976 Table ronde: applications des smectiques
 1976 Thermal relaxation recording device on smectic liquid crystals
 1977 Light valve having smectic liquid crystals
 1978 Electric field effects in the smectic A phase
 1978 Studies on the display applications of liquid crystals. Trends
 1979 A new investigation of the acoustic imaging with nematic liquid crystals
 1979 Visualization of acoustic images with a nematic liquid crystal
 1981 Characterization of distortions induced by a flow or an electric field in nematic films using conoscopic experiments
 1981 Dielectric and hydrodynamic instabilities in certain classes of discotic mesophases
 1981 Flat smectic liquid crystal display panel
 1982 Liquid crystal light valve using bulk monocrystalline bismuth silicon oxide (Bi12SiO20) as the photoconductive material
 1982 Liquid crystal matrix display
 1982 Physical parameters of a fluid discotic mesophase
 1984 Optical switching of chiral smectic C at room temperature
 1985 Optical switching of chiral smectic C at room temperature
Hareng, Michel1971 Scattering of light by nematic liquid crystals
 1972 Image transformer made from a photoconductor layer associated with a nematic liquid crystal
 1972 Liquid crystals. Principle properties and applications
 1978 Liquid crystal flat display
 1983 The direct-view matrix-addressed smectic A LCD panel: dynamic behavior
Hargadon, Matthew T.2008 Alternating Block Copolymers Consisting of Oligo(phenylene) and Oligo(ethylene glycol) Units of Defined Length: Synthesis, Thermal Characterization, and Light-Emitting Properties
Hargis, David E.1998 Diode-pumped microlasers for display applications
Hari, Riitta1993 Magnetoencephalography-theory, instrumentation, and applications to noninvasive studies of the working human brain
Hari, U.1989 Copolymer-like structures of nitroimine dimers
Hari, Uma1990 Behavior of the anchoring strength coefficient near a structural transition at a nematic-substrate interface
 1990 Splay elasticity in an oligomeric liquid crystal
 1991 Nematic-isotropic pretransitional behavior in dimers with odd and even spacer lengths
 1992 Anchoring strength coefficient of a monomer and its dimer at a polymer-coated interface
 1992 Viscoelastic properties of a liquid-crystalline monomer and its dimer
Haridas, E.P.1994 Gray-scale characteristics in high-tilt-angle ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1995 Anisotropic surface anchoring conditions for gray-scale capability in high-tilt-angle ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Behavior of Goldstone mode in a monostable FLC cell
 1996 Switching dynamics of first order phase transition FLCs on a polymer rubbed surface
 1998 Effect of surface anchoring on electro-optical characteristics of high tilt angle (HTA) ferroelec. liq. crystal (FLC) materials
 2000 Dielectric studies of charge stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
Haridas, K.R.1995 Investigations on monotropic liquid crystalline polyurethanes based on biphenylol
 1995 Synthesis and characterization of liquid-crystalline polyesters based on biphenyl-4,4'-diol
 1997 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters
Hariguchi, Shuichi2005 Color filter with protrusion for Liquid crystal display showing excellent display quality and wide viewing angle
Hariharan, M.1974 Stereochemistry and electronic structure of low-spin, square-planar cobalt(II) chelateswith tetradentate Schiff Base ligands
Hariharan, P.1995 Achromatic phase-shifters: 2. A quantized ferroelectric liquid-crystal system
 1997 The pancharatnam phase as a strictly geometric phase: A demonstration using pure projections
Hariki, Toshio1999 Emulsifiers containing water-swellable clay minerals and quaternary ammonium salts, and emulsions containing them
 1999 Emulsifiers for water-resistant sunscreen compositions
Harilal, S.S.2004 Confinement and dynamics of laser-produced plasma expanding across a transverse magnetic field
Harima, Yutaka1997 Photoelectrolytic micelle disruption method for preparation of free patterns of pigment images
 2006 Unusual Electrochemical Response of Oligoalkylthiophene Films: Involvement of Bipolarons
Harirchian, Bijan1998 Fabric softening compositions based on nonionic surfactants
Haristoy, D.2000 Structure and photoconductive behavior of a sanidic liquid crystal
 2002 Anthracenyl – Based Liquid Crystals
 2004 Effect of counterions on the thermotropic and thermochromic properties of ionic liquid crystals
Haristoy, Denis2002 Bipolar carrier transport in a lamello-columnar mesophase of a sanidic liquid crystal
 2003 Liquid crystals containing a 2,6-disubstituted anthracene core - mesomorphism, charge transport and photochemical properties
 2003 Novel Ionic Liquid-Crystalline Compounds Bearing Oxadiazole and Pyridinium Moieties as Prospective Materials for Optoelectronic Applications
Hariz, Alex1996 Analysis of field-emitter efficiency variations with geometry
Harju, Mikael T.1998 Gas-chromatographic properties of the 209 PCB congeners on non-polar, chiral, and liquid-crystal columns
Hark, S.K.1979 Raman scattering study of fluidlike molecular dynamics in a smectic-B liquid crystal
 1981 Birefringence study of reentrant-nematic liquid crystal mixtures
 1988 Electroclinic effect above the smectic-A-smectic-C* transition
 1988 Switching response of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal in a full-wave plate geometry
Harke, M.1998 Polar ordering of smectic liquid crystals within the interfacial region
Harke, Michael1996 Microscopic ellipsometry: imaging monolayer on arbitrary reflecting supports
Harkema, S.1977 Melting behavior of aliphatic and aromatic diamides
Harkema, Sybolt1996 Thermotropic phase transitions in 5,15-bis(4-alkoxyphenyl)octaalkylporphyrins
Harkins, H.H.1924 Symmetrical dicyclohexyl hydrazine and related compounds
Harkness, B.1993 Cellulose-based chiral nematic structures
Harkness, B.R.1990 Preparation and chiroptical properties of tritylated cellulose derivatives
 1990 The chiroptical properties of a new liquid-crystalline polymer: (trityl)(pentyl)cellulose
 1990 The liquid-crystalline properties of trityl-alkyl cellulose derivatives
 1991 Chiroptical properties of 6-0-α-(1-naphthylmethyl)-2,3-di-0-pentylcellulose
 1994 Chiral nematic mesophases of lyotropic and thermotropic cellulose derivatives
 1994 Rigid-Rod Polyesters with Flexible Side Chains Based on 1,4-Dialkyl Esters of Pyromellitic Acid and 4,4'-Biphenol. 5. High-Resolution 13C NMR Studies for Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Layered Phases
 1994 Rigid-rod polyesters with flexible side chains. 4. Thermotropic behavior and phase structures in polyesters based on 1,4-dialkyl esters of pyromellitic acid and 4,4'-biphenol
 1995 Mesomorphic Behavior in Poly(diphenylsiloxane). 1. A Preliminary Examination of Diphenylsiloxane Oligomers
 1998 Mesomorphic properties of poly(diphenylsiloxane)
Harkness, Brian R.1990 Left- and right-handed chiral nematic mesophase of (trityl)(alkyl)cellulose derivatives
 1991 Rigid-rod polyesters with flexible side chains based on 1,4-dialkyl esters of pyromellitic acid. 1
 1992 Effect of temperature on the reflective properties of chiral nematic (trityl)(hexyl) cellulose films
 1992 Rigid-rod polyesters with flexible side chains based on 1,4-dialkylesters of pyromellitic acid. II. Mesogenic properties of H-Cn polyesters prepared from 1,4-dialkylesters of pyromellitic acid and hydroquinone
 1993 Rigid-rod polyesters with flexible side chains based on 1,4-dialkyl esters of pyromellitic acid. III. Charge transfer complex formation in layered mesophase of B-C16 analyzed with fluorescence spectroscopy
 1995 Mesomorphic Behavior in Poly(diphenylsiloxane). 2. An Examination of Diphenylsiloxane Oligomers
 1998 Mesomorphic Behavior in Polydiphenylsiloxane. 3. An Examination of High Molecular Weight Polydiphenylsiloxane
 1998 Rigid-Rod Polyesters with Flexible Side Chains Based on 1,4-Dialkyl Esters of Pyromellitic Acid and 4,4'-Biphenol. 7. Fluorescence Studies on Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Layered Phases over a Wide Range of Temperatures
Harkness, G.K.1998 Elimination of spatiotemporal disorder by Fourier space techniques
 2002 Computationally determined existence and stability of transverse structures. I. Periodic optical patterns
 2002 Computationally determined existence and stability of transverse structures. II. Multipeaked cavity solitons
Harkness, J.1998 A high-resolution, full-color, head-mounted ferroelectric liquid crystal-over-silicon display
Harkness, Jeffrey E.1979 An ultrasonic study of the thermotropic transition of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine
Harkness, Patricia C.2008 Assembly and trafficking of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (Review)
Harkonen, Mika1994 Melt-processable flexible liq. crystalline block copolyesterimide, its manufacture, and potential use
 1995 Multilayered polymer films and process for the preparation
Harlen, Oliver G.1999 Interfacial Tension at the Boundary Between Nematic and Isotropic Phases of a Hard Rod Solution
Harles, Lucian1998 Mesophases formation in some systems comprising blended cationic:nonionic surfactants
Harlev, Eli1996 A new method for the preparation of conductive polyaniline solutions. Application to liquid crystal devices
 1997 Flexible polymer-dispersed liquid crystal devices having transparent 'all-polymer' electrodes
 1997 Flexible polymer-dispersed liquid crystal devices having transparent all-polymer electrodes
 1997 Switching characteristics of polymer-dispersed LC devices having polymer-made transparent electrodes
Harley-Mason, John1940 Quaterphenyl. Part I. Some dihydroxy-derivatives
Harlick, P.J.E.2006 Applications of Pore-Expanded Mesoporous Silicas. 3. Triamine Silane Grafting for Enhanced CO2 Adsorption
Harlos, K.1984 Conformation and packing properties of phosphatidic acid: The crystal structure of monosodium dimyristoylphosphatidate
 1984 Interactions and space requirement of the phosphate head group of membrane lipids: The single crystal structures of a triclinic and a monoclinic form of hexadecyl-2-deoxyglycerophosphoric acid monohydrate
 1984 X-ray diffraction and calomeric studies of saturated phosphatidylethanolamine/water systems Seddon, J.M.; Cevc, G.; Harlos, K.; Kaye, R.D.; Marsh, D.
Harlow, Francis H.2002 Effects of nonuniform segment deformation on the constitutive relation of polymeric solids
Harman, Philip V.2001 Three dimensions via the Internet
Harmer, Jeffrey2002 A Pulse EPR and ENDOR Investigation of the Electronic Structure of a s-Carbon-Bonded Cobalt(IV) Corrole
Harmer, Mark A.1996 Highly oriented fibers reinforced with inorganic whiskers to improve compressive strength
Harmouch, B.1997 Liquid crystalline properties of amphiphilic D-xylose derivatives
Harmouch, Benali1997 Synthesis of O-alkyl D-xylitols with potential liquid-crystalline properties
 1997 The effect of substituent position on the liquid crystalline properties of dodecyl-D-xylitols
Harms, S.2005 Polymerizable Transition-Metal-Containing Liquid Crystals with Thermally Reactive 1,3-Diene Tails
Harmsen, N.1995 Liquid crystalline main chain polysiloxane esters and their monomers. Part I: synthesis of some di(ω-unsaturated esters) and their thermal behavior
 1998 Liquid crystalline main chain polysiloxane esters and their monomers: part II: synthesis and thermal behavior of polysiloxane esters with linear and tilted aromatic ester moieties
Harnagea, Catalin2008 Environmentally stable light emitting field effect transistors based on 2-(4-pentylstyryl)tetracene
Harnau, Ludger2002 Wetting and capillary nematization of binary hard-platelet and hard-rod fluids
 2003 Orientational phase transition and the solvation force in a nematic liquid crystal confined between inhomogeneous substrates
 2004 Bulk and interfacial properties of binary hard-platelet fluids
 2004 Colloidal hard-rod fluids near geometrically structured substrates
 2004 Depletion potential in colloidal mixtures of hard spheres and platelets
 2005 Free isotropic-nematic interfaces in fluids of charged platelike colloids
 2005 Nematic liquid crystal in contact with periodically patterned surfaces
 2005 Structure and equation of state of interaction site models for disc-shaped lamellar colloids
 2007 Inhomogeneous platelet and rod fluids
 2008 Structure and thermodynamics of platelet dispersions
 2009 Nematic liquid crystals in contact with patterned substrates
 2009 On the theory of bulk and interfacial properties of ionic liquid crystals
 2010 Phase behavior of ionic liquid crystals
Harneit, W.2006 Ordered inclusion of endohedral fullerenes N@C60 and P@C60 in a crystalline matrix
 2006 Synthesis and magnetic properties of N@C60 derivatives
Harneit, Wolfgang2002 Alignment of the endohedral fullerenes N@C60 and N@C70 in a liquid-crystal matrix
Harnesberger, Dennis1992 Automated two-dimensional phase sensing and control using phase contrast imaging
Harney, H.L.2004 Encircling an exceptional point
Harnisch, Bernd2007 Imaging spectral signature satellite instrument for the real-time identification of ground scenes with a dedicated spectral signature
Harnischfeger, P.1990 Novel Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Side Chain Polymers
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers for display applications
Harnischfeger, Peter1992 Chiral alkene-substituted aryl-2,3-epoxy alkyl ethers, liquid crystal mixtures containing them, and liquid crystal displays using the mixtures
 1992 Preparation of ferroelectric liquid-crystalline siloxanes for use in electrooptical components
Harnish, R. Shane1998 Thermodynamic Studies of Two Different Inclusion Compounds with the Same Guest: Toward a General Understanding of Melting Behavior in Binary Compounds
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 1997 Properties and application of UV-curable liquid crystals
 1997 Properties of novel UV-curable liquid crystals and their retardation films
 1997 Refractive index distribution-type polymer lens and its manufacture
 1998 Alignment and photopolymerization of UV-curable liquid crystals
 1998 Disk-like liquid crystals of transition metal complexes. Part 20. Pursuit of chemistry to directly visualize van der Waals interactions
 1998 Liquid - crystal device without polarizer and its manufacture
 1998 Liquid - crystal display device with uniform molecular orientation and large pretilt angle
 1998 Optical recording material using smectic A liquid crystals and recording device therefrom
 1998 The effect of polymer stabilization on the alignment structure of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1999 (Meth)acrylate derivative, liquid crystal composition containing it, and optically anisotropic material
 1999 Gray-scale operation of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal displays using polymer-stabilized method
 1999 Liquid crystal (meth)acrylate compound for optical anisotropic material
 1999 Liquid crystal (meth)acrylate for optical anisotropic material
Hasebe, Hiroshi (cont...)1999 Liquid crystalline composition containing vinyl ether and (meth)acrylate and optically anisotropic polymer material
 1999 Liquid-crystal (meth)acrylate compound, its composition, and optically anisotropic material using it for display
 1999 Liquid-crystalline (meth)acrylate compounds, their compositions, and optically anisotropic materials of polymers of the compositions
 1999 Liquid-crystalline composition containing (meth)acrylate and optically anisotropic material
 1999 Liquid-crystalline polymerizable composition and optically anisotropic material
 1999 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display device using ferroelectric liquid crystal and polymeric liquid crystal
 1999 Manufacture of optical isomers for use in liquid-crystal displays
 1999 Optically anisotropic film, its manufacture, and liquid crystal display device
 1999 Polymer-stabilized SSFLCD exhibiting monostable electrooptical effect with high contrast ratio and grayscale capability
 2000 Discotic liquid crystals of transition metal complexes. 25. Influence of the central metal on columnar mesomorphism and π-acceptor properties of the octa-alkoxy-substituted bis(diphenyldithiolene)metal complexes
 2000 Liquid crystal (meth)acrylate compound and liquid crystal composition and optically anisotropic compound with it
 2000 Liquid crystal (meth)acrylate compound, liquid crystal composition containing it, and optically anisotropic substance using it
 2001 Discotic liquid crystals of transition metal complexes, 31: Establishment of mesomorphism and thermochromism of bis[1,2-bis(4-n-alkoxyphenyl)ethane-1,2-dithiolene]nickel complexes
 2001 Novel Mesogenic Polymer Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Device Exhibiting V-Shaped Electrooptic Characteristics
 2001 Tranparency of Anisotropic Films Made by Polymerization of UV-Curable Liquid Crystals
 2002 Polymerizable compound, polymerizable liquid crystal composition containing the same, and optically anisotropic medium made from the composition
 2004 Fabrication and electro-optic characteristics of polymer-stabilized V-mode ferroelectric liquid crystal display and intrinsic H-V-mode ferroelectric liquid crystal displays: their application to field sequential fullcolor active matrix liquid crystal displays
 2004 Polymer-stabilized V-mode FLCDs and their application to color sequential full color LCDs
 2010 UV-Curable Liquid Crystal for a Retarder
Hasebe, Hiroshu1997 Color liquid crystal display device free of color filter and its manufacture
Hasebe, Hiroyuki2000 Non-aqueous electrolytic lithium secondary battery and its manufacture
 2000 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
 2000 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
 2000 Secondary lithium batteries using cathodes containing mixed oxides
 2000 Secondary nonaqueous-electrolyte batteries with anodes containing acrylic rubber binders
Hasebe, Katsuya2003 Dynamical model of a cooperative driving system for freeway traffic
 2004 Equivalence of linear response among extended optimal velocity models
Hasebe, Kazunori1999 Development of LCD color filter production system "Transer"
Hasebe, Keizo1998 Resist processing method and resist processing system
Hasebe, Tatsumi2004 Replaceable light valves in projector
Hasebe, Yasuhiro2009 Optically isotropic liquid crystals: physical properties and their application to LCD
Hasebe, Yoshiaki1988 Manufacture of thermosetting aromatic hydrocarbon polymers
Hasegawa, A.1993 Determination of PEG concentration in its aqueous solution using differential scanning calorimetry
Hasegawa, E.1988 Syntheses of polymerizable triacyl-type phosphocholines and their polymerized vesicles
Hasegawa, Etsuo1992 Electrooptic properties for liquid crystal phase gratings
 1992 Preparation and optical properties of a reverse-mode polymer dispersed liquid crystal film
 1994 Reliability of liquid crystal compounds: Evaluation of stability and prediction by molecular orbital calculation
 1996 Liquid crystal optical device
 1996 Low voltage-drivable liquid crystal optical device with small hysteresis
 1996 Photoactive polymers applied to advanced microelectronic devices
 1996 Thermal stability and device properties of liquid crystal compounds
 1997 Estimating dielectric anisotropy of liquid crystal compounds
 1997 Homeotropic reverse-mode polymer-liquid crystal device
 1997 Liquid crystal display device with optical modulation layer containing alicyclic polymer
 1997 Liquid crystal display device with optical modulation layer containing bis(methacryloyloxyphenyl) compound polymer
 1997 Polymer morphology and electro-optic properties of PSCT devices
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