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Hakemi, H.1990 Creation of induced nematic phase in the smectic side-chain/main-chain polymer mixtures
 1996 Differential scanning photometry (DSP): a non-destructive approach to study the morphology in PDLC films
 1996 The effect of sample geometry on the anisotropy of turbidity and elastic constants of nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Haze and opacity control in polymer dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) films with phase separation method
 1997 Haze and Opacity Control in Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC)Films with Phase Separation Method
 1997 Liquid crystalline epoxy resins in polymer dispersed liquid crystal composites
 1998 Industrial Development of Plastic PDLC: Is There a Future?
 1999 Elastic constants in dilute poly(styrene)/nematic liquid crystal solutions - effects of concentration and molecular weight
 2000 On the miscibility of liquid crystalline polymers
 2002 Synthesis and Misbibility of Some Metal-Containing Liquid Crystalline Materials for Electrooptical Applications
Hakemi, H.-A.1997 Electric, Electro-Optical and Morphological Properties of two Step Polymerization PDLC
Hakemi, H.A.1997 Phase separation in polymer dispersed liquid crystals with two different reacting monomers
Hakemi, Hassan Ali1989 Preparation and characterization of thermotropic copolyazomethines
 1989 Thermotropic copolyester, its preparation, and its use
Hakemi, Hassan-Ali1995 Metallo organo liquid crystals in a polymer matrix
 1996 Liquid crystalline epoxy resins in polymer dispersed liquid crystal composites
 1996 Polymer-stabilized liquid crystals and flexible devices thereof
 1997 Chiral anisotropic thermosetting resins in polymer-stabilized liquid crystals
 1997 High transmission polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1997 On the onset of phase separation in polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1997 Process for preparation of highly transparent polymer-dispersed liquid crystal material
 1998 Electric, electro-optical and morphological properties of two step polymerization PDLC
 1998 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals . 1: concept, preparation and materials
 1999 Liquid crystal-dispersed polymer electrooptical film having reverse morphology
 1999 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals for large area switchable windows: effect of liquid crystal loading
 2003 Electrooptical film of liquid crystal on conductive polymeric electrode and its preparation and use in liquid crystal displays
 2003 Electrooptically concealable vehicle instrument panel and method of constructing the same
Haken, K.1993 Analysis of liquid-crystal polyesters by gas chromatography and high-performance liquid chromatography after hydrolytic fusion
Haketa, Youhei2007 The unique dimer structure and columnar mesomorphism of BF2 complexes having 3,4,5-trialkoxy-substituted aryl rings
Hakim, Vincent2003 Firing-rate resonance in a generalized integrate-and-fire neuron with subthreshold resonance
Hakimi, O.2006 Ultrastructure of Insect and Spider Cocoon Silks
Hakiwara, Isao1998 Manufacturing method of optical active alcohol.
Hakkarainen, Minna1993 Liquid-crystalline behavior of some carboxylic acids
Hakobyan, Nune2008 Investigation of Transient Processes in Nematic Liquid Crystal Cells with Semiconductor Substrate, Caused by the Electric Field Applied to Semiconductor
Hakobyan, R.2004 Thermal diffractive properties of transmission gratings recorded in near infrared sensitive liquid crystal photopolymerizable materials
Hakobyan, R.S.2004 Stimulation of Convective Motions and Hydrodynamic Orientational Surface Waves in Liquid Crystals by Laser Radiation with Gaussian Cross Distribution of Intensity
 2004 Thermomechanical coupling in a cylindrical hybrid-aligned nematic liquid crystal
 2008 Director reorientation in twisted nematic liquid crystals due to thermomechanical effect
Hakobyan, Rafik S.2004 Study of the inhibition period prior to the holographic grating formation in liquid crystal photopolymerizable materials
 2006 Jump-Like Light-Induced Hydrodynamic Reorientation of LC's Caused by Direct Volume Expansion
 2006 The Theory of Light Diffraction in Thin Anisotropic Medium
 2008 Distribution of Diffraction Intensity in Diffraction Orders for Thin Anisotropic Diffraction Gratings
Hakoda, Shuzo1999 Apparatus for etching and cleaning of liquid crystal display substrates
Hakoi, H.2003 Fluctuation forces stabilizing two kinds of staircases in chiral tilted fluid smectics frustrated between ferro- and antiferro-electricity
 2003 Synclinic and anticlinic ordering in frustrated smectics
Hakoi, Hiroyuki2002 Short- and Long-Range Interactions Stabilizing Two Staircases in Smectics Frustrated Between Ferro- and Antiferro-Electricity
Hakola, Antti2006 Laser Beam Shaping using Self-Focusing in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
Hakopyan, R.S.1984 Orientational optical non-linearity near the instability of nematic liquid crystal flow over an inclined plane
Hakota, Hidetaka1999 Active matrix-type liquid crystal display generating little flickering
Haku, Hisao1997 Patterning of transparent thin film on transparent substrate by laser beam
Hakvoort, G.1998 DSC investigation of some testing and calibration compounds, particularly during cooling
Haky, J.E.1981 Evaluation of liquid crystal smectic mesophases for gas-liquid chromatographic separations
 1982 Gas chromatographic properties of mixed liquid crystal stationary phases
 1983 Supercooled liquid crystal gas chromatographic separation of the 2,4- and 2,5-xylyloxy isomers of gemfibrozil and xylenol
Hal, James E.1974 Oszillatorische Erscheinungen mit spannungsabhängigen Porenbildnern in schwarzen Lipidmembranen
Haladewicz, Zofia1975 Application of liquid crystals in display devices
Halai, Tatsunoli2009 Study on glass strength at high speed edge rounding for LCD
Halamus, T.2004 The water structure in the polymer network with LC-organisation
Halamus, Tomasz2005 Structure of Hydrogels Based on Lyotropic Phases of Cellulose Derivative as Studied by Raman Spectroscopy
Halary, J.L.1996 Local dynamics in a thermotropic terpolyester as revealed by dynamic mechanical analysis, 2H NMR, and dielectric spectroscopy
Halary, Jean-Louis2002 Cement-polymer and clay-polymer nano- and meso-composites: spotting the difference
Halasa, Adel2006 Nonquiescent Relaxation in Entangled Polymer Liquids after Step Shear
Halastanis, L.2007 Discrete X-wave-like spatio-temporal structures in one-dimensional nonlinear liquid crystal waveguide arrays
 2007 Spatiotemporal pattern formation in slab nematic liquid crystal cells
Halastanis, Lambros2006 Variational approach to spatial soliton formation in bulk nematic liquid crystal cells
Halasz, L.1998 Rheological behavior of a lamellar liquid crystalline surfactant-water system
 2004 Relationship between Optical and Rheological Properties of Polymer-Added Lamellar Liquid-Crystalline Systems
Halasz, Laszlo1997 Viscoelastic characteristics of lamellar liquid -crystal ethoxylated fatty alcohol-water systems
 1999 Rheological and structural properties of binary nonionic surfactant-water lamellar systems
Halbert, Thomas R.1975 Asymmetric decarboxylation of ethylphenylmalonic acid in a cholesteric liquid crystal solvent
 1975 Thermotropic behavior of ferrocenecarboxaldehyde and some ferrocene Schiff's base derivatives
Haldar, Kasturi2006 Lipid rafts and malaria parasite infection of erythrocytes (Review)
Haldar, S.2007 Crystal structure of a polar nematogen 4-(trans- 4-undecylcyclohexyl) isothiocyanatobenzene
 2007 X-ray diffraction and optical birefringence studies on four nematogenic difluorobenzene derivatives
 2008 X-Ray Structural Analysis in the Crystalline Phase of a Nematogenic Fluoro-Phenyl Compound
 2008 X-ray studies of the crystalline and nematic phases of 4'-(3,4,5-trifluorophenyl)-4-propylbicyclohexyl
 2009 Structural Analysis by X-Ray Diffraction of a Polar Mesogen 4-Cyanobiphenyl-4'-heptylbiphenyl Carboxylate
Haldar, Saubhik1995 Synthesis, Thermotropic Behavior, and Permeability Properties of Vesicular Membranes Composed of Cationic Mixed-Chain Surfactants
 2005 Synthesis and Self-assembly Properties of Acylated Cyclodextrins and Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA)-modified Inclusion Ligands for Interfacial Protein Crystallization
Haldar, Sripada2008 Novel synthetic route to liquid crystalline 4,4'-bis(n-alkoxy)azoxybenzenes: spectral characterisation, mesogenic behaviour and crystal structure of two new members
Halden, Brian J.1997 Enhanced polar ordering in ferroelectric liquid crystals induced by atropisomeric dopants
 1998 Ferroelectric liquid crystals induced by atropisomeric dopants. Dependence of the polarization on the nature of the smectic C host
 1999 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Induced by Atropisomeric Dopants: Dependence of the Polarization Power on the Core Structure of the Smectic C Host
Hale, Leonard G.1994 Ellipsometric measurements applied to liquid crystal display technology
 1994 Thin-film birefringent devices based on form birefringence
 1998 Gray-scale and contrast compensator for LCDs using obliquely oriented anisotropic network
Hale, Michael A.1997 Synthesis, polymorphism and electro-optic properties of a new class of ligated twin Sc* liquid crystals
 1998 Laterally Linked Liquid Crystal Dimers with Electrooptic Properties
 1999 Ferroelectric cyclic oligosiloxane liquid crystals
 1999 X-ray Diffraction and Torsional Viscosity Investigations of Laterally Linked SC* Liquid Crystal Dimers
Halenka, J.2002 Experimental and theoretical Stark broadening studies of the hydrogen Paschen ß line
Halenka, Jacek2004 Comment on "Highly nonlinear, sign-varying shift of hydrogen spectral lines in dense plasmas"
Halestrap, Andrew P.2006 The role of charged residues in the transmembrane helices of monocarboxylate transporter 1 and its ancillary protein basigin in determining plasma membrane expression and catalytic activity
Halevi, P.2000 Tunable Photonic Crystals with Semiconducting Constituents
 2002 Dipole radiation in a one-dimensional photonic crystal. II. TM polarization
Halevi, Peter2003 Two-dimensional photonic crystal infiltrated by liquid crystal: response to applied electric field
 2004 Electrical tuning of photonic crystals infilled with liquid crystals
Haley, J.1997 The effect of hydrogen bonding, molecular shape, dipole moments, and chain length on the mesomorphism of some D-glucose and D-glucosamine derivatives
 1997 The Mesomorphism of some 6-O-N-Alkyl-α-D-Galactopyranoses And 6-O-N-Alkyl-D-Galactitols
 1997 The Mesomorphism of some N-Acyl-β-D-Glycopyranosylamines And N-Acyl-2-Amino-2-Deoxy-α/β-D-Glucopyranoses
 1999 Separation and identification of stereoisomers of a tetrameric side-chain liquid crystalline cyclic siloxane
Haley, J.A.1997 N-acyl-β-D-glycopyranosylamines and 2-alkylamido-2-deoxy-α/β-D-glucopyranoses: relationship between molecular structure and mesomorphism
 1998 An homologous series of 6-O-n-alkyl-α-D-galactopyranoses: synthesis and thermotropic mesomorphic properties
 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1998 Liquid crystalline derivatives of galactose and galactitol: dependence of thermotropic mesomorphism on carbohydrate form
 1999 Synthesis and mesomorphism of 6-Z-n-alkyl-α-D-galactopyranoses
Haley, Julie1996 Achiral swallow-tailed materials with 'antiferroelectric-like' structure and their potential use in antiferroelectric mixtures
 1997 Synthesis of O-alkyl D-xylitols with potential liquid-crystalline properties
 1999 Synthesis and mesomorphism of four series of 6-Z-n-alkyl-α-D-galactopyranoses
Haley, Julie A.1995 Amphitropic liquid-crystalline properties of some novel alkyl furanosides
 1997 Substitution effects on the liquid crystalline properties of D,L-xylitol amphiphiles
 1997 The effect of substituent position on the liquid crystalline properties of dodecyl-D-xylitols
 1998 N-Acyl-β-D-glycopyranosylamines containing 1,4-disubstituted cyclohexyl and phenyl rings: mesomorphism and molecular structure relationships
 1998 Self-organization and formation of liquid crystal phases by molecular templates related to membrane components of Archaebacteria
 1998 Synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties of novel archaeal diether-type glycolipids possessing one or two furanosyl units
 1999 Diastereospecific synthesis and amphiphilic properties of new alkyl β-D-fructopyranosides
Haley, Julie Ann1996 Liquid-crystalline cyclosiloxanes
Haley, R.P.2008 Relic topological defects from brane annihilation simulated in superfluid 3He
Halfmann, Astrid2000 Laminates with layers of mesomorphic polyelectrolyte complexes
Halfon, R.1991 High resolution x-ray measurements on smectic C* liquid crystal mixtures
Halfon, Rivka1988 High-resolution x-ray measurements of the nematic-smectic-A transition in the polymeric liquid crystal P4.1 polysiloxane
Halhouli, K.1986 Density measurements in the nematic and isotropic phases of 5CB and dilute solutions of tetraethylmethane in 5CB
Halik, Marcus2004 Electron-Transport Properties and Use in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes of a Bis(dioxaborine)fluorene Derivative
 2006 Decyl-End-Capped Thiophene-Phenylene Oligomers as Organic Semiconducting Materials with Improved Oxidation Stability
Halikias, K.2003 Chemical Sensors - from Molecules, Complex Mixtures to Cells - Supramolecular Imprinting Strategies
Halim, A. Abdul2003 The effect of electrolytes in AOT/Brij 30/amyl acetate/H2O system.
Halim, Mounir2002 Interchaneable backlight
Halim, N.1997 Computer Simulation of Anisotropic Liquid: Phase Diagram for a Nematic Binary Mixture
 1998 Computer simulation studies of anisotropic systems. XXVII. Phase diagram for a nematic binary mixture
Haljas, Astrid2003 Mechanism of hypersensitive transport in tilted sharp ratchets
 2004 Anomalous mobility of Brownian particles in a tilted symmetric sawtooth potential
 2004 Colored-noise-induced discontinuous transitions in symbiotic ecosystems
Hall, A.C.1989 Flow birefringence in the L2 phase of the Aerosol OT/isooctane/water system
Hall, A.W.1992 The synthesis and liquid crystal properties of some 4-nonylphenyl esters of 3-(4'-alkoxybiphenylyl)- and 3-(4'-alkoxybiphenylyl)-3-methylpropanoic acids and their laterally fluorinated analogs
 1994 Synthesis and transition temperatures of some branched alkyloxycarbonylphenyl esters of 3-(4'-n-alkyl- and -alkoxybiphenyl-4-yl)propanoic acids and their laterally fluorinated analogs
 1994 The synthesis and properties of a series of novel side-chain liquid crystal polymers based on the Baylis-Hillman reaction
 1996 Synthesis and evaluation of a series of novel 2-substituted poly(allyl alcohol) side chain liquid crystalline oligomers exhibiting ferroelectricity
 1997 Chiral and achiral calamitic liquid crystals for display applications
 1997 Unsymmetrical Hexakis(N-Alkoxy) Mesogens: The Dependence of Mesomorphism on Molecular Shape
 1998 Molecular alignment of liquid crystals on a photosensitive polymer surface exposed to linearly polarized ultraviolet laser radiation
 1998 Unsymmetrical alkoxy-substituted triphenylenes: the dependence of mesomorphism on molecular shape
 2004 Observation of Switching in Tri-Stable Antiferroelectric Cells
 2004 Optical waveguide characterization of a tristable antiferroelectric liquid crystal cell
 2005 Chiral effects in liquid crystals
 2005 Dielectric spectroscopy of the twist grain boundary phase and smectic-like behaviour in the Isotropic Phase
 2005 Electro-Optic Response in a Racemic Smectic C Liquid Crystal
 2006 Dichroic Properties and the Molecular Tilt Angle of a Large-Tilt Angle Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Studied Using Polarized Infrared Spectroscopy
Hall, Alan1991 Difluorophenyl esters and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
Hall, Alan W.1999 Mobility of mesogenic side-chains in liquid crystalline polymers based on the Baylis-Hillmann reaction
 1999 Synthesis and molecular properties of new side-chain liquid crystalline polymers based on the Baylis-Hillman reaction
 2000 Synthesis and Molecular Properties of New Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers Based on the Baylis-Hillman Reaction
 2005 A chiral electrooptic response in a racemic liquid crystal
 2005 Effect of terminal functional group size on ferroelectric and antiferroelectric properties of liquid crystals
 2006 Examination of the interlayer strength of smectic liquid crystals through the study of partially fluorinated and branched fluorinated end-groups
 2008 Transmission and amplification of information and properties in nanostructured liquid crystals
Hall, Alan William1994 Liquid crystal polymers
 1996 The use of photoinitiated free-radical cyclopolymerization in the preparation of novel side-chain liquid-crystalline polydienes
 1997 Liquid crystal polymers and their application in pyroelectric, piezoelectric, electro-optical display devices, and recording media
 1997 Liquid crystal polymers of photopolymerized 1,4-pentadienes
 1997 Liquid crystal polymers of photopolymerized 1,5-hexadienes
 1998 Liquid crystal polymers and their uses
 1998 Novel side-chain liquid crystalline polymer architectures produced by the Wittig-Horner reaction
 2000 Photoactive propane derivatives for preparing alignment layers for liquid-crystal display devices
 2000 Preparation of liquid crystal polymers
 2002 The Photopolymerization and Cross-Linking of Electroluminescent Liquid Crystals Containing Methacrylate and Diene Photopolymerizable End Groups for Multilayer Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Hall, Allan William1997 Preparation and evaluation of novel side-chain liquid-crystalline polydienes using photoinitiated free-radical cyclopolymerization
Hall, Allen1998 Nature of adhesive bonding via interchain transesterification reactions (ITR)
Hall, Anette2008 Modeling of the Triglyceride-Rich Core in Lipoprotein Particles
Hall, C.1990 Nonionic surfactant phase behavior. The effect of CH3 capping of the terminal OH. Accurate measurements of cloud curves
 1990 The distinction between chromonic and amphiphilic lyotropic mesophases
 1991 Lyotropic liquid crystal phase formation in 1-(alkanoylmethyl amino)-1-deoxy-D-glucitols
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Hall, Carol K.2003 Exchange anisotropy and the dynamic phase transition in thin ferromagnetic Heisenberg films
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 1985 Fluorene analogs of biphenyls: comparison of mesogenic behavior
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Hall, D.M.1984 Fluorene analogues of biphenyls: comparisons of mesogenic behaviour
Hall, D.R.1980 4-(p-Methoxycinnamyloxy)-4'-methoxyazobenzene: a nematic liquid crystal for the gas-liquid chromatographic analysis of the stereochemistry of lepidopterous sex pheromones and related unsaturated fatty alcohols and derivatives
Hall, David J.2003 Using Liquid Crystals to Amplify Protein-Receptor Interactions: Design of Surfaces with Nanometer-Scale Topography that Present Histidine-Tagged Protein Receptors
Hall, Dennis R.1998 Chiral nematic liquid-crystal polarization-modulated color displays for stereoscopic viewing device
 2001 High efficiency, color coding light pipe methods for display applications, utilizing chiral Liquid crystal materials
Hall, Dirk A.1998 Optical implementation of the wavelet transform using smart pixels
Hall, E.1992 Diffusion in Liquid Crystal Polymers
 1992 Melt diffusion in model liquid crystalline polymers
 1993 Linear viscoelasticity of side chain liquid crystal polymers
 1993 The temperature dependence of nematic liquid crystalline polymer melt diffusion
 1994 Viscoelastic properties of a model main-chain liquid crystalline polyether
Hall, E.E.1995 Nematic-smectic biphase of a main-chain liquid crystalline polyether
Hall, Elizabeth1992 The investigation of melt diffusion in liquid crystalline polymers by forward recoil spectrometry (FRES)
 1993 Diffusion and melt viscosity of a main-chain liquid crystalline polyether
 1994 ESR studies of molecular dynamics of a liquid crystalline polyether
 1995 Melt diffusion in liquid crystalline polymers. Rigid rod vs. semi-rigid model systems
 1996 Gold wire bonding onto flexible polymeric substrates
 1996 Translational Diffusion in Polydisperse Polymer Samples Studied by Dynamic Imaging of Diffusion ESR
Hall, Estill2003 Polarization recycler
Hall, G.2009 High-resolution wavefront correction in multiphoton microscopy
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 1990 Exploratory studies on novel liquid crystal acrylates
 1996 Preparation of liquid crystalline polymers with monosubstituted ferrocenyl pendant groups and generation of unpaired electrons by complexation with tetracyanoethylene in the solid state
 1997 p-Methoxycarbonyloxy aromatic acids: new monomers for LCPs
 1997 Polymerization mechanism and kinetics for liquid crystal polymerization
 1999 Synthesis of thermotropic LCPs using p-methoxycarbonyloxy aromatic acids
 2000 LCP aromatic polyesters by esterolysis melt polymerization
 2005 Analysis of All-Aromatic Polyesters by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
 2006 Resequencing of Comonomer Units of Well-Defined Vectra Oligomers during MALDI-TOF Mass Spectral Measurements
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Hall, J.E.1990 Dual capillary column supercritical fluid chromatography
Hall, Jeffrey E.2001 Simultaneous Near-Field Optical Birefringence and Fluorescence Contrast Applied to the Study of Dye-Doped Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
 2003 Exploring the Photorefractive Effect in Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals Using Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy
 2004 Enhanced Photorefractivity from Ion-Doped Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
 2005 Exploring Dynamics in Photorefractive Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals Using Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy
 2005 Optical Microscopy Studies of Dynamics within Individual Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal Droplets
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 2006 Distribution of Coexisting Solid and Fluid Phases Alters the Kinetics of Collapse from Phospholipid Monolayers
Hall, T.A.2004 Fast electron heating of a solid target in ultrahigh-intensity laser pulse interaction
 2004 Generation of a double shock driven by laser
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Hallam, B.T.1999 Quantification of the azimuthal anchoring of a homogeneously aligned nematic liquid crystal using fully-leaky guided modes
 1999 Quantification of the surface- and bulk-order parameters of a homogeneously aligned nematic liquid crystal using fully leaky guided modes
 2000 Groove depth dependence of the anchoring strength of a zero order grating-aligned liquid crystal
 2000 Optically guided mode study of nematic liquid crystal alignment on a zero-order grating
 2000 Quantifying azimuthal anchoring of nematics using in-plane fields and fully-leaky guided modes
Hallas, Geoffrey1977 Dichroic azo dyes
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 1987 Theory of intramolecular spin relaxation by translational diffusion in locally ordered fluids. III. Cylindrical interfaces
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 1991 Theory of spin relaxation by diffusion on curved surfaces
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 1992 Director fluctuations and nuclear-spin relaxation in lyotropic nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Micelle size and order in lyotropic nematic phases from nuclear spin relaxation
 1992 Microstructure in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals from Nuclear Spin Relaxation
 1992 Multiple quantum NMR spectroscopy on I > 1 nuclei in anisotropic systems
 1992 Theory of spin relaxation in bicontinuous cubic liquid crystals
Halle, Bertil (cont...)1993 Curvature defects in a lamellar phase revealed by nuclear-spin-relaxation anisotropy
 1993 Group theoretical analysis of nuclear spin relaxation in liquid crystals and molecular solids
 1993 Microstructure and dynamics in lyotropic liquid crystals: principles and applications of nuclear spin relaxation
 1994 Magnetic-field induced biaxiality in nematic liquid crystals. Consequences for nuclear spin relaxation
 1994 Surface forces, undulating bilayers, and nuclear-spin relaxation
 1995 Micelle size and orientational order across the nematic-isotropic transition: a field-dependent nuclear-spin-relaxation study
 1995 Molecular segregation and aggregate shape in a lyotropic rectangular phase
 1996 Orientational order and micelle size in the nematic phase of the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate-water system from the anisotropic self-diffusion of water
 1997 Diffusion in a fluctuating random geometry
 1997 Fluid Membrane Interactions Probed by Nuclear Spin Relaxation
 1997 Orientational correlations and spin relaxation in lamellar fluid membrane phases
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 1997 Spin relaxation by diffusion on biaxial rods
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