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April, Ernest W.1983 The planar deformation behavior of skinned striated muscle fibers
 1984 Donnan potentials from striated muscle liquid crystals. A-band and I-band measurements
 1985 Donnan potentials from striated muscle liquid crystals. Sarcomere length dependence
Aprille, June R.1991 Denaturing gradient gel method for mapping single base changes in human mitochondrial DNA
 1994 Identification of human mitochondrial DNA fragments corresponding to the genes for ATPase, cytochrome c oxidase, and nine tRNAs in a denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis system
Apte, Paul2000 Flexible processing of large scale LCD panels using scanner-deflected UV-laser radiation
Apte, R.2004 All jet-printed polymer thin-film transistor active-matrix backplanes
Apte, Raj B.2000 Matrix-addressed x-ray detector arrays
Apter, B.2006 Recent studies in LC devices and technology
 2007 Computer simulation of liquid crystal spatial light modulator based on surface plasmon resonance
 2009 Fast surface plasmon-polariton-based optical phase modulator
Apter, Boris2001 LC-based subwavelength diffractive optical element structures for optical cross-connect applications
 2001 LC-beam steering device based on subwavelength diffractive optical element structure
 2005 Electro-optical wide-angle beam deflection based on transversal-field-induced refractive inhomogeneity in a liquid crystal layer
 2005 Studies of fringing field effects in liquid crystal beam-steering devices
Apuzzo, Giuseppe1993 Dependence of flow behavior of nematics in shear on the form of the mean-field potential
Aqad, Emad2006 Self-assembly of semifluorinated dendrons attached to electron-donor groups mediates their π-stacking via a helical pyramidal column
 2007 Self-assembly of semifluorinated minidendrons attached to electron-acceptor groups into pyramidal columns
Aqua, J.-N.2003 Dipolar effective interaction in a fluid of charged spheres near a dielectric plate
 2004 Charge renormalization and other exact coupling corrections to the dipolar effective interaction in an electrolyte near a dielectric wall
Aquilera, C.1984 Thermotropic liquid crystalline bimesogenic molecules with highly flexible oligosiloxane spacer
Aquino, Gerardo2003 Generalized master equation via aging continuous-time random walks
 2004 Aging and rejuvenation with fractional derivatives
Aquino, Manuel A.S.1998 Diruthenium and diosmium tetracarboxylates: synthesis, physical properties and applications
 1998 Evidence for room temperature mesomorphism in a mixed-valent diruthenium(II, III) quintapalmitoleate polymer
Ara, M.H. Majles2008 Characterization of Optical Nonlinearity in Dye-Doped Nematic Liquid Crystal and the Effect of AC Voltage on Its Behavior
 2008 The effects of external applied voltage on the nonlinear optical properties of a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal by using a single beam
Ara, Masato2007 Preparation of Nanogap Electrodes of Silicon by Chemical Etching
 2007 Study on Charge Transport through a Molecule-Silicon Junction by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Araake, Norihisa2002 Molecular Recognition in the Smectic A Phase of Non-Symmetric Dimeric Liquid Crystals
 2003 Molecular organization by head to tail recognition for polar liquid crystals
Arabia, G.1989 Electrooptic properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1989 Optical nonlinearities induced by thermal effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 Water ordering in a MTAB/decanol/water lyotropic system
 1992 Electrical Properties of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals
 1994 Influence of the phase separation mechanism of polymer dispersed liquid crystalline materials
Arabia, Giulia1990 Nonlinear optical effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Arachchige, Indika U.2009 Expanding the Repertoire of Chalcogenide Nanocrystal Networks: Ag2Se Gels and Aerogels by Cation Exchange Reactions
Arad, Talmon1994 Supercoiling-Regulated Liquid-Crystalline Packaging of Topologically-Constrained, Nucleosome-Free DNA Molecules
 1995 Electron microscopy studies of amphiphilic self-assemblies on vitreous ice
Arafat, Ahmed2009 Covalent Attachment of Bent-Core Mesogens to Silicon Surfaces
Arafune, R.1996 Determination of molecular orientation of very thin rubbed and unrubbed polyimide films
 1996 Pretilt angles of liquid crystals in contact with rubbed polyimide films with different chain inclinations
 1997 23rd Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 1997 Correlation between the pretilt angle of liquid crystal and the inclination angle of the polyimide backbone structure
 1998 Importance of rubbing-induced inclination of polyimide backbone structures for determination of the pretilt angle of liquid crystals
 2001 Effect of a Cleaning Treatment on the Orientational Distribution of Polyimide Backbone Structures in Rubbed Films and on the Pretilt Angle of Liquid Crystals
Arafune, Ryuichi1994 Molecular orientation of rubbed and unrubbed polyimide films determined by polarized infrared absorption
 1997 Orientation of the backbone structure of polyimide with alkyl side-chains: determination by infrared absorption spectroscopy
 1998 Interpretation of polyimide membrane orientation rubbed by polarized infrared absorption spectrography
 1999 A model of inclined orientation of polyimide backbone structures in rubbed films
 1999 Determination of the molecular orientation of very thin films on solid substrates: surface liquid crystal layers and rubbed polyimide films
 1999 Dichroism of a Polyimide Chain for Ultraviolet Light
 1999 Molecular orientation of liquid crystal monolayers on polyimide films exposed to linearly polarized UV light
 2000 Relation between the molecular orientations of a very thin liquid crystal layer and an underlying rubbed polyimide film
Aragane, Jun1999 Adhesives for batteries, the batteries, and manufacture of the batteries
 1999 Electrodes for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries and the batteries
 1999 Electrodes, their manufacture, and batteries using the electrodes
 1999 Manufacture of secondary lithium ion batteries
Aragon, E.1998 Synthesis of thermotropic biphenyl- and hydroquinone bisbenzoate-type polyesters with thioether spacers
Arai, Akio1995 Apparatus for anodization of pattern on liquid crystal substrate
 1996 Manufacturing method of active matrix liquid crystal display
Arai, Akira2000 Magnet powders and isotropic rare-earth bonded magnets with high magnetic flux density
Arai, Daisuke1997 Liquid crystal display for bright projection display without temperature rising
 1997 Microlens arrays with high numerical aperture for liquid crystal displays with improved brightness
 1999 Fabrication of an electrode array pattern for a transparent conductive film
 2001 Substrate for liquid crystal display element
Arai, H.1981 Improved temperature coefficient of threshold voltage in twisted nematic liquid crystals
Arai, Hidehiko1989 Complexities in the structure of ferroelectric liquid crystal cells. The chevron structure and twisted states
Arai, Hiroko1970 Suitable condition for microencapsulation of liquid crystals
 1972 Photographic sensitive element having liquid crystal core
Arai, I.1985 11th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Kanazawa
Arai, Iwao1986 Liquid crystal compounds, their preparation and liquid crystal compositions
Arai, Juko1993 Cosmetics containing solid fluorinated aromatic compounds
 1993 Gel ointments containing liquid fluorocarbons
 1993 Low-refractive-index and heat-resistant resins
 1993 Lubricating oil compositions for gears
 1993 Preparation of liquid fluorocarbons and infusion fluids containing them as oxygen carriers
 1993 Substitute for vitreous body
Arai, Jun1998 Real-time three-dimensional pickup and display system based on integral photography
 2003 Integral three-dimensional television based on superhigh-definition video system
 2006 Imaging properties of microlens arrays for integral imaging system
Arai, Junichi2000 Photosensitive paste composition for calcining and structure and substrate made from the same
Arai, K.1997 23rd Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 1997 Application of liquid crystal theory to the estimation of mesophase pitch phase-transition behavior
 1998 Photonic and Electronic Applications of Mesoscopic Polymer Assemblies
 2002 Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Side-Chain Type Liquid Crystalline Polymers Containing Carbazolyl Group
Arai, Kaoru1995 Color resin pattern formation for liquid crystal display color filter
 1995 Liquid crystal display device and manufacture thereof
 1995 Manufacture of color filter substrate for liquid crystal display
 1997 Color liquid - crystal display device
 1998 Manufacture of liquid crystal display panel
Arai, Katsuhiko1998 Thermal properties of fiber-filled liquid crystalline polymers
Arai, Katsumi1998 Circuit board for liquid crystal display panel and manufacture thereof
 1999 Liquid crystal display device having polyimide alignment film
Arai, Kayo1999 Batteries
Arai, Kazuo1990 Substrates having alignment layers for liquid-crystal display devices, and a method and apparatus for preparing the alignment layers
Arai, Kazutaka1987 Phenyl biphenylcarboxylate derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1988 2-Phenoxypropanol alkyl ether biphenyl derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions therefrom
 1988 Liquid crystalline biphenyl compounds
 1988 Liquid-crystalline naphthyl biphenylcarboxylate derivatives
 1988 Optically active liquid crystal compound
 1988 Optically active polymer and liquid-crystal composition containing it
 1988 Optically-active 2-phenoxypropionate esters as intermediates for drugs, agrochemicals, and liquid crystals
 1989 Benzoate ester derivatives as liquid crystals
 1989 Biphenyloxypropionate ester derivatives as liquid crystals
 1989 Biphenyloxypropionate ester derivatives as liquid crystals
Arai, Kazuyoshi1996 Color liquid crystal display with improved liquid crystal orientations
 2003 Silicate glass compositions with high durability to halogenated gas or plasma for use in semiconductor and liquid crystal display manufacture
Arai, Kazuyuki2000 Thin film transistor (THF) array substrate for liquid crystal display device and method for manufacture thereof
Arai, Keiichiro2005 Fabrication of Liquid Crystal Polymer Films and Their Passivation Effect for Organic Devices
Arai, Keiji1996 Photo exposure apparatus with liquid-crystal optical switching devices
Arai, Kenichi2004 Deterministic stochastic resonance in a Rössler oscillator
Arai, Kenichiro1989 Cellulose chemistry
 1990 Effect of DP (degree of polymerization) of cellulose backbone on liquid crystalline phase of cellulose p-phenylazobenzoate
 1990 Photoregulation of liquid crystalline phase of cellulose containing azobenzene moiety
 1992 Liquid-crystalline phase-formation behavior of cellulose cinnamate
 1995 Changes in the sol-gel transformation behavior of azobenzene moiety-containing methyl cellulose irradiated with UV light
Arai, Kenji1996 Secondary nonaqueous electrolyte batteries and anodes for the batteries
 1996 Secondary nonaqueous electrolyte batteries and their anodes
Arai, Kenji I.2002 Two-domain texture obtained in FLC cell showing V-shaped switching and surface electroclinic effect
Arai, Koji2004 Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Side-Chain Type Liquid Crystalline Polymers Containing Carbazolyl Group
Arai, Kunihiko1983 Laser-addressed liquid crystal light valve with dichroic dye added as a laser beam absorber
Arai, Kunio1979 Visualization of temperature distribution in an agitated fluid by use of liquid crystals
 1981 Heat transfer and temperature distributions in an agitated tank equipped with helical ribbon impeller
 1982 Effects of geometrical variables of helical ribbon impellers on mixing of highly viscous Newtonian liquids
 1990 Modification of coal tar pitch for carbonaceous material by using supercritical fluid
 1990 Modification of the carbonization properties of coal-tar pitch by supercritical fluid extraction
Arai, M.1984 Pressure-volume-temperature relation of liquid crystals and the effect of molecular rigidity on the nematic-isotropic phase transition
Arai, Makoto1977 NMR Study of the Time Dependent Dipolar Splitting of Methylene Chloride Protons in Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate)
 1996 Liquid crystal display panel
 1996 Liquid crystal display panel and manufacture thereof
 1996 Liquid crystal display panel with wide viewing angle and its manufacture without forming disclination lines
 1999 Liquid crystal display panel and manufacture of the same
 1999 Nickel-based black matrix (BM) film and manufacture of the film
 2000 Black matrix film made from zinc or indium for liquid crystal display and method for manufacture thereof
Arai, Masaharu1996 Nematic liquid-crystal compositions containing benzotriazole UV absorbers and antioxidants
Arai, Masahiko1993 Nickel-containing catalysts for preparation of synthetic gasoline from 2-propanol
Arai, Masatoshi1996 Manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal display
 1996 Manufacture of color filter for liquid crystal display device by using printing method and apparatus therefor
 2000 Substrate having liquid crystal orientation-controlling film and its manufacture
Arai, Masatsugu1999 Plasma processing device with improved cleaning efficiency
Arai, Masayuki1999 Manufacture of multiblock copolymers for liquid crystal display orientation films
Arai, Minoru2003 Copolymers of Thiophene and Thiazole. Regioregulation in Synthesis, Stacking Structure, and Optical Properties
Arai, Mitsuo1978 Studies on the crystallization of silk fibroin. I. Crystallization in L-alanine-L-leucine(2:1) copolymer-chloroform system
Arai, Motonao1990 Small liquid-crystal display device for projection
Arai, Naoki1969 Melting behavior and morphology of drawn nylon 6
 1969 Studies on the melting behavior of nylon 6
Arai, Noboru1996 Liquid crystal display device and pressure-sensitive adhesive for it
Arai, Norihiro1998 Liquid crystal display with carbon black-based light-blocking film
Arai, Noriyuki1999 Aromatic polysulfone compositions and their moldings
Arai, S.1997 Dynamics and phase behavior of a supermacromolecular suspension under a magnetic field studied by time-resolved X-ray scattering
 2003 Observation of Four-Phase Lamellar Structure from a Tetrablock Quarterpolymer of the ABCD Type
Arai, Sadao2006 Self-assemble of amphiphilic benzoquinolizinium salts with long-chain alkyloxy groups
Arai, Shigeki1998 Characteristics of thermotropic phase transition of glycosphingolipid (ganglioside) aggregates in aqueous solution
Arai, Soichi1984 Phase behavior of enzymically modified proteins in concentrated aqueous systems
Arai, Susumu1998 Conductive laminating film for film liquid crystal display
 1998 Electrically conductive laminated film for liquid crystal display device
 1998 Electrically conductive laminated films with flexibility and toughness
 1998 Manufacture of heat-resistant thermoplastic optical films
 1999 Electrically conductive and transparent films with good gas impermeability, impact resistance, and flexibility
 2000 Production method for thermoplastic polymer sheet and optical sheet
Arai, T.1998 Aluminum-based gate structure for active-matrix liquid crystal displays
Arai, Tadashi1977 N-(4-Alkoxybenzylidene)-4'-alkylanilines
 1986 Nitro group-containing compounds and liquid crystal compositions
 1987 Benzyloxypyridinecarboxylate derivatives for liquid crystal compositions and optical switching devices
 1987 Liquid crystals, compositions, and optical switch
 1987 Liquid-crystal compositions for optical switching devices
 1987 Liquid-crystal compositions for optical switching devices
Arai, Taisuke1998 Flat-projection or -lenticular microlens with excellent yellowing-and crack resistance
 1998 Heat-resistant plate microlense
 1998 Manufacture of microlens array plates
Arai, Takahito2002 Resonant interaction of modulational instability with a periodic soliton in the Davey-Stewartson equation
Arai, Takayuki1999 Side light-type surface light source for liquid crystal display
 2003 Electronic component having a Liquid crystal display and holding a built-in battery
Arai, Takeshi1994 Structural relaxation in glassy phase of C60
Arai, Tomio1984 Carbonaceous pitch, and its use to make carbon fibers
 1986 Manufacture of pitch useful for carbon fiber feedstock
 1986 Method for continuous manufacture of mesophase pitch for carbon fiber precursor
 1988 Manufacture of thermosetting aromatic hydrocarbon polymers
Arai, Tomoyoshi1996 Surface emitting light source
Arai, Toshiaki1997 Thin-film transistor array substrate with anodized gate electrode and gate line and its manufacture
 1999 Al-based sputter-deposited films for large liquid-crystal-display
 1999 Anodic oxidation of Al gate line for liquid crystal displays
 2001 Mo-capped Al–Nd alloy for both gate and data bus lines of liquid crystal displays
Arai, Toshihiko1978 Characteristics of the light transmitted through a nematic liquid crystal cell
 1994 Plasma parameters in low-pressure Ar-Hg discharge plasma used for liquid crystal display back-lighting
 1995 Mercury ion density in low-pressure Ar-Hg discharge plasma used for liquid crystal display backlighting
 1996 Electron density and ion densities in the low-pressure Ar-Hg plasma used for liquid crystal display back lighting
 1996 Hg metastable atom density in low-pressure Ar-Hg discharge plasma used for liquid crystal display back-lighting
 2000 Plasma parameters in mercury lamp used for liquid crystal display backlighting
 2007 Study of Electrode Materials in Liquid Crystal Display Backlighting Lamp Systems
 2008 Secondary Electron Emission Properties of MgO for Liquid Crystal Display Backlighting Electrodes
Arai, Y.1993 A novel method for measuring direct compressive properties of carbon fibers using a micro-mechanical compression tester
 1995 Pitch-based carbon fibers derived from thermoset fibers oxidized with Cl2 containing air
Arai, Yasuyuki1996 Active matrix liquid crystal display device from flexible substrates
 1996 Liquid crystal display with improved reliability and durability
 1996 Manufacture of display device with small driving circuit
 2002 Method of forming an organic semiconductor film for use in organic thin film transistors
 2004 Design and fabrication of a thin light weight liquid crystal display for portable electronic appliance that uses LED device
Arai, Yoji1999 Flat plate light source, luminescent device with it, and liquid crystal display device with it
 1999 Rare-gas discharge lamps and illumination apparatus and liquid-crystal displays using them
 2000 Flat-type light source, information-processing apparatus, and liquid crystal display
Arai, Yoshi1976 Nematic liquid crystal composition
 1977 4-Acyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1986 Liquid crystalline compounds having substituents
 1987 Optically active carboxylic acid derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
Arai, Yoshihiro1995 Electrode film for liquid crystal display panels
 1995 Electrode film for liquid-crystal display panels
 1995 Electrode polymer film for liquid crystal display
 1996 Liquid crystal display device
Arai, Yoshihisa1991 Liquid-crystal compounds and display devices containing them
 1992 Antiferroelectric liquid-crystal composition and display device using it
 1992 Liquid - crystal compound and display device using it
 1992 Liquid-crystal compound and display device
 1992 Optically active 1-methylundecyl compounds as liquid crystal compositions
 1992 Optically active alcohols, their preparation, and liquid-crystal compounds prepared from them
 1993 Phenylpyrimidinecarboxylate derivative antiferroelectric liquid crystals and display devices containing them
 1994 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal and display device using it
 1994 Antiferroelectric liquid-crystal composition and display device
Arai, Yoshito1990 In-situ observation experiment of solidification process using MASER (Material Science Experiment Rocket)
Arai, Youichiro2002 Vesicles formation of double-chain cationic surfactants with different chain-lengths in deep sea water
Arai, Yousuke2001 Phase Behavior and Thermal Properties for Binary Blends of Compositionally Fractionated Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxypropionate)s with Different Comonomer Composition
Arai, Yujin1991 High-resolution observation of surface charge distribution profiles by electrooptic effect on twisted nematic liquid crystal
Arai, Yuko2005 Stimuli-responsive nematic gels
Arai, Yuko O.2004 Kinetics of Volume Phase Transition in Nematic Gels Coupled with Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition
 2005 Anisotropic Swelling and Phase Behavior of Monodomain Nematic Networks in Nematogenic Solvents
 2005 Volume Phase Transition of Monodomain Nematic Polymer Networks in Isotropic Solvents Accompanied by Anisotropic Shape Variation
 2006 Swelling and Shrinking Dynamics of Nematic Elastomers Having Global Director Orientation
Arai, Yushi1992 Ferroelectric liquid crystal cell capable of tone display
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal electrooptical imaging device
 1992 Manufacture of films with protrusions
Arai, Yutaka1988 Method for filtration of mesophase pitch
 1989 Filtration of viscous molten pitch under constant pressure
 1989 Manufacture of pitch fibers
 1989 Separation of pitch mesophase
 1990 Finishing pitch precursors for manufacture of carbon fibers with improved physical properties
 1990 Manufacture of carbon fibers from mesophase pitch
 1990 Manufacture of mesophase-pitch carbon fiber and spinning nozzles
 1991 Graphite fibers with increased surface area
 1991 Manufacture of carbon or graphite fibers from mesophase pitch
 1991 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
 1991 Manufacture of pitch-based hollow carbon or graphite fibers
 1992 Determination of Solid Impurities in Mesophase Pitch by a Filtration Model of a Binary-Mixture Cake
 1992 Manufacture of lightweight pitch-based carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
 1993 Effect of spinning conditions on structures of pitch-based carbon fiber
 1993 Surface treatment of carbon fibers for improved adhesion to matrix resins
 1994 Apparatus for melt spinning pitch fibers with reduced yarn breakage
 1994 Apparatus for melt spinning pitch precursor fibers in large quantities
 1994 Manufacture of carbon or graphite fibers from mesophase pitch in high productivity
 1994 Manufacture of graphite fibers for prepregs
 1994 Manufacture of mesophase pitch carbon or graphite fibers in large quantities by rapid process
Arai, Yutaka (cont...)1994 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon or graphite multifilaments with fine diameter and spinnerets for spinning their precursors
 1994 Pitch-based carbon or graphite fiber bundles of fine multifilaments for composites
 1994 Pitch-based carbon or graphite fiber-reinforced thermosetting resin unidirectional prepregs with low basis weight and good surface uniformity
 1995 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon or graphite fibers with high compressive strength
 1995 Preparation of metal-containing polycyclic aromatic polymers and their conversion to inorganic fibers
 1996 Manufacture of thin carbon fibers with high thermal conductivity
 1998 Manufacture of mesophase pitch-based carbon or graphite fibers with high tensile modulus and compressive strength
 1998 Production method of pitch carbon fiber for reinforcing material
 2000 Manufacture of electron emitter, electron source, and image formation apparatus
 2000 Manufacture of mesophase pitch carbon fibers for composites with improved softness and bendability by heat-treating the precursor fibers under inert gases containing nitrogen dioxide and oxygen in a two-step infusibilization process and carbon fibers, prepregs and fiber-reinforced moldings therefrom
 2000 Manufacture of surface conductive electron emitter, electron source, and image formation apparatus
Araiso, T.1990 Analysis for the molecular motion of phospholipid bilayer with picosecond fluorometry
Araiso, Tsunehisa1990 Dynamic Microstructure of Plasma and Mitochondrial Membranes from Bullfrog Myocardium-A Nanosecond Time-Resolved Fluorometric Study
 1995 Fluidity of Glycerol Skeletal Region in Phospholipid Bilayers:A Time-Resolved Fluorescence Depolarization Study
Arakaki, Shiho2006 Preparation of Micropatterned Organic Light Emitting Diodes by Self-Organization
Arakawa, Fumihiro1995 Diffusing film for liquid-crystal display
 1995 Light-scattering plastic films for liquid crystal display devices
 1996 Optical design of diffuser film for the edge type backlight-system
 1997 Light reflecting plates and their manufacture
 1997 Polarization reflector of liquid crystal display device
 1999 Lens film, flat light source, and liquid crystal display
 1999 Lens film, surface light source and liquid crystal display
 1999 Light diffusion film for polarizer of liquid crystal display and process for manufacture thereof
 2003 Backlight device and Liquid crystal display device
Arakawa, Hiroshi2005 Synthesis of High Surface Area Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles by Mixed Surfactant-Mediated Approach
Arakawa, Hitoshi2007 On the Similarity and Difference of Molecular Structure and Packing Between Organopolysilanes with Symmetric and Asymmetric Side-Chains
Arakawa, K.2001 Highly Thermostable Liposome from 72-Membered Macrocyclic Tetraether Lipid: Importance of 72-Membered Lipid for Archaea to Thrive under Hyperthermal Environments
Arakawa, Kenji1998 Synthesis of macrocyclic phosphates as models of archaeal membrane lipids. Monolayer and bilayer studies
 2000 Membrane properties of archaeal macrocyclic diether phospholipids
Arakawa, Kimihira2000 Phase-difference plate and elliptic polarizer plate
Arakawa, Kohei1992 Heat-resistant phase difference film and liquid-crystal display device with large viewing angle
 1992 Liquid-crystal electrooptical imaging device
 1992 Phase shifting film and liquid crystal display using same
 1994 Manufacture of retardation films for liquid-crystal display devices
 1995 Manufacture of optical anisotropic element for liquid-crystal display element
 1995 Manufacture of optically anisotropic element by shear deformation and liquid crystal display using the element
 1995 Optical compensator sheet and STN-liquid crystal display devices using it for improving contrast and wide-viewing-angles
 1995 Optical compensator, its manufacture, and liquid crystal display using it for improving wide-viewing angles
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device having negative uniaxial anisotropic film with inclined optical axis and protective films
 1996 Manufacture optical compensation sheet and apparatus therefor
 1996 Optical compensation sheet, manufacture thereof, and liquid crystal display device using same
 1997 Liquid crystal display with improved wide-viewing-angles
 2007 Influence of protection film for VA mode with circular polarizing plate
 2007 Novel Optical Configuration of VA mode with circular polarizing plate
Arakawa, Kouhei2005 Application of ZeonorFilm used in retardation film
 2006 Key products development based on cyclo olefin polymer for LCD-TV
Arakawa, M.1982 8th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Niigata
Arakawa, Masahiko1993 Chemical synthesis and properties of an oligodeoxyribonucleotide containing a 2-deoxyribosylformamide residue
Arakawa, Masahiro1999 Hydrogen absorbing alloy anode materials for nickel/hydrogen batteries, manufacture of the anode materials, and hydrogen absorbing alloy anodes
Arakawa, Motohiro1997 Carbon black, resin compositions, and black matrixes for color filters
 2000 Alkali-developable light-sensitive resin composition forming tack-free film
Arakawa, Ryusuke2007 Highly Photosensitive Surface Relief Gratings Formation in a Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene Polymer: New Implications for the Migration Process
Arakawa, Satoshi1998 Electronic equipment containing liquid crystal display
 1999 Treatment of toxic gases
Arakawa, Seiichi1989 Ferroelectric liquid crystal with a fluorine atom on an asymmetric carbon atom
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions
 1990 Optically active 2-fluoroalkanoic acid esters and ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1991 Synthesis of fluorine-containing ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Optically active fluorobiphenyl compounds and ferroelectric liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1996 Preparation of optically-active fluorine-containing biphenyl compounds as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Novel liquid crystal mixtures for a surface-stabilized ferroelectric LCD
 1998 Guest-host liquid crystal display and guest-host liquid crystal composition
 1998 Guest-host type liquid crystal display
 1998 Low-voltage drive guest-host liquid crystal display
 2001 Reflection type Liquid crystal display device in which pixel electrodes have surface irregularities due to disposal over switching elements
Arakawa, T.1970 Melting of paracrystals
Arakawa, Tamio1969 Melting behavior and morphology of drawn nylon 6
 1969 Studies on the melting behavior of nylon 6
Arakelian, S.M.1981 Laser-induced diffraction rings from a nematic liquid crystal film
 1981 Optical-field-induced birefringence and Freedericksz transition in a nematic liquid crystal
 1982 Strong optical diffraction in a nematic liquid crystal with high nonlinearity
 1983 Highly nonlinear optical effects in liquid crystals
 1986 Excitation of nonlinear surface electromagnetic waves in the prism-metal film-nematic liquid crystal system
 1986 Observation of magnetic-field-induced first-order optical Freedericksz transition in a nematic film
 1989 Light-induced modulated structures, intrinsic optical multistability and instabilities for the competitive wave interactions in liquid crystals
 1990 Large-aperture compression of picosecond laser pulses and bandwidth-limited radiation arising in a spatially periodic medium: theory and experiment
 1990 Optical bistability due to nonlinear resonance in thin surface transition layer of the ATR system
 1990 Progress in linear optics, nonlinear optics and surface alignment of liquid crystals
 1993 All-optical excitation of dynamic spatial structures and hydrodynamic flows in a oriented anisotropic liquid with long-range interactions by a single-mode laser beam; theory and experiment
 1993 Observation of light-induced hydrodynamic instabilities in a nematic liquid crystal for a single-mode laser beam
 1993 Photon statistics, classical and quantum fluctuations of scattered light in an optical anisotropic (ordered) liquid
 1994 Stochastic processes in a nonlinear Kerr-like ordered liquid. Light-induced multidimensional structures and instabilities
 1995 3D-structures and laser-induced dynamic self-organization processes in an organic medium with a long range interaction
 1996 Self-induced oscillations and asymmetry of the light angular spectrum in a dye doped nematic
 1997 Laser - induced instabilities in anisotropic liquids
 1998 Quantum Stochasticity in the Stokes Parameters of Light, Polarization, Switching and Procedure of Nondemolition Measurements of Distributed Feedback Systems
 2002 Quantum limit for observation of self-switching effect of light in nonlinear spatially inhomogeneous optical system
Arakelian, Sergei M.1991 Laser-induced phase transitions in liquid crystals and distributed feedback-fluctuations, energy exchange and instabilities; squeezed polarized states and intensity correlations
Arakelyan, A.G.2004 Excitation of convective motions and surface hydrodynamic soliton-type waves in liquid crystals by a Gaussian laser beam
 2004 Stimulation of Convective Motions and Hydrodynamic Orientational Surface Waves in Liquid Crystals by Laser Radiation with Gaussian Cross Distribution of Intensity
Arakelyan, A.O.2004 Interface effects on semiconductor-liquid crystal structure
Arakelyan, Artsrun H.2006 The Influence of Interface Controlled Effects on the Processes in Semiconductor-Liquid Crystal Structures
Arakelyan, S.M.1975 Laser interferometric measurement of the turbulence time of liquid crystals
 1977 Efficiency of nonlinear radiation conversion by phase-matched third harmonic generation in a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1977 Spatial coherence of laser radiation transmitted by a liquid crystal near its phase transition to the isotropic liquid state
 1978 Generation of second harmonic in liquid crystals; symmetry of molecules and macroscopic nonlinearity
 1978 Thermal excitation of preferred orientation of cylindrical domains in a nematic liquid crystal
 1980 Generation of the second harmonic in a nematic liquid crystal
 1980 Nonlinear optics of liquid crystals
 1980 Optical characteristics of a layer of cholesteric liquid crystal between dielectric plates of finite thickness and analysis for a filled Fabry-Perot resonator
 1980 Strong effects of nonlinear optical activity in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal
 1981 Fabry-Perot interferometer with a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1981 Fluctuations in a nematic liquid crystal in light scattering experiments; a correlation at the phase transition temperature to an isotropic liquid
 1981 Non-centrosymmetry of nematic liquid crystals; manifestation in experiments on generation of the second optical harmonic
 1981 Passage of light through a cholesteric liquid crystal in a three-layer plate
 1981 Second harmonic generation in nematic liquid crystals: effect of molecular symmetry, nonlinear susceptibility and phase-matching
 1982 Adiabatic and nonadiabatic distortions of modulated structures induced by a laser field in nematic liquid crystals
 1982 Ordering and transparency of nematic liquid crystals; experimental observation of the reorientation of molecules in a laser field; light-induced stabilization of fluctuations
 1982 Orientation effects in the mesophase in a short-laser-impulse field; accumulation of nonlinearity
 1982 Orientational optical effects in the mesophase: threshold reorientation during nonadiabatic deformations. Accumulation of nonlinearity
 1982 Strong four-wave interaction accompanied by a wave-front reversal in a nematic liquid crystal
 1983 Dynamics of a nonlinear Fabry-Perot cavity with a nematic liquid crystal
Arakelyan, S.M. (cont...)1983 Experimental study of strong nonlinear optical effects in liquid crystals
 1983 Generation of second harmonics in nematic liquid crystals -nonlinear susceptibilities, structural aspects, statistical phenomena
 1983 Light-induced threshold reorientation of the director in a nematic during nonadiabatic deformations
 1983 Self-modulation of light waves in homotropically oriented nematic liquid crystals
 1984 Fredericks transition in nematic liquid crystals in static and light fields - common characteristics
 1984 Light-induced bulk noncentrosymmetry of nematic liquid crystals -flexoelectric mechanism of second harmonic generation
 1984 Nonlinear optical effect of the appearance of higher-order reflection from a cholesteric liquid crystal under normal light incidence
 1985 Experiments on the optical bistability in a nonlinear system with distributed feedback
 1985 Optical bistability during excitation of surface plasmons at a metal - nematic liquid crystal interface
 1986 Bleaching of optically inhomogeneous medium stimulated by light and optical bistability
 1986 Dynamic self-diffraction effects in liquid crystals
 1986 Fluctuations and scattering of light in nematic liquid crystals during phase transitions in external fields
 1986 Internal optical bistability at light-induced structural phase transition in a nematic liquid crystal
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