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  LiqCryst covers all aspects of liquid crystal research: material properties, display technology, theory, basic research and application.
A special focus is given on material properties which are recorded numerically in LiqCryst.
All kinds of materials are recorded: thermotropic LC, lyotropic LCs, pure compounds, technical mixtures, calamitic LCs, discotic LCs, amphiphilic LCs, plastic crystals, synthetic polymers, blends, PDLCs, natural polymers, lipids, surfactants, nano particles, Gay-Berne mesogens etc.

Liquid crystal are not only subject to LCD research but also relevant for NLO, template synthesis of nano materials, biomembrans, cosmetics, drug delivery and many other research areas.

31000 references of 95000 total have a direct hyperlink to the full document by DOI for http. These links are only available in the programm but not in this index.
A few links are given for demonstration:
- author index: Papers from the Journal Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst. have a hyperlink
- source index: the first paper from a journal is linked if possible
- patent index: Patents from USA, Canada, Germany and UK are linked to

Two levels of data extraction apply: first the bibliographic registration (yellow color) and then the numerical extration of materials data (green color).

This index gives researchers information about the registration of their papers in LiqCryst. They may inform us about missing papers and/or submit documents for faster data extraction.

    registered only by bibliographic data, further data extraction may follow.
    fully registered
  Dataset is from LiqCryst 5.0 (2010-05-01)

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