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From left to right: M. Rehbein, R. Eckhardt, A. Karim

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If you have questions, suggestions or critical comments, we are happy to help. Send us an email or call. We are all equally involved, responsible and know all different fields even though each of us has his own special field of interest. The first practical employment of balloon molecules in a scientific lecture was part of a presentation workshop of young chemists in Hamburg. From this day on both our presentation techniques and the measure of employment of the models have been constantly broadened.

Dr. Rolf Eckhardt, , Cologne

Rolf Eckhardt is a PhD chemist and has intensively looked into the presentation of topical research steps with modelling balloons. He writes various publications about the didactics of balloon molecules. Due to his connection to topical research he constantly expands the measure of employment of our sculptures into new fields.

Asif Karim, , Hamburg

Asif Karim is a student of chemistry and got into balloon sculpturing as a pupil. After joining the workshop of Prof. Dr. R. D. Fischer (University of Hamburg), he got to know Rolf Eckhardt and Marcus Rehbein. Together they developed the idea to use modelling balloons to visualise chemical structures. Asif Karim very often gives lectures at universities about the applicability of modelling balloons to visualise structures. His ability to entertain and perform supports his lectures.
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Mobile: +49 172 410 69 18
University: +49 40 428 38 60 47
FAX: +49 69 791 25 72 80

Dr. Marcus Rehbein, , Hamburg

Marcus Rehbein is a PhD chemist and employed as a student teacher in Buxtehude where he works on using modelling balloons for the visualisation of simple, student-appropriate models. Through the usage of modelling balloons in his lessons he expands the didactic know-how of the group.

Tel.: +49 40 2880 1707
FAX: +49 40 2880 1706

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