Instruction for the abstract preparation


Regine S. Willumeit1, Stefan P. Forthmann1, ..... and K.H. Nierhaus2

1 GKSS Research Centre, 21 502 Geesthacht, Germany

2 MPI for Molecular Genetic, 14 195 Berlin, Germany


Dear author, please follow this example: The title is written in Times 14 font, bold letters, single spaced and centred. The general text is written in Times 12 font or similar and single spaced. Please start two lines under the title with the names of the authors followed by affiliation and address in new lines. Underline the name of the author who will present the paper.

The margins of the page are: left and right 2.5 cm

top 2.5 cm

bottom 14.0 cm

Please send a WinWord, Word for Macintosh or RagTime document by email to

Deadline for registration and abstract: 29.02.2000.


If there are any questions please contact V. Vill, R. Willumeit or E. Tretau (secretary).