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Liquid Crystal Group Hamburg

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Liquid crystals are an interdisciplinary research area. Chemists are creating new materials and they are using the supramolecular system for synthesis, analysis and purifications of other materials. A special focus nowadays is the template synthesis of nanoscience materials, i.e. MCM-41. Biologist are studing the cell membrane as a liquid crystal with respect to intercellular transport (Endocytose, Exocytose, drug delivery) and communications. Physicist are measuring the unique properties of liquid crystals, e.g. ferroelectricity, piezoelectricity, reentrante phases, frustrated phases, phase transitions, NLO effects, etc. and they are developing new ways of electrooptics. Engineers are creating electrooptical displays (LCD, STN, TFT), optical information storage, switchable gearboxes, surfactants and lubricants etc. Information specialists are creating object oriented knowledge tools on them and artists are using the color effects of liquid crystals for special effects.

Liquid Crystals are often thought of as 'exotics', but they are omnipresent in research and daily life. A huge number of wellknown compounds are liquid crystals, i.e. lecithin, DNA, cellulose, cholesterol esters, gangliosids, paraffins, graphite.

The site will give general information on liquid crystal research with the special focus on the chemistry of liquid crystals.

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